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Mike Felumlee (ex-Alkaline Trio, Smoking Popes) streaming new split

Mike Felumlee, formerly of Alkaline Trio and Smoking Popes, has a new split on the way with P.K. Workman. You can stream the whole thing over here.

The split drops tomorrow on Broken Heart Records.


Alkaline Trio and New Found Glory added to Skate and Surf 2014 lineup

Alkaline Trio and New Found Glory have been added to the lineup for Skate and Surf 2014, which already featured previously announced bands like Knuckle Puck, Pianos Become The TeethLike Moths To Flames, and many others.

The 2014 edition of the long-running festival is set to take place on the 17th and 18th of May in Asbury Park, New Jersey. You can check out the full lineup and get your tickets right here.

Blast From The Past: Alkaline Trio live footage from 1997

Here’s some pretty awesome Blast from the Past footage. Asian Man Records has just shared some footage from an Alkaline Trio performance from 1997. The video was taken by a fan named Carlo who had this to say:

I filmed this in high school at a local church outside Chicago. This was very early footage. They didn’t have a CD out yet, you could only buy a tape. Their merch was screen printed resale shirts.

Check it out below, so you can get all nostalgic and what not.

Tour announcement: Alkaline Trio/Bayside

Alkaline Trio are heading overseas next spring, and they’re taking Bayside with them.

The bands have announced a list of tour dates in the UK and Europe next April and May. Get a full list of the dates and locations here.

Alkaline Trio have less than two weeks left on their current US tour with New Found Glory and H2O.

As we found out earlier this morning, Bayside have a new album coming out in February. You can read more details on that right here.

They also have a few east-coast concerts scheduled in December with Man Overboard and Modern Baseball.

Alkaline Trio stream cover of No Use For A Name’s “Straight From The Jacket”

The gents in Alkaline Trio are streaming a cover of No Use For A Name‘s “Straight From The Jacket,” which will be appearing on “The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute.” Here’s what frontman Matt Skiba had to say about the track and being included on the tribute album:

“Being a part of this tribute is an absolute honor. Tony was a beautiful human and an extremely talented songwriter. I first heard ‘Straight from the Jacket’ on a No Use for a Name record I bought as a kid and it has always been one of my favorite songs. To be able to cover this song in particular is very special for me and my band. We wanted to record the song in a different style than the original without taking away from its brilliance. We can only hope that Tony would approve.”

You can stream Alkaline Trio’s cover of “Straight From The Jacket” right here.

Fat Wreck Chords will be releasing “The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute,” which will also feature No Use and Tony Sly covers from NOFX, Bad Religion, Strung Out, Rise Against, Pennywise, Lagwagon, and many others, on October 29th. Pre-orders are available here.

Matt Skiba & Heather Gabel to hold art exhibition

Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, and long time merch designer Heather Gabel, have teamed up to put together an art exhibition  entitled Disappear Hear. 

The show will be running October 4th – 25th at Johalla Projects in Chicago.

You can check out some pieces, and get some more information by clicking here.

Music Video: Alkaline Trio – “I Wanna Be A Warhol” live

Last week, Alkaline Trio performed a small, exclusive show for 50 invited fans.

The result is a little live video for the band’s song, “I Wanna Be A Warhol”.

The track appears on the band’s most recent album, “My Shame Is True” which was released in April through Heart and Skull / Epitaph.

Check it out here.

You can also view a little acoustic version of “I Wanna Be A Warhol” here.

DS Photo Gallery: Bane and Alkaline Trio at Punk Rock Classic in Montreal

Here are a few photos from Bane‘s and Alkaline Trio‘s sets at the Harvest Invitational Punk Rock Classic in Montreal on September 7. A quick review as well as photos from Pennywise and Face to Face should follow shortly.

Check them out here!

Alkaline Trio touring with New Found Glory, H2O

Pop-punks Alkaline Trio have announced a headlining tour this fall, featuring New Found Glory and H2O. The tour spans the entire US, and takes about a month and a half.

Click here to check out the dates.

Alkaline Trio’s latest, My Shame is True, came out in April on Heart and Skull/Epitaph. New Found Glory is preparing the release of Kill it Live, a live record via Bridge 9. H2O are working on a new album, according to the band.

Video: Alkaline Trio play “Radio” live on Guitar Center Sessions

Guitar Center has posted a video of Alkaline Trio performing their song “Radio” live on Guitar Center Sessions.

You can check it out right here, then head over here to view another video from the session in which the band plays “Cringe” off their debut album “Goddammit.”

Alkaline Trio’s latest album, My Shame Is True, was released in April on Epitaph Records.

Alkaline Trio recording new material with Chris Shiflett

Alkaline Trio had already released a new album two months ago, but vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba just posted a picture of himself and Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters and formerly of No Use for a Name) in the studio recording at least one new track at Dave Grohl’s studio Studio 606. He wrote:

“Face melters with Chris Shiflett from NUFAN and some band called Foo Fighters @ 606 guest ripping on a new @Alkaline_Trio track”

Alkaline Trio’s latest album, My Shame Is True, was released in April on Epitaph Records.

Video: Alkaline Trio – “Cringe” (Live on Guitar Center Sessions)

On Friday, Guitar Center Sessions will air their video performance by Alkaline Trio playing “Cringe” off their debut album “Goddamnit.” Click here to check the video out now.

Alkaline Trio most recently released “My Shame Is True” in April via Epitaph and Heart & Skull.

Show Review: Alkaline Trio/OWTH/Into It. Over It. – New Haven CT

Dan Andriano

From a live music perspective, New Haven, Connecticut, is one of the more frequently-overlooked areas in the Northeast. When looking for an itinerary filler between Boston and New York City, it is far from  uncommon for most  larger, more established bands to opt to play the larger venues and the generally more diverse crowds in the somewhat-nearby, locales of Hartford or Providence, Rhode Island.  Set quite literally in the shadows of the hallowed, gothic stone-and-ivy shadows of Yale University, the 750-ish capacity Toad’s Place, in all its sticky-floored, thisclosetobeingadive glory, has nonetheless served as the site of some pretty epic (or at least great) live shows in its 37-year history, when all of the planets are appropriately aligned. (Seriously, Google it.)

Given that Alkaline Trio were taking their My Shame Is True tour to Toad’s Place on a cold, rainy Sunday night that also just-so-happened to be smack in the middle of commencement weekend at Yale, this writer was not so sure that the planets would be so aligned on this evening. This writer, as is so frequently the case, was pleasantly mistaken.

Alkaline Trio’s Epitaph Records labelmates Off With Their Heads got the evening off to a rowdy start. Toad’s Place was less than capacity at the time (in part due to the band’s 7:30pm start time), yet the crowd in attendance was more than attentive. The ample elbow room allowed the small-yet-vocal contingent of dyed-in-the-wool OWTH fans to  make themselves known, inspiring the frequently-awkward six-person mosh pit that bore a stronger resemblance to summer football practice tackling drills than it did to a traditional circle pit, but I digress. Off With Their Heads’ leader and frontman, the ever-deprecating Ryan Young, made repeat mention of the fact that the front section of the crowd, largely composed of Alkaline Trio (read as: Matt Skiba) fans seemed a little put off (confused??) by OWTH’s gruffer take on self-loathing-infused punk rock, which stands to reason I suppose. But in mixing songs from their whole catalog, including ‘slower,’ more melody-driven numbers like “Please Don’t Make Me Go Home” from this year’s critically-acclaimed Home, Off With Their Heads did a more than serviceable job of getting the audience moving, setting the intensity bar high for the two following acts.

In a twist from the normal lineup that this tour has featured thus far, and will feature going forward, Into It. Over It. occupied the main support slot as Bayside were off at the Skate And Surf Festival in New Jersey. In spite of their late announcement to the show, and their seemingly curious fit on the bill, Evan and his four-piece backing band were met with eager anticipation by many of the staff. On more than one occasion, Weiss commented on the amount of love and warmth he has received from the Connecticut DIY community, and that reflected in spades. The atmospheric, noodly (sorry to use that word) interludes the band used to fill time while tuning instruments were too frequent and long, however, and almost seemed to let the air out of some of the momentum that they had worked their collective asses of in building. Still, the band were incredibly tight, no easy task given the angular nature and frequent time signature changes that Weiss employs to keep his typical solo performance sound unique.

Needless to say after a couple of high energy opening acts, the now-capacity crowd was loaded for bear by the time Alkaline Trio took the stage and blasted into My Shame Is True opener, “She Lied To The FBI.” If you’ve caught one or more shows on this tour (or you’re keeping track over at, there was little left to the imagination in the band’s seventeen-song main set. In fact, there were no differences at all from the previous night in Boston. What the set lacked in creativity, however, it made up for many times over in energy and focus.

Not surprisingly, five songs from the stellar My Shame Is True featured prominently in the main set, scattered amidst a healthy sampling from the first half-dozen years of the Trio’s career. The well-placed “Clavicle,” the set’s third song, served as an early show highlight, whipping the already primed-and-ready-to-go crowd into its first frenzy. Nothing from This Addiction, Alkaline Trio’s 2010 full-length (and a personal favorite of mine) found its way into the set, though a setlist focusing on “the old stuff” more than satisfied the crowd. “Sadie,” “My Friend Peter” and the electrified “Olde English 800,” in its 45 seconds of glory were particular crowd favorites. The slightly older than average crowd, for its part, was full of energy, giving most of the night the feel of a rowdy singalong. The first real and only real ‘pit’ of the night didn’t form until the latter half of “97,” which brought the show to a close. Sadly, and curiously, “Radio” was left out of the encore set, which may have been a first for this tour.

The Trio seemed to be in good spirits, and the interplay between the three was as tight as this writer has ever seen it. Matt Skiba, who assumed vocal duties for most of the evening, was particularly playful. Dan Andriano, the typically more laid-back of the frontmen anyway, seemed to be even more subdued than normal, apparently feeling the effects of what, according to Skiba, was a hospital-trip-inducing head injury suffered sometime prior to the show, though it certainly didn’t reflect in his level of performance. And that’s perhaps what I took away most from seeing Alkaline Trio in 2013: the fellas all have their various side projects and could very easily rest on their laurels, treating a tour as though they were simply punching a time card and cashing a paycheck. But the thoroughly enjoyable My Shame Is True (our review here) seems to have reinvigorated the band, and they seem to be genuinely having fun in the process as they approach their 20th anniversary.

Still…they should have played “Radio.”

Check out our photo gallery here. Sorry for the quality; despite the photo pass, security wouldn’t let yours truly shoot inside the barrier. C’est la vie!

Alkaline Trio, Quicksand, RX Bandits & more added to Reading/Leeds 2013

More bands, including Alkaline Trio, Quicksand, The Bronx, Sick Of It All, Cerebral Ballzy, and the recently reunited RX Bandits, have been added to the lineup for Reading/Leeds 2013.

Click here to check out a full list of bands playing the festival.

Alkaline Trio post studio clip for the making of new album “My Shame is True”

Alkaline Trio have just posted the first studio clip for ‘My Shame Is True.”

You can watch it here.

My Shame Is True, the band’s eighth studio album, is set to come out April 2 via Epitaph Records and you can stream the album here.