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Contest: Win merch, tickets, and VIP passes from Blacklist Royals and Riverboat Gamblers

In honor of their late-summer tour,  Blacklist Royals and Riverboat Gamblers are giving away some tickets, VIP passes, and merch.

One winner will receive a merch pack with a shirt, vinyl, and lighter from Riverboat Gamblers and a shirt and vinyl from Blacklist Royals. Four of you will win a VIP/meet and greet with Blacklist Royals at one of the shows on the tour, and ten of you will win a pair of regular tickets to a show on the tour.

All you have to do to win one of these sweet prizes is fill out the form below. Go here to see the list of tour dates to choose from.

Music Video: Riverboat Gamblers – “Heart Conditions”

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have released a music video for their song “Heart Conditions,” which appeared on their last album “The Wolf You Feed.”

You can check it out along with the band’s upcoming tour dates right here.

“The Wolf You Feed” was released in May, 2012 via Volcom Entertainment.

Blacklist Royals & Riverboat Gamblers announce US summer tour

Nashville punk rockers Blacklist Royals have announced they will be hitting the road for some summer tour dates with Riverboat Gamblers in late August.

Click here for a full list of dates and locations they will be playing.

Blacklist Royals released “Semper Liberi” in 2010 via Paper + Plastick Records. Riverboat Gamblers’ last release was “The Wolf You Feed,” which came out in May, 2012 on Volcom Entertainment.

Riverboat Gamblers streaming cover of Turbonegro’s song “Do You Dig Destruction”

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have posted their cover of Turbonegro‘s song “Do You Dig Destruction.”

You can check it out here.

The song appear on the Turbonegro tribute album titled “Omega Motherfuckers” which was recently released via Self Destructo Records. Riverboat Gamblers released their most recent album “The Wolf You Feed” in May, 2012 via Volcom Entertainment.

Turbonegro cover album “Omega Motherfuckers” to feature Riverboat Gamblers, Redd Kross and more

Self Destructo Records will be releasing a Turbonegro tribute album titled “Omega Motherfuckers” in early August.  The album will contain 31 tracks including covers by Redd Kross (feat. Keith Morris), Mondo Generator, Dunderbeist, Scandinavian Cock (featuring Andy LaPlegua of CombiChrist and Bill Kelliher of Mastodon), Blood Tsunami, Riverboat Gamblers, The Hip Priests, Mustang and more.

You can stream 6 of the songs here.

Turbonegro released their last album, “Sexual Harassment” through Volcom Entertainment in 2012.

Riverboat Gamblers release music video for “Blue Ghosts”

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have released a music video for their song “Blue Ghosts,” which appeared on their last album “The Wolf You Feed.”

You can check it out here.

“The Wolf You Feed” was released in May, 2012 via Volcom Entertainment.

Riverboat Gamblers release music video for “Good Veins”

Texas punks Riverboat Gamblers have released a music video for their song “Good Veins,” which appeared on their last album “The Wolf You Feed.”

You can check it out here.

“The Wolf You Feed” was released in May, 2012 via Volcom Entertainment.

DS Staff Picks – Top EPs + Albums of 2012 (Lauren Mills)

What’s up, everyone? My name is Lauren. I’m the the numero dos in command here at Dying Scene and I live in central Florida. This fact causes me to have to answer the same question from everyone and here’s your answer. You can stop now. Use Google. I’m also the friendliest / most sarcastic gimp you’ll ever meet. 2012 has been a trying year for America. There’s been so much senseless violence and political division that sometimes it all gets to be overwhelming. As this year comes to a close I am reminded that what really matters is who you have in your life. I’ve been an editor for DyingScene since 2010. It is years like these that I am extra thankful for the privilege to be friends with such wonderfully creative, talented people from all parts of the world and to have such a warm, supportive family. Forgive me if that sounded like a boring Oscar speech, but I do mean it with great sincerity. Despite the rough year, I did finish my first year of college with all A’s, turned 21, am still Straight Edge, I proudly voted in my first national election and my lifelong favorite football team hopefully has found a real QB for the first time in a decade. Boooooom!

Now let’s talk about my list. Over the years I’ve been noticing that I’m a little weird. My favorite shows are about a depressed young person that smokes weed with his neighbor’s dog, Meth Dealers and a a genius bipolar CIA agent. I feel like my taste sticks out a little bit from some of my friends. Out of all of our staff I’m probably considered the “Melodic Hardcore” kid if that means anything to you. Don’t get too caught up in defining genres or people though. This is just my personal taste / opinions. I’m a person full of lots of crappy opinions about everything and I’d like to share mine with you. Feel free to let me know what I missed and what you enjoyed this year in the comments Also, be aware that I loved the new Rocky Votolato and Matt Pryor. (I’m a huge fan, maybe he’s reading?) Reading this will be more fulfilling than watching my used to be favorite fictional Miami serial killer now turned into a generic soap opera star, Dexter. I promise not to jump the shark tank. Please let me know if you enjoy it.

With all that in mind, check out my favorite releases from this year here in descending order.

Live Video: Riverboat Gamblers perform “Blue Ghosts” at The Fest 11

For those of you that missed The Fest 11 last month, don’t worry; A video of the Riverboat Gamblers performing “Blue Ghosts” has surfaced online. You can check it out here.

The band last released “The Wolf You Feed” on May 22nd via Volcom Entertainment.

Music Video: Riverboat Gamblers – “Eviction Notice”

Austin punk band Riverboat Gamblers have released a music video for “Eviction Notice,” which appears on their most recent album, “The Wolf You Feed.”

You can check it out here.

“The Wolf You Feed” was released on May 22nd via Volcom Entertainment.

Riverboat Gamblers premiere music video for “Comedians”

Austin punk band Riverboat Gamblers has premiered the music video for their song “Comedians”. You can watch it here.

Their newest album The Wolf You Feed was released this past May via Volcom Entertainment.

Tour: Riverboat Gamblers, Cobra Skulls announce October tour

Riverboat Gamblers have announced an October tour with Cobra Skulls. The tour will begin October 3rd in Shreveport, LA with dates in Florida, South Carolina, Delaware, Philly, NYC, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and more. For a full schedule of dates, click here.

Riverboat Gamblers newest album The Wolf You Feed was released this past May via Volcom Entertainment.

Riverboat Gamblers post teaser video for upcoming album “The Wolf You Feed”

Austin punk band Riverboat Gamblers has just uploaded a little teaser video for their upcoming album “The Wolf You Feed”, which is set to be released in two weeks (May 22) through Volcom Entertainment.

The clip is just over a minute long, and features a never-before-heard song off the new album, entitled “Gallows Bird”.

Check it out the teaser video here.

Here is the track list for “The Wolf You Feed” (artwork to the left).

Riverboat Gamblers offer free download of new song “Comedians,” stream full new album “The Wolf You Feed”

Two Riverboat Gamblers stories for the price of one on this fine Saturday afternoon!

First up, the Austin punk rockers are offering up a free download of their new single, “Comedians.” Grab your copy here.

While you’re at it, you can help stream the Riverboat Gamblers entire upcoming album, “The Wolf You Feed” at the same link. You’ve got to jump through a couple hoops to do it, but trust us, it’s well worth it.

“The Wolf You Feed” is due out May 22nd on Volcom Records.

Riverboat Gamblers stream new song “Comedians”

Austin punk rockers, Riverboat Gamblers, are streaming their new tune entitled “Comedians.” You can check it out here.

The song is off the band’s upcoming album, “The Wolf You Feed”, which comes out May 22nd.