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Direct Hit! hits Europe on tour for the first time

For the first time ever, Milwaukee pop-punkers Direct Hit! will tour overseas.  They’ll start their tour on May 12th in Belgium.  Check out the full list of tour dates here.

The band’s last releases were a split 7″ with Jetty Boys through Good Land Records and a split 12″ with Hold Tight through I Hate Punk Rock Records.  And coming up next year, Direct Hit! plans to release a new full-length album.  We’ll keep you posted.

Bright and Barrow Records releasing comp for Parkinson’s research (Banquets, Masked Intruder, Direct Hit, etc)

Bright and Barrow Records owner Ryan Raichilson is raising money for Parkinson’s research by selling “No Parkin Sons” T-shirts that come with a 20+ song digital compilation album of bands such as Banquets, Masked Intruder, The New Rochelles, Candy Hearts, and Direct Hit! The record also contains unreleased / exclusive songs from a handful of bands such as Blk Galaga, Man on Fire, The Scutches, and The Last Chucks.  Check out the full track list here.

The bundle is only $15 and can be bought here.

Raichilson explained:

“My aunt Brenda was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about six years ago, and on April 28th she will be participating in the 2012 Parkinson’s Unity Walk, held in Central Park. Her goal is to raise $7,500 for the charity, and ALL proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go towards that goal. Her donation page can be viewed here.”

Bright & Barrow Records to release charity compilation “No Parkin Sons”

Bright and Barrow Records have announced that they will digitally release a charity compilations called “No Parkin Sons” on April 15th.

You can pre-order the comp here.

The compilation will feature songs by Direct Hit!, Up For Nothing, Banquets, Masked Intruder, Timeshares and more. All proceeds will go directly to, which puts 100% of its donations towards Parkinson’s research.

Direct Hit! post live solo acoustic version of new song “What He Asked For”

Wisconsin pop-punk act Direct Hit! have just premiered a live solo acoustic version of a new song called “What He Asked For” and you can check it out here.

Recorded live in Brazil, the band said  that “This is an acoustic version of a tune we wrote for the next Direct Hit LP. I recorded it at Estudio Superfuzz when I was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My friend Angelica set the whole thing up for her blog, Tenho Mais Discos Que Amigos (I Have More Records Than Friends), and there’ll be some video up soon of me playing this one, plus another couple older tunes. I only fucked up twice. Go me“.  And if you’re curious, that funny looking animal on the potential cover art seen here is an okapi.

The most recent Direct Hit! release will be their split with Hold Tight, which is available as a preorder through I Hate Punk Rock Records.

Album Review: Direct Hit! / Hold Tight! Split

While neither Direct Hit! nor Hold Tight! are what one might consider to be a “household name” just yet, both have built up their respective fan bases considerably in the past year and have become somewhat standard names in internet pop punk circles. From Direct Hit!’s high energy bursts to Hold Tight!’s ability to sound like Lifetime, (but not sound like the million other bands that sound like Lifetime), it seemed almost like a no brainer that if the two bands did a split together it would be a modern pop punk masterpiece.

Unless they decided to put out a hardcore split – which they did.

Rather than playing their usual styles, both bands have literally turned their amps up to eleven for their respective halves of this album. With songs that average a minute to a minute and a half, this split features the heaviest output from either band to date.

The Direct Hit! half is so heavy that it’s borderline metal. It’s lacking insane guitar solos, but other than that, these songs would be right at home on a Roadrunner Sampler. The vocals were recorded by a guest singer, Kyle Booth of the band Whisky Pig, rather than lead singer Nick Woods. The story behind these songs is that they were written at a point in time when Woods and bassist Robbie Scroeder weren’t sure if they were going to continue on in Direct Hit!, so they wrote music for a new project that never came to be. When they decided to use the lyric-less songs for this split, they asked Booth to come in, write lyrics and sing for them, which is how they ended up sounding more like Sepultura and less like themselves.

Hold Tight!, on the other hand, has shown off their ability to write fast and short songs on 2011’s Call the Zoo EP. But whereas Call the Zoo still sounded like Hold Tight!, the band (under the adopted alter-ego name, Tight Hold) finds themselves exploring faster and rougher territory on their contributions to this split, sounding more like Kid Dynamite with an ever so slight touch of early Rollins-era Black Flag. These songs are filled with lots of feedback, shouted vocals, and a pounding bass making it highly reminiscent of 90’s melodic hardcore bands. The tracks Stagger I and Stagger II slow things down to a grinding beat, alluding to Damaged I & II (particularly the former) while the cover artwork for the album is even a none-too-subtle reference to the iconic hardcore LP.

This split is not Direct Hit!’s finest ten and a half minutes, and despite the songs being kind of good (for what they are), they’re sure to cause some rifts in the Direct Hit! fan base for being so drastically different. Hold Tight!, meanwhile, finds themselves in more comfortable territory; their foray into hardcore is on par with, if not better than, their usual style. This split is not exactly essential listening for either band, although it is a fun novelty for pop punkers with a taste for hardcore.


Direct Hit! and Hold Tight! streaming new split, giving away limited free downloads

Direct Hit! and Hold Tight! are giving away 200 free downloads of their upcoming split, out soon on I Hate Punk Rock Records. Even if you miss the downloads, you can stream the whole thing. All that and more here.

Fans should be prepared for an, ahem, let’s say departure of both band’s usual pop punk style, in favor of a more aggressive thrashy, hardcore, really really really angry style (seriously). Enjoy!

Pre-orders for the split will begin soon here.

Stay Sweet Fest announce first round of bands on 2012 lineup (Direct Hit!, Timeshares & more)

Richmond, Virginia’s Stay Sweet Fest has announced the first round of bands on the extensive lineup for the 2nd edition of the festival, which will be taking place from April 13th to April 15th.

So far the lineup includes Direct Hit!, Timeshares, Captain, We’re Sinking!, Spraynard, Luther, and a ton of other bad ass punk bands.

Check out a list of all of the bands currently announced right here, and stay tuned for more lineup announcements to come in the future.

Direct Hit! announce winter plans, including 2 new records, upcoming demos

Midwest pop/punk band Direct Hit! have announced their plans for the next six months on their Tumblr account, including goals of releasing new demos and 2 new records in the next half-year. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Woods elaborates, ending with the classiest of chicken metaphors:

“We’re demoing 7 or 8 songs for a new album at the beginning of January, and probably taking a month or two off of playing ‘conventional’ shows. We’re all kind of sick of only playing songs off Domesplitter, so we’re gonna take a break from that for a bit. When we get back to doing what we regularly do, we’ll have new songs to play, and we’ll actually be able to do some of the songs off our 7”s that we’ve never actually played live.

We have plans to release two more records in the next 6 months. One of them will be out later this Winter. The other in the Spring. I’m not gonna give any specifics, because whenever I count my chickens before they hatch, they never hatch, and I end up burying them behind the coop to hide my embarrassment that I can’t get a fucking chicken to hatch.”

The last chicken the band hatched was their summer 2011 album Domesplitter. You can find a recent DS exclusive interview with the band concerning that album and more right here.

Additionally, the band will be playing a string of homestate Wisconsin shows this month, ending with an awesome Madison gig with The Queers, The Dopamines, The Transgressions, and Masked Intruder, which this editor, for one, is very pumped for.

As always, check back with us for updates on new material as they arise.

Stream/Download: Direct Hit! and Jetty Boys split

Wisconsin pop-punk act Direct Hit! and Sheboygan pop-punkers Jetty Boys recently recorded a split EP together. You can check it out on Direct Hit’s bandcamp and if you like what you hear, download it as well.

Direct Hit! last released their debut full length “Domesplitter” through Kind Of Like Records.

Video: Devon Kay & The Solutions perform “W.W.B.C.D.”

Devon Kay and The Solutions (with Devon Kay of Direct Hit!) have posted a live video performance of “W.W.B.C.D.” in their hometown of Chicago, Illinois. You can check it out right here.

The band released their debut EP “Never Punt” on July 29th of this year on Johann’s Face Records and you can stream it all here.

DS Exclusive Interview: Nick Woods (Direct Hit!) talks revamping songs, paying/not paying for music and the future of the band,

Direct Hit! have been shooting punk music out of Milwaukee and Chicago since 2007. Their debut full-length “Domesplitter” was released this summer on Kind Of Like Records.

The band has been busy lately, having attracted the attention of punk and pop-punk fans across the country. Singer/guitarist Nick Woods recently talked with Dying Scene to discuss revamping songs, paying/not paying for music, the future of the band, and more.  Read the full interview here.

Direct Hit offer free download of George Harrison cover “Got My Mind Set On You”

Direct Hit have launched a free download of their rendition of 1987 classic “Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison. The band recorded the track acoustic, utilizing a variety of instruments including the kazoo, vibraslap and more. Guitarist Nick Woods explains the song choice:

“I’m a big fan of the 17-part harmony and the giant-sounding drums in this song. And even if you think it’s cheesy, it’s George Harrison, who played in the Beatles. We thought it’d be funny to do it acoustic, since we knew we wouldn’t be able to make it sound that slick.”

Download the song here.

In August, the band released their debut full length “Domesplitter” through Kind Of Like Records.

Kind of Like Records announce label showcase, giving away free sampler

Kind Of Like Records has announced a label showcase, set for Monday August 8th at The Acheron in Brooklyn, NY. The showcase will include current roster artists Direct Hit!, Timeshares and the recently announced Candy Hearts, as well as affiliated artist Mixtapes and new friends Masked Intruder. For additional information regarding the showcase and to RSVP, visit here.

To celebrate five vinyl and CD releases since opening it’s doors, the label has also posted a free sampler to bring fans up to speed. Featuring one song from each Kind Of Like Records release, along with previously released tracks from Timeshares, Candy Hearts and Masked Intruder, the Kind Of Like A Sampler 2011 can be downloaded here.

Cover Art Battle (August 2nd): Bury Your Dead, Direct Hit!, Nekromantix, Mariachi El Bronx… VOTE!!

Remember when buying an album meant something more than adding a dozen audio files to an already endless collection of impersonal mp3s? It was a time when liner notes actually got read and there was something really special about the art that graced an album’s cover. Today, in an industry dominated by iTunes and Pandora, it seems the cover art of an album is getting a little under-appreciated.

Well, we here at Dying Scene aren’t letting the art form die off so easily. Whether bizarre, beautiful, thought provoking, or hilarious, each Tuesday we will present the most interesting album covers from the albums released that week and let you readers vote on which one you think should win “Best Cover Art of the Week!”

Check out the offerings for the week of August 2nd right here and get voting!

Direct Hit! offer free album download, announce Northeast tour

Here’s some free music from a great band. Milwaukee, Wisconsin pop-punk act Direct Hit! are now giving away their new album “Domesplitter” for free on Bandcamp. The band continues their proud tradition of free music for fans, explained guitarist/singer Nick Woods:

“We’d always released our stuff for free in the past, so we wanted to keep that alive as long as we could. It’s important to us that the people who care about our music are able to share it with other people. Our band has always had that mentality. It’s a lot cooler to be able to share music than it is just to listen to it by yourself.”

The band has also announced a short string of U.S. tour dates with Mixtapes, Masked Intruder, and more. Click here to view the dates, and click here to download “Domesplitter,” out August 2nd on Kind Of Like Records.