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Chaser (skate-punk) release teaser video for upcoming album “Sound The Sirens”

Southern California punk act Chaser are one of the bands that inspired me to start the shitty website you’re reading this story on, which is why I’m especially excited to announce that they’re gearing up to release a new album titled “Sound The Sirens” this summer.

To prove it the band have released a bit of a teaser video that features the fellas discussing the recording process among other odds and ends, but most interestingly, it features a snippet of one of the new tunes. It’s rad and you can check it out for yourself below.

“Sound The Sirens” will be the band’s first new album since 2011’s “Action” EP released via Felony Records.

CHASER announce official comeback with album and shows in the works

I don’t know about you, but I could use some good news. Oh shit, I have some! SoCal’s CHASER has officially announced a comeback. Mike tells us that they’ll be writing a new album and playing shows very soon. He went on to say,

Fans can expect upcoming shows and new material, returning to our original style of playing fast and energetic melodic punk rock. Stay tuned and please share and spread the word!!”

If you’re not familiar with their work or need a refresher, head on over to their bandcamp page and check out their material. Nothing is more than five bucks. I’m such a swell gentleman that I’m gonna drop the stream for their pay-what-you-want “Garage Years: Unreleased and Out of Print Songs” below!

Chaser reunite, working on new album, stream new track “Line Of Sight”

Best news of the week, right here! LA based skate punk act Chaser are back together and working on a album! Here’s a quote from the band on what we can expect from it:

Our new album will have a more classic and stripped down version of our sound. Moving away from layers of lead guitars and riffs, we are focusing heavily on the fundamentals, what made us all fall for this genre to begin with. Catchy vocals, anthemic hooks and thought provoking lyrics, coupled with heavy guitars and an energetic drum beat that takes you back to a more familiar time.

If you missed it earlier, the Felony Records comp released right before Punk Rock Bowling included a brand new track from the band called “Line Of Sight” and you can stream that bad boy below.

The new album will be the band’s first new release since 2011’s “Action” EP released via Felony Records.

Felony Records stream “Punk Rock Bowling Vol. 1” compilation (unreleased Chaser, Lowbrow, etc)

I love Felony Records. Over the years they’ve accumulated a fantastic roster of melodic and skate punk acts and it seems they’ve really picked up steam lately. Case in point, they’re one of the sponsors of Punk Rock Bowling this year and to commemorate the occasion they’re putting out a “Felony Records presents Punk Rock Bowling Vol. 1” compilation. It features 35 tracks from past albums, rare tracks, and unreleased songs from future albums and if you’re new to the label, this is a great introduction.

Personally I’m most excited about the unreleased tracks from Chaser, Hilltop Rats, Lowbrow, and Raised By Apes. Get better acquainted with one of the punk scene’s greatest labels by streaming the entire comp below.

Video: Chaser performs “Set It Off” at reunion show

L.A.’s Chaser recently played their first reunion show since ending their 12-year run 2 years ago. Our friends at Felony Records were there to capture the set and you can check out the live footage for the song “Set It Off” right here!

For more Chaser, check out their acoustic Dying Scene Session here and listen to some of their past releases on Bandcamp.

Chaser (L.A. punk) announces reunion show

L.A.’s Chaser ended their 12-year run 2 years ago, but they are reuniting this summer.  Their first show will be September 25th at the Observatory in Orange County with Authority Zero.

In case you need a refresher on their sound, check out their acoustic Dying Scene Session here and listen to some of their past releases on Bandcamp.

Full Album Stream: Chaser – “Garage Years: Unreleased and Out of Print Songs”

Today marks the release of SoCal melodic punk band Chaser‘s ‘compilation’ album entitled “Garage Years: Unreleased and Out of Print Songs” through Felony Records.

The mammoth, 26-track set features (you guessed it) a bunch of rare tracks from the band’s earlier work, as well as a few tracks that have never seen the light of day.

Listen to the entire album below.

Chaser announce new release: “Garage Years: Unreleased and Out Of Print Songs”

Good news for Chaser fans!

The SoCal melodic punk band may have called it quits back in February 2012, but we thankfully have yet to hear the last from the fellas. They’ve announced a new compilation called “Garage Years: Unreleased and Out Of Print Songs” that is set for release on November 26th. The mammoth, 26-track set features (you guessed it) a bunch of rare tracks from the band’s earlier work, as well as a few tracks that have never seen the light of day.

Here’s what the band had to say about “Garage Years”:

It consists of 3 releases. Our very first Self-Titled full-length album (Tracks 1-14), which was recorded in 2000 while we were still in High School, but it was never officially released. We only burned a handful of copies for our friends and passed them out at parties and shows. Our second full-length album, entitled “In Control” (Tracks15-23), which was officially released in 2003, but went out of print soon thereafter since we only pressed 1000 copies. And lastly, the unreleased “No Hope” demo (Tracks 24-26), which consisted of 3 songs recorded in 2005. We’re really excited about this release because the vast majority of our fanbase have never heard these songs, since they were either unreleased, or went out of print long, long ago.

Chaser teamed up with Felony Records for this release, which will be available right here. Their last release was the Dying Scene Acoustic session they did for us back in August 2011.

Chaser calls it quits, re-releasing all out of print releases

Well this is a bummer.  Southern California’s melodic punk act, Chaser, has decided to call it a day.  Over the band’s 12 year career they put out 4 full-length albums, a couple EPs and did one Acoustic Dying Scene Session with us, which you can download for free here.  The band will be re-releasing its original self-titled full-length along with their “No Hope” EP and second full-length “In Control” (all out of print) in one compilation album.  Details still to come on that.  In the meantime, you can read Chaser’s official statement right here.

Editors’s Note: Chaser was one of the few bands that inspired me to start Dying Scene.  Before I launched the website I introduced myself to singer Mike LeDonne after a show in Redondo Beach and told him that while I didn’t quite have a punk news site yet, I intended to feature them on it when I did.  I must have looked like a delusional, overzealous fan but he could not have been a cooler dude and he humored the hell out of me.  A few months later I followed through on my goal to launch and Chaser was the first Band Spotlight we ever featured.  On their next album (“The Big Picture”) Chaser became the first band to thank Dying Scene in the album’s liner notes and for being a kid who grew up making it a point to read who bands thanked on their albums that could not have been a higher reward for the work put into running this site.  I wish Mike and the rest of Chaser the best of luck in whatever they do next and thank them for their inspiration, genuine kindness and most of all for the music they gave us.

Free EP Download: Chaser – “Dying Scene Acoustic Sessions”

SoCal’s melodic punk band Chaser is one of the reason’s I started Dying Scene, which is why I was so stoked to record a Dying Scene Acoustic Session with them last Summer. Our friends at shot and recorded the session at lead singer Mike LeDonne’s home in Orange County and we absolutely love the way it came out.  Today, we’re pleased to offer a free download of all 4 tracks in the form of a digital EP, “Dying Scene Acoustic Sessions vol. 2: Chaser”.  Snag it here!

*NOTE: If you’re having trouble downloading it with Internet Explorer, try using Firefox.

You can check out the videos for the entire Chaser acoustic session right here.

DS Exclusive Download: Chaser – “Know Your Way” (acoustic)

I’m not BS’ing when I say that SoCal melodic punk act, Chaser, is one of the reasons I started Dying Scene.  To me, their album “Numb America” was indisputable proof that the punk scene was still alive and kicking, which is why it was such an honor when the band agreed to do an acoustic Dying Scene Session with us last Summer. Our friends at shot and recorded the session at lead singer Mike LeDonne’s home in Orange County and we absolutely love the way they came out.  Today we’re happy to be giving away one of the songs as a free mp3 download.

The track is called “Know Your Way,” and its original was featured on the band’s break out full-length album “Numb America.”  The acoustic version can only be found on Dying Scene and you can stream or download it for free right here.

Check out the videos for the entire Chaser acoustic session right here.

DS Exclusive Interview: Mike LeDonne (Chaser) discusses life as a touring band, the SoCal music scene and hot sauce

Southern California melodic punk act Chaser have been a touring band for 11 years and show no signs of slowing down. After playing with some big names in punk rock, numerous tours and a line-up change, the guys still manage to put out some solid straight up punk rock releases (imagine the love child of Pennywise and Strung Out.) I recently sat down with lead singer Mike LeDonne at the Slidebar in Fullerton where we discussed touring, the departure of guitarist Cameron Denning, the SoCal music scene and hot sauce. Delicious hot sauce. Check out the full interview here.

Music Video: Chaser – “In The Veins”

Southern California melodic punk act Chaser have premiered the music video for their song “In The Veins.” Watch it here.

The song is off the band’s new dual-release “Action” EP  and “Accion” 7-inch, which dropped today, April 19th on Felony Records.

Free Comp Download: “Punk Rock Heart Transplant”

Last month, we reported this amazing D.I.Y punk rock compilation was going to be released in the near future.

Well the wait is over.

You can grab your free download of Punk Rock Heart Transplant right here. It features bands such as Chaser, Hit The Switch, DC Fallout, Samuel Caldwell’s Revenge, The Bastard Suns, as well as a bunch of other awesome bands listed here. Yeah, that’s a pretty sweet lineup!

This compilation is described as an effort to revitalize the punk rock scene by offering punk fans completely free music.

So go download it or regret missing out on incredible music. FREE music. Nothing to lose.

Full EP Stream: Chaser – “Action”

Today we’re pumped to bring you a stream of Chaser‘s upcoming EP “Action.”  Or is it,”¡Acción!” Anyway, if you aren’t yet familiar with this melodic punk act from SoCal it’s a great way start getting to know them.  Think No Use For A Name meets Strung Out.  Or just listen to the EP and make your own comparisons.

“Action” consists of B sides from their last full-length “The Big Picture,” and is due out April 19th.