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Massive international compilation planned to benefit Indonesian punks

News of the ongoing “moral rehabilitation” of punk rock youth in Indonesia has obviously been spreading like wildfire since it was first reported earlier this week. As could be expected, the global punk community is fighting back!

Mike Virus (The Virus/Cheap Sex/Evacuate) is putting together what is turning into a fairly massive, international compilation to benefit punks in Indonesia. “Punk Aid: Jakarta Calling” is quickly taking shape, and will be a $5 downloadable compilation. All of the proceeds will be forwarded along to the Indonesian bands that contribute; nobody else will make a dime from the project.

Click here to see the current list of bands (like Antiseen, Krum Bums, Total Chaos, and many more) that have agreed to take part. If you want your band to be on it, or if you want to help out anyway, Virus has a webpage setup with all of the necessary information. Click here to check it out and help out. We’ll have more on this project in the days to come.

Photo Gallery : Krum Bums at Punk Rock Bowling

Two in one day?! It’s because we love you that we spoil you! Continuing along from Day One of Punk Rock Bowling, we have for you pictures from Krum Bum‘s set at PRB. The band played relatively early into the evening, but the energy was still there. One thing I love about bands like the Krum Bums is their tireless energy at shows. And if the crowd is not up to their level, then they’ll just jump in there and get things going. The Krum Bums have always been a treat to see live, although sometimes I feel like I need a poncho when I’m in the “splash zone”.

Check out all the pics from Krum Bum’s performance at Punk Rock Bowling right here.

Full Album Stream: The Krays – “Sangre”

A little free punk rock music for your Thursday evening (or Friday morning if you’re an Aussie). Brooklyn, New York, punk veterans The Krays released a brand-spanking new album, “Sangre,” this week via Dead City Records. For your listening pleasure, they’re streaming the whole thing over at their MySpace page. Check it out here.

The Krays last release was their 2002 TKO Records release “A Time For Action.”

Krum Bums announce West coast/Southwest tour dates

Austin hardcore punk act Krum Bums have announced the dates for a near month-long tour of the West coast and parts of the Southwest. Click here to check out the full dates.

The band released their EP “S.O.S.” last year on TKO Records.

Lower Class Brats announce dates for “Still Hated, Never Ignored” tour

Austin, Texas street punks Lower Class Brats have announcd the dates for their “Still Hated, Never Ignored” tour. The tour will see the band stick to the West/Southwest, starting August 4th in Colorado and ending August 21st in El Paso, Texas. Click here for the full dates.

Lower Class Brats released their last album, This Is Real, on TKO in 2008.

ANTiSEEN announce more U.S. tour dates

Southern punks ANTiSEEN have added a handful of additional U.S. tour dates. These new stops are all on the Eastern coast. You can check the full dates here.

The band’s last release was a re-issue of Boys From Brutalsville on TKO in 2007.

Antiseen adds a couple of more Midwest tour dates

antiseenSouthern punks ANTiSEEN have announced more dates for their Midwest tour.  Joe Buck Yourself will be joining them for all the dates except for a handful where Goddamn Gallows and XXX Smut will be playing.

You can check the full dates here.

The band’s last release was a re-issue of “Boys From Brutalsville” on TKO in 2007.

New Song: “America’s Standard” from Lower Class Brats

lowerclassbratsAustin, Texas street punks Lower Class Brats are streaming a new song on their MySpace page.  It’s titled America’s Standard and we have no idea what album it’s going to appear on.

Lower Class Brats released their last album, This Is Real, on TKO in 2008.

Music Video: Krum Bums – “S.O.S.”

krum-bums-sos The Krum Bums have just posted their official music video for their track S.O.S. off the album Same Old Story.  Check the video out on the band’s MySpace page.

The Crumbs plan to hit the studio Oct. 28 to record new 10″ set to release in Feb. 2010 on Livid Records

59203771_s1Miami, Florida’s The Crumbs are ready to enter the studio again. The band plans on recording a new 10″ on Oct. 28-30th. It’s set to be released in Feb. of 2010 on Livid Records.

The Crumbs last effort was a split 7″ with The Ridicules released on It’s Alive Records this October.

Listen to a new song from forthcoming Antiseen 10 inch

tkoANTiSEEN has just added a new song to their MySpace page that is titled “From the forthcoming 10″”.  That’s all I got.  Feel free to add more info in the comments if you have it.

The band’s last release was a re-issue of “Boys From Brutalsville” on TKO in 2007.

Channel 3 releasing “To Whom It May Concern: The 1981 Demos” Limited LP

channel-3Southern California’s Channel 3 is releasing “To Whom It May Concern: The 1981 Demos” Limited LP.  The album will contain Channel 3’s original 1981 demos, which originally gained the band the attention of Posh Boy Records’ Robbie Fields, and the rest, as they say, was Punk Rock history. Included are songs that became CH3 classics, previously unreleased tracks, and a WHO cover thrown in for good measure. More info here.

The release is limited to 1,000 copies on purple & white vinyl (includes CD version) and is available through TKO Records.

Upcoming Krum Bums EP “S.O.S”

krum-bums-sosTexas hardcore-punk act, Krum Bums are releasing their new EP “S.O.S.” next week** on TKO Records.  You can get a taste for the album on the band’s MySpace page via the album’s title track.

The band just finished their U.S. tour with the Germs and are now on the road with Casualties.  Check their Dying Scene Shows page for dates.

**We have conflicting information about the release date for this album (August 11th vs. September 29th) and we’re too lazy or stupid to figure out how to verify it.  If you know, tell us in the comments.

Unreleased track from The Boils with Whiskey Rebels and American Static

tkoYou can listen to an unreleased track from The Boils on their MySpace page.  It was recorded a couple years ago with Whiskey Rebels and American Static.

The Boils released their last album “The Orange And The Black” on TKO Records in 2007.

The Forgotten: Interview with Gordy

tkoTake a look at this San Jose Rock Shop interview with Gordy of The Forgotten. Gordy shares his view on today’s punk scene (he kind of goes back and forth on this, but still gives an interesting response).  He also talks about what’s next for The Forgotten and mentions a possible EP coming out sometime this year.

Read the interview here.

The band’s last album, “Forgotten,” was released April 1, 2008, on TKO Records.