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Tour Announcement: Boss’ Daughter (Skate Punk) Adds Dates to Spring Tour

Skate punks, Boss’ Daughter have gotten their second wind after resting up in their hometown of Reno after their latest, exhausting North American tour, so the lads have decided to just extend the Boss’ Daugh-Tour! We’re guessing they realized how egregious of an oversight it was to neglect us West Coasters because Mr. Fox & Co. have booked almost all of these bonus shows in California and the Pacific Northwest! Check out all of the dates and stops below and then, get your ass out to one of the shows!


Tour Announcement: Boss’ Daughter (Skate Punk) Release Dates for Boss’ Daugh-Tour

Skate punks (and perpetual wanderers), Boss’ Daughter are hitting the road again for an insane Spring tour (like literally, almost the entire Spring). Boss’ Daugh-Tour kicks off in their hometown of Reno, Nevada, then meanders down the West Coast before making a beeline down to Gainseville for Fest. Then the road warriors make a run for the border, up to Montreal, Canada for Puozza 7, being sure to leave in time to make their way back down to Vegas in time for PRB, then ending the two month marathon in San Francisco at the legendary 924 Gilman. Jeeeesus! Check out the (extensive) schedule below and get your ass out to see the hardest working band in punk if they come through your town! Travel safe, boys!

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Boss’ Daughter (Punk) Announces West Coast Tour Dates

Reno, Nevada punks Boss’ Daughter are hitting the road again and it seems Mr. Fox and Company are keeping pretty good company these days! Cleverly dubbed Febrewary Tour 2017, this road trip features stops with Fat Wreck Chords heavyweights Bad Cop / Bad Cop and Decent Criminal, as well as other stellar acts like Fall Silent and Gentlemen Prefer Blood along the way. Tons of talent on display! Check out the dates and stops below. If the boys are making a stop in your area, get out to a show!

Hans Gruber and the Die Hards (Austin Tx) join Boss’ Daughter (Reno Nv) for 5 dates through Texas and New Mexico

Reno music man Chris Fox seemingly tours nonstop. He has been out on the road with his outfit Boss’ Daughter for the better part of two months, playing all over the country.

In a few days, Boss’ Daughter will be joined by a very exciting band from Austin called Hans Gruber and the Die Hards. The bands will play four dates in Texas, and one in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Check out the dates and links to the bands music below.

Boss’ Daughter (Punk) Announces Dates for Maximum Sleepy Time Tour

Punk rock’s least sedintary act, Boss’ Daughter is hitting the road again, this time on the Maximum Sleepy Time Tour! As always, there are a ton of stops all over the US for your listening pleasure. Check out the extensive tour schedule below and go buy ’em a beer if they’re coming to your ‘hood!

Loud As Folk Tour announced featuring Chris Fox (Vampirates, Boss’ Daughter), John Underwood (Dirty Kid Discount), and Spike McGuire

Chris Fox, John Underwood and Spike McGuire have announced the dates for their Loud As Folk Tour and it kicks off in two days! Check out the dates and locations below.

Chris Fox is a professional internationally touring singer songwriter from Reno, NV rooted in punk rock with songs about life experiences, traveling, women, and drinking. Energetic emotion fuels live performances. Chris plays in at least ten bands including Vampirates and his latest project Boss’ Daughter, for which he is the main songwriter and frontman.

John Underwood plays 7 instruments through loop pedals to build full pirate punk orchestrations. John previously fronted The Deadly Gallows and currently plays with Dirty Kid Discount and Six Mile Station when he isn’t touring solo.

Spike McGuire Music is the frontman of Six Mile Station, founder of Loud As Folk and a Graph Tech Guitar Labs endorsed artist. Spike has traveled the country with guitar in hand taking his unique brand of “acoustic political post-folk punk” to the people.

EP Review: Boss’ Daughter – “Sleep”

2015 was a banner year for this fantastic, fledgling punk act from Reno, Nevada. Within that twelve month period, they saw their debut full length LP, Songs Are Songs release to rave reception while also adding to their already potent popularity with the smashingly successful #MaximumPartyTimeTour in support of said album (10,020 miles, 29 states in 48 days, playing 39 shows). It appears that Chris Fox and the boys are on a similar path to prosperity for 2016 with the recent release of their new EP Sleep. More experience and more time on the road together has only solidified the reputation that this rapidly rising band has earned. The album is more polished and shows good progression from their previous offering while still maintaining familiarity with themes like drinking, sleeping, touring and missing friends, that have all become calling cards of this this tipsy trio. Wrap all of that up in sickeningly catchy, genuine music and you have yourself a winner. Check out the full review on this outstanding EP below!

Dying Scene Radio Presents: PUNKS IN TRUNKS – feat. Chris Fox

Here’s something ridiculous for your consideration. Punks In Vegas, eat your heart out. It’s time for the very first installment of “Punx N’ Trunx” (or “Punx In Swim Trunx”), whatever. Dying Scene Radio kidnapped Chris Fox (on tour in Floridumb), dragged him under a bridge in Madeira Beach and made him perform for the locals.

Check out three of his original tunes BELOW!

Episode 51 | Dying Scene Radio – Feat. Terminally Ill

This week on Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles and his ragtag crew of misfits (i.e. Piazzo The Clown and the illustrious Ben Coletti) kidnap Chris Fox (on tour in Floridumb) and hold him hostage under the John’s Pass bridge where they encourage him to perform for the locals by gunpoint. Elena Venetia is much too busy with her modeling career to podcast this week.

BAND SPOTLIGHT: TERMINALLY ILL – Ryan Risetter, Steffen Buratti, and Cody Snowden of the L.A. punk-rap (Post-Crunk-Rock/Nü Pünk) act co-hosts the show along with Piazza, Pickles, Chis Fox and Coletti, and errybody gets Salt Faced!

Terminally Ill – Act Sick
Against Me! – 333
Ten Foot Pole – Scars
The Offspring – Sharknado
Microwave – Lighterless
The Bouncing Souls – Bees
WIZO – Verwesung
Get Dead – Dyin’ Is Thirsty Work
Friends With The Enemy – Fat Mike’s House
NOFX – Six Years on Dope
Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra – Monkey Ska
Terminally Ill – Hit Me Up When You’re 18
ANTILLECTUAL – The Players & The Game (feat. Nathan Gray of BOYSETSFIRE)
Every Time I Die – Glitches
White Lung – Dead Weight
Billy Talent – Afraid of Heights
Joe McMahon – It All Went Black
The Split Seconds – If I Was You
The Windermeres – Libertarian Value System
Implants – The System
Gibberish – Milo
Descendents – Comeback Kid
The Bruce Lee Band – AGH!!!
The Murderburgers – 8am Headlights
Terminally Ill – Homie Cypher Track
Terminally Ill – (Bonus Track)
Chris Fox – The Decline (John’s Pass Super Secret Bonus Track)

Hear all the incessant blathering, latest headlines and music BELOW!

Boss’ Daughter stream new EP “Sleep”

Reno punk outfit Boss’ Daughter is releasing a new EP titled “Sleep” on Cocksmoker Chunk Records today (May 17th). It’s five songs about drinking, traveling, bummers, non-bummers, and maximum party time, and you can stream the entire thing below.

The band is also hitting the road in support of the new EP on the Sleepy Pee Tour playing shows with Jeff Rosenstock, Decent Criminal, Urban Wolves, The Randy Savages, and many others along the way.

It’s a Double-International Episode of Dying Scene Radio w/ Chris Fox LIVE from somewhere in France and Bobby Pickles talking smack atop a volcano in Costa Rica; Spotlight Interview: Chuck Coast, Ayahuasca Costa Rica

This week on Dying Scene Radio, it’s a double-international episode! Bobby Pickles conducts his end of the podcast from the courtyard area of a Hostel on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, while Chris Fox orchestrates his half of the show from somewhere in France with the help of his beer-producer, Jesse Williams. SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW: Ayhuasquero Brother, Chuck Coast of Ayahuasca Costa Rica. Plus, a brand new Boss’ Daughter track!

Special commentary from St. Augustine punk act Kid You Not.

Sunny on the Causeway – Stop Snitchin’
Mug – Misery Guts
Backdrop Falls – Flesh and Bones
NOFX – Hepatitis Bathtub
Stay Wild – Trigger Warning
The Brass – You Know Who You Are
Useless ID – We Don’t Want the Airwaves
Kid You Not – When Life Gives You Lemons, Say Fuck The Lemons And Bail
SugarEater – Baby, You’re A Drag
Boss’ Daughter – Weak Week
The Barren Marys – Sober
Interview w/ Chuck Coast (Ayahuasca Costa Rica)
Colorsfade – Everyday That Passes
PEARS – Chemical Smile (Everclear cover)
Backyard Superheroes – Netflix & Chill
Direct Hit – Forced To Sleep
Black Bolt – Kurf’s Up
Special Victims Unit – Kill Your Pimp
Captain Trips – Faux News

Look, I know we’re late on this (about 2 weeks out). The Descendents have since announced a new record, Blink released first new track with Skibba – but for all the semi-latest headlines and new music, check it out below.

Boss’ Daughter release tour music video for “Song Thirteen”

Reno punk outfit Boss’ Daughter are sharing with us all what it’s like to be out on the road (literally, in this case). Check out their video for “Song Thirteen” below.

The song is off the band’s debut full-length album, Songs Are Songs, which came out in October on Cocksmoker Chunk Records.

The band are just about to wrap up their Northwest Winter Party Time Tour, which took them from Reno to Seattle and back again. Check out the remaining few dates below the video.

An Evening with the Honorable Chris Fox – Part Three (or, The Big Letdown)

From L to R: John Underwood of Dirty Kid Discount; Staff Writer AnarchoPunk; Chris Fox of Vampirate’s & Boss’ Daughter

Night had unfurled it’s inky tendrils across the Central Basin and to no surprise, the rain had still ceased to fall on the desperately dry City of Angels when last we left our plastered, punk rock protagonists. The backyard was almost at capacity as the main acts of the night, John Underwood and Chris Fox, were nearing their performances. Everything was going according to plan, but one of the drawbacks to hanging with a schlub like AnarchoPunk is the constant, looming presence of Murphy and his stupid Law that seems to follow him around. So, if you’re a fan of disappointment in general, disgruntled neighbors who obviously don’t appreciate good music or ‘Nilla Wafers, join us for the infuriating finale below!

An Evening With The Honorable Chris Fox – Part Two

From L to R: John Underwood of Dirty Kid Discount; Staff Writer AnarchoPunk; Chris Fox of Vampirate’s & Boss’ Daughter

Evening had set in and the first act of the night had just left the stage when last we left our intrepid and inebriated Los Angeles correspondent, AnarchoPunk and his bearded brethren, John Underwood and Chris Fox. The backyard was beginning to fill in with punks of all types, a thin layer of marijuana smoke hovering ever so slightly above their heads and the faint aroma of cheap beer in the cool night air, raising up from golden puddles, where 40 oz bottles had been carelessly kicked over. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to hang out with legit, up and coming punk artists midway through a tour at a back yard pot luck folk punk show in the Greater Los Angeles area, you’ve come to the right place (although that’s a very specific thing to ponder about). Continue the saga below!

An Evening With The Honorable Chris Fox – Part One

From L to R: John Underwood of Dirty Kid Discount; Staff Writer AnarchoPunk; Chris Fox of Vampirates & Boss’ Daughter

Reno, Nevada gets cold as hell in the winter. So, it’s no surprise that John Underwood from the folk punk troupe Dirty Kid Discount (profiled in September’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp) was looking to get down to SoCal to avoid the doldrums of the frigid, grey confines of The Biggest Little City in the World for a few weeks to thaw out. Thus was born The Winter West Tour, which started up in Washington state in Mid-January and worked its way down the Pacific Coast before making its way back up to Reno for the finale on February 10th. Halfway through the tour, John was joined by fellow Reno resident and frontman of the up and coming punk act, Boss’ Daughter, Chris Fox. While I don’t get paid monetarily for the (exceptional?) work I do here at the Scene, I do get compensated in other ways. Getting into shows for free is a pretty cool perk, access to the press pit is a useful benefit as well. My favorite perquisite by far though is getting to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to.  Sometimes, through those connections, I even find people that I share so much in common with that we hit off pretty well. Such is the case with Mr. Fox and myself. After getting to know him through email for an article I was writing, we became fast friends. So needless to say, when I noticed that the boys had a scheduled stop in LA, I knew it was a “can’t miss” show for me. Check out part one of my hybrid show review/interview below in this DS Exclusive!