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The Warning Shots stream new song “Closer, Closer” off upcoming album, Tonight!

Boston punk band The Warning Shots are streaming a brand new single off of their upcoming album, Tonight!. The song is called “Closer, Closer” and it is currently up for free streaming on the band’s Bandcamp page. You can check it out below.

The full album is scheduled for release sometime in early 2017, so stay tuned for the details.

Bryan McPherson announces open-ended tour of US and Canada

For the bulk of the month of December, Boston native, California-based singer/songwriter Bryan McPherson will be working his way eastward from his current home to his birthplace just in time for the holidays (featuring what should be a pretty epic hometown New Year’s Eve throwdown). From there, he’ll spend much of January and early February on the road in Canada and the northeastern portion of the US before working his way down to the Carolinas. Check out details of the open-ended tour below; chances are, he’s coming your way!

Yours truly has been somewhat shamelessly plugging the great McPherson whenever he gets the chance, and still finds McPherson’s latest (and undeniably greatest) album, “Wedgewood,” to be truly stellar. “Wedgewood” was self-released on McPherson’s OFD Records last year; stream/buy it here.

The Warning Shots stream new song “Something Going On”

Boston-area punks The Warning Shots are streaming a new song called “Something Going On.”

You can check it out below.

“Something Going On” comes from an upcoming split 7″ that the band will be announcing more details on soon.  The band is gearing up to release a bunch of new vinyl, including splits, a repressing of their first two EPs, and their newest full length LP.  So stay tuned for more info on these releases as they come.

State Line Records to release Ducky Boys “Dark Days” and The Pinkerton Thugs “The End Of An Era” on vinyl

If we’re all on the same page here (and I take it that we are), we can all agree that the mid-to-late 1990’s were the Golden Age of street punk in the greater Boston area. (Okay, maybe a strong Silver Age at worst.) Two of that Age’s quintessential albums are finally making their way to vinyl for the very first time, thanks to our friends (friend?) at State Line Records.

As the cover photo indicates, one of those releases is “Dark Days,” the sophomore album from The Ducky Boys, initially released in 1998 on GMM Records. The other release is none-other than “The End Of An Era” from Ducky Boys’ friends and frequent collaborators The Pinkerton Thugs (who I guess were technically from southern Maine, but that still counts as greater Boston for purposes of this writing). “The End Of An Era” was initially released on Go-Kart Records in mid-2000, more than a year after it was recorded (and a few months after the band first broke up).

Both albums are in the process of being mastered for vinyl as we speak. Stay tuned for more release information (including pre-order details) as it becomes available. In the meantime, refresh your Ducky Boys/Pinkerton Thugs memories below!

State Line Records releases “Boston’s Burning – Vol. One” compilation (The Ducky Boys, Rebuilder, Trophy Lungs and more)

Pretty awesome new compilation is now available from the good folks (folk, really) at State Line Records. It’s called Boston’s Burning – Vol. 1, and it features a bunch of bands that call Boston’s underground scene home. Music from The Ducky Boys, Rebuilder, Trophy Lungs, The Warning Shots, Diablogato, The Old Edison, Blood Stained Brindle and a bunch more are included. And the best part? You can download it for whatever price you feel is right, though the disclaimer on the site actually encourages you to pay nothing. Who doesn’t like nothing?!?

Check out Boston’s Burning – Vol. 1 below!

Bryan McPherson announces details of hometown Boxing Day Blowout shows

If you live in the greater Boston area and you haven’t seen Bryan McPherson  blow the roof off any of the area’s show-going establishments, you’ve really done yourself a disservice. Astute readers will recall out rundown of a particularly special night at the Midway Cafe back in June.

Anyway, the folk-punk troubadour has announced preliminary details behind a couple of hometown holiday shows that’ll take place at the very same Midway. Dubbed the Boxing Day Blowout due to the event taking place the day after Christmas, there are actually two shows lined up; a 4pm all ages matinee that features Jenn Lombari (Lucky United), Carissa Johnson and, of course, OC45. Tickets are here. That’ll be followed by a 21+ show that kicks off at 9pm, and features Matt Charette, Time & Place and Live Nude Girls…and it wouldn’t be unlike McPherson to play another barn-burner of a set until the wee hours. Tickets for that one are here.

McPherson is presently touring the Pacific Northwest in support of his latest (and undeniably greatest) album, “Wedgewood,” which was self-released on his OFD Records earlier this year; stream/buy it here. While you’re at it here’s the sitdown we did with McPherson in advance of that album.

Dying Scene Session: Bryan McPherson performs “Burn It Down” and “Wasted World”


Super stoked to bring you the latest and greatest installment of the Dying Scene Sessions. Today,we present to you a couple of raw, stripped down tracks from the great Bryan McPherson. We caught up with the Bostonian-turned-Californian songwriter not long after he wrapped a full US tour  with UK-based protest-punker and kindred spirit Louise Distras this summer.

Check out Bryan McPherson performing his tracks “Burn It Down” and “Wasted World” below. Both tracks are available on McPherson’s self-released (via his own OFD Records) album “Wedgewood,” which came out back in June. You can obtain your own copy here.

DS Photo Gallery: Bryan McPherson and Louise Distras, The Midway Cafe, Boston (6/12/15)

Something special happened at the Midway Cafe last Friday.

The gritty, sorta-out-of-the-way bar in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston played home to both a triumphant welcoming party for an out-of-towner, and a tour de force welcome home for a native son.

UK folk-punk songwriter Louise Distras, of course, is the former. Playing just her second-ever show in the United States (following only the previous night’s tour kickoff in Portland, Maine), Distras is serving as direct support on Bostonian-turned-Californian Bryan McPherson‘s tour in support of his stellar new album, Wedgewood. The two are essentially flip-flopping roles from last month’s UK/European tour that saw Distras headlining, at times with a three-piece band. The direct support role can be an especially tricky thing, particularly in a headliners hometown, but Distras was quick to lay waste to whatever jitters may have been present, commanding the stage from note one. Boston has a thing for music that features honest, raw, working-class struggles, all of which is right in Distras’ wheelhouse, as evidenced by her own stellar new album, Dreams From The Factory Floor (Pirates Press Records). Though plagued through the first few songs by persistent technical difficulties, the dynamic Distras powered through, playing a few truly unplugged tracks and winning over fans in the process.

But the night, obviously, belonged to McPherson. Hometown crowds are generally known for their overly supportive nature, but Boston crowds can also be a notoriously fickle, vocal lot. By the time McPherson took the stage at around 11:30pm, (Hippie Hour, which preceded this show at the Midway, ran long…who’d imagine hippies would have issues with time management), the sold-out crowd was more than join the ride. McPherson cut his teeth busking in and around the Boston area, and spent some time on the road with other acoustic troubadours like Tim Barry and Cory Branan over the years. While McPherson may not be quite the name that Barry or Branan are at this point, he’s sure to meet or surpass those two (editors note: if you’re familiar with my musical tastes through reading this site, you understand that any comparisons to Tim Barry or Cory Branan are high praise and not just bandied about) in short order, based both on the strength of Wedgewood and on McPherson’s command of a crowd.

This particular crowd featured McPherson’s parents, a slew of other scene regulars, and friends McPherson has made along the way. The set was a virtual marathon, a two-hour epic slugfest that spanned McPherson’s career, focusing heavily on both Wedgewood (released on his own OFD Records) and his last album, American Boy, American Girl (2023, State Line Records). While there was plenty of banter to go around — McPherson is a Dorchester Irishman, of course — the socially conscious, politically firebrand music and the camaraderie were the focal point, particularly as McPherson made repeat visits to the venue floor to join the troops, rather than merely to rally them on. The crowd returned the favor, joining McPherson on stage for a raucous, set-closing cover of the Rancid classic, “Olympia, WA.”

Local support on this night came from local acts CE Skidmore and Time And Place. Skidmore is one-third of awesomely-named acoustic punk act Live Nude Girls, though she was essentially flying solo on this night, joined for only one song by fellow Nude Girl Aria Rad. Time And Place are a four- (and sometimes five-)piece sort of highly-enjoyable folk/punk/shanty/pub rock band along the lines of a less-drunken, Bostonian Skinny Lister. Both performed well-received sets that kicked off the show in fine fashion, getting the room fired up (figuratively of course, but almost literally based on the venue’s internal temperature) in advance of the tour mates.

Check out our photo gallery from the evening below.

New Music: Bryan McPherson debuts “Burn It Down” from upcoming album “Wedgewood”

Sorta slept on this one at the end of last week, but there’s no time like the present, right?

Boston-turned-California folk troubadour Bryan McPherson has debuted a brand new song called “Burn It Down.” It appears on his forthcoming album, “Wedgewood,” and you can check it out here. As you may recall, McPherson talked at length about some of the album’s recurring themes (namely smoke and fire and burning) in our recent interview.

“Wedgewood” is due out June 10th via McPherson’s own OFD Records. Pre-orders are still available here. His last album, 2012’s “American Boy / American Girl,” was released by State Line Records.

DS Interview: Bryan McPherson on new album “Wedgewood,” being banned by Disney, and the toils of being an activist folk punk

Photo credit: EA Zimmerman

It would be easy to start a story about Bryan McPherson by understating the fact that he’s had an interesting last couple of years. In three years since the Boston-turned-California folk-punk songwriter released his sophomore album, American Boy / American Girl (State Line Records), McPherson has toured the US with fellow solo acts like Tim Barry and Cory Branan, toured Canada with the duo Winnie Brave, opened for Dropkick Murphys in something like ten different countries, spent some time living in a hut in an activist camp in northern California, gotten a fair amount of traction for writing a song about Kelly Thomas (a mentally ill man killed by police in Fullerton, California) and has been rather infamously been banned from playing at venues affiliated with the omnipresent Walt Disney Company.

And yet, stating that McPherson’s had an interesting couple of years says less about what he’s been up to recently and more about the fact that just maybe, you haven’t been paying attention until recently. McPherson cut his teeth in the subways and small clubs in Boston. Though he’s equal parts punk and folk, and though that crossover scene has unquestionably exploded over the last handful of years, McPherson plugged away for years before ever catching serious traction in either genre. “In the punk scene, (this sort of thing) was nonexistent,” McPherson tells me as we meet up at a coffee shop in Dorchester, the notoriously gritty, blue collar neighborhood located south of the financial hub that is the center of downtown Boston. “I got involved on the folk side of things at Club Passim (in nearby Cambridge)…but I was a little too punk for that crowd, so I never really fit in anywhere.” While he was too punk for the folk crowd, McPherson’s acoustic firebrand tendencies fell on deaf ears in the punk world in the early goings. “It’s ironic,” says McPherson, “because punk, where it’s supposed to be this rebellious, free-thinking thing ends up getting rigid. (This is) supposed to be this ting that breaks through lines!

For myriad reasons that are perhaps best left to discuss in other areas, Boston can be a bit of a fickle place to come up as an artist. A handful of years ago, McPherson headed west. He wrote American Boy / American Girl half in Boston, half in his new home state of California. The Golden State has a way of calming people, of ‘chilling out’ those whose East Coast tendencies have them wound perhaps a hair or ten too tight. Yet when it came time to write the follow-up to American Boy / American Girl, McPherson found more than enough material to stoke his fires, literally and figuratively. “I was sleeping in this hut in Northern California on an activist center/ranch in the mountains…where I did the ‘pre-production’ for the album,” says McPherson. “There was a big wood stove in the hut that I was in that was called a Wedgewood, so that’s where I got the title from.”

Not exactly a protest album in the stereotypical sense, Wedgewood, due out June 10th on McPherson’s own OFD Records, is full of sometimes violent imagery of “wood, friction, burning, fire, smoke.” McPherson has spent more than a decade telling the plight of the working man, railing on injustice and intolerance and the power structure. While those themes are still front and center on Wedgewood, McPherson indicates that the times, they are a-changin’. “This record is kind of putting to rest my anger in a lot of ways,” he notes in a tone that is both cautious and insightful. “At some point, (anger is) just fucking useless. It burns you up. You can use the fire, but you’ve got to be careful because it can fucking use you too.”

McPherson initially shopped Wedgewood through traditional label routes, but found the process becoming increasingly unnecessary. As a result, he went the Kickstarter route, turning to crowd-funding to get the album produced. He set a bit of an ambitious goal, and had to wait nervously by to see how realistic that goal was. The result? “We hit the goal in five days,” says McPherson, “twenty-five days ahead of schedule.” While initially met with some trepidation about the Herculean effort involved with self-releasing an album in digital, CD and vinyl formats, McPherson seems relieved at how well the process has gone. “No one is going to work as hard as you are at this level. I don’t want to half-ass it, and I don’t want to hand it off to someone who’s going to half-ass it.”

McPherson is presently in the midst of a tour of the UK and mainland Europe with fellow anarcho-folk-punker Louise Distras. When the month-long run ends, the duo will flip-flop support and headlining roles and come to the US for a month’s worth of dates in support of both of their new albums (Distras’ Dreams From The Factory Floor was released in the US on 5/5/15 on Pirates Press Records). The razor-sharp acid tongue that has been McPherson’s trademark is still very much present on Wedgewood, and should continue to make for raucous, albeit at times confrontational, crowds wherever he plays. A song like “Kelly Thomas,” for example, which tells the entirely true tale of an unarmed homeless, schizophrenic man beaten to death by police officers in Fullerton, California, several years ago. The police officers were subsequently acquitted of any wrongdoing. Sound all-too familiar? The subject matter struck a nerve in front of a Long Island crowd on one of McPherson’s recent shows opening for his hometown buds in the Dropkick Murphys. “I look around and half the crowd is police officers or in the military,” recounts McPherson. “I know it’s going to be rough, but I just said ‘fuck it’ and played it anyway.” The result? “They fucking booed me. And they were just shitty. But it ended up being a really good performance…I didn’t take it laying down!” You see, the song is not anti-police; it’s anti-brutality, and pro-change. There’s a big difference.

If you’re going to try to make an omelet, you’re undoubtedly going to crack more than your fair share of eggs. “You can’t do this and say the kinds of things that end up in the songs I write without having to expect a backlash,” says McPherson. Perhaps the biggest backlash came recently, when McPherson was banned from opening for the Dropkicks during a recent show at the House of Blues in Disney-owned Anaheim, due to material that was considered anti-police and overly political (editor’s note: repeated inquiries to the Disney people resulted in a giant wild goose chase that ultimately proved fruitless). Did some of us overblow that whole thing? “At first I was like appalled, but then I thought, this is a cool thing!” says McPherson, rather triumphantly. “I’m glad to be banned by Disney! I don’t like Disney. I don’t like Disney movies. I’ve never liked Disney since I was a fucking child. I’ve always thought it was cheesy, fake bullshit, so to be banned by them, that must be good!”

Read our whole Q&A with McPherson below. We cover an awful lot of ground, as a couple of former Dorchester residents are wont to do over coffee (or tea, in this case). Wedgewood is due out on June 10th via McPherson’s OFD Records. Pre-orders are available here.

Bryan McPherson announces more European tourdates with Brit songstress Louise Distras

Bryan McPherson will be bringing his politically-charged, vocally powerful acoustic/punk act to venues across Europe, and you can find all of the tour dates below.  McPherson’s new full-length release, Wedgewood, will drop shortly after his return stateside, on June 10th.

McPherson will be on the road with British singer/songwriter Louise Distras, who most recently released an EP called Bullets in January of this year.

Ramallah and Sinners & Saints stream new tracks off upcoming split “Back From the Land of Nod”

Two songs off the upcoming Ramallah/Sinners & Saints split “Back From the Land of Nod” are now available for streaming. Check out Ramallah’s “Here We Are” and Sinners & Saints “When We Were Young” below.

The album is set for April 28th release through State Line Records and is available for pre-order here.

Pre-orders announced for Ramallah/Sinners & Saints split 12-inch

Pretty awesome news from the Brothers Lind of the Boston punk community!

For the first time in more than a decade, Blood For Blood/Ramallah/Sinners & Saints founder and songwriter Rob Lind has got new material coming out. His hardcore/metal outfit, Ramallah, will be releasing a split-12″ album with Sinners & Saints, the gutter rock project that he shares time in with his brother Mark (also of Ducky Boys/Warning Shots fame).

The split will be available for pre-order through here at State Line Records starting next Wednesday, April 1st (so let’s hope this isn’t just a big, elaborate hoax). It’ll be available in ten different vinyl colors, and features three new songs from each band. Check out a teaser video below!

The Warning Shots stream two tracks from upcoming “Volume 2” EP; announce split with Stray Bullets

We’ve got a couple stories from Boston-area punks The Warning Shots gift-wrapped into one tidy little package for you this Hump Day evening.

First and foremost, the band are streaming two new tracks from their upcoming EP, “Volume 2.” They’re called “Make Your Move” and “Your Lost Faith,” and you can check them out here. Not presently streaming but also featured on the EP is The Warning Shots’ cover of Rancid’s Brad Logan! If you’re so inclined, you can pre-order the digital EP at the same link. “Volume 2” is due out March 3rd via Warning Shots frontman Mark Lind (Ducky Boys, Sinners & Saints) and his State Line Records label.

Meanwhile, plans are coming together for an upcoming split 7-inch with fellow Boston punks (and Dying Scene Records‘s own) Stray Bullets. According to posts on their respective Facebook pages, both bands have the songs for their forthcoming release written and are slated to hit the studio to record them in the very near future. Stay tuned!

The Warning Shots’ last EP, “Six To Midnight,” was released back in 2013, also on State Line.


Bryan McPherson and Louise Distras announce German/Austrian tour dates

Good news, Europeans…or at least Germans and Austrians at this point. Bryan McPherson and Louise Distras are teaming up for a few weeks worth of tour dates through your neck of the proverbial woods.

Their tag-team kicks off May 2nd in Ausburg, Germany, and is presently scheduled to wrap up May 19th in Cottbus. More dates are due to be announced soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out the rundown below.

McPherson is due to release a new full-length, “Wedgewood,” in the near future, thanks in part to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Oh, and he’s the “Banned By Disney” guy. Distras, meanwhile, released a limited run EP called  “Bullets” earlier this week. If there are any left, you can get one here.