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Full Album Stream: Zookeeper (Mineral) – ‘Pink Chalk’

Zookeeper, the semi-solo project of Mineral’s Chris Simpson, is streaming their sophomore album Pink Chalk in its entirety. You can give it a listen right here.

Zookeeper will release Pink Chalk on October 14, 2014 via Count Your Lucky Stars. It is the follow up to 2007’s Becoming All Things.

EP Review: Mikey Erg / Warren Franklin – Split

Mikey Erg is a name that needs no introduction to the punk scene. But just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years: Mikey Erg rose to prominence as the drummer and vocalist of The Ergs! before moving on to a million other projects including, but certainly not limited to, House Boat, The Slow Death, Psyched to Die, Worriers, Pale Angels, Short Attention, Star Fucking Hipsters, and sometimes a touring member of The Dopamines. Warren Franklin, on the other hand, is a name that may need an introduction, depending on which parts of the scene you’re hanging out in. He’s primarily known as the vocalist / founding member of Warren Franklin and the Founding Fathers.

Now that you’re familiar with both men, you’re ready for their new, four song split that they just put out together on Count Your Lucky Stars. Erg and Franklin contribute two songs each, one original song, and a cover of the other. Erg starts off his side with a cover of Franklin’s “You’ve Never Heard ‘My Aim Is True’”. If it hadn’t been labeled as a cover, or if you are unfamiliar with the original, as I was prior to listening to this release, it could be understood for mistaking the song as an original. The lyrical framework, from the melodic flow to the name-dropping and references to the likes of Elvis Costello and Brian Wilson, are eerily similar to Erg’s compositions, and the musical structure (which loses the kind of twangy lead of the original, but otherwise remains untouched) wouldn’t sound out of place on any of Erg’s solo, rock-based projects (or even parts of Upstairs/Downstairs). Erg’s second contribution, “Three Cheers for the Liberty Bell” is a hard hitting rock song with a driving guitar progression

Warren Franklin’s side is lighter in tone. His new song for this split, “Please Return”, turns down the distortion that Erg left on, and replaces it with more jangly guitars. Lyrically, however, it doesn’t stray far from the path that was laid down both Erg and Franklin himself in the previous tracks. Anyone who is already familiar with Franklin’s band will enjoy the new material, but it’s also a great starting point for newcomers. The split ends with a cover of the Ergs!’s “See Him Again” (off of the aforementioned Upstairs/Downstairs), which rocks harder than “Please Return”. It’s a pretty faithful cover, but it’s such a great song that it hardly matters that it’s not much different outside of Franklin’s vocals (there is a reason, after all, why the song has become a staple of Erg’s live sets). And much like Erg’s cover, if one were to (somehow) be unfamiliar with the Ergs! version of the song, it would be easy to mistake it as a Franklin original.

Based on these songs, both originals and covers alike, It’s clear that these two complement each other’s songwriting. So much, in fact, that It wouldn’t be surprising if they decide to join forces later in the future, either with Erg joining The Founding Fathers, or just forming a new project together. Or possibly both, it’s hard to know if Erg can ever be satisfied with the amount of bands he’s in. Regardless, this split is an excellent time for everyone involved, the listener included.

4 / 5 Stars

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Full Album Stream: Hightide Hotel – “Naturally”

Philly’s Hightide Hotel are streaming their upcoming album Naturally in its entirety.

You can give it a listen below.

Naturally will be the second and final album from Hightide Hotel. It will be released on September 30, 2014 through Count Your Lucky Stars.

Hightide Hotel stream new song “Vertigo Chamber”

Philly’s Hightide Hotel have just released a new track titled “Vertigo Chamber”. The song will appear on their upcoming album Naturally. You can give it a listen below.

Naturally will be the second and final album from Hightide Hotel. It will be released on September 30, 2014 through Count Your Lucky Stars.

Free Throw stream upcoming album “Those Days Are Gone”

Nashville emo/pop-punk band Free Throw are currently streaming their upcoming album “Those Days Are Gone,” and you can check it out here. If you like what you listen to, you can pre-order the record here.

“Those Days Are Gone” is set to release on September 16th via Count Your Lucky Stars Records and serves as a follow-up to the band’s EP Lavender Town which was released in April.

Joie de Vivre stream new track “April 2009”

Illinois emo group Joie de Vivre are streaming a new track titled “April 2009” and you can stream it, and a few additional JDV tracks, right here.

The aforementioned track will be featured on an upcoming split with Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) which will be released in the near future via Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

The split will be the follow-up to yet another split that Joie de Vivre released in February with New Jersey emo group Prawn on Count Your Lucky Stars and Topshelf Records.

Dowsing (emo) announce fall tour

Chicago-based emo act Dowsing have just announced a fall tour which will go through October and November. You can check out the dates and cities on the flyer above and check below for more specific information on venue locations.

The group’s latest release was a split 7″ with Annabel which was launched May 27th via Count Your Lucky Star Records.

Free Throw (emo/pop-punk) stream new song “Kim Tastie” off upcoming album “Those Days Are Gone”

Nashville emo/pop-punk band Free Throw have released a new sour love song called “Kim Hastie”, a track off their upcoming album Those Days Are Gone. You can stream the song here.

Those Days Are Gone is set to release on September 16th via Count Your Lucky Stars Records and serves as a follow-up to the band’s EP Lavender Town which was released in April.

Free Throw stream new track “Tongue Tied” off upcoming album “Those Days Are Gone”

Pop punk group Free Throw has just released a new song “Tongue Tied.” Check it out here.

“Tongue Tied” is off the band’s upcoming album “Those Days Are Gone” which will be released September 16, 2014 through Count Your Lucky Stars Records. Free Throw will soon be hitting the road with Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), check the full list of dates out below.

Mikey Erg streams new song from upcoming split with Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers

Mikey Erg (The Ergs, Star Fucking Hipsters, Worriers, etc.) is streaming a new track from his upcoming split with Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers. You can give the song, which is a cover of Franklin’s “You’ve Never Heard ‘My Aim Is True’,” a listen below.

The split is set to be released on September 16th through Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

Free Throw stream new song “Two Beers In”

Pop punk group Free Throw has released a stream of a brand new song titled “Two Beers In”. The track will appear on the band’s upcoming album, Those Days Are Gone. You can give the song a listen here.

Free Throw will be releasing Those Days Are Gone on September 16, 2014 through Count Your Lucky Stars Records. It follows the band’s Lavender Town EP, which was released on April 29, 2014.

Mikey Erg announces split 7-inch with Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers

Mikey Erg (The Ergs, Star Fucking Hipsters, Worriers, etc.) has announced he will be releasing a split 7-inch with Illinois rockers Warren Franklin & The Founding Fathers on September 16th through Count Your Lucky Stars Records.

Check out the tracklist below, and stay tuned for updates. Songs from the split are supposedly going up for streaming tomorrow.

Album Review: Calculator- “This Will Come To Pass”

I began listening to Calculator in the hot, humid air of a sunny afternoon.

Certain genres reflect a summer day better than others. The sing-a-long aggression of skate punk and pop punk are the perfect mate to a day walking on hot asphalt. Its anger is tempered by infectious melodies and is almost always of the righteous variety. We’re mad, and well, fuck yeah, we’re mad!  But screamo doesn’t like to go outside unless the wind is chill or the ground is frozen. Its cold, distant, and misanthropic and as far away from fun in the sun as it can be. So, as the heat comes and the longboards take over the sidewalk, screamo goes out of season.

Waiting in the hot sun for the bus while abrasive screams and chaotic drums fill my ears only multiplies the dissonance. But, Calculator’s This Will Come To Pass isn’t a bad album despite being an odd match for the weather. The songs boast Touche Amore influence, and for that matter a strong emotional delivery that’s consistent with The Wave and its luminaries. It feels more classical in a lot of ways though. As if Calculator started at square one and from there ended up at a similar place with subtle differences.

Calculator is best when they provide their hardcore bursts with a hook. As is the case with most hardcore, these hooks are more likely to be rhythmic rather than melodic, as in the measured cadence of “Gasping But Somehow Still Alive.” But, Calculator doesn’t exactly shy away from melody either, using ghostly ‘ooo’s’ as background vocals on “Becoming Whisperings.” The lack of strict adherence to form is probably one of my favorite parts of This Will Come To Pass. It actually reminds me a lot of Comadre, a similarly rooted, yet sonically different band that also thrives on experimentation.

“Permanent State of Daylight” is an explosive track that shows off the brutality inherent in Calculator’s sound. Its chaotic as all hell, but still manages to slip in some vocal melody amongst the screams. Further heaviness is also explored in the final track, “Last Breath” which hangs its muscle on a plodding, metallic riff before descending into static feedback. Calculator’s sonic range is something to admire; they have a way of making old sounds vital again through creative, no-limits musicianship. But when the band does fall back on the old cliches, its all the more frustrating. There’s enough emo-arpeggios in here to make you wish the genre wasn’t so sonically homogenous.

Calculator’s music also makes you wish they were as unafraid to dabble in sonic palettes as they are in sonic ideas. At the end of the day, it has the same tones as any other screamo record out there. For a genre so obsessed with emotion, and more so the volcanic expression of, you’d think more bands would try to close the distance between the cold, trebly screeches of their instruments with the raw humanity of their messages.

This Will Come To Pass reminds me that there’s still a snarl at the heart of punk rock. While surely abrasive, the music is packed with enough ideas that it doesn’t just pulverize the listener with a wall of sound. While there’s plenty of exploration to be found, Calculator could have gone even further and written a record that transcended good, and landed squarely on defining. This Will Come To Pass remains an interesting and exciting record though, even if it is late to hibernation.

3.5/5 Stars

Album Review: Annabel / Dowsing – split

Annabel and Dowsing, on first impression, may have you thinking — ‘Oh, another set in the emo-revival’ — but just one track in, from either, and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. There’s no superficial layer of glean over their music and this enhances the already warm sound of each instrument, including some downright passionate vocals surrounded by crashing drums, twinkling guitars and powerful bass-work that oddly, fits in. Both bands have this familiar spine to them but they offer enough differentiation that gives the other space to breathe, wander and roam with musical sentimentality. One thing’s certain and that’s this – these are two of the more solid bands in the genre of indie-DIY-twinkly rock.

Annabel is more atmospheric and spaced out, reminiscent of early Jimmy Eat World. Rolling drums build to a huge, rocking payoff in “Always” giving a sweet overwhelming feel to it. The guitars have a wicked Interpol vibe to them which neatly accentuate the higher-pitched background vocals in the chorus. Conversely, the punk fit in “Forever” is quite shocking and angry. Dynamic drumming mask the earnest toll behind the vocal approach here which makes the song slightly more enjoyable than the description might sound. It’s loud yet romantic and did I mention, fucking raging? They dance from a more subdued sound with quiet vocals meshing into softly galloping drums and simple keyboards on the former before employing a more dramatic kickass feel in the latter song. Great contrast.

Dowsing, as seen with last year’s I Don’t Even Care Anymore, ring the same way with a sense of longing, ambition, intensity, and a vast yet simple sound. The rhythm section is positively heavy, the drums crashing and the bass thundering on “Fistful of Hot Wheels” and reminds the listener of the potential bubbling just underneath the surface. They’re so consistently good at the indie-emo craft. Other than the improved production, there aren’t many discernible differences between these songs and the old versions they churned out. “World’s Finest Chocolate” is another great highlight courtesy of Dowsing. It serves as a great table-setter for the record’s bouts of twinkling, intricate guitar work and incredibly impressive drumming. They utilize huge, often choral-esque background vocals to great effect in songs, adding a grand feel to otherwise minimal compositions. The assorted “whoa”s and “oh”s and “ah”s adorn the atmospheric feel of the back-up vocals so well, although they’re not as present on this album as times before. They sprinkle bits of whimsical, jingle bell-laden points here and there too for good measure but it still sticks that Dowsing doesn’t want to or need to vary their sound that much to impact.

As far as gripes go, there aren’t many to be had as the four songs on tap do tend to run together with a positive trait. Seamlessly so. These bands are not quite there yet, but there’s no doubt that big things loom. This split screams how much promise lingers.

4/5 Stars

Video: Dowsing perform acoustic version of “World’s Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” for Couch King sessions


Chicago-based emo band Dowsing has posted a new acoustic video of their song  “Worlds Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” for Couch King sessions at the link below.

The song appears on a split 7″ with Annabel which was released May 27th on Count Your Lucky Star Records.