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Guttermouth announce fall west coast tour & 2017 southeast tour

California punk veterans Guttermouth have announced they will be touring the west coast this fall, and the southeast next February. See if they’re playing a show near you below.

Guttermouth released their Got it Made EP on July 15th through Bird Attack and Rude Records. The band’s latest full-length Shave the Planet came out in 2006 via Volcom Entertainment.

Episode 50 | Dying Scene Radio – Feat. Millencolin

This week on Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles ventures to Madeira Beach, Floridumb, where he and his ragtag crew of misfits (i.e. Piazzo The Clown and the illustrious Ben Coletti) podcast in very close proximity to a 60 gallon cooler stocked with “blue water” (i.e. Bud Light). Elena Venetia joins the conversation from NYC, where she has zero difficulty expressing her empathy for the recent passing of Mischief Brew frontman, Erik Petersen.

BAND SPOTLIGHT: MILLENCOLIN – Pickles and his cast of drunkards bumble through the single worst interview ever conducted on DSR (recorded: May 22nd 2016 in St. Petersburg, FL).

INTRO by DS staff writer, AnarchoPunk. Plus, new music by GuttermouthThe Bouncing Souls and Little Bags (3/4ths of PEARS).

Mischief Brew – Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
Traverse – Lifelines
NEON BONE – I Can’t Let Go
Guttermouth – Old Man
Mike Frazier – Parrot King
Zebrahead – Who Brings a Knife to a Gunfight
Little Bags – Fishes Give A Fuck
The Bouncing Souls – Writing on the Wall
Burn Burn Burn! – Chasing Hornets
Bucky Harris – These Walls
Bottomfeeder – Flux Capacitor
Reverie – Anxiety
The Manx – American Business Activity
Islander – Think It Over
Interview w/ Millencolin
Millencolin – Balanced Boy
The Midlife – Lavender
Total Bummer – I Swear To Drunk I’m Not God
Spirits – Eyes of Love
Poison Idea – Calling All Ghosts
The Old Ironsides – Alone Tonight
Stick To Your Guns – Universal Language
…Whatever That Means – I Can’t Take It
Skinny Lister – Wanted
Mischief Brew – Thanks Bastards!

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Guttermouth stream new EP “Got it Made”

California punk veterans Guttermouth have made their new EP Got it Made available to stream. You can listen to the entire thing below.

Got it Made is set to release on July 15th through Bird Attack and Rude Records. CD/digital copies are available to pre-order here. If you prefer vinyl, head over here for 7″ pre-orders.

Guttermouth stream new song “A Punk Rock Tale of Woe”

California punk veterans Guttermouth have premiered a new song from their upcoming EP Got it Made. You can give “A Punk Rock Tale of Woe” a listen below.

Got it Made is set to release on July 15th through Bird Attack and Rude Records. Check out the title track here, and head over here to pre-order the EP.

Guttermouth guitarist talks about new EP “Got It Made”, explains why they haven’t released an album in 10 years

In a recent interviewGuttermouth guitarist Geoff Armstrong talked about the band’s upcoming EP Got It Made, and explained why they haven’t released an album in more than a decade. Here’s what he had to say:

“We kind of wanted to use the EP as a test a little bit. There’s lots of other ideas that we had on the table for songs that we kind of worked with and we had a few more lyrics and just weren’t feeling them so we felt that these were six songs that we wanted to put out. Yeah, we could have thrown another five in for filler and come out with a full length, but we didn’t feel that that was really the thing to do, like, if we weren’t completely satisfied with the songs, we were over it. That being said, there’s definitely some other ideas being thrown around. I don’t want to jump the gun, but I think you can definitely see some more in the future maybe another EP and then something else down the road. You never know, especially with this band, because there’s nothing ever set in stone and we’re not contracted with a record label as far as, ‘Hey you have to put out this and that.’

I think that’s why the gap was so long with putting out records and I think more Mark than anybody else was over the writing process and over being under a contract because some of the old records did some really big numbers and then you put out something afterwards and it does half that or whatever the case may be and the fans don’t like it and everyone is like, ‘They’re starting to get old and their songs suck,’ so I think Mark was feeling some stress and pressure with the writing process or just kind of burned out maybe he didn’t even have anything to say in music for awhile. Then in Australia, he just started coming up with ideas. So who knows with this band? You never know what you’ll see. I could tell you right now, ‘Yeah, we have a full length planned,’ and then it would never come out. It changes by the month depending on what’s going on, but I think everybody is in a good mindset to do more songs for sure.”

Got it Made will be released on July 15th through Bird Attack and Rude Records. Guttermouth have not released a full-length studio album since Shave the Planet, which came out in 2006 via Volcom Entertainment.

Guttermouth detail upcoming EP “Got it Made,” streaming new song

California punk veterans Guttermouth have announced they will be releasing a new EP titled Got it Made on July 15th through Bird Attack and Rude Records. Pre-orders are available here.

You can give the first single “I’ve Got It Made” a listen below.

Guttermouth’s latest album Shave The Planet was released in 2006 through Volcom Entertainment.

Stream “D-Tour Records Split Series Vol. 1” (Guttermouth, LightSpeedGo, No Gimmick)

D-Tour Records out of Omaha, NE has just released the first volume of their 7″ split series and along with a track from both LightSpeedGo and No Gimmick, it features not one, but two “new” tracks (“Bingo” and “The Towell”) from Guttermouth. “New” in the sense that they haven’t been put out through a proper release though they were offered as free download by the band a few years ago.

Guttermouth has a full EP coming this Spring and word on the street is its a precursor to a new full-length. If the 2 songs on this split are any indication of what’s to come I’d say we’re in for a serious Guttermouth comeback!

Stream the entire split below.

The D-Tour split is available as a limited edition colored vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide. Purchase it here.

Avenues to release new album this year; announce scattered Wisconsin shows

Midwest punks Avenues have announced via Facebook that they are writing and tracking songs for an upcoming full length that will be released later this year. No release date has been given as of yet.

They also posted a handful of Wisconsin shows, including shows with Guttermouth and The Copyrights. You can check out the dates below.

Avenues lastest EP, Creep Show, was released this past fall on 10″ vinyl via Wiretap Records.

Guttermouth announces US tour dates with The Cryptics

West Coast punk pioneers Guttermouth will be heading out on a tour of the East Coast & Midwest US. The band will be joined by New Hampshire’s The Cryptics. You can find a list of the dates and locations below.

Guttermouth will be releasing a new EP in spring 2016 on Bird Attack Records, marking their first official new release in nearly a decade.

The Cryptics recently finished recording their 3rd full-length album, a followup to 2013’s “Continuous New Behavior.” Release details pending at this time.

Guttermouth to release first new material in over 6 years on upcoming 7-inch split

D-Tour Records out of Omaha, NE will be releasing a 7″ split featuring one new track from both LightSpeedGo and No Gimmick, and  not one, but TWO! brand new tracks from Guttermouth. That’s the first new music from Guttermouth in over 6 years!

The release will be a limited edition colored vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide. It’s due out in Spring but you can pre-order it right now, right here.


Guttermouth announce U.S. tour with Blacklist Royals

California punk veterans Guttermouth have announced a two-month long U.S. tour, which will kick off this coming Thursday (October 22nd) in Pacifica and  on December 5th in Texas. Blacklist Royals will be opening for them on selected dates, and they will be opening for D.R.I. at one show. The dates and locations are below.

Guttermouth’s latest full-length Shave The Planet was released in 2006 through Volcom Entertainment. Since then, they have released a split 7-inch with Florida punk act The New Threat and have announced plans for a new studio album and a new live album.

DS Photo Gallery & Show Review: Bad Cop/Bad Cop “Not Sorry” Record Release Show in Long Beach, CA (6/20/15)

It’s no secret that I love Bad Cop/Bad Cop. Ever since seeing them open for the Gimmes last year, I have been hooked on their infectious 3-part harmony pop punk sound. I have also had the pleasure of becoming friends with these 4 awesome boss ladies and anxiously awaited their debut full length album, Not Sorry. Luckily, I live in LA and have seen them play live more times than I can count; over the last year I heard many of the new songs played live as I waited for the album.

It should be no surprise that I loved Not Sorry and have had it on constant repeat over the last two weeks. It’s, in my opinion, a masterpiece from start to finish. I then had the distinct pleasure of attending their record release show at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, CA – the first night of their current tour. It’s one thing to hear a band debut new material at a show; it’s another thing to hear them share the new tunes with a crowd of people singing along because they were just as excited to have the new album.

The first act of the night was Decent Criminal, a band from NorCal that is currently out on tour with Bad Cop/Bad Cop, playing shows across the southwest. The band kicked up the energy of the night and set a tone for the rest of the show.

The Bombpops, fresh off their European tour, were up next. I love this band as well and they often play with BC/BC. These four truly know how to put on a show – ripping through their catalogue with a little bit of banter and a whole lot of attitude. They closed out their set with the title track of their latest EP, Can O’ Worms, and it just made you wish they were putting out a new full-length soon!

Bad Cop/Bad Cop took the stage next to celebrate Not Sorry and all of the blood, sweat, and tears that they put into it! The band killed their set, playing tracks off Not Sorry like “Nightmare,” “Support,” and “Cheers” in addition to some older favorites like “Cucumber” and “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.” Alex’s Bar was packed with people dancing, singing, and pumping their fists in the air. If you have not had an opportunity to see Bad Cop/Bad Cop yet, do yourself a favor and check them out on any of their upcoming tours (including the Fat Wreck 25th anniversary tour this summer).

You might have thought that was the end of the night, but you would be wrong! Long Beach was also treated to a set from Guttermouth, who took the stage and immediately tore through their set. Many people in the crowd were sporting Guttermouth merch and you can tell they were excited for the show. I managed to snap a few shots, but needed to get out of that crowd before I had a broken camera on my hands!

Check out our full gallery from the show below!

Guttermouth announce summer US & European tours

California punk veterans Guttermouth have announced a bunch of US and European tour dates that’ll find the quintet staying busy for most of the coming summer. Check out the full rundown below.

Guttermouth’s latest full-length Shave The Planet was released in 2006 through Volcom Entertainment. Since then, they have released a split 7-inch with Florida punk act The New Threat and have announced plans for a new studio album and a new live album.

Guttermouth add dates to Australian tour, announce support acts

California punk veterans Guttermouth have added a few dates to their upcoming Australian tour, and announced the bands who’ll be supporting them each night of the tour. All of the dates and locations can be found below.

Guttermouth’s latest full-length Shave The Planet was released in 2006 through Volcom Entertainment. Since then, they have released a split 7-inch with Florida punk act The New Threat and announced plans to put out a new studio album, as well as a live record.

Guttermouth announce US tour with Counterpunch and Australian April dates

Looks like Guttermouth have got no real plans to slow down their touring cycle in the near future.

The band have got a slew of new US tour dates that’ll find them covering most of the country (except Boston…sad face) over the next month or so. The tour kicks off at the Soda Bar in San Diego on 2/20 and runs through 3/13 at St. Vitus in Brooklyn. Chicago punks Counterpunch serve as opening support on all dates.

But that’s certainly not all! Guttermouth announced plans for a tour of Australia that kicks off in Adelaide Radelaide on April 2nd. No openers have been announced yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Tickets for the Aussie dates area available here. Check out the full US/Australia tour date rundown below.

Check out our recent photo gallery from Iowa’s Six Rounds of Punk, which featured Guttermouth alongside Misfits, Strung Out, The Vandals, Dead Kennedys and Total Chaos right here.