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DS Exclusive: Friends With The Enemy talk about line-up changes, tours and shooting guns

Friends With The Enemy are five melodic punk rockers hailing from the superficial Gold Coast in Australia but there is nothing fake about these guys despite of where they come from. The band released the EP, “New World Disorder” this year and has been busy touring the world off the back of the release. The band pull off extremely fast, extremely technical riffs then overlay these catchy-as-sin melodies and the final result is no-bullshit punk rock, just the way it should be.

Front woman, Chelsie Gardiner, and guitarist, Stu Petrie, talked to Dying Scene about their new EP, touring the United States, having a front woman, line-up changes, their love of Four Lokos and shooting guns. You can read the full interview here.

New music from Friends With The Enemy

Female-fronted Ozzie speed punkers, Friends With The Enemy, have delighted us with a couple of new tracks from their upcoming EP, New World disOrder (cover art featured to the left).  Available 1 September, the disc can be obtained either by checking them out on their tour that kicks off 2 Sept in San Diego, CA or by messaging the band via MySpace.

For all of the tour dates, check out Dying Scene’s Shows page.