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MxPx Announce West Coast tour dates

MXPX have announced a few shows along the west coast through July. These shows will be record release shows for their upcoming crowdfunded album.

Check below for the announcement video and the tour stops.

MxPx crowdfunding tenth full length album

MxPx began a Kickstarter campaign so they could self-release their tenth album. The band has already raised $150,000, surpassing their goal of $50,000.

Pledge rewards include digital & physical copies of the album, a plush, clothing, signed copies of the album, and a couple of campaign-exclusive EPs. Some super-fan has already pledged $7,500 or more to snag one of Mike Herrera’s tour-used bass.

You can check out the rewards and back the campaign at Kickstarter.

Video: Mike Herrera performs acoustic version of “Dead Man Walking” Live from the Rock Room

Mike Herrera of MxPx/Tumbledown is the latest musician to appear on Live From The Rock Room. In this video Herrera performs an acoustic rendition of Tumbledown’s song “Dead Man Walking.” You can watch the video below.

Live from the Rock Room is an ongoing webcast started by Smoking Popes drummer, Mike Felumlee, in which he has bands stop by his tiny studio just outside Chicago to play music and chat.

MxPx heading to the studio to work on new album

Bremerton punk icons MxPx have released news to fans that they are taking a break from touring to head back to the studio for a new album.  It’ll be the first new release since 2012’s “Plans Within Plans”. No word on when the new album might be released, but exciting news from MxPx none the less.

For a little taste of “Far Away” from “Plans Within Plans” check out the video below.

Video: Mike Herrera plays “Aces Up” on Live! from the Rock Room

Mike Herrera of MxPx is the latest musician to appear on Live! from the Rock Room. He recently stopped by the Westmont, Illinois recording studio to play “Aces Up”. Check the video out below.

“Aces Up” appears on MxPx’s 2012 album Plans Within Plans.

MxPx to release live album “Left Coast Live”

MxPx have uploaded a YouTube video detailing “Left Coast Live” – a double vinyl, picture disc release limited to 1000 copies. Pre-Orders go up on July 6th. They look rather lovely. The album is a full set recorded July 24/25th 2015 at the Observatory in Santa Ana.

Watch a short video on the release below

MxPx Announce the Release of 25th Anniversary Beer

MxPx is set to release a celebratory 25th Anniversary beer with Silver City Brewery to commemorate the birthday of the band.

Dubbed “Secret Weapon,” after the 2007 hit, the beer is an amber lager brewed “left coast-common” style. An authentic malted mouthful, the rich brew finishes with a clean kick and leaves the consumer with the flavor of a collaborative effort between members Mike, Tom, Yuri, and the Silver City Brewery crew; the band heavily involved with the development of the flavor profile, drawing influences from their own taste preferences.

Watch the announcement video below!

The special edition beer will be available in May. Sign up here to get an email when it’s ready for purchase!

Slick Shoes are guests on latest episode of Mike Herrera Hour

Slick Shoes are guests on the newest episode of Mike Herrera’s podcast. The band discuss their history as they approach their 20th anniversary. The episode, which originally aired on Friday, is available to listen to/download from the Mike Herrera website.

MxPx release new song “Another Christmas”

Bremerton pop-punk veterans MxPx have released a festive new song just in time for the holiday season. The track’s titled “Another Christmas,” and you can give it a listen below.

You can get a free download of this song by joining the band’s mailing list.

MxPx released a non-Christmas themed track called “They” last month – head over here to check that out. The band’s latest album Plans Within Plans came out in 2012.

MxPx release lyric video for new song “They” offer it as free download

Out of seemingly nowhere Bremerton pop-punk veterans MxPx just released a brand new song called “They” and are offering it up as a free download on their website.

Not much fanfare or explanation from the band about the release. Just a simple message on their site stating:

“Times are tough for many. But music still can heal. Here’s something new…”

Check out the lyric video for “They” below.

This is the second semi quiet release the band has done as of late. MxPx released a new, re-recorded version of their iconic 1996 album Life in General in September. The only mention the band made of the release was in one post on their Facebook page.

MxPx’s latest album Plans Within Plans came out in 2012.

MxPx re-recorded “Life in General”

Bremerton pop-punk veterans MxPx sneakily released a new, re-recorded version of their iconic 1996 album Life in General earlier this month. The only mention the band made of the release was in one post on their Facebook page.

If you missed out on this, you can listen to the entire 2016 re-recording of Life in General below. Click here to download the album.

MxPx’s latest album Plans Within Plans came out in 2012. The band will be playing Remember The Punks Music Fest in San Antonio, TX this weekend.

MxPx stream new song “Calm My Craze”

Bremerton pop-punk veterans MxPx are streaming a brand new song called “Calm My Craze”, which is their first in 4 years, and you can check it out below.

It is not clear at this time whether “Calm My Craze” is a one-off track or will appear on the band’s next studio album, which will be their first since 2012’s Plans Within Plans, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on it come to light.

MxPx cancel Australian tour dates

If you planned on catching one of MxPx‘s three shows in Australia this May, we have some unfortunate news for you. Frontman Mike Herrera just posted a video on the band’s official YouTube channel (which can be viewed below), announcing the tour dates have been cancelled.

In his announcement, Herrera says Screeching Weasel (the co-headlining band) had to drop off the tour for undisclosed reasons, but Zebrahead volunteered to fill in for them. However, MxPx was forced to cancel the tour because they “heard nothing back” from Australian promoters.

The good news for you Aussies is the band plans on making up these shows in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for news on that.

MxPx’s latest album Plans Within Plans was released in 2012 through Jump Start Records. Word on the street is they have a new live DVD coming out soon – stay tuned for more details.

MxPx and Screeching Weasel announce Australian shows

Iconic pop-punk bands MxPx and Screeching Weasel will be heading down under to play three Australian shows in May. You can check out the dates and locations below.

MxPx’s latest album Plans Within Plans was released in 2012 through Jump Start Records. Screeching Weasel released part one of a two-part rock opera titled Baby Fat in May, 2015 on Recess Records.

Album Review: MxPx – “Acoustic Collection”

MxPx has been a prominent player in the punk scene since the mid-nineties. In recent years, however, they have slowed down. Guitarist Tom Wisniewski and drummer Yuri Ruley have retired from touring full-time in order to be family men and take day jobs. They remain in the band to record and perform the occasional weekend show, but, when MxPx goes on a tour of any length, most of the band is unrecognizable.

This is common. Musicians leave their bands for a variety of reasons, but the arrival of babies and the need for a steady income are two of the bigger ones. Remaining members are left to pursue side projects to fill the time between sporadic appearances that keep the premium brand name relevant.

Frontman Mike Herrera must have seen this decrease in MxPx activity coming. Despite numerous side projects – The Cootees, Arthur, and currently Tumbledown – Herrera has increasingly been performing as a solo act. Soloing has gone well for him, and has included a stint on the Vans Warped Tour Acoustic Basement in 2014, as well as three digitally-released live albums. These performances include a mixture of MxPx and Tumbledown songs with the occasional cover.

In 2014, MxPx released Acoustic Collection, an album of twelve stripped down and, in some instances, transformed MxPx songs. This is not an acoustic album of their greatest hits – you won’t find “Chick Magnet” or “Responsibility” here – but included are fan favorites “Doing Time,” “Tomorrow’s Another Day,” “Secret Weapon” and “Punk Rawk Show.”

That said, this feels more like Mike Herrera’s first studio solo album, rather than a full-band effort. Tom Wisniewski is listed in the credits only as “additional vocals on Punk Rawk Show,” while Yuri Ruley shares that credit, and is also one of three listed under “Percussion,” – Bradley Miranda is listed for “Drum Set.” That the songs were all previously recorded as MxPx songs helps distinguish it from a Mike Herrera solo album.

Since 2009’s laudable Left Coast Punk EP, MxPx has been mostly DIY, recording in Herrera’s own Monkey Trench Studio, and releasing music on their own label, Rock City Recording Company. As producer, Herrera resists the temptation to overdub out-of-place extra instruments, as so many punk rockers like to do with their solo albums. There are no violins, cellos, flutes, accordions, or harmonicas here. Keys are listed for one track, but they are barely noticeable in “Buildings Tumble.” Even the auxiliary percussion is used sparingly; the shakers in “Doing Time” are audible without being distracting. And while Herrera went overboard harmonizing with himself on Plans Within Plans, the band’s last full-length album, here he lets the melodies speak for themselves, with vocal harmonies limited to three tunes performed by “Agent M” Emily Whitehurst (formerly of Tsunami Bomb), who had previously lent her voice to the band’s On The Cover II.

Surprises include new and additional lyrics on the final refrain of “Doing Time,” as well as the transformation of “Drowning” from possibly the fastest song on 2007’s Secret Weapon to the slowest here, and, at the conclusion, the most laid back rendition one could imagine of “Punk Rawk Show,” the band’s long-time anthem.

This album is particularly refreshing after the band’s only other official acoustic release, the mediocre AC/EP. And, because this is a full-length, it serves like a retrospective of MxPx’s career, including songs from their most recent album and spanning all the way back to 1995’s Teenage Politics.

Acoustic Collection really showcases the strength of Mike Herrera’s song-writing ability. While fans will take the full band any day of the week, they will also delight in the latest effort from MxPx, still kicking since 1992.

4/5 Stars – Listen below.