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Dropkick Murphys announce more dates and supporting bands for 20th anniversary tour

Last week Boston Celtic punk icons Dropkick Murphys have announced that they will embark on a tour next year celebrating the 20th anniversary of their formation.  Today the band has announced all of the current dates for that tour.  They have also announced that they will be joined by fellow Bostonian’s Darkbuster, as well as psychobilly favorites Tiger Army, who will be touring in support of an upcoming album.

You can check out the full list of dates and locations below.  Tickets will be on sale November 27th, and you can pick those up at the Dropkick Murphys website.

Dropkick Murphys last released Signed and Sealed With Blood in 2013 through their own label Born & Bred Records.  Tiger Army last released Music From Regions Beyond  in 2007 on Hellcat Records.  Darkbuster last released No Revolution in August on Pirates Press Records.

Tiger Army cancels this year’s Octoberflame festival in order to focus on new album

For the first time since its inception 7 years ago, Tiger Army will not be putting on their Octoberflame festival this year.  The bright side is that it’s because they’re hard at work on their first album in 7 years!  Here’s the full update from the band:

“To everyone who’s a part of the Tiger Army… Good news and bad news – the bad news is that for the first time since it started in 2008, Tiger Army’s Octoberflame festival will NOT be happening in 2014.

The GOOD news is that Octoberflame is on hold this year so that work can progress with the fifth Tiger Army album, out in 2015!

Octoberflame has happened six times thusfar. Constantly evolving, it began in Orange County, but has included other locations over the years like Los Angeles, Pomona and as far north as San Francisco. It’s ranged from two nights to six. It’s featured special sets like the performance of the entire ‘II: Power of Moonlite’ album, or the ‘Early Years’ set with guest drummer Adam Carson.

Whether it was playing deep cuts (EVERY song recorded by Tiger Army has been performed over the various years), debuting one-off covers from influences like the Ramones, onstage musical guests, top support acts or “meet & greets”, we’ve always tried to deliver the most special shows possible in recognition of the support you all have given us.

The one thing we didn’t do was play new Tiger Army songs. To me, that’s what we really need to make the next Octoberflame special. As we did more unique things each year, it became a bigger challenge to deliver something new. More and more time was invested in preparation, time that will now be used to make a new Tiger Army record a reality!

I’m happy to report that many of these new songs have now been written. I’m so excited for you all to hear them – I waited for true inspiration to come and it did. Getting these songs to the studio and bringing them into the world is being planned now.

For the past few years, you’ve traveled to us from all over the world – when the new album arrives next year, Tiger Army will once again tour to you, like we did for so many years.

Halloween traces back to ancient autumn festivals that celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth from the earth. A time of great renewal is coming for us and it’s drawing nearer…

So THANK YOU to all who’ve stayed loyal – just like Tiger Army, Octoberflame will be back!”

The band’s latest album “Music From Regions Beyond” was released in 2007 on Hellcat Records.

Nick 13 releases music video for “In The Orchard,” hints at new Tiger Army album in 2015

Tiger Army frontman Nick 13 has released a music video for his song “In The Orchard” and you can check it out below. This version of the song comes off Nick’s debut solo album “Nick 13,” which was released in June 2011, but the original was part of Tiger Army’s 2001 record “Power Of Moonlight.”

Nick recently posted on Facebook about “New Tiger Army in 2015,” so we will keep you updated on that as more information comes forth!

Tiger Army writing new album, due out next year

Tiger Army are writing a new album, due out next year. Here’s what they had to say via Facebook:

READY FOR A NEW ONE? Some news straight from Nick 13! ☞ The next TIGER ARMY album is being written NOW (current phase) ☞ Recording will happen after songwriting is complete (next phase) ☞ New album is the priority over live shows at this time ☞ Worldwide touring will resume with the new album’s release in 2015! T♤A♤N♤D!

Tiger Army cancel Spring Forward US tour

Sad news, Tiger Army fans…

Following last week’s announcement that bassist Geoff Kresge had departed the band for a second time, the remaining members have been forced to cancel their upcoming tour. The silver lining is that it’s not the end of the band…

You can read the full statement from frontman Nick 13 below.

Bassist Geoff Kresge leaves Tiger Army

For the second time, bassist Geoff Kresge has left Tiger Army.

You can read the statement from his Facebook page below.

The band’s latest album “Music From Regions Beyond” was released way back in 2007 on Hellcat Records. Frontman Nick 13 recently revealed he has been writing new music for Tiger Army’s next full-length.

Tiger Army announce spring tour of the west coast

Tiger Army will be hitting the west coast for a few weeks of shows in the spring! You can find full details on when and where they’ll be playing below.

The band’s latest album “Music From Regions Beyond” was released way back in 2007 on Hellcat Records. Frontman Nick 13 recently revealed he has been writing new music for Tiger Army’s next full-length.

Tiger Army announce “Octoberflame VI” openers and dates

Psychobilly punks Tiger Army have announced the 2013 installment of their Octoberflame shows will be held October 25th & 26th at City National Grove of Anaheim.

The long running psychobilly grouped will be joined by the Cadillac Tramps, Hard Fall Hearts, and others.

You can check out all of the details right here.

Nick 13 on the next Tiger Army album

In a recent interview with Washington Times CommunitiesNick 13 revealed that he has been writing new material for a new Tiger Army album, but is not sure when it will be released as he is busy working on his second solo album, which he plans to begin recording this year. He states:

“There definitely will be another Tiger Army record, I’m just not sure when. I’ve been in the process of writing my second solo album for a while and that’s pretty close to being written. So I definitely plan to enter the studio this year for that. Originally when I did the first solo record, I was going to come right back to Tiger Army, but I learned so much and I was so inspired and I was enjoying it so much that it didn’t seem right to switch gears at that time. But I’ve been writing Tiger Army material the whole time. So, when it is time to sit down and start putting together a Tiger Army record, I already have a lot of cool stuff to use as a base.”

It’s been almost six years since Tiger Army released their last studio album, Music From Regions Beyond, on Hellcat Records. Nick last released his self-titled solo album in 2011 on Sugar Hill Records.

Photo Gallery: Tiger Army Octoberflame V at San Francisco – 10/20/12

Tiger Army announced back in September that a new album would be in the works, following the completion of lead singer Nick 13‘s second solo album.

Since this report, we really haven’t heard much from the Tiger Army camp, except for news of the annual Octoberflame tour, which wrapped up at the end of last month.

I, for one, can only go so long without Tiger Army on the brain, so I thought I would post some shots I grabbed from the band’s tour stop in San Francisco on October 20th this year.

Check them out here.

Tiger Army released their most recent album “Music From Regions Beyond” June 5th, 2007 on Hellcat Records. Nick 13 released his debut, self-titled solo album June 7th last year on Sugar Hill Records.

Tiger Army announce “Octoberflame V” openers; Charlie Sheen to attend

Psychobilly punks Tiger Army had previously announced dates for the 2012 installment of their Octoberflame tour. The tour, now in its fifth year, has been expanded to include dates in four Calidornia cities, plus Tempe, Arizona.

Nick 13 and the boys have now announced openers for each of the gigs. Featured acts include The Adolescents, The Goddamn Gallows, Exene and more. Click here for the full rundown. If you head out to the tour, you’ll be in good company; Charlie Sheen will be in the house for the LA (and perhaps Pomona) shows. Makes sense, given the #tigerblood and all…

Nick 13 announces a new Tiger Army record is in the works…AFTER his second solo album

Guitarist and vocalist Nick 13 of psychobilly punks Tiger Army recently confirmed that a new Tiger Army record will happen…after he completes work on his second, upcoming solo album.

No word yet on a time frame for either record, but we’ll let you know when we do.  Tiger Army released their most recent album “Music From Regions Beyond” June 5th, 2007 on Hellcat RecordsNick 13 released his debut, self-titled solo album June 7th last year on Sugar Hill Records.

Tiger Army announce West Coast tour dates for Octoberflame V

Nick 13 is quite the hardworking musician. He just finished two solo nights down in SoCal, and has just announced that he and the other members of Tiger Army will be hitting the road in October for their annual Octoberflame tour, now in its fifth year.

The band will be playing a limited number of shows in California and Arizona.

Head here for the current list of tour dates and locations.

Nick 13 has stated that a new Tiger Army album will be in the works, as soon as he finishes his second album, which is being created as we speak.

Nick 13 (Tiger Army) to finish next album before touring

According to a recent tweet, Nick 13 (of Tiger Army) is going to be holding off on touring in hopes of finishing the next album:

Nick13Official: @hkdezigner Sorry, no plans for solo shows outside LA at this time- want to make the next (solo) record before touring!

Nick’s debut solo album was released in summer 2011, and Tiger Army, who will also be putting out a new album this year, last released “Music From Regions Beyond” five years ago this summer.

Nick 13 working on new solo album; new Tiger Army to follow

Nick 13 is preparing for a busy last half of 2012. The solo artist and frontman of psychobilly mainstays Tiger Army took to the Twitterverse today to acknowledge plans for both projects:

Nick13Official: For those who asked- I’m writing for a 2nd solo album now. No word yet on entering the studio but I’ll keep you posted!

Nick13Official: Don’t worry- there will be another Tiger Army album, most likely *after* the 2nd solo album.

As soon as Nick keeps us posted, we’ll keep you posted. Nick 13’s solo debut was released a year ago today (June 7). Tiger Army’s last full length was released five years ago this week.