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Part Time Killer releasing 3 way split “All Part Of The Plan”, streaming 2 new songs

peePart Time Killer has two new songs currently streaming on their MySpace pageThank You and Fear Of God will appear on a 3 way split CD with Burning Fiction and Lostboyfound which is being released this spring on Pee Records.

Part Time Killer is also planning on releasing a brand new full-length album later this spring (no official release date set yet).

Part Time Killer releasing “Fuck The World” 7-inch, streaming 2 new songs

three-tails-recordsMy new favorite Scandinavian punk band Part Time Killer are releasing a limited edition 7-inch titled Fuck The World on Three Tails Records.  You can stream two tracks from the release, Fuck The World and Your Life Story on the band’s MySpace page.  Couldn’t tell you when the release date is but you can read the super informative and coherent official announcement here:

news about Part Time Killer, we are going to release Limited edition 7″ before their new album out. this is really rare, just only 300 copies. so get your own copy before all of them are sold out! stay tuned!

Part Time Killer are currently working on a new full-length album to follow the 7-inch.

Lostboyfound get a new vocalist, releasing split

peeTrue to their name, Aussie punks Lostboyfound had lost their previous singer but have now found a new one to take his place.  They’ve also found another lost boy to play bass and the band is once again in full swing.  In fact they even have plans to release a split with Burning Fiction and Part Time Killer in a few months on Pee Records.  How about that!

Music Video: “Rise Against” from Part Time Killer

three-tails-recordsPart Time Killer just posted their video for Rise Against. Pretty catchy song…check it out.

The boys are still working on their upcoming album..keep checking back for details on the release date.

New songs up from Part Time Killer

three-tails-recordsPart Time Killer is in the process of mixing their upcoming album which is expected to be out in 2010. However, they didn’t want to keep you waiting that long to hear what they are working on so they posted a couple songs on their MySpace page. Listen to “Fix Me” and “Anti-Everything” and keep checking back for updates on the album release and upcoming shows.