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April’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

Welfare Beer League

There’s nothing quite as sickening as the “kick to the gut” that is Tax Season. It’s a rare time of year where the poor get fined for not having enough money while the rich get tax breaks and corporate exemptions out the wazoo, almost like some sort of Orwellian Negaverse where all social rationality is reversed. If you’re a perturbed member of the proletariat who got pilfered by porcine politicians, don’t let it get you down. You know we got you! Our team has scoured Bandcamp for the best punk rock at the most affordable prices and returned with six lesser known acts that are sure to put a smile on your ears (ed: WTF, guys?). This one’s for all of those that were born and bred in the brier patch like us! So, check out April’s selection of hidden gems below!

March’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

Thirteen Towers

As the country thaws from the tedious, cold Winter and daylight starts seeping into the evening hours, we’re reminded that the coming months will be filled with freshness and new life as Spring slowly begins to roll in. Flowers will bloom, animals will emerge from their caves after extended lengths of time spent in slumber and the long frozen, brown earth will gently change hue to a more virile, lush green. It’s with this same sense of rejuvenation and rebirth that we present you with this month’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp! Time to spruce up that playlist a little with some fresh new tunes for your listening portals! This month, our punk rock prognosticators have returned with seven, slick, burgeoning bands that they’re betting you’ve never heard of. Check ’em out below!

February’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

Captain Bringdown and the Buzzkillers

Two thirds of the country is buried in snow, while the remaining third on the West Coast breaks records for historical high temperatures. Donald Trump is in a virtual tie in national polls to represent the RNC in the coming election. World War III is being staged in the Middle East. Every other day, another beloved musician or actor dies. During these dark and depressing times, there’s one thing you can always count on to brighten your mood. New and undiscovered punk music! Don’t fret dearest readers, we’ve got the cure for what ails ya’! This month, we’ve found seven spectacular bands that we’re betting will be pure ecstasy for your ear pieces. So turn that frown upside down and check out February’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp below!

January’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

Endzweck & Friends

Holy shit, you guys, 2015 was an absolute cluster! If for no other reason, we’re excited to ring in the new year just to send 2015 packing. Fortunately for us, there’s a ton of other things to get excited about this year besides watching the year that was saunter off into the sunset. There’s a ton of new albums coming out this year (including one from Face to Face!), PRB has added all new East Coast dates and the growing guest list just keeps getting better and better, on top of all of  that there’s also new bands that we’ll discover and kick ass shows we’ll attend as the 2016 trudges along. But, just because we’re celebrating all of the new and shiny things we have in store for us, it doesn’t mean that we’ve completely forsaken the old. Because you demanded it, our monthly Hidden Gems of Bandcamp feature has been renewed for another year! So, despite our best efforts to fire our entire Original Content Team, your insatiable desire for new and undiscovered punk bands has forced us to keep them around for another year. To show their derision, they have produced the shortest list in the history of the feature this month. Nothing like a little hebetude to set the tone for a new year! Enjoy the first list of 2016 below!

December’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp: Part II

The Rotten Blue Menace

As promised, we’re back with our second installment of December’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp! Our website combers have been duly punished for bringing back such expensive offerings for our first list. As penance, they were sent back to scour the site again for more wallet friendly selections. Needless to say, they weren’t too pleased with having to do additional work this close to the holidays and that frustration shows a little in their choices (Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you!). This bonus list is probably the hardest, dirtiest, punk-est, grittiest list so far. Pretty much exactly what we wanted to round out our inaugural year of Hidden Gems! So….guess the joke’s on them!

From all of us here at Dying Scene, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Jubilant Kwanzaa/Fantastic Festivus/Brilliant Boxing Day and safe and Happy New Year. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see you in the pit in 2016! Enjoy our bonus edition of December’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp below!

December’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp: Part I

Math the Band… the Band.

Welcome, valued readers, to another month of our esteemed Hidden Gems of Bandcamp feature. You may have noticed that it’s arrived a little early this year, and you would most certainly be correct in noticing that! In the spirit of giving, we’ve decided that this December we would treat you to not one, but TWO collections of wonderful new music to share with you, and, subsequently, for you to share with your loved ones.

So hold on to your butts, kids, and prepare yourselves for a thrill ride full of sad and energetic music to help get you through the holiday season. You can check out part I of our best December finds below.

P.S. In a twist for this half of our December list, a handful of these gems cost more than the usual $Free.99. We’ve punished our Bandcamp diggers accordingly, but you might want to dip into your holiday bonus this time around. (Just kidding, we know you didn’t get a bonus this year.)

November’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

John Player Specials

Howdy gang! Now that Autumn is in full swing and the nights have cooled down and started infringing on the waning hours of the once warm and sunny afternoons, there’s only one thing we can think of to cure the ever present depression caused by a lack of Vitamin D. Some good ol’ fashioned Vitamin P…..for punk. C’mon guys, keep up. So, to show our thanks to our venerated readers in this, the  season of showing gratitude, we have spent endless hours rifling through hundreds of bands over at Bandcamp and have once again discovered a multitude of superb bands that we’re betting you haven’t heard of. We’ve got it all this month! We’ve got new, up and comers, we have lesser known veteran acts from home and abroad, we have Hardcore, we have Crust, we have Mariachi! Wait….what? You’ll just have to read to see! Check out the seven best November finds from Bandcamp below!

October’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp


Zombina and the Skeletones

Well gang, we’ve survived another month so it’s time to celebrate by wading back into the depths of Bandcamp once again to find the best punk offerings for your listening pleasure. Since it’s Halloween and we’re a bunch of unoriginal bastards, we’ve decided to do a Halloween-themed list this month. If it was spooky, macabre, morbid, grisly, ghastly or in anyway related to death or the undead we listened to it and exhumed only the most terrifying bands and the most spine chilling albums that we’re betting you haven’t heard of and we know will have you shaking in your shit kickers. We couldn’t manage more than six on our list this time as some of staffers were a little too pusillanimous (17 pts in Scrabble!) to endure much more. Check out the this month’s  list by entering the horrendously heinous Hall of Horrors below……. if you dare.

September’s Hidden Gems From Bandcamp

In Evil Hour

Another month, another great list of hidden gems from one of our favorite purveyors of punk! There is no dearth of fantastic music over at Bandcamp so, we sent our minions on over to troll the site and return with only the best and brightest gems for your listening pleasure. Not to oversell it, but we really think you’re going to love the seven selections they’ve unearthed this month. They’re so good in fact, that we exhausted our supply of minion treats in jubilation. We reward quality work here at Dying Scene. As always, we try to provide a good variety, so hopefully everyone can find something that they love and wouldn’t have had time to stumble upon otherwise. You guys work hard and our minions aren’t the only ones who deserve a little reward. We got you! Enjoy this month’s seven stellar, buried gems below!

7 Hidden Gems From Bandcamp You Need To Check Out

Never Draw Back
Photo by David Corrochano

We here at Dying Scene have heard our reader’s collective voice loud and clear and after getting such wonderful feedback from the first Buried Gems from Bandcamp feature, we’ve decided to make it a (hopefully) regularly occurring list. Once again, we have explored the depths of the punk treasure trove and this time, we have surfaced with seven stunning jewels that we’re betting you haven’t heard before because we sure as hell hadn’t! So, give them all a listen below and if you like what you hear, head over to Da‘Camp and drop some wampum!

10 Hidden Gems from Bandcamp You Need to Check Out

Craig and Dave of Shadow League

Bandcamp is a virtual black hole of music, anything and everything gets sucked into it. While that variety isn’t really bad thing, it can make searching for new music a needle and haystack scenario. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when rifling through the thousands of pages of bountiful punk offerings. We here at Dying Scene feel your pain, so we mined the recesses of their site and have unearthed ten punk gems that are most likely not on your radar yet. To keep this simple, the only real criteria here is that the bands have to still be active and because things are tough all over, I’ve selected artists that offer most of their music for free or name-your-price. No need to put a hurtin’ on your wallet just to pleasure your ear holes! Check out the list, in no particular order below!