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Fall Out Boy announce new album “Mania,” reveal new video for “Young and Menace”

Fall Out Boy have just announced their new album Mania, set for release on September 15th. This is their seventh studio album and the follow-up to 2015’s American Beauty/American Psycho.

A slew of tour dates have also been released, and you can find those below with the video for the single “Young and Menace.” Pre-order the album here.

Brian Fallon and the Crowes announce UK/Euro Tour W/ Chris Farren and Dead Swords

The story heading really says it all…

Brian Fallon and The Crowes will be heading to the UK and The European Union with Chris Farren and Dead Swords.

Check out the full list list of tour dates and the tour flyer below.

16/11 London UK-O2 Forum
17/11 Norwich UK-UEA
18/11 Cardiff UK-Uni Great Hall
19/11 Leeds UK-O2 Academy
20/11 Liverpool UK-O2 Academy
22/11 Glasgow UK-O2 Academy
23/11 Dublin, Ireland-Olympia Theatre
24/11 Oxford UK-O2 Academy
25/11 Newcastle UK-O2 Academy
26/11 Wolverhampton UK-Wulfrun Hall
27/11 Portsmouth UK-Pyramids Centre
29/11 Saarbrüken, DE-Garage
30/11 Stuttgart, DE-Longhorn
01/12 Frankfurt, DE-Batschkapp
02/12 Dortmund, DE-Visions Party
03/12 Bremen, DE-Schlachthof
04/12 Kiel, DE-Max
06/12 Oslo, Nor-Rockefeller
07/12 Gamla Stan, SE-Debaser
08/12 Goteborg, SE-Pusterviik
09/12 Malmö, SE-KB
10/12 Copenhagen, DK-Pumpehuset

DS Photo Gallery/Show Review: Brian Fallon and the Crowes, Boston, MA (3/11/16)

(All words by Gina Skidz; all photos by Jay Stone.)

I can’t start a review of anything related to Brian Fallon without the caveat that I am a huge fan of everything he’s done, from Gaslight Anthem to the Horrible Crowes, to his new music, which he plays under the name Brian Fallon and the Crowes.  I came into the show with great expectations (yeah, that pun was intended), and left feeling like Fallon has hit his mark, blending soulful Springteen-esque melodies with the Americana imagery that grabbed me in the early Gaslight days.

The show kicked off with opener Jared Hart, who made his name as frontman of New Jersey punk band The Scandals.  I’ve seen him play locally a bunch of times, so it was at once gratifying and terrifying to see someone I like so much up on the big stage at Boston’s Royale.  Jared did not disappoint, focusing on his new solo album, Past Lives & Pass Lines, and belting out a series of amazing songs.  Although he is based in Jersey, he’s a staple of the Boston punk scene, and part of the way through his set, he called out his friends in Boston’s Burning Streets, and some off-the-cuff banter broke up his otherwise focused set.  This was the first of two times we’d see Jared that night, as he now backs up Brian Fallon in the Crowes, playing guitar and creating some sweet vocal harmonies.  He stood out on his own on stage, but did a hell of a job supporting Fallon as well.

The second opener was Minneapolis indie/folk singer Austin Plaine.  Backed by a full band, he brought a country twang to the punk party as he performed songs off of his self-titled debut album.  If you want to get a feel for his sound, I think the best song I heard was “Houston,” a narrative-driven, upbeat song in the vein of  Kasey Anderson.

The crowd was pretty huge throughout the show, and both openers enjoyed a big crowd up front during their sets, but it seemed like the capacity quadrupled by the time Brian Fallon took the stage.  The floor was jammed front to back, and the upper balconies of this former theatre were packed, too.

Fallon kicked off his set on a sad and slow note, with “Last Rites,” an older song that was the intro to his debut album with the Horrible Crowes from back in 2011.  I developed a hard music crush on Fallon years ago, thanks in part to his engaging, humble attitude on stage, and this night was no different, as he launched into a story of the real origination of “Elsie,” which actually came from a British comedian’s routine, and joked that this wasn’t the sort of thing he’d ever bother telling Rolling Stone.  From there, the set heated up, with the new track “Nobody Wins,” followed by “Go Tell Everybody,” and “Painkillers.”  Three songs was about as far as Fallon could go without another story, as he joked about stopping at Newbury Comics and Boston-based t-shirt label Johnny Cupcakes earlier in the day, and being surprised to find neither records nor cupcakes.  “Who makes cds these days?  Apparently I do,” he bantered, as The Crowes’ Painkillers had just been released that day.

Before playing the creepy/sexy “Sugar,” he confirmed that the song is about being a pervert.  Ah, well, still a great song.  The set finished up with the new tracks “Honey Magnolia”  and “Steve McQueen,” and then Fallon let slip the cryptic and tantalizing fact that they always leave one good song off of each record (so, that means there should be 5 or 6 never-released gems out there at this point, right?!).  They then played “Hearts and Daggers,” which he plans to release on Record Store Day.

My only complaint was that Fallon’s set seemed to be rushed, and there was no encore.  This was no fault of theirs, however.  The venue unfortunately makes most of its money catering to the world of college girls and Eurotrash better known as electronica/EDM nights.  So the set ended and the crowd was rushed out, with bouncers even yelling at people who were still in line to buy merch. It’s lame, but that’s how it goes.

Brian Fallon, Jared Hart, and Austin Plaine are still on tour, and you can find the remaining schedule here, and check out the photo gallery below!

Video: Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem) does a cover of NOFX’s “Linoleum”

Well this is fun. At a show in Minneapolis yesterday Brian Fallon performed an acoustic cover of the classic NOFX tune “Linoleum”. Check out a video of it below.

Fallon is currently touring in support of his recent solo album “Painkillers,” out now through Island Records. Read our review of the album here.

Brian Fallon releases music video for “Painkillers”

Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem has released a new music video for his song “Painkillers,” and you can check it out below.

The track is the title track from Fallon’s debut solo effort, Painkillers, which was released on March 11, 2016 through Island Records. You can read our review of the album here.

Album Review: Brian Fallon – ‘Painkillers’

In 2009, right after The Gaslight Anthem had first begun to make their name known, there were rumors that front-man Brian Fallon would be recording a solo album. Fallon was quick to dismiss the rumors as nothing more but rumors. Which was fine because at the time the scene had become oversaturated with punk singers going rogue equipped with nothing but an acoustic guitar. Flash forward to the present: Here we are in 2016. The Gaslight Anthem is currently on hold and the scene has become more rounded out with full lineup solo projects, and Painkillers, Brian Fallon’s debut solo album, is now more than just some rumor fueled by the NY Times.

Let’s get right into it: Painkillers is the quintessential Brian Fallon record. This isn’t up for debate, nor is it a positive or negative statement. It’s just simply the most Brian Fallon record to date. Over the past decade, everyone has been quick to point out, both as praise and as criticism, that Fallon’s songwriting style is filled with the same themes and influences. Even when The Gaslight Anthem began to stray away what skyrocketed them to popularity, ever so slightly on 2012’s Handwritten but particularly on 2014’s Get Hurt, Fallon still couldn’t escape the shadows cast by Maria, radios, and classic cars. On Painkillers, Fallon uses those specific clichés sparingly (Maria and her radio are absent here, but there are mentions of Cadillacs in album closer “Open All Night”), but he sure as hell doesn’t shy away from waxing poetic. Is there a songwriter today that romanticizes the past more than Brian Fallon? Probably not. Whether this is a good or a bad thing remains entirely up to the listener.

That said, Painkillers isn’t just a carbon copy of any of Fallon’s other bands, and it’s not some album that could have been released by The Gaslight Anthem at another point in their career. Perhaps due to working with producer Butch Walker, the songs here are primarily built upon acoustic chord progressions, with everything else being wrapped around them. There are soft layers of twangy guitars mixed throughout the album adding an Americana flavor to the album and aiding the album to find its own identity. And while there’s an energy here, it’s a far cry from The ‘59 Sound. The album is at its most upbeat during lead single “A Wonderful Life,” “Rosemary” (the verses of which recall Frank Turner’s “Josephine,” from last year’s Positive Songs for Negative People, also produced by Walker) and the jaunty “Mojo Hand” (which is sure to raise some eyebrows due to its disruptive nature on the track list). Painkillers definitely sounds like a Brian Fallon album, but hardly like an album he’s made before.

Maybe, even though he’s expanded to sprinkling references to James Brown (“Honey Magnolia), Rites of Spring (“Long Drives,” heavily re-worked since its release as a Molly and the Zombies song), and The Beatles (“Among Other Foolish Things”) in his work, Fallon does have a distinct writing style that leans heavily on the same subject matters. And maybe he does take his cues from all the same places, as homages to Petty (“Nobody Wins”) and The Boss (the aforementioned “Open All Night” isn’t a cover, but there’s no way that title wasn’t intentional). But so what? Much like Elsie, Fallon’s solo outing has its subtle differences that distinguish it from the rest. Painkillers is a project that can be seen as a companion to his previous works, but it can just as well stand on its own.

4 / 5

RIYL: Chuck Ragan, Ryan Adams, Frank Turner

Brian Fallon releases music video for “Nobody Wins”

Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem has released a new music video for his song “Nobody Wins,” and you can check it out below.

The track is taken from Fallon’s debut solo album Painkillers, which is set to release on March 11th through Island Records.

Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem) streams “Steve McQueen” off upcoming solo album “Painkillers”

Brian Fallon, front man of The Gaslight Anthem (also The Horrible Crows and Molly and the Zombies) is streaming “Steve McQueen”, a brand new song off his upcoming solo album, “Painkillers”. Check it out below.

“Painkillers” is set to drop March 11th via Island Records.

For those of you who may have missed it, Gaslight Anthem announced they were going on hiatus last July.

Frank Zummo joins Sum 41

Canadian pop-punk legends Sum 41 have announced Frank Zummo (who has played in other bands such Street Drum Corps, Dead By Sunrise and many others) as the replacement for Darrin Pfeiffer from Goldfinger, who had briefly replaced original drummer Steve Jocz. Zummo has played with Sum 41 for sometime, but is now likely a permanent member of the band, and a video introduction of him can be viewed below.

Sum 41 recently announced that their long-awaited new album is almost finished. Not only will it be their first since 2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder, but it will be their first one with Dave “Brownsound” Baksh on guitar since 2004’s Chuck. When the album will be released is unknown, but we’ll keep you posted as more details on it come to light.

Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem) streams new song “Smoke” off upcoming solo album

Brian Fallon, front man of The Gaslight Anthem (also The Horrible Crows and Molly and the Zombies) is streaming “Smoke”, a brand new song off his upcoming solo album, “Painkillers”. Check it out below.

“Painkillers” is set to drop March 11th via Island Records.

For those of you who may have missed it, Gaslight Anthem announced they were going on hiatus last July.

Deryck Whibley talks about new Sum 41 album, recovery and the music industry

Sum 41 vocalist and guitarist Deryck Whibley recently spoke to Fuse about his recovery process, touring, record labels, and the band’s long-awaited new album, which will be their first since 2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“The difference is that you don’t have people to argue with as much. On our last record [2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder], being on a major label in a time where most music is just pop when I want to make a rock record, you have people to argue with about why they think you should be making a pop record, ruining your career, trying to convince you of that. I have to say, ‘No, wrong, and I’m going to do this anyway.’ And they say, ‘Fine, you can do that but we’re not going to put any money into it,’ and I say, ‘Okay, fine.’ It’s that kind of shit. That’s our last experience. When that last record was done, and I really love that record but it was record that was put out and didn’t have any promo because it’s a rock record. We said, ‘Can you just let us f—-g go at this point?’ So we got off the label and we’re in this position and it’s been great.”

The new album, which is said to be almost finished, will be the band’s first album with Dave “Brownsound” Baksh on guitar since 2004’s Chuck, and their first release with Darrin Pfeiffer from Goldfinger on drums. Sum 41 recently announced they will be headlining the “Kerrang Tour”.

Brian Fallon releases video for song off of upcoming debut solo album

It’s been about four months now since The Gaslight Anthem announced they were going on hiatus, and already front man Brian Fallon (also from The Horrible Crows and Molly and the Zombies) has already announced a debut solo album. The album is called “Painkillers” and is set to drop in March of this year via Island Records.

He recently released a video for his song “A Wonderful Life” which comes off the new album. It is a really rad video and you can watch it as well as check out the track list, some tour dates, and another song off of the album entitled “Nobody Wins” below.  

Brian Fallon details upcoming album ‘Painkillers’, launches pre-orders and shares snippet of new song “Nobody Wins”

Brian Fallon (Who you probably know from The Gaslight AnthemThe Horrible Crowes, and/or Molly and the Zombies) has released some details regarding his upcoming solo LP, Painkillers. You can check out the album art, the track list, and a clip from a new song titled “Nobody Wins” below.

Fallon also launched pre-order bundles for Painkillers, all of which you can find here. He previously released a stream of a new song titled “A Wonderful Life,” which you can listen to here.

Painkillers will be released on March 11, 2016 through Island Records.

DS Photo Gallery: Brian Fallon and the Crowes w/Cory Branan, Fox Theater, Ledyard, CT

It’s been a scant four months since New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem announced that they’d played their last shows for the time being and would thus begin a disappointing-yet-not-entirely-unexpected indefinite hiatus. If you’re at all familiar with the occasional stir-crazy, restless nature of the band’s frontman, Brian Fallon, however, you probably assumed you wouldn’t have to wait all that long before his voice would pop up again. Still, four months seems awfully quick…

And yet, here we are, not two full weeks into 2016 and we’re not only on the doorstep of Fallon’s first true solo album, Painkillers, (due out in March 11th on Island Records), but right at the beginning of what’s shaping up to be a fairly lengthy tour in support of his new project, Brian Fallon and The Crowes, an obvious play on the name of the Horrible Crowes side project Fallon started with Gaslight’s guitar tech-turned-touring-guitarist Ian Perkins a few years back. The third night of said tour found itself in the historic Fox Theater (if a 23-year-old theater can be historic, this one is, at least according to the baby-faced bouncer guarding the stage left area. But seriously, though, Frank Sinatra did open the place, so that counts for something…) at Foxwoods Resort Casino in rural Connecticut.

The setting is admittedly a bit of a strange one when compared to the sweaty punk clubs that The Gaslight Anthem cut their early teeth on, or even some of the larger venues the band played in more recent years. To try to paint a brief picture, envision a glorified high school auditorium (cap. 1400), but with pristine sound and lighting and immaculate carpets and movie theater seats. Now envision that false, brick-and-mortar facade of that auditorium exists across the high-end mall hallway from a Fuddruckers burger joint and acres of one-armed bandits flashing and sirening in total sensory overload cacophony, and that’s about what you’ve got. Strange place for a group of on-the-other-side-of-thirty lapsed punkers to convene, but I digress.

From the moment that Fallon and his five-piece band (Perkins on guitar, fellow Gaslighters Alex Rosamilia on keys and guitar, The Scandals‘ Jared Hart primarily on acoustic 12-string, the inimitable Cat Popper on bass, and Wes Kleinknecht on drums) hit the stage and fired up the opening track “Red Lights,” which those of you familiar with Fallon/Popper’s Molly And The Zombies project will no-doubt remember, the evening had a special sort of a feel. At no point in what realistically could have been a marathon of a nineteen-song setlist did showgoers really get the sense that this band had only played two collective shows together in their history.

Fallon’s stage banter was its typical jovial, off-the-cuff self, which helped provide a little levity to a setlist that included, at times, some fairly dark themes, particularly those surrounding lost love. It has become rather taboo in some circles to premier music before an album’s release in this YouTube era, yet Fallon and the gang played all dozen of the tracks slated to appear on Painkillers in bold fashion. The audience, comprised largely of visible (and at times vocal) Gaslight Anthem fans, were noticeably polite and respectful for the duration of the set, eager to grasp the new stories that Fallon had to share. Aside from the lead single, “A Wonderful Life,” the general feeling is a bit mid-tempo, a more layered, at times alt-country bookend to the smokier, blusier The Horrible Crowes Elsie full-length (from which about a half-dozen tracks were performed here). While it obviously remains to be seen what happens to The Gaslight Anthem going forward, fans of Fallon’s songwriting and storytelling have little to fear, as The Crowes are the real deal.

Cory Branan provided direct support on this evening, as he will for the band’s entire first tour out of the chute. Having seen Branan play sweaty basement clubs and backroom bars in the past, this setting had a much different vibe, but one that really highlighted Branan’s role as an artist and a storyteller. Perhaps it was the seated nature of the show, but gone was the occasional need for an acoustic performer to battle to pull in listeners from above the din of the vocally inattentive bar patrons, allowing instead for the humor and wit that pepper Branan’s lyrics (not to mention his criminally-underrated guitar playing) to really shine. He’ll be back in this neck of the woods next month with Chuck Ragan; go see him, damnit!

Check out our full photo gallery from the rather stellar evening below.

Deryck Whibley says new Sum 41 album is almost finished

After teasing two new songs last weekSum 41 vocalist and guitarist Deryck Whibley revealed on the band’s Facebook page that they are almost finished recording their long-awaited new album, which will be their first since 2011’s Screaming Bloody Murder. He writes:

“as the year comes to an end, i can honestly say that 2015 has been one of the best years of my life. it has been a year of accomplishments. learning to walk again and getting back on stage were some of the hardest things that i’ve ever had to do. getting my life back on track and my health in order, while at the same time making a new Sum 41 album, almost seemed impossible this time last year, but now the record is almost done and i feel stronger and better than ever. the band is sounding bigger and better as a 5-piece, and it’s so great to have dave ‘brown sound’ back again after almost 10 years.

the Alternative Press awards performance with DMC was one of the best experiences in our career and the shows in North and South America were all amazing. it’s hard to believe that 2016 is going to be an even bigger year – i can’t wait! thanks for all the love and support and we’ll see you all in the new year!

– deryck”

The new album will be the band’s first album with Dave “Brownsound” Baksh on guitar since 2004’s Chuck, and their first release with Darrin Pfeiffer from Goldfinger on drums.

Sum 41 recently announced they will be headlining the “Kerrang Tour”.