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The Phenomenauts announce Neil deGrasse Tyson collaboration picture disc

As you’re probably aware, Oakland space-punks The Phenomenauts released a two-song digital EP featuring tracks inspired by the inimitable Neil de Grasse Tyson. Now, the band have announced that “I’m With Neil” / “Every Day Is Science Friday” is out on limited edition picture disc via Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

To purchase the disc, which features images and words used with Tyson’s permission, go here. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Harlem Education Activities Fund! Also, you can stream both sides of the release below.

The Phenomenauts stream “I’m With Neil” EP

Oakland space-punks The Phenomenauts released a new EP “I’m With Neil” a few days ago. The EP is available for name your price download on their bandcamp page and you can stream it below.

The Phenomenauts’ last release was Escape Velocity on June 10, 2014 through Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

Music Video: Blackbird Raum – “Cadillac Desert”

California folk punk act Blackbird Raum have released a new music video for their song “Cadillac Desert,” which you can check out over here.

“Cadillac Desert” comes from the bands latest album Destroying, which was released on March 10th via the Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club label.

Album Review: Blackbird Raum – “Destroying”

Every once in a while an album will come along that seems to completely take over your life.  The anticipation builds and builds until the day you can finally sit down and give it a listen.  After that, your car, home, and work stereo is dominated by the sound of this album for a week straight.    All you can hope at this point is that the hype you have built around the album will actually be backed up by quality music.  Luckily, with Destroying, Santa Cruz folk punk act Blackbird Raum’s fourth full length effort, this is most definitely the case.

Destroying takes listeners on a journey similar to the bands’ past albums.  You will hear dark, fast, and heavy folk music before being treated to more danceable sections.  The lyrics explore the same kind of anarcho-influenced politics the band is known for.  While reading the lyrics, you’ll get angry at the world, only the have the band pull you back up and leave you with a sense of hope.  Hope that while the world we live in may be a dystopian futuristic hell, we can still do something to change it.

Destroying feels bigger and more ambitious than anything the band has ever done before.  This is partly because traditional Irish folk band Lynched plays and sings as guest musicians on just about every song.  There’s also the fact that Blackbird Raum isn’t afraid to push the envelope on what folk music can be.

The album starts out with dissonant accordion as the rest of the instruments slowly join in for a buildup that eventually explodes into a maelstrom of high speed folk in “Whitebled.”  They go on like this for a while until the end of the song when a harmonic chorus of a cappella “Ahs!” slows things down again.  Tempo changes are the name of the game in the next two songs as well with “Last Legs” starting slow and speeding up and “Grist Mill” doing just the opposite.

Those first 3 songs, along with the sludgy, crust-influenced “Cadillac Dessert,” are prime examples of the folk punk style the band has perfected over the years, but it’s the songs where the influence of backing band Lynched can be heard that set this album apart.  “Reveille,” “Hecatombe/Agustin’s,” and “The Man in the Bog” showcase just how well these two bands can work together.  They seamlessly meld the punk style of Blackbird Raum with the traditional Irish influence of Lynched.  One minute you’ll be moshing along to the ferocity and speed of ripping banjo and mandolin, and the next you’ll be dancing an Irish jig along with violin and tin whistle.  You can tell everyone on this album has an appreciation for all types of folk music, and they know how to play it well.

The most surprising songs on the album are the ones where members of Lynched take lead vocal duties. “Adder” is basically a sung poem, while “The Man in the Bog” takes passages from the comic Swamp Thing and is done as spoken word.  Each of these are set to music that evokes a feeling of being in nature as you listen to them.

The lyrical content of Destroying will not surprise long-time fans.  Taking cues from crust and anarcho punk, the lyrics focus on issues like animal rights, environmentalism, free-thinking, and humankind’s tendency to give into the comforts of modern life without thinking about the long term consequences.  The first single, “Last Legs,” perfectly exemplifies the despondent lyrical tendencies, while also demonstrating the bands uncanny ability to put together a catchy sing-along.  Lines like “What’s this dark miasma? / What’s this foul pestilence?” and “Buried in the shore again / Buried in the couch forever” will leave you pessimistic about the state of the world at first, but once everything has time to sink in, you’ll want to get out and do something about it.

Blackbird Raum has always had this magical ability of making the listener see the best of what our planet has to offer, whether that be in nature, or the people and wildlife that inhabit it.  But that’s only after you’ve processed all the filth that they’ve opened your eyes to first.  Destroying is the latest in a line of folk punk albums that see the band continue to push themselves as musicians, while also challenging the system we all make up.

5/5 Stars

Music Video: Blackbird Raum – “Last Legs”

California folk-punk act Blackbird Raum have released a music video for a new song titled “Last Legs”. The track is set to appear on the band’s upcoming album, Destroying. You can watch the video below.

Blackbird Raum will release Destroying on March 10, 2015 via Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

Blackbird Raum announce new album “Destroying”

California folk-punk act Blackbird Raum have announced that they are planning to release a new album in February called Destryoing.

You can see a new “album logo” above, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any further details for this release.

Blackbird Raum has been reissuing some of their older records on vinyl recently, and they last released False Weavers in 2013 via Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

Lemuria stream new song “Foggy Smoke”

Buffalo’s indie-pop-punkers Lemuria are currently streaming a new song “Foggy Smoke,” which is a b-side to a 7″ record/comic book combination Turnstile Comix #3: Lemuria. Check out the song below.

This 7″ is packaged with the third volume of the Turnstile Comix series, a 40-page comic about the featured band, and features the a-side “Christine Perfect.” Pre-order the 7″ and comic here through Silver Sprocket.

Full Album Stream: The Phenomenauts – ‘Escape Velocity’

Oakland space-punks The Phenomenauts have released a stream of their brand new album, Escape Velocity. You can check it out below.

The band released Escape Velocity on June 10, 2014 through Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

The Phenomenauts stream new song “When Greed Nearly Destroyed the World”

Oakland space-punks The Phenomenauts are debuting a new track off of their upcoming album.  You can check out “When Greed Nearly Destroyed the World” below.

The band’s new album Escape Velocity is coming out on June 10th through Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

The Phenomenauts release music video for “Broken Robot Jerk,” stream new song “GI581-g”

The extraterrestrial punks in The Phenomenauts have released a music video for a brand new song entitled “Broken Robot Jerk.” They’re also streaming another new track called “GI581-g,” featuring David Hillyard of The Slackers.

You can check out the music video for “Broken Robot Jerk” and give “GI581-g” a listen below.

The Phenomenauts’ upcoming album Escape Velocity is set to be released on June 10th through Silver Sprocket. Pre-orders can be made here (physical) and here (digital).

Blackbird Raum (folk-punk) currently on tour

California folk-punk act Blackbird Raum have hit the road for a string of U.S. tour dates. Check out the full list of dates below.

The band released False Weavers last February via Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

Franz Nicolay announces UK tour w/ The Cut Ups

Franz Nicolay (formerly of World/Inferno Friendship Society and The Hold Steady) has announced he will be heading to the UK in November for a two-week tour with The Cut Ups, who will perform as Nicolay’s backing band and on their own every night.

You can check out a full list of dates and locations on the tour right here.

Franz Nicolay last released a split 7-inch with Mischief Brew on June 4th through Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club. Click here to stream the entire split.

Video Premiere: Franz Nicolay – “I Drink” from “Under The Table” 7-inch with Mischief Brew

Today, we are proud to bring you the new music video by former The Hold Steady member and World/Inferno Friendship Society accordionist Franz Nicolay. The song is a cover of “I Drink,” originally performed by the French-Armenian performer Charles Aznavour. Nicolay provides some insight to his homage:

“It’s a perfect evocation of how easily drinking for fun can turn into something more toxic and focussed. I still get chills at the end. I’d filed it away to cover immediately (and more than one person has told me I sing a little like Aznavour already); and I’d been looking for an excuse to sing in front of Guignol too.

Aznavour, if you don’t know, is a French-Armenian crooner who may have one of the highest ratios of best-loved entertainer to least-known in the US. Sometimes called “the French Sinatra,” he was discovered by Edith Piaf in the 1940s and became her protegee (he was the passenger in the 1951 car crash, the injuries from which led to her morphine addiction). He’s written over a thousand songs, and is still recording and touring at 88. If you like this, you should also check out ‘What Makes A Man,’ his majestic character sketch of a lonely drag queen.”

You can check out the video right here. The song appears on the recent “Under The Table” split 7-inch with folk punk outfit Mischief Brew, who recorded a cover of “The Mary Ellen Carter” by Stan Rogers. The split was released on June 4th via Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club. Grab your own copy on blue or gold vinyl over here.

Franz Nicolay & Mischief Brew streaming upcoming split covers 7″ “Under The Table”

Former member of World/Inferno Friendship Society and The Hold Steady Franz Nicolay and folk punk bandit outfit Mischief Brew are streaming their 7″ covers split over here. The 7″, entitled “Under The Table,” drops tomorrow via Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

Pre-orders in limited translucent 220 blue vinyl and 880 gold vinyl are available here.

Mischief Brew to release new EP via Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club have announced a new EP by classic folk-punk outfit Mischief Brew. No more information has been given yet, but check back and we’ll keep you posted.

The band last released the “Freeradical Radio Fever” in January as a 7″ in Europe through Gunner Records and a download version available worldwide.