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Mean Jeans release video for “Croozin'”

Portland based pop-punk group Mean Jeans have released a video for the song “Croozin'” and you can watch it, as well as check out some upcoming tour dates, below.

The song comes off of their most recent album “Tight New Dimension” which came out this past April via Fat Wreck Chords.

The video is crazy. It consists of rollerblades, spandex, and Surge wrapped in a total 90’s feel. Not only is the song good, but the video fits it perfectly.

The band’s previous release was a compilation album titled “Singles Collection” in March of 2015 through Dirtnap Records and the band’s last proper full-length album was 2012′s “On Mars”.

Album Review: Mind Spiders – “Prosthesis”

When you’ve been in the game as long as Mark Ryan has, you can pretty much do whatever you want.  As one of the founding members of influential garage punk band The Marked Men, a major creative force in the similar but darker group Radioactivity, and many other projects, he has definitely become a master of creating memorable and ridiculously catchy lo-fi punk tunes.  And he has no plans on slowing down.  With Prosthesis, Ryan’s constantly evolving “solo” project Mind Spiders returns for their 4th album of synth heavy garage punk.

The boys from The Marked Men seem to be getting darker and darker with each new album they put out, no matter the group.  Last years’ Silent Kill from Radioactivity was the perfect blend of poppy melodies and dark atmosphere all wrapped up in their signature garage sound.  But that album still had its brighter songs.  Prosthesis takes the next step, with the whole album giving off a gloomy vibe from start to finish.  The synths and guitar play off each other with minor and dissonant chord passages that create a sense of unease.   The band is still able to pull the songs together and come out with something catchy and memorable.

Synthesizer is featured very prominently on the album.  In some songs, it is the driving force, while in others, it serves just to create a bit more atmosphere.  Songs like “No Filter” and “Prosthesis” use the synths to lay out the main melodies of the song, while the guitar backs them up and drums keep the song moving along.  “Running” on the other hand features very little, if any, synth and relies on the guitar strumming away at power chords and haunting vocals to create what is probably the catchiest song on the album.  “Cold” uses a similar outline but has great moments in the verses when the guitar cuts out and the synth comes in to accentuate the tone of the song.

The synth heavy nature of the album might turn some people off.  Some of the songs might come off as cheesy to some, like the robotic beeps and boops of “Split in Two.”  But underneath it all, this is most definitely a Mark Ryan album, and fans will know what they are going to get: a strong songwriting foundation with familiar garage punk staples and some not so familiar changes and experimentation that prove that Mind Spiders are at the top of their game.

4.5 / 5 Stars

Mind Spiders stream new song off upcoming album “Prosthesis”

Fort Worth psych-rockers Mind Spiders are streaming the title track off of their upcoming album Prosthesis. You can give it a listen here.

The band previously released two other tracks from the album, both of which can be heard below.

Prosthesis is scheduled for release on March 12th through Dirtnap Records.

DS Staff Picks – The Torchbearer’s Top 10 Albums of 2015

Well hello there.  I’m Jerry, and I’ve been writing stories for Dying Scene for the past couple years.  You may have also seen some of my album reviews pop up from time to time this year.  2015 has been an awesome year in music.  I discovered so many new bands that I’ve given up trying to keep count.  Old and new favorites put out new albums this year, and the shows I went to were incredible (FEST FEST FEST!)  Somehow I managed to take the 75 or so potential albums I’ve liked this year and narrow that down to my 10 favorites.  Take a gander below!

Album Review: Nervosas – “Nervosas”

Nervosas occupies a space between hardcore punk and post-punk.  It’s a space that is getting filled in with a lot of bands recently, and Nervosas seems to be leading that pack.  Their newest self-titled album is a perfect example of when a band spends years crafting and perfecting their sound, and then releases something that features all the best they have to offer.  This is their strongest and most cohesive release to date, and may be the perfect representation of this rising dark punk subgenre.

Things get off to a quick start with “Moral Panic.”  This one is a rager with urgent vocals, tight, fast drums, and guitar that switches effortlessly between power chords and riffs.  No other songs quite hit the speed and ferocity of this first one, but they come close, like on “Temporary Address,” and “Refinery.”  When they are not going full throttle, the band keeps things mid-tempo and lets the tone they create shine through.

The tone of the songs, and of the album as a whole, is just as important as the content of the songs themselves.  The guitar is somehow bright and dark at the same time.  Chorus and reverb effects give it a shimmer, but distortion and minor and diminished chords dull that shimmer enough to keep everything nice and dark.  It’s like a beefed up version of an 80’s post-punk bands’ sound.   The drums are tight throughout and the bass is dark and punchy as well.  All of this is behind spooky male lead vocals and backup female vocals that mix very well.

Nervosas also shakes things up in a few tracks to keep things from getting stale.  “The Well” is danceable with its syncopated guitar and bouncy drums.  The closing track “Quarantine” serves as a cool down from the madness the band has taken you through so far.  It’s a slower jam where the guitar is more spacey and the vocals are crooned.

Nervosas is actually the second self-titled album released by the band.  The first one was kind of a compilation of everything they’d done up until that point.  And while I love that record, it sometimes can come across as sounding like a collection of songs rather than a cohesive album.  This newest self-titled release doesn’t come across that way, flowing smoothly from beginning to end.  The only problem with that is it’s easy to get caught up in it, only to have it end much too soon.

5/5 Stars

Nervosas stream new self titled album

Ohio dark punk act Nervosas are streaming their upcoming self-titled album in its entirety and you can check it out here.

The new self-titled LP is due out on July 10 through Dirtnap Records.  Nervosas’ last release was a different self-titled album, which was released in June 2013 via Let’s Pretend Records.

Nervosas streaming new song “Parallels,” announce North American tour dates

Ohio punk act Nervosas are streaming a new song “Parallels” off their upcoming self-titled LP, which is due out on July 10 through Dirtnap Records. In addition, they have announced North American tour dates.

You can stream the song via Viking’s Choice below.

The band are touring North America in support of the release.

Radioactivity (members of Marked Men) stream new album “Silent Kill,” announce summer tour

Texas’ Radioactivity (featuring Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan of Marked Men) have made their new album Silent Kill available for streaming, in addition to announcing a summer North American tour in support of its release.

Give the album a listen and check out the tour dates below.

Silent Kill is set to release next Tuesday, June 30th through Dirtnap Records.

“Slime Time: A Punk Rock Bundle” compiles punk rock releases for charity

The awesome folks over at Groupees just released “Slime Time,” a bundle of 10 punk rock releases featuring the bands Mean Jeans (pictured), Iron Chic, Brutal Youth, Blowfuse, Not On Tour, Straightline, Biffers, Lay It On The Line, and Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party.  The bundle includes different price points that will get you some or all of the releases included, with the proceeds benefiting the Soles4Souls charity.  Check out the bundle here, and pick yourself up some new music while helping out a great cause.

Album Review: The Splits – “II”

The Splits are a Finnish punk rock band. They keep things simple. They like The Spits. They also reportedly enjoy The Slits. As implied by the title of their new album, II is their second full length album. It’s also their second untitled album. Like I said, they keep things simple.

Much like their (alleged) namesakes, The Splits have a lo-fi, garagey quality to their music. Like all great garage rock, there’s a contrast between the soothing melodies and rough and raw vocals, working together instead of against each other. Sometimes II gets a little surfy, and sometimes it has a bit of new wave flavor, but it never strays so far that it reaches the point of no return. II is the kind of album that sounds equally good in a basement as it would while cruising to the beach.

Further evidence that The Splits keep things simple: II is short, breezing through 9 tracks in just about 25 minutes. That’s not to say that this is a band or album for simpletons, or that it’s any worse for it, but it does help to illustrate that The Splits are not a flashy band, nor are they much for gimmicks. They’re not looking to convince anyone to listen to them based on anything except for their music. Which is fine, because the music is pretty good.

3.5 / 5 – Listen to II below.

RIYL: The Spits, White Lung, The Marked Men

Full Album Stream: The Splits (Garage-punk) – “The Splits II”

Finnish garage punk act The Splits released their second self-titled LP earlier this week. If it somehow slipped past you, don’t fret: you can give a listen below.

The Splits released The Splits II on April 21, 2015 via Dirtnap Records. It is the follow up to the band’s first LP, The Splits, which was released in 2012.

Sonic Avenues release music video for “Teenage Brain”

Montreal garage punk act, Sonic Avenues, have released the music video for their song “Teenage Brain.”

You can watch it below.

Sonic Avenues released their album “Mistakes” was released on April 15, 2014 through Dirtnap Records.

Full Album Stream: Steve Adamyk Band – “Dial Tone”

Ontario pop-punks The Steve Adamyk Band are streaming their new album Dial Tone in its entirety, and you can give it a listen below.

The record was released last month through Dirtnap Records. Digital copies are available on the label’s Bandcamp page for 7 bucks.

Neighborhood Brats streaming new single “Total Dementia”

LA punks Neighborhood Brats have released a new single called “Total Dementia” from their upcoming 7-inch, which is due out tomorrow on Dirtnap Records. Check the song out below, and head over here to pre-order the 7-inch.

The band aims to follow up with a full length album sometime later this year.

The Exploding Hearts remembered, covers project of “Guitar Romantic”

Venerable Portland, OR garage-punk act The Exploding Hearts, who tragically lost three of it’s four members in a van accident a mere four months after their breakthrough album Guitar Romantic was released in 2003, have been profiled in a new article in Portland alternative weekly the Willamette Week. The article features a rare new interview with surviving member Terry Six, as well as an oral history of the short-lived band.

You can check out the article by clicking here.

In addition, the Willamette Week is putting together a Guitar Romantic covers project, where the bands most inspired by the Exploding Hearts cover the tracks from the album. They’ve posted the first video, of the Cry! doing “Modern Kicks.”

You can check out that video by clicking here.