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Choking Victim Adds Stacked Second Night at Market Hotel

Photo by Jeff Schaer-Moses Photography
Choking Victim at their last New York City headlining set October 30, 2016.

As if the excitement wasn’t high enough for one Choking Victim show in New York City on June 14,  Scenic Presents decided to hit the Big Apple off with another dose of Crack Rock Steady on June 15. The Friday night lineup was already completely ridiculous with the Crack Rock Steady originators being joined by The Pist, All Torn Up, Trashy, and Eve Minor.  But the Saturday night rowdy down has to be one of the best punk lineups to hit the Empire City in a decade and it’s all devoid of corporate dollars as all Scenic shows are.

For the second night of musical mayhem, Scenic went out and tapped the otherworldly entertaining World/Inferno Friendship Society, Philadelphia heavy-hitters Soul Glo, New Jersey’s wildest in Crazy & the Brains, and Wisconsin’s own folk-punks We the Heathens. Anyone of these bands as direct support for Choking Victim is already an unbelievably stacked bill, but all of them together following what is a wild lineup on the June 14th show … it’s like true love, this doesn’t happen every day.

Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door, and they will be on sale tomorrow. This one is going to sell out so get ’em early. … can you hear that? It’s the WIFS faithful chanting “Tonight, we’re gonna, fuck shit up!” before Jack and Scott lead an uproarious crowd in obliterating Bushwick’s Market Hotel.


VICTIMS (Crust, Stockholm) release music video for “The Horse And Sparrow Theory”

Swedish crust act VICTIMS have released a music video for their new song, “The Horse And Sparrow Theory,” which is the title track from their upcoming album that is set to be released on June 28th via Relapse Records.

You can check it out below.

VICTIMS last released Sirens in 2016 via Tankcrimes Records.

Cult Leader release new album “A Patient Man”

Cult Leader have today released their second album. “A Patient Man” is out on Deathwish Inc. The record is the follow up to 2015’s “Lightless Walk“.

Have a listen – and check out upcoming US and Canadian tour dates – below.

Fat Wreck Chords to release a Leftover Leftover Crack album “The E-Sides and F-Sides”

Fat Wreck Chords have been hard at work, mining the trenches to uncover all the lost and loved songs from Leftöver Crack’s career. That’s no small task, considering their 20+ years of cranking out some of the most iconic crust/punk/ska ever created. Well, after years of tracking down mislaid tapes, long-out-of-print 7”s, and hidden recordings, they are thrilled to reveal that on November 30th, LEFTÖVER LEFTÖVER CRACK will see the light of day! Packed with 30 tracks of B-sides and rarities, you’ll also enjoy two songs that were previously unreleased on digital. \

LOC will be heading out on an epic tour this November with an incredible lineup. Check out the dates with Negative Approach, Crazy And The Brains, and more, below.

Stream the surprise Tragedy EP “Fury”

If you somehow missed the fact that crusty-hardcore-punk legends Tragedy dropped a new EP on August 31st you wouldn’t be alone. “Fury” may have come from left field but it definitely is hitting home with reviewers (our own Carson Winter gave it 5 out of 5 stars). If you want to see what all the hype is about you’re in luck because you can stream all 6 blistering tracks below.

Album Review: Tragedy – “Fury”

I was one of the lucky few, I got to see Tragedy on their home turf. For some, this will mean nothing. There’s so many nooks and crannies in the punk scene that we can’t possibly know it all. But for others—die-hards of crust and hardcore—the chance to see Tragedy is everything.

This is a band, that when they were first introduced to me were jokingly referred to as “the punkest band.” They exist on a different level from other similar groups, they are the progenitors of their melodic, D-beat infused style—with each member branching off into dozens of equally worthy bands. But besides the music (which is the reason we are here—but please, stay with me), the cult of Tragedy is also built around the group’s admirable, nearly monastic silence, ironic as it is for hardcore. Tragedy is the Fugazi of heavy punk; they self-release their albums, they rarely engage in interviews, and they don’t promote their music. Tragedy is mysterious, therefore: Tragedy is cool.

So, a chance to see this iconic band for a second time was something special. But you can imagine the beats my heart skipped when I saw a new album on their merch table. Stark black and white, vaguely apocalyptic looking and titled Fury—I had cash on the table in seconds.

Fury is their latest EP, and as any fan would expect, it wasn’t expected and it doesn’t disappoint. It contains six tracks and lasts about seventeen minutes, and to my ears is a hunkering down on the band’s more hardcore roots, while stepping away from the doomier aspects of Darker Days Ahead. The title is an apt one. While there are some prototypical Tragedy melodies (like the brooding bass on opener “Leviathan”), this is pure, unbridled rage. When the dirge like melody recedes and the thrashing begins, the first words of the album bark like a wild animal: “Keel, keel over!” “Leviathan” is classic Tragedy—as bleak and ruthless as ever. 

“Enter the Void” opens with a great riff, and has some of the best fretwork on the album. Trilling guitars create tension; melodic solos make for heaviness that goes beyond mere down-tuning. Part of Tragedy’s appeal isn’t just sonic heaviness, it’s the fundamentals of their minor key dynamics working in tandem with their lyrical nihilism. It’s in the title-track where I wondered if Fury (and specifically, “Fury”) was written in response to the last presidential election. The album’s rage is palpable, but wisely, it doesn’t age itself with specificity. Still, the words of “Fury” carry the howl of an outsider watching a wreck they can’t prevent: “A look out the window, yields only darkness. A sick world going insane.”

“A Life Entombed” is a rousing response to the same predicament. It’s a call-to-action—a violent, furious rager that feels like a beatdown. It promises an uprising, “while they’re obese and delighted”—a message of grotesque hope for the outsiders looking in. The EP ends with a simple piano outro that carries the weight of a question mark. With these six songs of pure fury, it begs the question: will we do anything with the rage we’ve accumulated?

With or without Fury, Tragedy would have a perfect catalog. But more than ever, we need voices like theirs—to process the world around us, to engage our nightmares in a fair fight. Tragedy does this and more, without marketing, promotion, or theatricality. They are a punk band, and they trade in our scene’s greatest tenet: confrontation. And just like the Ramones—they let their art speak for them. In Portland, sweaty from the pit; my hat caked in beer-mud—Tragedy finished their set to applause and laughter. It was a rare sight. A chant started from the crowd, “one more song,” over and over. And I had to smile, because when the band leaves, the band leaves. Tragedy—whether on vinyl, or in person—does what they need to do, then vanishes. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Last night Tragedy played a sold out show in Portland, OR – and released a new record too

Fans of Tragedy know the band has a tendency to be a tad mysterious. These guys are punk to the bone. No marketing, no social media; all records self-released. When Tragedy does something, you don’t know it until it’s in your hand. And despite all that silence, their dark and crusty take on hardcore has become one of the most influential sounds of the genre. It bridges the gap between metal and punk, abrasion and melody. It’s at once brutal and musical—and never anything less than intense. For fans of the more extreme edge of the genre, Tragedy is as much of a sound as a band—an oft-imitated progenitor.

Last night, August 31st, the band played a sold out show in their hometown of Portland, OR, where attendees were surprised to see a merch table filled with shirts, stickers, and an album no one had ever seen before. This was Fury—six songs of vein-popping melodic crust available, so far, only on vinyl. Whether this counts as an EP or an LP is up to the readers, but on first listen, it has elements of the band’s doom-stricken Darker Days Ahead as well as the D-Beat of their earlier releases. Some might say this is a return to form, and Fury, is an apt title.

So, there you have it Tragedy fans, if you want the new album, keep a lookout. As of last night, it officially exists.


Deszcz is neo-crust/dark hardcore hailing from Poznań, Poland. Kuba, Wojtek and Michał barged into the scene with guns blazing with their debut album titled “Rain Keeps Falling” in 2014.  Their second self-titled LP was one of the best crust releases of 2017 and also the album that made them known to a wide spectrum of extreme music fans.

The band released its third full-length endeavour titled “III” a week ago, displaying a remarkable progress in terms of quality both in composition and production, especially considering the fact that the time gap between their last two releases is less than a year. Combining dark, melodic neo-crust guitars with relentless d-beat drumming may be the backbone of their music but they don’t limit themselves to that pattern. By incorporating hardcore and metal elements, mid-tempo bridges and interludes and utilising the double vocals in the best way possible, they create heavy, distorted ambience filled with raw emotion and rage. Check out “III” below and keep these guys in mind. Something big is going down here.

Reality Crisis (Hardcore Punk) to play 3 shows in the UK

Japanese hardcore punks Reality Crisis are heading to the UK to play three shows this month! Joining them will be Scottish punk act Sedition which is also a rare treat! Other great bands will be playing the shows including Doom, Cress, Anti-System and Bratakus. The show at the 1 in 12 club has already sold out (no suprise, what a line up!) Here are the details of the shows:

Nov 17th – DIY Space – London
Nov 18th – 1 in 12 Club – Bradford
Nov 19th – The Lughole – Sheffield

You can find more information here.

Band Spotlight: Offensive Mindset (Canada/Crust)

Offensive Mindset hail from Montreal, Canada and deliver some pretty straightforward, aggresive anarcho-crust punk to bang your heads and trash your room. These guys have been around a couple of years but they released their first full-length album titled “Legacy” digitally and independently, a few days ago.

“Legacy” is comprised of eight bullet-like songs, aimed straight to the heart of the system. Mid-tempo punk filth laced with a tasty punk ‘n roll groove and fucking awesome vocals. Definitely worth listening and strongly recommended for the die-hard fans of the genre. Check it out below.

Band Spotlight: Paroxysm (Canada/Crust)

Paroxysm is a d-beat infused crust group, hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. The Canadian quintet combines relentless d-beat drumming with crust guitar riffs, creating brutal sonic attacks and invoking a dark, sinister atmosphere. The band’s music is fast and aggressive while the throat-ripping vocals pass judgement on patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism and the political status quo in general. These guys also seem to be especially fond of cats, which is something always checked below “pros” in my list.

The band released a demo titled “Open Wounds” in 2016 and has returned a few days ago with its self-titled, first full-length album that was released in digital and vinyl format via a constelation of d.i.y. labels (Anomie Records, Chainbreaker Records, Doomed Society, Echoes from Beneath, Path to Oblivion Records). You can listen to the new album in full below.

Wolfbeast Destroyer (Crust Punk) stream new split with This Ends Here

I’ve only been writing for Dying Scene for a short time, but if you look through my posts you will see I have a passion for real DIY hardcore punk. I’m from a small town in England called Boston. These days there are not many good things to say about the place, but once upon a time it was home to a legendary punk venue: The Indian Queen. Sadly those days are gone, but local band Wolfbeast Destroyer are keeping the legacy alive by producing awesome d-beat punk.

These lads have been at it for a while now in various bands and each one seems to get better. There latest split with This Ends here is no different, with brutal vocals, thrashing drums and the odd catchy guitar riff thrown in for good measure. It hits you hard and leaves you wanting more. If your a fan of crusty d-beat then you should defiantly give it a listen below.

They will be playing at London’s Fuk Reddin Festival next month alongside bands such as Discharge, The Domestics, AOS3 and a lot more. Last time I saw Wolfbeast Destroyer play it ended with a concussion and a trip to hospital that left me with no memory of the show! So take care in the pit folks as they are defiantly a band you want to remember seeing.

You can pick up all their releases for free on bandcamp. But if you can, help them out with a few quid, they’re a lovely bunch!

The Corporate Life stream new album “Chimercury”

Canadian crust punks The Corporate Life are streaming their new release “Chimercury”. The album is available today and the first for the band since 2013’s “Woodshark”.

You can stream “Chimercury” in full below.

Choking Victim announce plans to record live album featuring new material

Performing at Mr. Small’s in Pittsburgh last Saturday, Choking Victim announced their intention to record a live record. Whilst playing with the Sturgeon-Baillie-Skwert line-up, the band also gave fans a taste of some new material (albeit instrumental for now) that will also feature on the release.

Choking Victim’s most recent, and only album to now was the 1999 classic No Gods, No Managers.


Exhaustion (French hardcore) stream new album “Surrounded By The Depths”

Brutal French crust/hardcore act Exhaustion have recently released their brand new album “Surrounded By The Depths” through the Ireland-based label Distro-y Records. You can stream the album below.

“Surrounded By The Depths” is available on vinyl and as a digital download. This record is the follow-up  to their 2014 vehicle “In The Realm Of Defeat.”