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Album Review: The Dirty Mugs – “Wildfire”

East Grand Record Company do an amazing job releasing a diverse amount of bands and music whom are relevant to the punk rock scene. The band I am covering today is a fantastic folk and punk act out of the back woods of Eastern Oklahoma called The Dirty Mugs. Their fusion of punk rock and folk music is like none other as they they make an effort to create their own sound while staying true to their punk rock roots. What automatically comes to mind is a mix of Chuck Reagan, and rockabilly greats, the Cramps, and you can certainly hear some inspiration from the Pogues, as well.

“Wildfire” brings a certain breed of energy that you seldom hear these days. For example, the first song off the record, “Dance With Me” is a high speed folk punk track that starts the album off with a fantastic tone. The anthemic “SGAF” is another gem that is accompanied by a melody you would here from a punk rock band. As I stated earlier, the Dirty Mugs are no stranger to trying new things and expanding their musical diversity while in “O’Death”, the intro sounds like a gospel song which is eventually followed by catchy guitar licks that you would hear in a band such as the Kings of Nuthin’ as well as an accordion. I really can’t complain about a band who goes out of their way to add different elements of music to keep the listener surprised and in suspense of the next song.

A personal favorite, “Row” is a pick me up type song that makes you want to put on your dancing shoes, and dance in a circle at one of their shows. If you are interested in more roots based songs (plenty of which are on this record), I would suggest hitting the track button to “Woodsfolk” or “As close as It Gets”. The explosive “Bomb Caravan” is a socially conscious track that makes you want to pump your fist with, as well. The album ends with “Expect Resistance” which is a perfect ending to the sixteen track powerhouse known as “Wildfire”. Its a short but sweet song that gives “Wildfire” the edge it needs. Overall, this is great album with roots based influences mixed with the energy of a punk rock band. I highly recommend this album to anybody who is a fan of true folk punk.

4/5 Stars

The Blue Bloods (street punk) stream upcoming album “Non-Rhotic”

Boston street punk act The Blue Bloods are streaming their upcoming album Non-Rhotic in its entirety, and you can check it out below.

The album is set to be released on October 14th through East Grand Record Company.

The Dirty Mugs (folk-punk) stream 2 new songs off upcoming album “Wildfire”

Tulsa, OK folky/punk band, or as they call themselves, “hardccordion wonder punk”, The Dirty Mugs are streaming two more new songs off their upcoming album “Wildfire”.  You can stream “Dance With Me” and “O’ Death” along with the previously streamed “Woodsfolk” below.

“Wildfire” is slated for released October 14th via East Grand Record Company.

DS Interview: Rick Barton opens up on writing new Continental music, early Dropkick Murphys days, and being the best man he can be

Rick Barton is always searching.

The longtime veteran of the Boston punk rock scene finds himself on the perpetual quest to be the best man that he could be. To be brutally honest, this quest has come with its fair share of trials and tribulations. As Barton sings on “Busted,” which appears on his band Continental‘s upcoming album Millionaires,  he may have “been dumb more times than (he has) been smart.” And yet, with age of course comes wisdom. The original Dropkick Murphys‘ guitarist has taken his lumps over the years, but seems to continue to learn from his mistakes from an unlikely source: Facebook?

Boston-area music fans may know of the maelstrom that Barton created in a serious of rather opinionated posts on the social networking site last Spring (the details of which will not be discussed here…ask around). “Anybody can do whatever the hell they want,” Barton recounts. “That’s the one thing I learned about my debacle on Facebook; anyone can do whatever they want, I don’t even care. I just know that I have to do what I have to do for myself.”

And that’s what Barton continues to do. Dying Scene caught up with Barton a few times over the last week or so to discuss Continental’s upcoming album, to get a little bit into his history as a songwriter, particularly with Continental and Dropkick Murphys, and to discuss his goals for his current project (which, as you should know, features his son Stephen on bass). The result, as to be expected, was as straight-forward, honest and compelling as you’d expect. Barton continues to wear his heart on his sleeve, which we generally celebrate as a scene. Unless, of course, that heart makes us uncomfortable, which is on us, not on him. Check out our conversation below!

Lexington Field (San Diego fiddle punk) sign to East Grand Records, plan 2015 full-length

San Diego-based self-described “American Fiddle Rock” band Lexington Field have just been announced as the newest addition to the rapidly expanding East Grand Record Company roster. The sextet are hard at work on what will be their fourth full-length studio album, which is slated for a “sometime in 2015” release. Stay tuned!

Lexington Field’s last album was 2013’s “No Man’s War,” was released on New Folk and Blind Eye Records. If you’re not familiar with Lexington Field, check out “No Man’s War” here.

Album Review: Continental – “Millionaires”

Millionaires marks the second full-length studio album from Continental, perhaps best known as the  project fronted by former Dropkick Murphys’ guitarist Rick Barton and featuring his son, Stephen, on bass. As Rick and I discusses during an interview last year, the band’s first album, 2012’s All A Man Can Do, grew out of a decade’s worth of material that he had been perpetually writing and recording.

While All A Man Can Do was certainly a solid album, it’s an understatement to note that a lot of bands are capable of putting out a solid debut album, particularly with such a deep well from which to draw. The trick for any band, and the area in which so many fall short, is to pen a follow-up that build’s off the band’s earlier sound, establishes an identity, and creates a compelling reason for listeners to come back. For any of you were concerned that ol’ Barty and the gang may have lost a couple miles an hour off their respective fastballs (or, worse, that they should stick to painting houses), rest assured that Millionaires, the band’s sophomore album, is better in almost every way than what came before it.

Fans looking for Continental to become Dropkick Murphys Lite will be sadly let down, as Continental occupies more of the Wilco/Frank Black and the Catholics end of the spectrum. Album opener “She’s Gone” has the sort of sound that makes it a quick staple in the band’s live set, an uptempo, riff-driven rocker about a love gone by. Track’s like “She’s Gone” are textbook examples of Rick Barton’s songwriting wheelhouse circa 2014. The big, swampy guitar riff reminds me of the opening track to the last Chris Wollard + The Ship Thieves album (and if you’re aware of my love for the latter band, you’ll understand that that’s high praise). “21st Century” follows and, after stumbling initially out of the blocks, quickly picks up speed and becomes one of the album’s stronger tracks.

The rockabilly-infused “Punk Rock Girl” and the rollicking good time that is “Fun Fun Fun” are other examples of well-crafted, not-too-polished rock songs that, again, are Barton’s recent trademark. And while those songs may be among the album’s highlights, Barton has also polished his mid-tempo crooner game. “Busted” starts simply, just Barton’s baritone accompanied by a lone acoustic guitar. As the band joins in, we find our songwriter at perhaps his most vulnerable on the album.

As a songwriter, the elder Barton is at his best when he turns the mirror inward. At 53, Barton has long made a name for himself as being more than willing to speak his mind and boldly emblazon his heart on his sleeve. On “Busted,” he acknowledges that he has, at times, been “dumb more than (he has) been smart.” The line about having “never dealt with consequences/I can’t think of one for instance” is rich with double meaning. As the song builds toward it’s anthemic chorus, Barton seems to be coming closer to a little bit of ever-elusive clarity and serenity, becoming more and more comfortable not only in his own skin but in allowing other people to exist in theirs.

Perhaps the largest steps forward on Millionaires are in Barton’s vocal chops and on the younger Barton’s ability to build a stable bottom end. The elder Barty’s baritone is unique and able to occupy several ranges, some more expertly than others. Whether it’s the low end of the range, like in the opening lines of “Busted,” or the carnival-barker-esque qualities he portrays in songs like “Wasted” and “Millionaires,” Rick’s voice is stronger than it’s been in quite some time. The introspective lyrics and the elevated vocal game, in my opinion, began in early-2014’s FM359 project that features Barton alongside fellow former Dropkick Murphy Mike McColgan and the latter’s current bandmate Johnny Rioux (see: “I Saw The Light“).

While Millionaires is certainly not flawless (the opening couple lines in “She’s Gone” seem a little clunky, “21st Century” and it’s slow start, the lack of a bona fide lead single), it more than raises the proverbial bar from All A Man Can Do, and will hopefully be the kind of album that is able to elevate the band from part-time in-between-painting-jobs status to full-time working band status (if that’s, in fact, what the goal is), or at least helps convert the descriptors that low-level rock journalists (like yours truly) use for the elder Barton from “former Dropkick Murphys guitarist” to bona fide Continental frontman.



The Blue Bloods sign to East Grand Record Company, stream song off upcoming album

Boston, MA punk band The Blue Bloods are back and have signed with East Grand Record Company.  The band will be releasing a new full length album entitled Non-Rhotic on October 14th.

To celebrate the signing, the band is currently streaming a new song called “On Your Own,” which you can check out below.

The Blue Bloods last released Death of a Salesman on I Scream Records in 2005.

DS Exclusive: Continental (ex-Dropkick Murphys) stream upcoming album “Millionaires”

Granite City punk n’ roll act Continental (featuring original Dropkick Murphys guitarist Rick Barton) are prepping to release their new full-length entitled Millionaires on October 14th through East Grand Record Company. But you’re not gonna have to wait another second to hear it because we’re streaming the entire record right now!

Give Millionaires a listen below, and head over to the label’s Bandcamp page to pre-order a copy of the album on your format of choice – it’s available digitally, on CD, and on vinyl, and they even have signed test pressings available!

The Mahones team up with East Grand Record Company; reveal some details on ‘The Hunger and the Fight’

Canadian celtic punk veterans The Mahones have announced that they will be teaming up with the East Grand Record Company to exclusively handle the vinyl distribution of their upcoming double album, The Hunger and the Fight in the US. Additionally, East Grand has let some details regarding the double album slip:

The Hunger & The Fight, which will be released in two parts, is about the struggle and perseverance of the Irish people, and the evolution of Irish music from Irish Folk to Irish Punk. Part one of The Hunger & The Fight will be released on CD September 16 followed by the vinyl edition November 28. Part two is expected to be released in February 2015, just in time for The Mahones’ 25th anniversary.

The Hunger and the Fight will be the studio follow up to the band’s 2012 album, Angels & Devils, released through Divergent Recordings.

Murder Party! and Antilogical stream split EP

Michigan’s horror-punk act Murder Party! and Antilogical are streaming their latest split EP. Listen to the release in its entirety below.

Murder Party last released their self-titled EP in January, 2013 through East Grand Records.

The Dirty Mugs sign to East Grand Record Company, stream song off upcoming album

Tulsa, OK folky/punk band, or as they call themselves hardccordion wonder punk, The Dirty Mugs have announced that they have signed with East Grand Record Company. They will be releasing a new full length album entitled Wildfire in September.

If you’re wondering just what hardccordion wonder punk sounds like, fear not, for the band is currently streaming a new song off the upcoming album called “Woodsfolk.” Check it out below.

The Tosspints offer free download of new song “Pirates Life” for St. Patrick’s Day

Michigan Celtic punks The Tosspints are giving away their new song, “Pirates Life,” for FREE from now until St. Patrick’s Day. You can check it out and download it here.

This song is also the first release off of their upcoming new album, a follow up to 2013’s Have You Been Drinking?, which was released through East Grand Record Company.

DS Exclusive: The Hex Bombs stream upcoming album “Everything Earned”

Michigan street punks The Hex Bombs are gearing up to release their long-awaited new album “Everything Earned” on April 15th through East Grand Record Company. You’re not gonna have to wait another second to hear it though, because we’re streaming the whole thing right now!

You can give the entire 10-song album a listen and find details on the band’s upcoming spring tour below.

If you like what you hear, make sure to support The Hex Bombs by heading over to the East Grand Bandcamp and pre-ordering a copy of “Everything Earned”! It’s available digitally, on CD, and even on some bad-ass looking colored vinyl.

The Hex Bombs to release new full-length album “Everything Earned”

Michigan street punk group The Hex Bombs have revealed plans to release their new full length album “Everything Earned” on March 17th (St. Patricks Day).

You can stream their single “None Shall Be Forgotten,” which features Street Dogs frontman Mike McColgan, here.

Murder Party! offer free download of debut EP

Michigan’s horror-punk act Murder Party are offering a free download of their self-titled debut EP through their bandccamp page, for a limited time.

You can give the album a listen below.

“Murder Party! EP” was released last January on East Grand Records.