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DS Exclusive: Black Volvo (Punk) Premieres “Molly” From Upcoming Album “Bad Driving”

Dutch punkers, Black Volvo are releasing their sophomore album Bad Driving on TNS Records (UK) and sensational Scottish DIY label Make-That-A-Take Records on March 17th but wanted DyingScene readers to get an exclusive first listen! Recorded in Antwerp, Belgium at Big Dog recordings, our featured track “Molly” is about the lads’ favorite pub ‘Molly Malone’ back in their hometown of Amsterdam. If it’s one thing these Dutch dynamites are know for, it’s their heavy, rock riffs and upbeat, catchy songs and this one is no different! So, slam a pint or ten and get a little crazy, then crank up the volume and stream it below (and try not to kick too many holes in the walls)!

Goodbye Blue Monday stream new EP “The Sickness, The Shame”

Scottish melodic punks Goodbye Blue Monday are streaming their new EP The Sickness, The Shame.

You can give it a listen below.

The Sickness, The Shame appears to be Goodbye Blue Monday’s first release, but we are already looking forward to hearing more from them.  The EP was released by Make That A Take Records on February 24th, 2017.

Goodbye Blue Monday previews new track “Take Your Pills” ahead of new EP “The Sickness, The Shame”

Although you still have to wait til tomorrow to hear Goodbye Blue Monday‘s new EP, The Sickness, The Shame, you can check out one of the new songs now.  Go listen to “Take Your Pills” below, and head on over here to pick up a copy.  The band is donating all proceeds of the sale of the EP to the Samaritans organization.

The Sickness, The Shame appears to be Goodbye Blue Monday’s first release, but we are already looking forward to hearing more from them.  The EP will be released by Make That A Take Records.

Make-that-a-take records (Scotland) stream compilation “Make Yer Ane Comp VII”

Those lovely people at Scotland’s Make That A Take Records have released a compilation called “Make Yer Ane Comp VII”. The record features a whopping forty tracks from the likes of The Murderburgers, Black Volvo, and PMX.

You can have a listen to the full stream below.

Album Review: Stonethrower – “Swells/Repels”

Stonethrower appear to have a fine alchemical balance between all of their elements. It is immediately apparent when listening to “Swells/Repels” – their first release – that no one instrument leads the music but that it is instead the result of the dynamic interplay between all of them – including the vocals. Vocals can be an extremely important and often overlooked instrument in a lot of music. Stonethrower show an impressive understanding of the flavours brought about by each of their instruments, and they put these together in an intoxicating way. I had my suspicions after first hearing their track Tracing Paper on the Gold Mold Spring Sampler 2016 that they were a band who incorporated and utilised the vocals heavily in their song-writing; this may seem like an obvious thing to do, but I believe that many bands leave their vocal work until the end, tacking them onto a finished piece of music. This suspicion was vindicated when I received Swells/Repels on CD the other day, as the CD itself was lovingly wrapped in an A4 piece of paper containing all the lyrics.

Stonethrower are a four-piece band based in Dundee, Scotland – a particularly cultural city from whence a great many respected artists have emerged. In my experience, a lot of people used to listen to “heavy” music, but their tastes moved on and they no longer enjoy it, apart from perhaps in that which they used to know. I have continued to enjoy such “heavy” music, but did allow it to pass me by for a number of years. Stonethrower are a band whom I feel have brought me up to speed, encompassing the better elements of all of the older stuff that I used to listen to, packaged with everything that I missed and brought together a remarkably mature and well-formulated release.

Stonethrower do not evade classification, it seems that if you try hard enough you can classify anything for better or worse, but they certainly exceed the expectations of whatever classification you could hope to work them in to. I found their EP very moreish, perhaps because it flows quite naturally to me, whilst still maintaining its ability to throw curveballs and defy expectation. I have listened to their dynamic, emotional and hard-hitting EP a number of times and it has not ceased to be a joy or to get my head-banging. They bring the best out of a number of sub-genres and use that recipe to put together something truly memorable. I expect to see a lot more out of Stonethrower and cannot wait to see them live.

4/5 Stars

Make That A Take Records (Dundee, Scotland) release compilation “Ten Years of Cowpunk”

The lovely, generous folks over at Make That A Take Records have released a compilation celebrating their ten year anniversary. “Ten Years of Cowpunk” features twenty-four tracks from the label’s bands. There’s a lot of variation here, with tracks coming from a plethora of artists such as PMX, Sink Alaska and Franz Nicolay.

You can listen to “Ten Years of Cowpunk” below.

Terrafraid and Modern Lives stream new split EP

UK emo-punks Terrafraid and Western, MA punks Modern Lives have released a split EP together on Make That A Take Records. The 4-song split is everything dream-pop, emo, and punk combined into one massive EP, with material showcases both sides of the world and the things they have to offer. You can give it a listen below.

For Terrafraid, this EP will follow their 2014 album, Despondent. For Modern Lives, this will serve as a follow-up to their 2015 EP, Gloom. 

Clearer The Sky (post-hardcore) stream two songs off upcoming LP

Scottish hardcore band Clearer The Sky are streaming two new songs off of their upcoming LP Held In Merciful Light. The two songs are called “Pirriesmill” and “Gold Dissolved in the Oceans”, both of which you can listen to below.

The official release date for the full-length is August 5th through Make That A Take Records – stay tuned for the rest of the album.

Lachance stream new song “Spirals” off upcoming EP

Lachance is excited to share with you their new song “Spirals” off their upcoming EP “Sunrise”, which you can stream below.

“Sunrise” will be released via Make That a Take Records on June 3rd. Pre-orders can be made here.

PMX (Scotland, Skate-punk) release new track and are announce new album

Scottish skate-punk band PMX have published a new song and are working on a new record. The new track “Like and Share” can be listened to below whilst you wait for the guys to finish their latest full-length. They left the following statement with regards to the record:

 “We will now be retiring to the studio to start work on demoing and recording our next full length out later in the year.”

PMX’s latest release “Dark Days” was released in 2015 on Make That A Take Records.

PMX offer new song “Oceans” for name your price download

Scottish skate punks PMX are streaming a new song called “Oceans.”

You can stream/download the song below.

PMX’s latest EP “Dark Days” was released September 5th through Make That A Take Records.

Album Review: Sink Alaska – ‘Battle Lines From Better Times’

Sometimes the blow of certain bands breaking up is softened by the knock-on effect of a new fresh band forming; and although Sink Alaska have been on the go for a couple of years now, that is definitely the case here! Sink Alaska, a 4 piece melodic punk band from Glasgow were formed from the break up of two Scottish punk bands: The Day I snapped and Beauty School Dropout; both bands were influential in their time and are still missed, but the end result was the formation of Sink Alaska, and it’s some result.

Their new EP Battle Lines From Better Times has just been released on Scottish punk label Make-That-A-Take and takes the form of four tracks and a fantastic front cover. The cover’s image portrays a robot-costume adorned little boy towering victorious, sword raised to the skies, having just defeated what is now a giant pile of teddy bear and toy carnage! As covers go, it’s pretty special, and was the charming creation of Mark Bell, the artist behind the band’s previous EP The Path Of Least Resistance in 2014, which has an equally immense cover!

The EP’s first track, “I Am A Legend / I Am A Robot,” finely starts proceedings and within the first few moments of hearing this melodic punk gem, you just know you’re on to a winner. It’s tracks like this, just relentlessly and instantly melodic, that catch you off guard the first time you listen and suddenly the search for your next favourite song can, for the time being, be relented! Although once you get past the intoxicating melodies and listen to the lyrics you’ll find that the song is highly introspective. ”I try to make sense of what I know, one door closes another one shows, every now and then I try to look around, good times don’t last forever’s what I’ve found”. As we all get older, the realisation of not being around forever becomes ever clearer, and “I Am A Legend / I Am A Robot” covers the topic with aplomb!

Next up is “All That Got Hurt Was Feelings” with a simmering intro that promises to be a much harder edged song and remains so until the chorus; which, similarly to “I Am A Legend / I Am A Robot,” grabs you by the cajones and has you humming it five hours later in the car, and this is seemingly non-negotiable. The song’s subject matter is all about regret and hope, with lyrics like “These words won’t change anything I know to be true, it’s way to late for me to explain, now I know what I gotta do”. If you’ve ever been in a failing relationship then these words should be as relatable to you as they are subjective to the writer.

The remainder of the EP absolutely follows in kind. “Poacher Turned Gamekeeper,” a song about dispensing knowledgeable advice is again pretty much a flawless melodic punk song, as is final track “Overkill Is Underrated.” This EP review took slightly longer to write than usual as someone decided to ram into this writer’s car causing a whole heap of delays and problems but that resulted in the EP being listened to many, many times over and each of the four tracks has, at one point, been the favourite of the four. Right now it’s “Overkill Is Underrated” but that will have changed again by the time you’re reading this; making this EP exactly the kind you need in your life!

While Sink Alaska’s infectious blend of cross Atlantic 90’s punk rock stems from influences that are patently obvious, they manage where some fail in the genre, with making their songs memorable, thought provoking and not just another collection of songs about how girls are, like, so lame! I can’t stress enough how good a melodic punk EP this is, equally as good as anything in the genre I’ve heard in a good long while.

As Mark Bell was again chosen to illustrate the band’s cover art, similarly the band decided to keep the same producer from previous effort The Path Of Least Resistance with the illustrious Chris Gordon, from Baby Chaos and Deckard fame, taking the production helm and making the whole thing sound fantastic!

If you’re after punk rock with choruses so catchy that they will remain with you, like a ghostly pal, who long after you’ve taken the headphones from your ears, will every now and then softly whisper in your ear and say ”Fancy listening to that Sink Alaska EP again, mate” (but maybe that’s just me…) then this is the very EP for you. It’s expertly produced, lyrically life-affirming and is proper melodic punk rock with real soul, heart and meaning; with just a sprinkling of masterpiece cover art.

One thing you take from the EP’s lyrics are that our moments in life are fleeting and short, but the silver lining to that sad fact is, so are most punk rock songs! Highly recommended!

5 / 5

Premiere: Stream upcoming Sink Alaska EP “Battle Lines From Better Times”

Take heed melodic punk fans! Scottish punks Sink Alaska will be releasing their new EP Battle Lines from Better Times on March 1st via Make That A Take Records but you don’t have to wait until then to hear it! Stream that bad boy in its entirety below.

Battle Lines from Better Times will be the band’s first release since 2014′s Double A-Side 7″. Pre-order it here.

Billy Liar streaming benefit split with Paper Rifles

Edinburgh, Scotland solo folk punk act Billy Liar is streaming his split with Paper Rifles  in its entirety. The split benefits Refugee Survival Trust. The RST was set up in 1996 as a reaction to the problem of refugees and asylum claimants being made destitute in Scotland. Grants made by the RST either alleviate poverty and destitution, or help refugees and asylum claimants to overcome obstacles in accessing educational and employment opportunities.

You can stream the split below.

The release is available digitally and on CD, and released via three awesome, independent Scottish labels, Make That A Take Records (Dundee), Anti-Manifesto (Edinburgh) and Struck Dum Records (Aberdeen). Billy Liar released his newest live record, Lies Lied Live on on Sept. 11 through Make-That-A-Take Records. Paper Rifles released Live at Tape Studio on Sept. 15.

Stonethrower stream debut EP “Swell/Repels”

Dundee, Scotland DIY EMO/Punk act Stonethrower have released their debut EP, Swells/Repels, through Make-That-a-Take Records. You can stream the album below.

The EP will be available on limited edition CD and digital download here.