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Yeah Bud! (pop-punk) premiere self-titled EP

Hailing from London, Ontario Yeah Bud is here to bring you (in their words) “catchy tunes with bummer lyrics about how much your life sucks and probably won’t get any better.” Those tunes come in the form of a self-titled EP slated for release March 5th via Get Party Records and today we’re pleased to premiere it for you below. If you like what you here download it for free on bandcamp.

If you’re in the London, Ontario area catch the band at their release show on March 5th at Call The Office with Deforesters, Snacks?, Pkew Pkew Pkew.

Free Fest Compilation: ‘I’ve Got Friends in Cold Places: A Somewhat Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Bands at FEST 14’

And the FEST madness continues! Get Party! Records have released a free digital compilation of 10 Canadian punk bands that will be playing in Gainesville this weekend. The track list boasts tunes by Crusades, Black Tower, Deforesters, The Penske File and more.

You can stream the collection below or snag your free download here.

Wasted Potential stream new EP “Nervous Conditions”

Today we’re very pleased to bring you an exclusive first listen of a brand new EP from London, Ontario “pizza punk” Wasted Potential.  “Nervous Sessions” will be digitally released on June 1st with a pre-order for a cassette version released through Get Party Records and Curt Murder Fan Club (limited to 50 copies).

Give “Nervous Conditions” a listen below.

Born in the backrooms of London, ON – littered with pizza boxes and beer cans, OSAP loans and amp tubes is Wasted Potential. Made up of members from bands that no longer matter – but once held great promise the very make up of the bands past gives light to the name – a reality so many musicians face – to put everything in and getting nothing back. But that may have changed with this group of seasoned local heroes, going against the grain of their very own name – as a powerhouse mix of attitude, talent and a live show that envelopes the audience into the fold of the angst-y anxiety ridden world of front man Danny Kidd – usually wasted, these guys are doing anything but wasting their potential.

Stream the upcoming split between Bonvivant and Snacks

Canadian punk acts Bonvivant and Snacks are their upcoming split in its entirety.

You can give it a listen here.

The split will be released on May 16, 2015 through Housebreaker Records. You can pre-order it here.

Deforester, Cayetana, No Trigger and more added to Pouzza Fest 5 line up

The ongoing “bands advent calendar” at Pouzza Fest’s headquarters is happening just as planned. They’ve begun unveiling bands on December 1st and since the last announcement, Deforester, Cayetana, No Trigger, Mouth (featuring members of Sister Kisser) and Serenity Now have been added to Pouzza Fest’s next year edition which will take place in Montreal on May 15-16-17.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the Pouzza Fest 5 advent calendar is unveil. 3-day passes for the festival can be purchase right here.

Wasted Potential release music video for “Two Pumps And A Quiver”

London, Ontario’s pizza-punks Wasted Potential, have released a music video for the song “Two Pumps And A Quiver”. You can check out the video below along with some of the band’s upcoming Canadian tour dates.

The track appears on Wasted Potential most recent self titled EP, released on April 15th through Get Party Records.

The Mad Murdocks (punk) stream upcoming EP “125 Years”

On May 30th Ontario punks The Mad Murdocks will release a new EP titled “125 Years” on Get Party! Records but you don’t have to wait until then to hear it.  You can stream the EP in full below.

The Mad Murdocks previously released their “Going Long” 7-inch (Feb 2013) and a split EP with Limiter from London, Ontario (March 2014).  They will be playing some shows supporting the new EP.

Wasted Potential stream upcoming 7-inch

London, Ontario’s Wasted Potential are now streaming their upcoming 7-inch, which is due for release next week via Get Party Records. You can stream the record here.

The group has a few shows lined up to launch the release. You can check out the dates and locations of the shows below.

Free Split Download: The Mad Murdocks / Limiter – ‘Not This Time’ EP

The Mad Murdocks from Whitby, Ontario and Limiter from London, Ontario have teamed up to release a four song split EP titled Not This Time. Moreover, the bands are giving away this split for free!

You can listen to Not This Time below. If you like what you hear, you can download the split at the Mad Murdocks’ Bandcamp page.

The Mad Murdocks last released the Going Long 7-inch in February 2013, while Limiter released their Basement Demo in October 2013.

Stuck Out Here stream entire upcoming EP

Toronto punk band Stuck Out Here have posted a stream of their upcoming EP “Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit”. The EP will be released via Art Drug andGet Party Records on single-sided 12″ vinyl, February 7th.

The band will also be playing a record release show on February 7th in Toronto at the Izakaya Sushi House with Victim Party, Wasted Potential and Beat Noir.

You can check out the EP below.

You can pre-order the record here.

Album Review: Deforesters – “Bones”

From Deforesters Facebook page, because anything I could write about them would pale in comparison:

“Deforesters are four dudes that make noise together in a semi-organized fashion and also drink beer with the lofty ambitions of one day getting free beer in exchange for making the aforementioned noise.

But, as yet, they have accomplished as close to nothing as is humanly possible, both musically and otherwise. Any further details would be superfluous.”

I don’t know about you but reading that, I’d love this band if their EP contained nothing but the four of them farting into a mic for ten minutes. As a bonus though, the four tracks on ‘Bones’ are not only not farts, but are four catchy, gritty, well written street punk sing alongs. Which makes me instantly wish that the band ‘doing as close to nothing as is humanly possible’ wasn’t true, at least on the musical output side.

Deforesters are from the city everyone (in Canada anyway) loves to hate, Toronto. They’re the result of the breaking up of some other Toronto area bands that I would name if I thought there was a chance in hell of you having heard of any of them. Although their greatest name-drop to fame in the punk scene right now is that Zack, the drummer of this band is also the drummer of buzz garnering up and comers PUP, who just dropped their full length in Canada (record review here) and will be dropping that same record in the States later this year on Side One Dummy.

Deforesters play a hard hitting brand of catchy punk that doesn’t sound a million miles away from what bands like Off With Their Heads and Dear Landlord are churning out these days (or whenever the last time Dear Landlord recorded something was).

At four songs, ‘Bones’ rips by in a hurry, but it leaves a lasting impression. Don’t let their self penned bio fool you, these are four well crafted, exciting and serious punk songs obviously written by dudes with deep ideals and a fiery passion for the music they create. Then again, maybe they just sit down and shit these songs out two at a time and throw em on a computer to upload to their bandcamp page and do it all in an afternoon without much thought or effort whatsoever. Either way, this is quality punk rock that I can’t recommend enough.

With PUP in high demand these days and poised for great things, I suspect it could be a while before we see a proper full length emanate from this Ontarian foursome, which is a shame and which makes ‘Bones’ a bit of a tease, albeit a tasty tease. And whether or not Deforester gather up enough energy to get their asses up off their La-Z-Boy’s and do a proper tour or just keep it local, as far as I’m concerned, they’re officially a band to watch.

4.5/5 Stars

Wasted Potential to release new record next year, post teaser

London, Ontario’s Wasted Potential have announced that they will released a new record next year and posted a teaser for it.

You can watch it below.

The band released a collections of demos earlier this year.

Wasted Potential post teaser for new EP

London, Ontario’s Wasted Potential are set to release a new 7-inch early next year. To whet your appetite, they’ve posted a teaser video for it. Check it out here.

Wasted Potential released a SOHO session recording back in July.



Wasted Potential (punk) stream new song “Robert Munsch’s Coke Habit”

London, Ontario’s Wasted Potential have just released a new track titled “Robert Munsch’s Coke Habit” and you can stream it below.

Wasted Potential release new video for “Slam Drunk” and “Pabst Smear”

London, Ontario’s Wasted Potential just released a video of two new tracks from their 331Arts SOHO Sessions.

The video for the tracks “Slam Drunk” and “Pabst Smear” are available to view here. You can also download them here.

Wasted Potential released their SOHO session for consumption earlier this month.