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7yearsbadluck announce new album “Bridges”

Austrian pop-punk act 7yearsbadluck have announced that they will be releasing their new album Bridges on November 1st via Disconnect Disconnect Records.  You can see the cover art above and check out the track list below.

The band will be playing a release show the day of the album release at P.M.K. in their hometown of Innsbruck, Austria, with support from The Mugwumps and Deecracks.  The band also announced plans to release a music video for the song “Beggars and Kings” within the next couple weeks.

7yearsbasluck’s last full length was Sleep Now, Pay Later, which was released in 2012.

DeeCRACKS and Kingons’ passports, money, and personal belongings stolen one day into European tour

Because there haven’t been enough bad things happening to good people lately, Austria’s DeeCRACKS and their Japanese brothers in pop-punk Kingons had their passports, money, and personal belongings stolen out of their van – which now has a broken window – earlier today.

“SH*T!! Someone broke into our van in Italy while we were having pizza! All the passports of us and the Japanese are gone as well as money and most bags! Some of us only have what they are wearing now anymore… Luckily, no one got hurt and all our gear is still here! We are at the police station now. This might take a while, hope we make today’s show somehow…”

Both bands will be touring Europe for the next week and half.  More details on where you’ll be able to catch them can be found below.

If you go to a show, help ’em out and buy some stuff from the merch table!  If you don’t live in Europe but you wanna help, here’s DeeCRACKS’ Bandcamp page, and here’s the Kingons webstore.

DeeCRACKS stream cover of Robin Gibb’s “Juliet”

Austrian pop-punk favorites DeeCRACKS recently made their cover of Robin Gibb’s “Juliet” available for streaming. You can give it a listen below.

The original version of “Juliet” appeared on the Bee Gees frontman’s 1983 sophomore album How Old Are You?. DeeCRACKS’ cover appears as a bonus track on the physical versions of their new album Beyond Medication.

Album Review: DeeCRACKS – “Beyond Medication”

Austrian pop-punk heavyweights DeeCRACKS are known for their no-nonsense approach to the old school pop-punk (dare I say “ramonescore”) sound popularized by seasoned bands like The Queers, Screeching Weasel, etc. and that’s exactly what they deliver on their latest album Beyond Medication. And though the record doesn’t really bring anything completely new or groundbreaking to the table, it’s a phenomenal addition to a great band’s growing catalogue.

The songwriting, as one might expect from a pop-punk record, isn’t extremely complex but it’s still catchy and will keep you singing along for the album’s entirety. The instrumentation is spot on, just like it has been on all of DeeCRACKS’ past releases, with blazing fast drum beats, all down-strummed guitar and bass parts, and vocals that are appropriately gritty.

As for my favorite songs on the album… I think all of the tracks on Beyond Medication are great in their own unique way. Songs like “Dead End Mission,” “Adderall,” and “Terminal Illness” are hard and fast, while others like “Charity Forever,” “Crazy Girl,” and “Summer’s Gone” are much more tame and melodic. One thing they all have in common? They’re awesome!

So if you like bands on the more “punk” side of the pop-punk spectrum (not the shit high school kids are listening to and going to the Warped Tour for), I highly recommend you give DeeCRACKS a chance. They’re a phenomenal band and Beyond Medication is a great record for a new listener to get started off on.

4/5 Stars – Listen to the entire album below.

DS Exclusive: DeeCRACKS stream upcoming album “Beyond Medication”

Austrian pop-punk favorites DeeCRACKS are gearing up to release their long-awaited new album “Beyond Medication” on April 1st (CD, cassette) through Monster Zero Records. You’re not gonna have to wait another second to hear it though, because we’re streaming the whole thing right now!

You can give the entire 15-song ripper a listen (and find details on the band’s upcoming European tour with Sons of Buddha) below.

If you like what you hear, make sure to support DeeCRACKS by heading over to Monster Zero’s website and picking up a copy of “Beyond Medication” when the CD and cassette copies on sale! Due to some production delays, those who want copies on vinyl will have to wait ’til April 26th.

DeeCRACKS streaming upcoming 7-inch “Adderall”

Austrian pop-punks DeeCRACKS are streaming their upcoming 7-inch “Adderall” in its entirety.

You can give it a listen below.

The 7-inch single for “Adderall,” which will also feature a b-side from DeeCRACKS’ new full-length and two live tracks, will be released on April 4th via Delete Your Favorite Records.

DeeCRACKS stream new song “Don’t Rely On Me”

Austrian pop-punks DeeCRACKS are streaming a new song entitled “Don’t Rely On Me” and you can give it a listen below.

The track will be appearing on their band’s upcoming album “Beyond Medication,” which is set to be released on April 1st through Monster Zero Records.

DeeCRACKS stream new song “Adderall,” announce European tour w/ Sons of Buddha

Austrian pop-punks DeeCRACKS are streaming a new song entitled “Adderall,” which will be appearing on their upcoming album “Beyond Medication.” They have also announced a few weeks of European tour dates with Sons of Buddha, set to take place this April.

You can give the track a listen and find details on the band’s upcoming Euro tour below.

“Beyond Medication” is set to be released on April 1st through Monster Zero Records. The 7-inch single for “Adderall,” which will also feature a b-side from DeeCRACKS’ new full-length and two live tracks, will be released on April 4th via Delete Your Favorite Records.

Free Song Download: DeeCRACKS – “I’m About to Crack” (Methadones cover)

Austrian pop punkers DeeCRACKS are offering their cover of “I’m About to Crack” by The Methadones up for free download.

You can snatch it up right here.

The cover is set to appear on a tribute to the Methadones entitled “Sorry To Keep You Waiting: A Tribute To The Methadones,” which is being released on July 30th through Infested Records. You can find more details on the comp by clicking here.

DeeCRACKS last released a 7-inch entitled “Call It A Day” on March 11th via Monster Zero Records. They recently finished recording a new album, and we’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding the release of said album surface.

DeeCRACKS denied entrance to the US; drop off of tour w/ Direct Hit! & Jetty Boys

Austrian pop punkers DeeCRACKS have announced that, due to their lack of US working permits, they have had to drop off remainder of their current North American tour with Direct Hit! and Jetty boys has been cancelled. Here’s what they had to say in a recent blog post:

“Hey everyone,

We are devastated! We were denied re-entry into the USA at a Canadian Border and were sent back to Austria. This was the worst thing that could happen to us and we are deeply sorry to have to cancel all the shows in the US.

What happened was, we were playing these great shows in Canada, that we had working permits for, and were heading to the next show in New Jersey on Monday. We didn’t have any working permits for the US and we knew that, so we made up a little story on how we are just travelling with the Jetty Boys and are just friends of them, and tried to sell it so they let us back in. It was stupid, 2 Austrians in a van full of gear with 2 Americans (Eric and Jon of Jetty Boys)… I mean, hey, we all look like we were in a band, because we are… and we admitted to having played shows in Canada, because we had the permits for that. So the border patrol googled our bands’ names and found all the dates, while we kept on lying. BIG MISTAKE! SUPER STUPID! So they were after us, treating us like terrorists, we apologized for lying and told the truth of course. We never expected getting deported, we thought we will have to pay a fine and pay for permits there or something. It would have all been easier if we wouldn’t have lied to the cops there first. They hated us for that, threatening us with doing time and all.

Then, they found out that we have already played a show in the US, in Lansing, MI. This was a violation to the ESTA waiver program, which is the tourist visa we had. So Matt and I are now banned from it for life. This doesn’t mean we can’t come to the USA anymore, but it’s gonna be harder for us to get a visa. We have to go to the US-embassy in Austria and make an appointment and all that. Matt and I will set up an appointment soon to find out how we could travel to the USA again, as tourist or as a band. We will do whatever we can to make it back over there and play, all legally from now on though. Playing the show in Lansing was seen as a criminal activity, so we had to swear an oath and they took all fingerprints and had mugshots taken. We now have a criminal record in the US, which won’t make it easier for us going over again. We’ll see…”

If you’re bummed out because you were planning on seeing the band (shit, I know I was!) you can click here to check out a video of the band’s full set in Ottowa last Saturday.

DeeCRACKS last released a 7-inch entitled “Call It A Day” on March 11th via Monster Zero Records. They recently finished recording a new album, and we’ll keep you posted as more details surrounding the release of said album surface.

Full Album Stream: DeeCracks – “Attention Deficit Disorder”

Austrian pop-punk act, DeeCracks, will be releasing their upcoming full-length album, Attention Deficit Disorder, next month on Monster Zero Records but you can purchase it digitally (or stream it for free) right now on the band’s bandcamp page.

DeeCracks will be touring the US this August.  Check out their Dying Scene Shows page fore dates and locations.

DeeCracks lineup change and band update

deecracksfullDeeCracks have a new bass player! The band announced today on their MySpace page that Hank C., from The Mugwumps, has joined the band and have now began practicing for their upcoming show with Cobra Skulls on May 14th. in Austria.

In addition to the lineup change, the band has also announced that they have recorded 18 songs in Februrary, including a split with Johnie3 as well as an LP. They expect these albums to be released some time in June/July of this year.

Keep checking back to their Dying Scene shows page as they anticipate more shows to be added.