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They Stay Dead stream remastered version of their first EP

Midwest melodic punk act They Stay Dead are streaming the remastered version of their first EP.

You can give it a listen below.

They Stay Dead was originally released in March of 2011.  The bands’ last release was their “Bruce Banner” single in December of 2013.

Teenage Rehab (punk, Kentucky) stream single “Falling and Flying”

Kentucky punk rockers Teenage Rehab have released their latest single “Falling and Flying”. The track marks the first offering from the band since their 2014 EP Break Yourself.

Take a listen for yourself below.

Full EP Stream: PanzerBastard – “MotorHeathen”

Awesome news for fans of the Boston-based band PanzerBastard. The hardcore/metal quartet’s upcoming four-song EP MotörHeathen is now streaming in its entirety.

Check it out here, complete with brief liner notes from bassist/vocalist Keith “KPanzer” Bennett who, if you’re a local, certainly needs no introduction.

MotörHeathen is due out this Friday, July 15th). Pre-orders are still live right here.

Blanks 77 release “Gettin’ Blasted” split with The Parasitix

New Jersery punks Blanks 77 and The Parasitix have a raucous new split coming out called Gettin’ Blasted, and you can now stream it in its entirety here.

The split was released today via Jailhouse Records, and you can pick it up on vinyl here.  This effort is Blanks 77′s first studio material in 15 years, and The Parasitix’s first official release.

Blanks 77 and The Parasitix stream new song from upcoming split “Gettin’ Blasted”

New Jersery punkers Blanks 77 and The Parasitix are streaming a new song from their upcoming split album “Gettin’ Blasted”. The song is called “Up The Punks” and you can listen to it below.

Each band is contributing 5 songs to the album and so far it is coming out great. It is set to drop April 29th through Jailhouse Records so stay tuned!

You can listen to two others songs, “Hey You” and “No Fucking Way”, which have also been released, here.

This will be Blanks 77′s first studio material in 15 years and will be The Parasitix’s first official release.

The Jukebox Romantics release music video for “Art of Wrestling with Life”

New York punks Jukebox Romantics have released the music video for their song “Art of Wrestling with Life.”

You can watch it below.

The band released their latest full-length Transmission Down on October 16th, 2015 through Jailhouse Records.

Blanks 77 and The Parasitix stream new songs off upcoming split album “Gettin’ Blasted”

New Jersey punkers Blanks 77 and The Parasitix have released one song each from their upcoming split album titled Gettin’ Blasted. The songs are called “Hey You” and “No Fucking Way” respectively and serve as a great little tease of the full length to come.  Each band will contribute 5 tracks in total to the album, stay tuned for more from these two bands.

For now, check the songs out below.

Gettin’ Blasted is scheduled for release on April 29th through Jailhouse Records. This will be Blank 77’s first studio material in 15 years and will be The Parasitix’s first official release.

Slow Children release partial stream of new album “Those Who Mind Don’t Matter”

Riverside-based melodic hardcore band Slow Children have just streamed half of their upcoming album “Those Who Mind Don’t Matter”. Within the six tracks on offer, there’s a nice range of tracks that hit beats of pride and anger, all the while infused with a harsh sense of grit. Check it out below.

“Those Who Don’t Matter” will be released on January 13th via Jailhouse Records, and can be bought off the group’s Bandcamp page for $8. It marks the band’s first major release since A Global Threat: Until We Die” back in November, 2015.

Album Review: The Jukebox Romantics – “Transmissions Down”

The Jukebox Romantics’ third full-length album Transmissions Down was produced by long-time Bouncing Souls guitarist Pete Steinkopf. Within minutes I was reminded of the Souls, even before I was aware of the connection, although the Romantics have rougher vocals and more spastic drumming, neither or which are negatives.

Really, similarities abound between the Romantics and the Souls. Both east coast outfits (from Westchester/Orange county NY) mix a blend of melodic pop punk and street punk, evident here in Transmissions Down’s first track, “Living With Sin,” for which a video has been released. And even when yelling, neither band sounds all that upset – not nearly as angry as Rise Against surely is, another band the Romantics’ vocals are reminiscent of.

After two solid opening tracks, the album kicks it up a notch with the fast-paced “East Coast Communication.” “Human contact is what I crave,” sings front man Mike Terry, as the whole world has gone off the grid, rendering cell phones and the internet useless. “We can’t communicate anymore!” is the never-ending moan, perhaps serving as an indictment on this modern world’s dependency on electronics.

Song titles “All Grownups Are Pirates,” “We Kill Pirates,” and “Spilling Your Intestines” offer a playful side of The Jukebox Romantics. In the tradition of the early Bouncing Souls song “These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite 80’s Movies,” all three of these titles come from early-nineties Steven Spielberg films, the first two from the same scene in Hook, and the latter from the original Jurassic Park (an early description of a velociraptor’s killing methods: “slashes at you here, or here, or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines.”) The lyrics aren’t always easy to understand, though I don’t believe the songs are actually about the movies; the quotes and lyrics are just similarly themed.

Transmissions Down is strong throughout, but the highlight perhaps comes at the finale. “Basement Song,” a potential anthem for the Romantics for years to come, clocks in at nearly four minutes, which is sort of long for a punk song, though more common at the end of an album. “We don’t give a fuck about our market, or how we might saturate it” – not a great mission statement if you’re starting a business, but it should make punk rock purists happy. “We wrote this song to play it”– I’m tempted to interpret this as a jab at bands who don’t play certain songs live because they tampered with effects too much in the recording studio and can’t pull them off on stage. “So book another show in the basement!” – ah, sweet nostalgia, and a strong finish to a solid effort.

In preparation for this review, I’ve listened to The Jukebox Romantics’ Transmissions Down (available digitally and on vinyl through Jailhouse Records) in its entirety a few times now. I like it. I think I’ll keep listening to it.

4 / 5 Stars

Music Video: Slow Children – “Lions”

Riverside-based melodic hardcore band Slow Children have premiered a music video for their song “Lions”. You can watch the video below.

The video for “Lions” was released to coincide with the reissue of their 2012 album Those Who Mind Don’t Matter, which will be released next month on Jailhouse Records.

Blanks 77 reveals cover art for split with The Parasitix

Last month, we brought you the news that street punk legends Blanks 77 will be putting out a 12″ split with The Parasitix in April of next year on Jailhouse Records, and the label has now released the artwork and tracklisting for the project.  You can get a sneak-peek at both below.

The split will be the first release from Blanks 77 in more than 15 years, and they went back to their roots with the cover art design by enlisting artist Jethro Wall, who designed the band’s album covers back in the ’90s.

Jukebox Romantics premiere “Spilling Your Intestines” off upcoming album “Transmissions Down”

New York punks The Jukebox Romantics will be releasing their brand new album Transmissions Down September 11th through Jailhouse Records (pre-order here). If you’re as excited as I am for this release you’ll be stoked to know we’re premiering “Spilling Your Intestines”, a fist pumping anthem off the release, right here, right now. Give that bad boy a listen below!

The band recently announced they will be touring the US in support of their new album Transmissions Down. You can check out the dates here.

Jailhouse Records releases new “2015 Sampler”

Jailhouse Records have just released a brand new “2015 Sampler”. Packing a whopping twenty-one tracks, the album features the tracks by Jukebox Romantics, Violent Affair, and Teenage Rehab. Best of all, you can name your price for the collection on Bandcamp.

Check it out below.

The Jukebox Romantics announce further tour dates

Hot of the tail of their recent East Coast tour, The Jukebox Romantics have just announced a new set shows that will take them across the Midwest, the South, and the West Coast, before bringing them back East.

Check out the dates below.

This is just the latest series of tours since the band announced the release of their upcoming album, Plot Points, due out July 17th via Jailhouse Records.

Violent Affair preview new track titled “Trapped Like Rats” off upcoming 7″

Oklahoma City hardcore/street punks Violent Affair are releasing the first in a series of 7″ records on June 13th.  The first installment in the Anthems of Defiance in a Dying World series will feature four tracks, and you can preview/download the track “Trapped Like Rats” below.

We will keep you posted as more songs are released.