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The Briggs release news single “Control Alt-Right Delete”

The Briggs have released a new single through their Bandcamp page. “Control Alt-Right Delete” is, unsurprisingly, the band’s take on the current political climate – and the song is available to the first 200 people to download it for free.

You can listen to the track below.

The Briggs play three stripped down songs for Punks In Vegas

Los Angeles punks The Briggs sat down recently with the folks at Punks In Vegas to film acoustic versions of their tracks “Seriously, How Old Are You?,” ”Panic,” and “Mad Men.” You can check out the videos below.

The group most recently released their self-titled EP in May of this year.

The Dying Scene Sessions: The Briggs

We’re stoked to bring you the latest installment of the recently reincarnated Dying Scene Sessions! Today’s Session features Joey and Jason of The Briggs performing the songs “Gridlocked” and “Broken Bones” off their latest self-titled release. Check out the videos below!

The Briggs are set to embark on a 2-week tour of the West Coast with 7Seconds and Success.

The Briggs released a self-titled EP this May 5, 2015.  It was the band’s first release since their 2008 record Come All You Madmen through SideOneDummy Records.

Success announced as support for 7Seconds/The Briggs west coast tour

Seattle punks Success has been announced as support for the upcoming west coast tour with 7Seconds and The Briggs.

You can check out the dates and locations below.

Radio Recovery came out March 24th on Red Scare Industries.

The Briggs announce West Coast tour with 7 Seconds

Los Angeles punks The Briggs have announced a West Coast tour with 7 Seconds, which will take place next month. The dates and locations are below.

The Briggs will release a self-titled EP this Tuesday (May 5th). 7 Seconds’ latest album, Leave a Light On, was released almost a year ago on Rise Records.

The Briggs stream three new songs from upcoming self-titled EP

At long last, Los Angeles punks The Briggs have made three new songs from their upcoming self-titled EP available for streaming! You can give “Broken Bones,” “Gridlock,” and “Seriously, How Old Are You?” a listen below.

Pre-orders for the 4-song EP, which will be the band’s first release since their 2008 record Come All You Madmen, are available here.

The Briggs to release new EP this May

Los Angeles punk rockers The Briggs have announced that they will release a new EP in May:

Question: Our new 7″ is coming out in May, would it be interesting to anyone if we were to release it on CD? Take those 4 songs plus Panic and make it an EP or is vinyl and digital good enough for you all?

The Briggs last released Come All Ye Mad Men in 2008 on SideOneDummy Records.

DS Exclusive: Joey Briggs releases music video for “Lose Our Voices”

We’re very pleased to bring you all the exclusive premiere of the music video for “Lose Our Voices” by Joey Briggs! Directed by independent film maker Kevin Barry, the video features footage from throughout The Briggs‘ career – both on-stage, and off.

Check the video out below and, if you dig the track, head over to iTunes and pick up a digital copy of the self-titled EP “Lose Our Voices” appears on!

Live Video: Joey Briggs records American Root Sessions

The Briggs frontman Joey Briggs recently took the time to do an acoustic session over at the American Root studios. While there he recorded stripped down versions of his solo songs “Lose Our Voices” and “Better Off Dead”, as well as a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel #2”.

You can check all three performances below.

The Briggs are currently working on a new album, the follow-up to 2008′s Come All You Madmen released on Side One Dummy Records. The band most recently released a new single titled “Panic” on iTunes in May 2012.

Joey LaRocca (The Briggs) starts EDM production project MASS FLAXX

The Briggs frontman and solo artist Joey Briggs has recently pulled a “Skrillex” and entered the world of electronic dance music.

Briggs, under the name MASS FLAXX, has recently signed to All The Hype Records and has released a new song. You can check it out…if you want to…below.

The Briggs last released Come All Ye Mad Men in 2008 on SideOneDummy Records.

Joey Briggs streaming new self-titled solo album in entirety

The Briggs frontman Joey Briggs has just self-released a self-titled solo album. The three-song work is streaming in its entirety here. Check it out and start singin’ along to the reflective, yet energetic lyrical-driven work.

The Briggs are currently working on a new album, the follow-up to 2008′s “Come All You Madmen” released on Side One Dummy Records. No release date has yet been set. The band most recently released a new single entitled “Panic” on Itunes in May 2012.

Check out shots from The Briggs’ recent performance at Punk Rock Bowling here.

DS Photo Gallery: The Briggs at Punk Rock Bowling

Saturday marked the official start to Punk Rock Bowling, and after a late, drunken Friday night, there was nothing more I could look forward to than trying to bowl. The day began at about 10:30am, as I dragged myself to the shuttle area, where I, along with my esteemed DS cohorts, would be whisked away to the Gold Coast Casino. I vowed that this year, I would pace myself and not get completely obliterated before bowling even ended. This vow was deemed futile when the guys from Stabbed In Back offered me a grain alcohol shooter of some sort.

Anyway, long story short, we bowled our hearts out but fell just short…of last place. After a little liquid therapy to ease the pain of defeat, I headed inside the festival just in time to catch The Briggs.

The festival began at 3:30 with The Dirty Panties, followed by Tartar Control, Revilers, and CH3 (who I’m bummed I didn’t get to see). Head here to view shots from The Briggs’ set, and check back tomorrow for Swingin’ Utters!

Punk Aid unveils cover art and band list for massive “Boston Strong” compilation

It’s not secret that the support pouring in to the Boston area in the wake of the Marathon Monday bombing and the related lockdown of much of the metropolitan area has been staggering. The punk community, as to be expected, has picked up the “Boston Strong” rallying cry in fine fashion (note stories that we’ve already brought you on benefit efforts by Dropkick Murphys, Man Overboard and The Gaslight Anthem, among others). Today, we’ve got news of a massive benefit compilation being planned.

Details surrounding “Punk Aid: Boston Strong” are still emerging, but we can point out that the cover art has been confirmed (see above in all its awesomeness). While the total band roster and tracklist have not been finalized, we can tell you that there are 80 (yes…80!) bands confirmed. At present, the roster includes a handful of Boston-area bands like the Pinkerton Thugs and The Unseen, as well as bands like Evacuate, Government Issue, The Briggs, The Adicts and more from across the rest of the US and, frankly, the world; I think I lost count around a dozen countries represented. Click here for the full rundown as of this writing, and remember to check back for updates before the final list is announced.

“Punk Aid: Boston Strong,” like it’s “Aceh Calling” predecessor, will be available for download in June for $6. All proceeds will benefit TUGG, a charity put together by the large Boston technology community. Click here to check out the charity’s website, and click here to for more information on the Punk Aid project in general and how you can still help.

Video Interview: Joey Briggs talks about writing new Briggs record, new solo album and more

PunkVideosRock interviewed front man, Joey Briggs (of The Briggs). In the interview they discussed the upcoming Briggs album, Joey Briggs’ upcoming solo album and more.

You can watch the interview here.

The Briggs are currently working on a new album, the follow-up to 2008′s “Come All You Madmen” released on Side One Dummy Records.  No release date has yet been set.  The band most recently released a new single entitled “Panic” on Itunes May 1st.

Jason Briggs releases statement regarding German venue collective’s beef with Scientology

Jason Briggs has released a statement in response to recent events involving a German promoter and venue refusing to back the The Briggs‘ upcoming German/Austrian tour due to Joey Briggs’ ties with Scientology.

Here’s what Jason had to say about the whole ordeal:
With regard to Ox’s decision to vehemently violate our religious and human rights (can you say “attempted” semantic rape?):

Evidently, prejudice and persecution are very alive and extremely well today. To witness the existence of such imbecilic ridicule and uninformed judgment in times of alleged awareness is quite nearly unthinkable. Alas, such is the case.

Open wide all ye robots and prepare to be spoon-fed yet an additional helping of utter lies and ignorant propaganda from the “powers that be,” be they press, politicians, parents or just plain ol’ assholes. We’d like to encourage you to think twice about what you read; we believe there is yet a speck of humanity in this seemingly ever-declining human race. And we have faith that our fans and fellow artists are among those intelligent enough to see past the wool that’s being forced upon their eyes.

Our stance, for the record: We support and encourage tolerance for all. That said, our sentiments to Ox, ELW and all of the pathetic pawns involved: Thank you for another load of inspirational writing fodder. It may very well come in handy for our next record.

Peace and love,
The Briggs

The band is currently working on a new album, the follow-up to 2008′s “Come All You Madmen” released on Side One Dummy Records. No release date has yet been set.  The band most recently released a new single entitled “Panic” on Itunes May 1st.