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Album Review: The Mahones – “The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk”

The Mahones have had a lasting impact on the world of Irish punk. Since their start on Saint Patrick’s Day 1990, they have been one of the hardest working and most successful bands in their genre.

With the announcement of their career-spanning compilation album titled “The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk”; we here at Dying Scene thought we should take some time and tell you what we think.

The album is a collection of the finest from The Mahones throughout their career and with 18 songs to choose from on the album, you’d be crazy not to find one that you like. With songs that have becomes staples in a punk’s playlist, both young and old, the band has summed up their 25 years of experience into one excellent album. Now I know what you are thinking, revisiting and re-recording the classics could change the way they sound after all of these years. Let me assure you, these guys haven’t lost a 4/4 beat; and I will do my best to give you some insight in the short time we have together.

The album starts off strong with a re-release their track “A Great Night on the Lash”, a song all about drinking, making noise, and having a good time. The raw emotion from the first rendition has easily carried over to the new recording, letting you share in the pandemonium of a long night/early morning out with the band. It kicks just as much ass as the first version and is a great way to get you in the mindset for a nice thick beer. Overall, this song was already a classic for me, but the revisited version is just as good and will put your mind in a barstool next to a slumping irishman.

The next few tracks on the album give you a strong taste of authentic Irish sound. Heavy fiddle, flute, and accordion give that almost folky vibe to the punk chugs and chanting that they accompany. The straight-fowardness of the drums mixed with the multiple layers of instruments and countermelodies give you something to bop your head to and something to smile about.

One song I particularly liked on the album was “Streets of New York”. It brings that slow side to punk that makes the speed hit so heavy. The song brings the feel of that waltzy ¾ time traditional of Irish folktales. The song was good when it was first released on their album “Paint the Town Red”, but since then you can tell the band has really embraced the song because the version on the new album has a passion and soul in it that you can only get from living the Irish punk scene.

Their song “Past the Pint of No Return” was probably my favorite on the new album. The original version has a upbeat, rushed feeling which, for some older bands, can be tough to keep going after all these years. I thought The Mahones did an excellent job keeping that feel in this song while putting a little bit more wisdom and soul into how it is performed. It seems that the band grew with the song and it shows in the music. Also, it’s always awesome to hear someone rip out a fiddle solo mid-song!

Overall thoughts: The album as a whole is one of those ones you listen to straight through. When I sat down to write this piece, I wanted to get a taste of the new sound and to hear some songs I haven’t heard before. I started the album at the top and I didn’t touch the skip button once before it was over. It is easily listenable and doesn’t beat you over the head with the irish or the punk; the nice mix of both give the album a spice, but the garnish doesn’t overpower the flavor of the music or of the messages. They have a genre, and they do it well, but they frequently pull from other genres to give variance to what, for some, can be a slightly repetitious sound.

The album contains a passion that you can only get from performing for 25 years, and it shows up in force for this ‘greatest hits’ album. Overall, I rate it a 4.5. It is definitely worth the attention, if not for the true professionalism of a timeless Irish punk group, then for the awesome music that this group puts out.

The Hollowpoints stream new album “Rocket To Rainier”

Seattle punks The Hollowpoints are streaming their new album, Rocket to Rainier in its entirety and you can give it a listen below. I loved these dudes’ last release and as I write this post its my first time listening to their new material. I’m 3 songs in and so far, so good! Street-punk fans should check this out.

The album was released today (October 2nd) 2nd via Sailors Grave Records and acts as a follow-up Old Haunts On The Horizon released in 2010 also on Sailor’s Grave.

The Hollowpoints premiere new song, “Sharkwolf”

Seattle punks The Hollowpoints have released the new track “Sharkwolf” off of their upcoming album, Rocket to Rainier.  You can check out the new song below, and pick it up when it is released on October 2nd via Sailors Grave Records.

The Hollowpoints also have some tour dates coming up in the Pacific Northwest, and you can also find those below.

The Hollowpoints stream new song “Cotton Fever”

Seattle punk rockers The Hollowpoints are getting ready to release a new album on October 2nd called Rocket To Rainier via Sailor’s Grave Records.  To get you ready for that release, the band is streaming a new song called “Cotton Fever,” which you can check out here.

The Hollowpoints last released Old Haunts On The Horizon in 2010 via Sailor’s Grave Records.

Punk Rock Bowling: Day Three – Plaza Pool Party with Booze and Glory and Sniper 66

The pool parties of Punk Rock Bowling are some of my favorite events of the weekend to attend. They’re a great place to meet old friends and new, relax in the water, and drink some shitty, overpriced beer that gets warm in an instant. Last year I stayed on the 7th floor of the Plaza, which was a quick roll out of bed from the pool. This year, we were a bit further at the Fremont, but the early afternoon walked allowed time for the obligatory liquid breakfast. Both Sniper 66 and Booze & Glory had played sets earlier in the weekend (main stage and Saturday club show respectively), so it was interesting to see new vs overlapping material.

Sniper 66 is in that group of Austin punks that just rocks. They’ve got great vocals, driving drums, killer bass, and ripping guitar that got the crowd of swimmers, bathers, and drunks alike dancing in a slippery fury.

Booze & Glory played a couple of the same songs from Saturday night, but hell, that was two days before….who can remember all that?! Not the crowd, as they were begging for more after every song. The band’s merch table sold out of product before the band even took to the stage – a testament to their popularity. I wish I could have stayed for the entire set, but I had to get to the main stage to catch our friends in Texas punk band Avenue Rockers.

Check out shots from Sniper 66 and Booze & Glory’s pool party photos below.

Booze & Glory announce US tour dates

Good news for US fans of good, old-fashioned UK oi! music; Booze & Glory are coming!

The London-based four-piece are headed to the US for a weeklong tour that kicks off in Boston (well, Cambridge) on May 15th. Check out the full rundown below.

The diehard West Ham fans are touring in support of their most recent full-length, “As Bold As Brass,” released last year on Sailors Grave Records. Check out our interview with Booze & Glory’s singer/guitarist Mark right here.

The Creepshow announce European tour dates

Toronto psychobilly veterans The Creepshow will be spending their fall touring Europe. Details on when and where you’ll be able to catch them can be found below.

The Creepshow’s latest album Life After Death was released last October through Sailor’s Grave Records (US), Stomp Records (Canada), and People Like You Records (Europe).

DS Photo Gallery: The Business, The Attack, Salita and Beantown Boozehounds – Church of Boston (6/25/14)

The Business

I’ve long considered The Business to be one of those bands that I should have seen when I had the chance. I recall being probably 17 when I heard “Smash The Discos” for the first time and feeling like I had already missed the boat. Along with bands like Cock Sparrer and Cockney Rejects and Sham 69, The Business represented such a specific moment in time that, as the years went on, seemed appealing and yet more and more distant.

However, 35 years after their debut (and mine, coincidentally), Micky Fitz and the boys are still at it. However, “the boys” have changed several times over the decades, creating, on paper at least, the impression that The Business circa 2014 were little more than a nostalgia act; Willy Mays playing for the Mets in 1973. Brett Favre playing for the Vikings in 2010. You get the idea. And yet, the band’s 2010 Sailor’s Grave Records release Doing The Business had more than a few bright spots, and their 2014 7-inch “Back In The Day” is one of the highlights of this year in street punk.

I can assure you that the 2014 edition of The Business is anything but a nostalgia act. Alongside high-octane Orlando punks The Attack, the UK four-piece rolled into Church of Boston on an early summer Wednesday evening. Local support came from the Beantown Boozehounds (whom, you might imagine, are a Boston band who fancy themselves a stiff beverage or twelve) and Salita, the new project featuring Kicked In The Head’s Gary Hedrick on vocals. The latter put on one of the more stellar “local opener” gigs that I’ve witnessed in quite some time. If only the sparse Wednesday night crowd had made its way to the front of the venue for any of the first three bands, we could have had ourselves a small but rowdy show for the ages.

Head below to see our photo gallery, featuring each of the night’s four bands.

The Creepshow embark on US summer tour

Toronto psychobilly band The Creepshow will be making their way around the states for the next few weeks. Details on when and where they’ll be playing can be found below.

The Creepshow’s latest album Life After Death was released last October through Sailor’s Grave Records (US), Stomp Records (Canada), and People Like You Records (Europe).

The Creepshow announce European tour dates

Toronto psychobilly band The Creepshow will be heading out on a month-long European tour next week and you can find details on when and where they’ll be playing below.

The Creepshow’s album Life After Death was released last October through Sailor’s Grave Records (US), Stomp Records (Canada), and People Like You Records (Europe). It’s the band’s first album featuring new singer Kenda “Twisted” Legaspi.

Duane Peters (U.S. Bombs) is missing…again

For the second time in just over a month, it seems Duane Peters, skateboard legend and longtime member of the punk scene through bands like U.S. Bombs, Die Hunns, and Gunfight, is currently missing. A post from Duane’s family to the US Bombs Facebook page tonight reads as follows:

Via Audrey Peters Gomez: If anybody has seen my brother Duane Peters in the last two weeks, would you please let me know? He hasn’t been in touch with anyone, including his kids and his attorney, His van is gone and his neighbors haven’t seen him. We believe that he is in need of medical treatment and we’re very concerned. If you spot him, and can make an immediate phone call, please contact the bailbondsman at (888)857-2752. We’re hoping that he can be apprehended and get the care and treatment he needs.

As you’ll recall, Peters was reportedly arrested early last month (February 9th) on suspicion of domestic violence and went missing for a day or so after his release. We’ll keep you posted on this one.

Koffin Kats part ways with guitarist EZ Ian

Sad news for you Koffin Kats fans. Guitarist EZ Ian has announced he will be leaving the band to assist with family matters back at home. Ian joined Koffin Kats four years ago, after previous guitarist Tommy Koffin parted ways with the band.

Below are statements from Ian and frontman Vic Victor regarding the departure.

The guitarist’s last show with Koffin Kats was last night at Woodruff’s Bar in Ypsilanti, Michigan with Break Anchor and The Gutter Ghouls. The band’s latest album “Born of the Motor” was released last year through Sailor’s Grave Records.

The Creepshow announce US/Canada tour dates

Toronto psychobilly band The Creepshow recently wrapped a few weeks of US tour dates, and they are headed right back out on the road next month.

Their latest jaunt will kick off March 26th in Buffalo and finish in Montreal on April 26th, but not before circling most of the US and Canada in the process. Check out details here. A UK/EU tour is set to follow…stay tuned!

The Creepshow’s album “Life After Death” was released last October via Sailor’s Grave Records (US), Stomp Records (Canada), and People Like You Records (Europe) and is the first album featuring new singer Kenda “Twisted” Legaspi.

UPDATE: Duane Peters (U.S. Bombs) has been found!

In what we hope can be described as a happy ending to the sad story that broke last night, it appears that Duane Peters, legendary skateboarder and frontman for bands like U.S. Bombs and Die Hunns, has been found. Corey Parks, Duane’s ex-wife and the mother of his ten-year-old son, Clash, relayed the following message via Instagram:

Firstly We would like to thank everyone who’s helped or taken part in looking for Duane and all the outpouring of pouring if support and love. We are deeply touched as I know he would be as well. WE HAVE FOUND DUANE, but cannot disclose any details at this time. Thank you all so much from my entire family as well as Duane’s for your unbelievably kind and generous efforts. We will NEVER forget this. Love, Corey, Rob and Clash

For the sake of DP and his family, here’s hoping he’s alright and is getting the assistance that it sounds like he needs.

Duane Peters (U.S. Bombs) apparently missing in Los Angeles

Sad news coming out of Los Angeles this evening.

Reports are surfacing that Duane Peters, skateboard legend and longtime member of the punk scene through bands like U.S. Bombs, Die Hunns and Gunfight, is currently missing. Peters was reportedly arrested early last Saturday morning (February 9th) on suspicion of domestic violence. It appears that he was let out of jail yesterday (February 13th) and, sadly, hasn’t been seen by his loved ones since. Accompanied by a photo of Peters and his ten-year-old son Clash, a recent Instagram post from Peters’ ex-wife, Corey Parks (ex-Nashville Pussy) reads as follows:

PLEASE HELP US: @dpdisaster My son’s dad Duane Peters has been missing for the last two days. He was released from twin towers yesterday at 6:00 am and vanished. He is apparently NOT strung out on drugs of any kind, but in fact possibly suffering from some type of mental illness, dementia or schizophrenia, which would explain his recent behavior. He was released in a paper robe with no shoes, clothes, phone or money. His son Schuyler was waiting to pick him up and he literally mussed him by 5 minutes and he wondered down the street. We are all very worried, I have been in contact with his girlfriend and close friends and family NO ONE HAS SEEN HIM AT ALL. We have filed a missing persons report and Rob and I have been searching downtown around the mission and skid row with his photo all day. WE NEED HELP. Guys on skateboards and motorcycles cruising the streets, putting up flyers, PLEASE HELP US FIND DUANE!!! This is serious, something is wrong.

Fingers are crossed that this one ends on the happiest note possible. Keep your eyes open and your heads on a swivel LA friends. Here’s hoping DP turns up okay, and sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you posted.

***UPDATE*** Duane has indeed been found. Here’s the story.