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Dead Bars (No Idea melodic punk) announce new album “Dream Gig” and tour

Seattle’s Dead Bars have announced their new album Dream Gig will be released digitally on March 10th, with the vinyl release handled by No Idea Records. The band will air a studio session on KEXP on March 18th at 10pm.

And if you wanna catch them live, they also have a handful of Pacific Northwest Tour Dates coming down the pipeline, listed below.

March 16th – Bellingham, WA @ The Swillery
March 17th – Vancouver, BC @ Astoria
March 18th – Victoria, BC @ Logan’s Pub
March 19th – Seattle, WA @ Vera Project **All Ages**

In the band’s own words:

“Founded in Seattle, WA by vocalist and songwriter John Maiello in 2013, Dead Bars had a very specific plan to play one show, record a demo, and only tour Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. After four years of playing a lot more shows, recording five seven-inch’s released on three different labels in three different countries, and never touring outside the continental United States, Dead Bars is releasing their first LP titled Dream Gig. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes you don’t get what you want. Keep on dreamin’.”

Dead Bars self-titled EP was reviewed here. Their last release was a split with the Tim Version in 2016.

Dead Bars and The Tim Version stream split EP

Seattle punk band Dead Bars and Tampa punk act The Tim Version have released a split EP, and you can listen to it now.

Check it out below.

The split was released on August 26th, 2016 via No Idea Records.

Stream new installment of All In Vinyl Split Series (The Creeps, The Kimberly Steaks, Dead Bars, The No Marks)

UK label All In Vinyl is streaming the next installment in Volume 4 of their split series, which will eventually encompass six 7″ records featuring two bands each. The first installment included Stay Clean Jolene, Does It Float, Future Virgins, and Good Grief while this new installment includes Dead BarsThe Kimberly SteaksThe Creeps, and The No Marks. Stream the entire second installment below.

The last 2 splits (the 3rd installment) have yet to be announced but we’ll keep you posted.

Dead Bars do short west coast run

Dead Bars has announced a short run of dates with The Tim Version. Check the dates below.

Dead Bars last released the single “Emergency” with “Off The Ground” in June 2015. The Tim Version released “Ordinary Life” in September 2014.

Stream two split 7-inches from “All In Vinyl Split Series Vol .4”

UK label All In Vinyl will be releasing Volume 4 of their split series.  Volume 4 consists of six 7″ records which will each feature two bands, including Stay Clean Jolene, Does It Float, Future Virgins, Good Grief, Dead Bars, The Kimberly Steaks, The Creeps, The No Marks, and four other bands that will be announced soon.

Currently, the first two 7-inches featuring Stay Clean Jolene, Does It Float, Future Virgins, and Good Grief are being streamed, and you can give them a listen here.

After the Fall announce North American tour dates

This February, After the Fall will be playing a few shows around Canada with Propagandhi and the Northwestern United States with Dead Bars. You can check out the tour dates and locations below.

The band’s new album Dedication was released on May 12, 2015 through Bridge Nine Records. The album is a tribute to founding member Brian J. Peters, who passed away in 2013.

Dead Bars (punk) announce upcoming tour dates

Seattle punk band Dead Bars have announced some upcoming west coast shows as well as the Pre-Fest in Tampa Bay and The Fest in Gainesville, Florida. Click here to see the full list of tour dates.

Dead Bars last released a self-titled EP through No Idea Records in June of 2014.

This is My Fest II announces line-up, offers free download of comp (new Civil War Rust track)

This Is My Fest is a a three day/four night punk festival springing up out of Oakland on September 9th through the 13th. You can check out the lineup and snag yourself a pair of tickets right here.

To promote the festival, the organizers are offering a sampler for free download. It features great bands like Western Settings, Dead Bars, Civil War Rust and much more!

You can check it out below and I recommend you do – the Civil War Rust song is a brand new, unreleased track and it kicks ass!

To stay updated on the festival can follow their Facebook page.

Dead Bars (punk) premiere new track “Emergency”

Seattle punk band Dead Bars will be releasing a new 7″ single on Eager Beaver Records (Japan) this spring.  It will feature two new songs from the band and today we’re more that pleased to bring you a stream of one of them.  Give “Emergency” a listen below.

Dead Bars last released a self-titled EP through No Idea Records (back in June).

Dead Bars announces So Cal tour dates

Seattle punk band Dead Bars recently released their new self-titled EP through No Idea Records (back in June).

The guys have just announced a slew of Southern California dates, which includes a stop at Awesome Fest 8.

Check out the list of dates and locations below.

Split Review: Sunshine State / Dead Bars

I’ve been enjoying the textural experience a piece of grooved vinyl has to offer more than usual lately. The split has, by luck and generosity, been my focus for the last week, and in this time I’ve come to love its variety and short-form concept. Its a beautiful and uniquely punk rock medium for music delivery. The latest to spin is Sunshine State and Dead Bars’ split from No Idea, an exemplary split with two bands I’m already eager to hear more from.

Warren Oakes was my favorite Against Me! drummer. I loved the backbeat of the danceable, almost disco-y fun that he provided in the band’s golden age. For me, it was his departure that sent the band caterwauling down a path marred with flat tones and bored instrumentation. But Warren Oakes is but one man. He was a piece of the puzzle that completed a picture that I rather liked, but he wasn’t the driving force. When he left, they were still Against Me!, they just re-cut their edges and found a new piece that would fit.

Sunshine State is a new puzzle that claims Warren as a piece. Its punk rock with a bit of a power pop bent, but it doesn’t stray too far away from the Gainesville Sound. I like it a lot, and I guess I should kick myself for being surprised. Its hard to shake the previous associations that a band member can carry with them. Without ever listening to them, Sunshine State could have very well been “that band with Warren Oakes” and never anything more. That would’ve been a shame.

Both bands succeed by putting forth great songs and not treating the release as a throwaway for completists. “Lunchblood,” from Sunshine State’s half of the split is a catchy mid-tempo anthem about not being an asshole. It reminds me of some of Jawbreaker’s more outwardly melodic tunes, with the same cutting, heart-on-the-sleeve honesty that has come to be one of punk rock’s defining features. “Long in the Tooth” is darker sounding, and more aggressive. It consists of a handful of lyrics that repeat, but never actually feels repetitive. This is due to the dynamic musical content, where raunchy power chords give way to an emo breakdown mid-song, and new layers of instrumentation give new urgency to repeated words.

Since discovering their self-titled EP, Dead Bars have become one of my favorite bands. They’re loud and brash and instantly relatable, playing their brand of pop punk with vocals bellowed at the edge of hoarseness. Their songs on this split are great, and give me a feeling that we’re going to see a lot more of these guys in the future.

“Just Fine,” is a goddamn anthem. It perfectly captures being poor and punk and living in a world where neither of those things are met with empathy or enthusiasm. There’s a line in there that resonates particularly well: “I told these girls about my band. And they didn’t understand. “How can you be in a band if you don’t play any shows?” So I tuned my guitar to Drop D, and I wrote my own songs, so that I can sing along in my room.” It appeals to every punk who has needed to let loose with a scream and strum in a world that doesn’t always get it.

Both Dead Bars and Sunshine State nail their entries on this split. In a previous review, I compared the release from Big Eyes and Post Teens to a beach party and its dirtier after party. To stretch the metaphor to another No Idea records split, I’d say this is where everyone goes home. Drunk, tired, and strung out from a night of debauchery. They leave separately and think about the money they spent, their work in the morning, and what they’re doing with their life. Before they fall asleep, they have one more beer, and put on a record to hear the words they speak in passing given life through music. This is punk rock for the grown-ups who just started suspecting they’re not kids anymore.

 4.5/5 Stars

EP Review: Dead Bars – “Dead Bars”

I’m a sucker for guttural pop punk. I don’t want to hear a lyric sang, I want to hear it shredded by whiskey abused vocal chords. I want to feel every syllable reverberate through every emotional bone I’ve born from memory and experience. I don’t want music to speak to me, I want to feel its hot breath as it screams in my face.

Dead Bars is like a friend with four too many shots rumbling in his belly. He’s loose with his tongue, too loud for wherever he is, and without emotional barriers. One second he’s slapping you on the back, telling you why “you’re like the best friend ever, maaan.” The next he’s solemn, speaking secrets about his ex and cutting through his own perception of himself into the meat and bone of who he is. Dead Bars has that kind of drunken honesty in their DNA, offering an experience as real and exciting as a night of intoxicating revelry and self-discovery.

“Funhouse Monday” is packed with melody. The guitar lick that opens it offers a simple reminder that punk rock doesn’t survive on vocal lines and power chords alone while tying the song together with a musical idea. Its a rocking number that brings to mind overweight bearded guys closing their eyes and pounding a single closed fists against their heart, singing along with inebriated gusto. You can practically smell this song.

“Had a party at my house, I told you about it,” bellows vocalist Maiello in the aptly titled “Party At My House.” The song is simultaneously a party song and a song of lost love, the latter of which I don’t usually go for, but the pining feels earnest and the simple refrain is as infectious as they come. The next track, “Love Sick,” offers a continuation of the theme, but with a different atmosphere all together. Where “Party At My House” is youthful and exuberant, sounding like a frazzled MySpace post from 2006 authored by a kid who’s adolescence is marred by perpetual relationship problems, “Love Sick” is who that kid grows up to be. Sad, lonely, but never anything but passionate. Its the sound of a kick to a stomach that’s been kicked before and knows it’ll be kicked again.

Dead Bars end their EP with the rousing “Los Marineros.” Its hook, “Los Marineros, Los Marineros, you got a homerun while I was going to the bathroom,” precedes a track filled with specific and detailed imagery. I love slice-of-life songs. There’s something powerful about a good set of words that can take you into someone else’s world, even just for a moment. In the grand scheme of things, missing a homerun for a piss is a minor event, but its message translates past the concrete and begs the question: “What have you missed, pissing away your time?”

There’s an immediacy to Dead Bars’ EP that I find really appealing. The songs are fast and catchy, and firmly rooted in the sound No Idea Records has codified as their own. But there’s a lot of bands playing pop punk, and not a lot of them doing it as well as Dead Bars. There’s personality here, aided and abetted by a sense of reckless endangerment and honest to fucking goodness humanity. After the last chord is struck, the best thing I can say about Dead Bars is that they never feel any less than real.

5/5 Stars

Dead Bars (punk) stream self-titled EP (recommended)

Here’s a fantastic new band for you to check out.  Seattle’s Dead Bars play punk rock with enough raw energy to have you slam dancing with the ficus in your living room and enough pop sensibility to have you signing along in your car.  Their self-titled EP was just released through No Idea Records and you can stream it below.  “Funhouse Monday”, the EP’s first track might be my favorite punk song discovery of the month.