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Video: Upstart Fest 2013

BlankTV has posted a video chronicling the 9-city 10-day Upstart Fest that took place last year. You can check it out below.

Bands featured in the video include New Red Scare, The Koffin Kats, American Pinup, Turbo AC’s, Lost In Society, The Scandals, Two Fisted Law, The Svetlanas, Cry Havoc, and Fort Street.  You can also see the hostess with a Dying Scene shirt at the 6:05 mark!

American Pinup stream new album “Change Machine”

New York female-fronted psychobilly/punk/everything act American Pinup released their new album “Change Machine” on September 3rd via Altercation Records.

You can stream the entire thing below.

American Pinup release new music video for “Far Away”

Female-fronted, call ’em what you will band American Pinup have a new music video out for their song, “Far Away.” Check it out right here.

The song is the first track off their latest release, Change Machine, which came out last week (Sept. 3rd) on Altercation Records. It’s more of a rock song than some of their other stuff, but it’s still pretty good!

You can stream and/or buy the full album on American Pinup’s bandcamp page, here. Also check out our interview with frontwoman Lauren West here.

Interview: Lauren West (American Pinup) talks new album “Change Machine” and upcoming tour plans

New York female-fronted psychobilly/punk/everything act American Pinup will be releasing their new album “Change Machine” on September 3rd via Altercation Records.  We recently got the chance to catch up with vocalist Lauren West for a little more insight into the creative process behind the record and what fans can expect in terms of its progression from previous releases.  We also touch on some of the band’s upcoming tour plans.

Read the whole interview below.

American Pinup stream new song “A New America” from upcoming album

New York female-fronted psychobilly/punk/everything act American Pinup will be releasing their new album “Change Machine” on September 3rd via Altercation Records. To get you ready for the release, we’re streaming a new song called “A New America” right now!

Check it out below and, if you like what you hear, head on over to here to pick up a copy of “Change Machine.”

Upstart Fest adds Koffin Kats, American Pinup, The Old Edison and The Caught Flies to lineup

Northeastern punk festival Upstart Fest has announced four more bands to be joining this September’s tour.

The Koffin Kats…American Pinup…The Old Edison…and The Caught Flies will all be playing dates on the nine day punk fest making its way through cities all over the Northeast. Check out dates and locations here.

Video: American Pinup w/ The Jukebox Romantics – “Go!” and “1,000 Beers” live at Upstart Fest 2012

Click here to check out a live video of American Pinup and The Jukebox Romantics performing the songs “Go!” and “1,000 Beers” at Upstart Fest 2012.

American Pinup last released an EP, “The End of The World,” in 2012 via Altercation Records. The Jukebox Romantics last released their EP “Hollywood Is Dead” in 2012 via Death To False Hope Records.

Lauren West of American Pinup on how she got into Punk & how it has shaped her life

Lauren West sings in New York punk act American Pinup.  Here’s the story of how she got into Punk Rock and how it shaped her and her future.

My mom got me into punk rock. I know it sounds unusual, but it’s the truth. As a kid, I would listen to her stories of hanging out at CBGB’s and seeing bands like the Ramones and Siouxsie and the Banshees in utter awe. I can even remember crawling into the back of her closet as a toddler and examining the clothes covered in safety pins she had tucked away for safe keeping. I remember thinking it all just seemed really, really fun. Punk was always more about fun for me than it was about rebellion. I loved the idea of a close-knit, counter-cultural community where you could dye your hair crazy colors and dance like an idiot and play songs made up of three power chords and not be judged. What appealed to me most was the notion that you could carve out your own subculture within punk and do it on your own terms. And I think, even from a young age, I saw mainstream music and culture as little bit lazy, like you were just consuming things other people decided you should like, instead of putting more effort into developing your own taste, and thus, getting more out of it. This may have been a symptom of growing up in the ‘90s, but I think my mother’s history as a punk rocker egged me on.
I started listening to bands like Green Day and The Bouncing Souls when I was around ten, through lots of older cousins and hand-me-down records. I started looking for bands that no one else I knew listened to. I quickly branched out to all kinds of alternative music, from rockabilly to grunge and beyond. There was a good deal of solitude that came with this before I hit high school; I’m pretty sure most of my classmates in my small parochial thought being into punk meant you worshipped the devil. I didn’t really find a community until I discovered the local underground music scene in my area as a teenager, which was overflowing with talented and passionate people. That’s when I started playing guitar and decided to start a band. It took a long time for that band part to happen, partially because of my own lack of confidence starting out and partially because punk, let’s face it, can be a boys’ club. I definitely had to fight my way into a few jam sessions.
I think people who can claim that punk, on some level, shaped them as a person take its definition for granted, and rightfully so. Facing that challenge of being taken seriously as a musician by the males around me who also played music not only made me a more assertive person, but also a better songwriter, and I owe a lot of gratitude to these roots for that. The punk community has fostered what I consider to be some of my biggest strengths, while also giving me this wonderful sense of kinship, and that’s something you don’t turn your back on. Those days of going to shows every weekend and jamming in my friends’ basements were thoroughly formative for me, and to this day the sound of feedback is weirdly comforting. I think it’s something you can’t quite put into words, but we all know.

Punk Rock BBQ lineup announced: includes American Pinup, Lower Class Brats, New Red Scare and more

Dying Scene was able to get the skinny on a few of the bands who have been confirmed for this years Altercation Punk Rock BBQ to be held Saturday March 16th in Austin Texas, and they are: NYC’s American Pinup, the legendary Lower Class Brats, Albany NY’s underground revolutionaries New Red Scare, New Jersey street punks The Scandals, and Austin’s own Sniper 66.

The Altercation Punk Rock BBQ, while not officially connected to the SXSW music convention, has  become the must attended punk rock matinee and meet and greet for everyone in the punk industry during SXSW.

This the 3rd annual Altercation Punk Rock BBQ will be held at the Vortex on Manor road in Austin Texas at 12 noon on Sat March 16th, admission is free and all ages are welcome.

Be sure to check back for additional band announcements coming soon.

American Pinup stream “The End Of The World” EP

Rockabilly/Ska/Punk/Pop-punk, female fronted outfit, American Pinup, are streaming their brand new EP “The End Of The World” and you can give that sucka a listen right here.  Sucka.

The album was released recently on Altercation Records.

Interview: American Pinup talk band origins, growth and upcoming full-length

I recently had a chance to chat with American Pinup‘s Lauren West about band origins, growth, festivals and an upcoming full-length album titled “Change Machine.”

Give it a read here.

Photo Gallery: Upstart Fest – A Recap

Upstart Fest, the tri state area’s biggest and best punk rock party has come and gone but you can reminisce (or get a taste of what you missed) by checking out this photo gallery highlighting some of the performances.

Video teaser released for Upstart Fest

Upstart Fest 2012, the Northeast’s Biggest and Best Punk Rock Party, will be happening in August of this year and you can get excited by watching this new teaser video for it here!

Upstart Fest is a four day, four venue, three state festival featuring The Jukebox Romantics, Far From Finished, American Pinup, and more!  The fest starts in Brooklyn, NY at the Knitting Factory on Thursday, August 9th.  You can see more info, dates, and venues at the fest’s site, over here.

Far From Finished, American Pinup and more added to Upstart Fest (NY, NJ, CT)

The Northeast’s biggest and best Punk Rock Party announces four more bands to the list of mischievous merry makers that will be touring NY. NJ. and CT. this August.

Boston’s Veteran Road Warriors Far From Finished, join New York’s sultriest pop/punkabilly quartet American Pinup, along with New York’s working class heroes Measured In Grey and New Jersey’s hardcore/punk outfit Blacktop Kids.

You can catch this year’s Upstart Fest at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn NY. on Thursday August 9th. At The El –N- Gee Club in New London CT. on Friday August 10th, at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie NY. on Sat August 11th and at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park NJ. on Sunday August 12th.

Stay tuned for more updates and band announcements coming soon.

Lost In Society releasing split with American Pinup, streaming new track “Not Afraid”

New Jersey punk act Lost In Society will be releasing a split with rockabilly/ska/punk outfit American Pinup on February 7th via Altercation Records.  To give you a little taste of what’s to come we’ve got an exclusive stream of Lost In Society’s track “Not Afraid” which you can feast your ears upon right here.

[Audio:not-afraid.mp3|titles=Not Afraid|artists=Lost In Society]