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1859 Records releases “Give Back – Volume Two” benefit comp (Abolitionist, Ramshackle Glory & more)

Portland’s 1859 Records has released the second volume in the “Give Back” benefit comp series, featuring 20 songs from Abolitionist, Ramshackle Glory, Commodity Culture, and many other bands.

You can download the comp for the price of your choice right here. All proceeds from sales will go directly to the Lighthouse Farm Animal Sanctuary in Scio, Oregon.

Pat The Bunny (Ramshackle Glory, Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union) releases “The Mark Inside” collection

Anarcho-folk/punk troubadour Pat “The Bunny” Schneeweis (Ramshackle Glory, Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union, Johnny Hobo & The Freight Trains, Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass) has released some new solo songs. Pay-what-you-want for them over here on Bandcamp.

Ramshackle Glory most recently released a split LP entitled “Shelter” with Indiana’s Ghost Mice earlier this month throughPlan-It-X Records. To support the release, Ramshackle Glory will be touring with The Taxpayers all throughout next month. Click here for details.

Ramshackle Glory / Ghost Mice stream new split LP “Shelter”

Arizona folk punks Ramshackle Glory and Indiana’s Ghost Mice are streaming their new split LP “Shelter” in its entirety.

You can check it out right here.

“Shelter” was released  yesterday (June 1st) through Plan-It-X Records. To support the release, Ramshackle Glory will be touring with The Taxpayers all throughout next month. Click here for details.

Ramshackle Glory announce US summer tour w/ The Taxpayers

Arizona folk punks Ramshackle Glory have announced they will be hitting the road this summer for a US tour with The Taxpayers.

Click here for details on the tour. Many of the venues are to be announced, so we’ll keep you posted as they are announced.

Ramshackle Glory’s upcoming split with Ghost Mice, which is called “Shelter,” is set to be released on June 1st via Plan-It-X Records. You can check out a couple songs off the split here.

Free Compilation Stream/Download: “Savage Wasteland Radio” (Ramshackle Glory, Fridge Scum, etc.)

The fine folks at the Savage Wasteland Music Collective have unveiled a brand new, twelve song compilation entitled “Savage Wasteland Radio.” The compilation features at least one track from every band in the collective, so fans of Ramshackle Glory, Fridge Scum, Cottontail and the like will surely be pleased.

“Savage Wasteland Radio” is available for stream or pay-what-you-want download by clicking here.

Ramshackle Glory & Ghost Mice stream songs from upcoming split LP

Arizona folk punks Ramshackle Glory and Indiana’s Ghost Mice are each streaming one song from their upcoming split LP, entitled “Shelter.” Along with that, Pat (Ramshackle Glory frontman) is also streaming a new solo EP, called “The Mark Inside.”

Click here to check out the songs as well as Pat’s new EP.

“Shelter” is set to be released on June 1st via Plan-It-X Records.

Ramshackle Glory finish writing songs for upcoming split LP w/ Ghost Mice

Arizona folk punks Ramshackle Glory have announced they have finished writing songs for their upcoming split LP with Ghost Mice. Here’s what the band’s frontman Pat had to say:

“Just finished writing the songs for the upcoming Ghost Mice/Ramshackle Glory split! There’s five new ones (unless I end up writing more in the next couple of days). We’ll be in rehearsal and recording throughout the month. Thanks for your support, everyone. (Pat, Ramshackle Glory)”

You can help fund the split LP’s release on Plan-It-X Records by donating to this fancy Kickstarter project. We’ll keep you posted as more details on the release surface.

Plan-It-X Records to release Ramshackle Glory/Ghost Mice split LP

Longtime DIY folk punk label Plan-It-X Records has launched a Kickstarter fund to release a new split LP featuring folk punk bands Ramshackle Glory and Ghost Mice.

Plan-It-X owner and Ghost Mice guitarist Chris Calvin gives some details on the split’s content:

“All the songs will be about the ideas of shelter and home. Ideas like sleeping on floors and living in punk houses and not having anywhere to live at all.”

Ramshackle Glory last released “Who Are Your Friends Gonna Be?” in 2012, and Ghost Mice released their most recent album “All We Got Is Each Other,” also in 2012.



Members of Ramshackle Glory to help open community center “Project Aspire”

Members of Arizona folk punk band Ramshackle Glory have announced plans to open a community center  in downtown Tucson, AZ. They their plans to directly contribute to the scene:

“We’re looking to open a new infoshop and community space in Tucson, AZ. Our goal is to operate a social center and radical organizing hub close to Tucson’s downtown district. We hope to maintain an accessible collective space that functions as a safer space downtown open to all ages, where local groups and individuals organize, fundraise, meet, hold workshops, and more.

The space will function to make its resources, such as the radical lending library and computer lab, available free of charge. We want a space run according to non-hierarchical principles, where old and new friends become empowered and better connected, that can dedicate itself to furthering radical movements for liberation while remaining available to a broader Tucson community.”

Read more over here, where the band has set up a donation page (similar to the increasingly popular Kickstarter model) to raise a goal of $1300.

Ramshackle Glory released their second full-length “Who Are Your Friends Gonna Be?” in June 2012.

Ramshackle Glory post “One Last Time for Texas” mini-documentary

Arizona’s folk-punk act Ramshackle Glory have just posted a mini-documentary entitled “One Last Time for Texas”. The band recently wrapped up a two month tour around the US and the film focuses on their trip through the final show, which took place in San Antonio, TX.

You can watch the documentary here.

Ramshackle Glory released “Who Are Your Friends Gonna Be?” in June 2012. 

Random Cover Song: Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union – “Ain’t Nobody’s Business” (trad.)

One of my favorite strange little covers is of the old vaudeville tune “Ain’t Nobody’s Business,” originally written by Porter Granger in the 1920’s and covered over and over and over by bands and musicians such as Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, Mississippi John Hurt, and many more. Click here to check out the cover (with, uh, “modified lyrics”*) by Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union, fronted by Pat The Bunny (Of Ramshackle Glory, Johnny Hobo and The Freight Trains, Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass, and more, I’m sure), as well as an older more traditional version of the song.

*The now-defunct Wingnut Dishwasher’s Union typically performed this one by inviting the audience to make up their own verses after the first 2 or 3. It makes for some, uh, interesting little ditties. 

Ramshackle Glory finish recording second full length

Arizona’s folk-punk act Ramshackle Glory have just finished the recording of their second full length. The band posted an update on their facebook stating:

ok! So we finished recording and mixing our album and sent it off to the pressing plant! We should have it back in time to send off pre orders before tour! Thanks so much everyone who has pre-ordered our album, it has helped us greatly to be able to pay for shit like pressing the album! If you wanna pre order it, you still can! oh yeah!

You can pre-order the album here. The album is expected to be released June 1st. Ramshackle Glory’s first album, “Live The Dream,” was released in June last year and you can stream the whole there here.

Festival: Gathering Of The Goofpunx (Portland, Oregon)

The Gathering Of The Goofpunx is a celebration of DIY-Punk culture in Portland, OR beginning Thursday, April 5th and continuing through Sunday, April 8th. The weekend will feature all-ages punk shows, a parade, a spelling bee, a punk rock carnival, a late night screening of Weird Al’s classic “UHF”, and a bunch of other weird/fun shit. If DIY-punk culture was only about music, it would be fucking boring.

Over 50 bands will be performing including the likes of The Taxpayers and Ramshackle Glory.  You can check out the entire listing and get more info about the gathering right here.

For those of you that don’t know what the “goof punk” movement is all about (I didn’t til I wrote this post) you can read the Goof Punk Manifesto here.

Ramshackle Glory recording 2nd full-length

Arizona’s folk-punk act Ramshackle Glory have begun recording their sophomore full-length album, which they hope to have released by June 1st.  You an pre-order copies to help them pay for the pressing. They come with exclusive spraypaint-stencil artwork. The bands states:

We’ll send it from Tucson by May 30 or you will be offered a refund. Thanks!

Ramshackle Glory’s first album, “Live The Dream,” was released in June last year and you can stream the whole there here.