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LOTUS (hardcore) streams new track ‘The Blade’

Belgian underground heroes LOTUS have dropped a new track. ‘The Blade’ is the first single of the band’s upcoming full-length, which will be ready in the fall of 2017. In the meantime, the single will also be released on a 7” record by Shield Recordings, along with an exclusive track that didn’t make the 12”.

You can catch ‘The Blade’ below.

Gruff punks Coma Commander debut new song ‘The Untold Story Of The Kid In The Back’

Belgian gruff punks Coma Commander have dropped their new Karate Kid inspired song ‘The Untold Story Of The Kid In The Back’. The track is the first single from their upcoming split 7″ with Harsh Realms, out 26th of April via Lost Youth Records and Shield Recordings.

Check out the video for ‘The Untold Story Of The Kid In The Back’ below.

DS Exclusive: The Windowsill (Pop Punk) Premieres New LP “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

If you’re unfamiliar with The Windowsill you’re not alone! This quirky quartet from Rotterdam, Netherlands plays a unique style of upbeat surf punk that has a cool lo-fi edge to it. Their influences are eclectic and span the spectrum of music, listing Tom Petty, Ramones, The Kinks and Thin Lizzy among their favorite bands. While it’s not your traditional punk, it’s insanely addictive. Before we premiered this one, we had it in on repeat for a few days. The LP (their second), Make Your Own Kind of Music releases digitally and on CD on February 1st via Sheild Recordings but you lucky schmucks don’t have to wait another second to sink your teeth into it! Stream all twelve tracks below….and then, stream them all over again..for the next week…straight.

The Windowsill (pop-punk, Holland) stream two new songs

Holland’s The Windowsill are getting ready to release their new album Make Your Own Kind Of Music and are streaming 2 new songs from it.

You can give a listen to “See You Back Again” and “The Girl I Don’t Understand” below.

Make Your Own Kind Of Music is set to be released on February 1st, 2017 via Shield Recordings.

Sweet Empire touring Europe in September

Dutch punk rock act Sweet Empire will head out on an European tour again in the beginning of September. See if there’s a show near you below.

Sweet Empire released their latest album Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us on September 1, 2014. It is available as a name-your-price download here.

Custody (emo/pop-punk) release music video for “Blistered Soul”

To coincide with the release of their second 7″ single, Finland’s Custody have released an official video for their new song “Blistered Soul”. Check it out below.

The track was part of a 2 song release that hit the streets on May 20th.

Irish Handcuffs announce European tour dates

German melodic punk band Irish Handcuffs have announced European tour dates with Dan Webb and the Spider and Resolutions.

You can view the tour dates and locations below.

The band’s latest album, …Hits Close to Home. was released in 2014.

Wank For Peace release new split EP with Mon Autre Groupe

French punks Wank For Peace have just released a brand new two-track EP “Split with Mon Autre Groupe” which, exactly as it might sound, shares billing with their fellow french punk outfit Mon Autre Groupe. Out of the two hard-hitting tracks, the most interesting is probably their rendition of Blink 182’s Dammit, which adds a new, thrashing tempo to an old classic. Check it out below.

This mark’s Wank For Peace’s first release since their EP “Fail Forward”, back in October, 2014.


Irish Handcuffs release video for “Grindstone”

German melodic punk band Irish Handcuffs has a new video out for “Grindstone,” and you can check it out below.

“Grindstone” appears on the band’s 2014 release, …Hits Close to Home.

Album Review: As Friends Rust – “Greatest Hits?”

You know those bands that did enough to have a small fan base, but weren’t around long enough to have the lasting impact of their peers? That’s As Friends Rust. An often-overlooked facet of the Floridian hardcore scene, the band displayed a huge amount of variety in their short, six (if that) year span. They stylistically have been compared to Avail, Samiam, and even Stretch Armstrong (though they were even heavier than that at times). The band reunited for a string of shows in 2008, and this year they reunited once again for a one-off show in Brooklyn and an appearance at Groezrock overseas. Shield Recordings released Greatest Hits? in April, celebrating the best songs from the eleven releases As Friends Rust put out from ’96-’02. The compilation itself is now available for you to grab.

Greatest Hits? begins with four of the five songs off the band’s first EP, The Fists of Time. If you’re unfamiliar with the band’s discography, these songs are much heavier than many of the others on the compilation, stylistically between late ‘90’s metalcore and Dag Nasty, if you can imagine that (just listen to “Encante”). Tracks 5-7 (“Half Friend Town,” “Like Strings,” and “Coffee Black”) are from As Friends Rust’s classic self-titled EP, which is much more melodic than heavy in terms of hardcore. Track 8, “First Song on the Tape You Make Her” is considered by some members to be the first released song by the classic As Friends Rust lineup. It seems this is where the Samiam comparisons become appropriate, as everything afterwards was much poppier and melody-focused. The rest of the songs are from the band’s last two releases, 2001’s Won LP (the band’s only full-length) and 2002’s A Young Trophy Band in the Parlance of Our Times.

Seeing as the band put this compilation together themselves, it’s hard to properly critique Greatest Hits? as someone not in the band. The first EP songs drag on a bit, and for a Greatest Hits compilation it may seem boring to a listener, a “get to the good stuff” kind of feeling. But again, that one EP holds so much history for the band that it’s hard to say that definitively as a critic. Of course, they weren’t just putting out a Singles compilation and labeling it Greatest Hits like a lot of bands, so there were some songs from their discography I would have liked to see in there. Some of those include The Fist of Time’s “Operation,” Won’s “This is Me Hating You,” and A Young Trophy’s “The Most Americanest.”

All that said, an important question to ask is, as a listener, how do these songs hold up today and how do they hold up to other music in their time? Personally, I can’t stand the mix in a lot of the songs, compared to music from back then as well as now. For instance, the Young Trophy songs are well written and very catchy, but excessive effects and certain mix factors just seem to take away from that. At times, the raw, more punk rock parts of a song seem inconsistent with the more melodic, at times even a bit radio-y (not in a bad way!) choruses. Putting aside your biases, imagine a band like AFI having a release where the verses were taken from Very Proud of Ya and the choruses from Decemberunderground. It’d sound a bit weird, right?

However, listening to these songs by As Friends Rust is honestly a breath of fresh air. They have a variety not many bands now days or even in their time could match, in the kind of way that you just don’t know what to expect – except something catchy that you’ll want to sing along to. Also, lyrically, the band completely overshadows the majority of their contemporaries (“Private-school anarchists with bought trains of thought, donned in T-shirts screaming slogans of wars never fought” – great line from “We on Some Next Level Shit”, which is one of the funniest song names I’ve ever heard).

Grading this as a Greatest Hits album, really my biggest complaint would be that there could be a few better songs. But go for it – buy the album, let it grow on you, and feel refreshed listening to this intelligent group of dudes whose knack for songwriting is as creative as it is catchy. Good job As Friends Rust, maybe some day you’ll be able to grace us with new songs once again.

4 / 5

DeeCracks and The Windowsill stream split EP

Shield Recordings has released a stream of Reconsider Fisto, the newly released split EP between Austria’s DeeCracks and Holland’s The Windowsill. You can check it out below.

The two bands released the Reconsider Fisto split on March 16, 2015. DeeCracks’ latest full-length album, Beyond Medication, was released on April 1, 2014 through Monster Zero Records. The Windowsill’s latest album Showboating was released last June via Shield.

DeeCracks and The Windowsill announce split 10″, stream two new songs

Austrian pop-punk heavyweights DeeCracks have announced they will be releasing a split 10″ with Holland’s The Windowsill this March 16th through Shield Recordings.

The 8-song split titled Reconsider Fisto is currently available for pre-order on three different colors of wax over here, and two of the tracks that will be appearing on it can be heard below.

DeeCracks’ latest full-length album Beyond Medication was released on April 1st, 2014 through Monster Zero Records. The Windowsill’s latest album Showboating was released last June via Shield.

Not Scientists stream “Disconnect The Dots” off “Destroy To Rebuild”

French pop-punk act Not Scientists are streaming “Connect The Dots”, the third single off their upcoming album Destroy To Rebuild.

You can give it a listen below.

Destroy to Rebuild is due out March 6, 2015.

Not Scientists stream “Tomorrow’s Another Day”

French pop-punk act Not Scientists (ft. members of Uncommonmenfrommars and No Guts No Glory) are streaming a new track “Tomorrow’s Another Day,” which will appear on their upcoming album Destroy To Rebuild.

You can give it a listen here.

Destroy to Rebuild is due out March 6, 2015.

Not Scientists new song “Just Break Me” off upcoming album “Destroy to Rebuild”

French pop-punk act Not Scientists (ft. members of Uncommonmenfrommars and No Guts No Glory) are streaming a new song entitled “Just Break Me” off their upcoming album “Destroy to Rebuild.”

You can listen to the song and pre-order the album below.

“Destroy to Rebuild” is due out March 6, 2015.