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New Song: The Aggrolites, Larry & His Flask and Lucero post new track they wrote at Warped Tour

Here’s a little slice of awesome for your Hump Day evening…

It seems a sort of folk/ska/rock uber-group formed at Warped Tour last summer. The unnamed sextet, featuring Jesse Wagner and Jeff Roffredo from The Aggrolites, Ian Cook and Jamin Marshall from Larry & His Flask and Rick Steff and Todd Beene from Lucero, got together on the John Lennon Imagine Bus and recorded an original track entitled “Thyme,” written by Wagner. Check it out here.

The Aggrolites stream live album “Unleashed Live Vol. 1”, kick off Euro tour

The Aggrolites are streaming their new live album “Unleashed Live Vol. 1” right here.  It was recorded recorded at The Roxy Theatre (Los Angeles, CA) & The Belly Up Tavern (Solana Beach, CA).

The band recently kicked off their “Unleashed European Tour” which takes them on a whirlwind tour through Europe ending November 26th in France.  You can check out the dates and locations here.

The Aggrolites most recent release is “Rugged Road,” which came out in February (or March, depending on your format of choice) on Young Cub Records. Read our review here.

The Aggrolites hitting the road with Brothers of Brazil

California dirty reggae band The Aggrolites are getting set to hit the road for a few weeks next month and are taking Brothers of Brazil and Peelander-Z out with them. Click here for the dates.

The Aggrolites most recent release is Rugged Road, which came out in February (or March, depending on your format of choice) on Young Cub Records. Read our review here.

Photo Gallery: The Aggrolites at Punk Rock Bowling

In today’s installment of our continuing series of photo galleries from Punk Rock Bowling, we are pleased to bring you pictures from L.A.’s dirty reggae band, The Aggrolites. The band played opening night at the festival, right after San Francisco’s Filthy Thieving Bastards, and prepared fans for what was to come with Stiff Little Fingers and ultimately Dropkick Murphys to end out the night.

Check out pictures from their set right here.

Be sure to keep checking back on Dying Scene for more photo galleries from Punk Rock Bowling.

The Aggrolites will be heading out on the road for this years’ Warped Tour, so head to their Dying Scene Shows page to find a complete listing of dates and locations.

Music Video: The Aggrolites – “Trial And Error” off latest album “Rugged Road”

L.A.’s “Ph.D’s of feel good music” and dirty reggae mainstays The Aggrolites have released the music video for their new song “Trial And Error” off of their latest album “Rugged Road.” Watch it here.

The album was released on vinyl and also digitally on February 22nd, 2011, as well as in CD format on March 22nd.

Album Review: The Aggrolites – “Rugged Road”

Every so often while doing punk music reviews, an album ends up in my lap that, while it may not be punk in terms of the classical definition, still manages to blow my mind. That’s exactly what happened with The Aggrolites‘s latest album, “Rugged Road.”

I’ll admit that my knowledge of The Aggrolites is limited. I only had a cursory listen to their last release, 2009’s “IV,” but never managed to listen to an entire album before now.

It’s certain that The Aggrolites are not The Sex Pistols reincarnated, but they have a certain punk rock ethic that will attract punk fans regardless. When it comes to music, The Aggrolites believe that simplicity and hard work are the names of the game. Recorded on reel-to-reel tape, “Rugged Road” feels like it may have been recorded in a previous time, yet manages to sound better than many overproduced, slick new recordings.

On “Rugged Road,” The Aggrolites have perfected their brand of dirty reggae. It is a rather mellow album- after all, seven out of the ten tracks are instrumental- but one that doesn’t drag on. “The Aggro Band Plays On” might as well be the band’s theme song- it’s catchy and upbeat, but showcases their dirty reggae and ska sound. It is a track with groove (and yes, that is an appropriate description of the track), that conjures images of people swaying and dancing in a relaxed and easy manner. It’s a song about good memories and great places, and with the repeated refrain of “And the Aggro band plays on,” you get the idea that more great things are to come.

While the album doesn’t exactly overwhelm the listener, it definitely seeps in to the listener’s consciousness, and one track can be stuck in your head for days after. It sneaks up on you, and has you dancing and grooving without even thinking about it. Tracks like “Complicated Girl” are so funky that you can’t help but to smile and sing along.

It certainly isn’t the most punk rock release out there, but “Rugged Road” has some serious balls. You just have to be willing to listen to the album several times to really grow to appreciate the funk, the groove, and the thoroughly enjoyable dirty reggae sound of The Aggrolites.

The Aggrolites streaming new album “Rugged Road”

The Aggrolites have posted their  new album for streaming. “Rugged Road” will be the band’s first full-length for Young Cub Records and is set for a February 22nd vinyl/digital release, followed by a March 22nd CD release. The band will support “Rugged Road” with a European tour in March, and will be hitting the road in America starting in June. Check out the tour dates here.

The Aggrolites last released two 7″s, “Trial and Error” and “Enemy Dub” via Young Cub Records. Their last full-length was “IV” on Hellcat Records in 2009.

New Song: The Aggrolites – “Complicated Girl” off upcoming album “Rugged Road”

LA reggae-soul outfit The Aggrolites have released a new song/music video for their new song “Complicated Girl,” off of their upcoming album “Rugged Road.” Give it a listen here.

The album will be released on vinyl and digitally on February 22nd, 2011, and will be available in CD format on March 22nd.

The Aggrolites announce release date for upcoming full-length “Rugged Road”

L.A’s “Ph.D’s of feel good music” and dirty reggae mainstays The Aggrolites have announced that their upcoming full-length, “Rugged Road,” will drop February 22nd, 2011 on Young Cub Records.

The label will also be releasing two 7″ singles, the first of which was released December 14, titled “Trial and Error” and the other, titled “Enemy Dub,” on January 11, 2011.

The band will be playing a New Years Eve show at the House of Blues, Anaheim, as well as 3 shows with Social Distortion in late January/Early February. Their latest album “IV” was released Summer 2009 on Hellcat Records.

Live Concert Stream: The Aggrolites at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, California

This one is for all you dirty reggae fans outside of Hermosa Beach. The Aggrolites are streaming their entire set live from tonight’s show at Saint Rocke. The band is about to take the stage, so tune in and catch it here.

The Aggrolites released their last album, IV, last summer on Hellcat Records.

Music Video: The Aggrolites – “Reggae Hit LA” (with a little help from a couple of friends)

the-aggrolitesHere’s a fun video for your Friday night. What happens when you get a bunch of punk, hardcore, and ska bands to come together for a music video? Apparently you get a really good time, as well as one of the coolest videos ever made, thanks in part to LA’s “Ph.D’s of feel good music,” The Aggrolites.

The Aggrolites celebrate the LA scene with the music video for Reggae Hit LA, a song off their 2007 album of the same name, by featuring cameos from some of my favorite bands. See how many of these artists/bands you can pick out!

This video represents everything that we love about our city. Whether it’s the scene, the weather, or diversity of the people (as evident by all the individuals that appear in this video), the music represents something that brings us all together and that’s what music should be all about.

So if you’re from LA or Cali or you’re elsewhere wishing you could live here, sit back with some friends, relax, and enjoy this music video.

The Aggrolites headlining 11th annual Victoria Ska Fest

Hey ska/dirty reggae fans, this one’s for you. If you’re around Vancouver, British Columbia or live near the Western Canadian border and want to make it out, check out the lineup for this years Ska Fest.

The Aggrolites and Fishbone are headlining the festival and a slew of other great ska/reggae bands will be performing such as Cherry Poppin Daddies, The Valuables, and Katchafire.

The event takes place between July 7th and 10th and will feature 2 free outdoor concerts, 5 ticketed shows, an art exhibit as well as free workshops.

For more information on the Festival program, click here.

The Aggrolites released their last album, IV, last summer on Hellcat Records.

Vans Warped Tour 15th Anniversary DVD The Aggrolites exclusive clip

the-aggrolitesThe Aggrolites have also released an exclusive clip of their performance on the Warped Tour Anniversary DVD.

Click here to watch the Ph.D’s of feel good music perform What A Complex in [almost] its entirety.

The Warped Tour Anniversary DVD/CD is set for release on March 30.

The Aggrolites touring the US this November with Slightly Stoopid

hellcat recordsThe Aggrolites are kicking off a US tour in October before joining Slightly Stoopid for a run of  dates this November.  Click here for the dates.

The Aggrolites released their last album “IV” on Hellcat Records in June.

The Aggrolites announce fall tour

hellcat10The Aggrolites have announced a U.S. fall tour with shows on the West Coast, Southwest and Midwest that also includes two festivals. They have just rounded out a nearly four month tour throughout North America, Europe and Japan in support of their latest album, “IV,” released on Hellcat Records this June.

They are one of only 13 acts hand-selected by Vans Warped Tour creator Kevin Lyman for the upcoming 15th Anniversary Celebration. The band will be playing with Pennywise , Bad Religion , NoFX and Rise Against among others at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on September 6th. This will be filmed for a special event to air in more than 460 movie theaters on Thursday, September 17. The tour will also hit the 2nd Annual West Beach Music & Arts Festival taking place mid-September in Santa Barbara, and then they’ll return to Chicago for the 5th Annual Riot Fest in October.

Check out the Dying Scene Shows page for other dates an locations.