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Hour Of The Wolf and Outbreak tour together

Think FastIf you thought the only place you’d be able to see Hour Of The Wolf and Outbreak together was The Fest, then you thought wrong. They will be touring together all the way to and from Gainesville, FL. Hour Of The Wolf is doing some solo shows here and there but head to the Dying Scene Shows page to see where you can see this duo live.

Hour Of The Wolf released, “Waste Makes Waste” in 2007 on Think Fast! Records.

Outbreak released, “Failure” in 2006 on Bridge Nine.

Outbreak announces new album to be released on Think Fast! Records

Think FastOutbreak is psyched to announce that their new album will be released on Think Fast! Records. Having just signed a new deal with Think Fast!, Trustkill Records will be handling the distribution of the album. What is exciting for the band is that they will essentially be self-releasing the record since Ryan O’connor, their vocalist, runs Think Fast!; but they will have the benefit of having their record put in stores by the Universal Music Group, which is Truskill Records’ distributing label. No word on the album title or release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

“Failure,” the band’s last album, was released July 11, 2006, on Bridge Nine Records.