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An Evening with the Honorable Chris Fox – Part Three (or, The Big Letdown)

From L to R: John Underwood of Dirty Kid Discount; Staff Writer AnarchoPunk; Chris Fox of Vampirate’s & Boss’ Daughter

Night had unfurled it’s inky tendrils across the Central Basin and to no surprise, the rain had still ceased to fall on the desperately dry City of Angels when last we left our plastered, punk rock protagonists. The backyard was almost at capacity as the main acts of the night, John Underwood and Chris Fox, were nearing their performances. Everything was going according to plan, but one of the drawbacks to hanging with a schlub like AnarchoPunk is the constant, looming presence of Murphy and his stupid Law that seems to follow him around. So, if you’re a fan of disappointment in general, disgruntled neighbors who obviously don’t appreciate good music or ‘Nilla Wafers, join us for the infuriating finale below!

An Evening With The Honorable Chris Fox – Part Two

From L to R: John Underwood of Dirty Kid Discount; Staff Writer AnarchoPunk; Chris Fox of Vampirate’s & Boss’ Daughter

Evening had set in and the first act of the night had just left the stage when last we left our intrepid and inebriated Los Angeles correspondent, AnarchoPunk and his bearded brethren, John Underwood and Chris Fox. The backyard was beginning to fill in with punks of all types, a thin layer of marijuana smoke hovering ever so slightly above their heads and the faint aroma of cheap beer in the cool night air, raising up from golden puddles, where 40 oz bottles had been carelessly kicked over. If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to hang out with legit, up and coming punk artists midway through a tour at a back yard pot luck folk punk show in the Greater Los Angeles area, you’ve come to the right place (although that’s a very specific thing to ponder about). Continue the saga below!

An Evening With The Honorable Chris Fox – Part One

From L to R: John Underwood of Dirty Kid Discount; Staff Writer AnarchoPunk; Chris Fox of Vampirates & Boss’ Daughter

Reno, Nevada gets cold as hell in the winter. So, it’s no surprise that John Underwood from the folk punk troupe Dirty Kid Discount (profiled in September’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp) was looking to get down to SoCal to avoid the doldrums of the frigid, grey confines of The Biggest Little City in the World for a few weeks to thaw out. Thus was born The Winter West Tour, which started up in Washington state in Mid-January and worked its way down the Pacific Coast before making its way back up to Reno for the finale on February 10th. Halfway through the tour, John was joined by fellow Reno resident and frontman of the up and coming punk act, Boss’ Daughter, Chris Fox. While I don’t get paid monetarily for the (exceptional?) work I do here at the Scene, I do get compensated in other ways. Getting into shows for free is a pretty cool perk, access to the press pit is a useful benefit as well. My favorite perquisite by far though is getting to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to.  Sometimes, through those connections, I even find people that I share so much in common with that we hit off pretty well. Such is the case with Mr. Fox and myself. After getting to know him through email for an article I was writing, we became fast friends. So needless to say, when I noticed that the boys had a scheduled stop in LA, I knew it was a “can’t miss” show for me. Check out part one of my hybrid show review/interview below in this DS Exclusive!

Boss’ Daughter release new video, announce tour dates

Reno punks Boss’ Daughter have released a new video for their song “I’m the DD today,” which comes from their debut full-length album Songs Are Songs.  In addition to the video, the band has also announced some new tour dates.

You can see the video and the tour dates below.

Songs Are Songs came out in October on Cocksmoker Chunk Records.

New music video from Boss’ Daughter – “Something About Nothing”

Reno punks Boss’ Daughter are back with another wonderful music video to satisfy your eyes and ears. Watch and listen to “Something About Nothing” below.

The song is off the band’s debut full-length album, Songs Are Songs, which came out in October on Cocksmoker Chunk Records. If you have yet to listen to it, you really need to check it out. I was busy/lazy and didn’t do a top 10 list this year, but this one most certainly would have been on it if I had done one. Excellent stuff!

Boss’ Daughter release tour documentary

Reno punks Boss’ Daughter have just released a 30 minute documentary following their adventures on their 2015 Maximum Party Time Tour.

Check it out below, along with a few upcoming tour dates, so you can join them at their next couple maximum party times.

Boss’ Daughter’s latest album Songs Are Songs was released in October on Cocksmoker Chunk Records.

Music Video: Boss’ Daughter – “Drink About Someone”

Reno punks Boss’ Daughter have premiered a music video for their song “Drink About Someone”. You can watch the video below.

“Drink About Someone” is taken from Boss’ Daughter’s latest album Songs Are Songs, which was released last month on Cocksmoker Chunk Records.

Boss’ Daughter (punk) release lyric video, stream debut album – ‘Songs Are Songs’

Reno punks Boss’ Daughter have officially released their debut full-length album, Songs Are Songs. You can stream the album in its entirety below.

The band also put together a lyric video for the album’s closing track, “Alone”. You can check that out below the music stream.

Boss’ Daughter are currently at the front end of a full US tour, which has them playing more than 40 shows over the next month and a half. Check out the updated list of dates/locations below the music and video, and email them here if you can help them fill out the TBA dates.


DS Exclusive: Boss’ Daughter (punk) release album details, stream new song – “Embrace Impermanence”

Reno punk band Boss’ Daughter are streaming their new song, “Embrace Impermanence” right here on Dying Scene. Give it a listen below.

The track is off the band’s upcoming debut full-length album, Songs Are Songs, which is due out next week (October 5th) on Cocksmoker Chunk Records. You can see the artwork to the left, and the tracklisting below the music.

Boss’ Daughter are also headed out on tour in support of the new album. Check out those dates/locations below. They’re still looking to fill some dates, so email them here if you can help out.

Boss’ Daughter (punk) launch Kickstarter to support tour/debut album

Reno punks Boss’ Daughter have a debut full length album, titled Songs Are Songs, ready to go, but they need your help getting it to the masses.

The band just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund a tour to support/pay for the album. They’re planning to hit 21 states over the course of 50 days in October and November. So, give them your monies here. Perks include the standard CD/digital copy of the album, and so much more. Some of my personal favorites include homemade hot sauce or a mixtape for just $10, a ‘spa day’ (“kitty pool and all the brews you can handle”) with the band for just $60, and a private show or the band cooking you dinner for just $100.

The band recording the album at Pus Cavern with Joe Johnston, who also recorded Cobra Skulls‘ debut full-length, Sitting Army, which came out in 2007 on Red Scare Industries.

Songs Are Songs will serve as a follow up to Boss’ Daughter’s Good Buy EP, which you can download for free/name your price right here. See, they’re giving you free stuff already, so you can give back, right?

Free Music: Chris Fox (Vampirates, Boss’ Daughter) – Self-titled EP

Chris Fox (guitar/vocals for Vampirates and Boss’ Daughter) is giving you a taste of his solo abilities, with a self-titled EP available for free/name your price. Listen and/or download it below.

The EP on Cocksmoker Chunk Records features four original tracks, and a Bomb The Music Industry! cover, “Felt Just Like Vacation” (hopefully Jeff won’t sue).

The release comes as Fox gets ready to hit the road on the Run For Your Life Tour, with Jason Guy Smiley. Check out the dates/locations below the music.

Vampirates (punk) release new music video – “The Land Of Pizza Delivery”

Reno punks Vampirates have a new music video out for their song, “The Land Of Pizza Delivery.” Check it out below.

The track is the band’s April 2014 EP, titled Pizza, Beer. You can pick up a copy of the EP on CD, digital, or vinyl here.

Vampirates are currently on a “Tour Of Terror” across the US. Check out the updated dates/locations below the video.

Boss’ Daughter (punk) post two studio videos, finish recording debut full-length

Reno punk rockers Boss’ Daughter have finished tracking their debut full-length, and posted some behind-the-scenes videos of the recording process. Check ’em out below.

The band are now moving on to mixing and mastering the album, working again with Joe Johnston, who recorded the album at Pus Cavern in Sacramento. Johnston also recorded Cobra Skulls‘ first full-length, Sitting Army, which came out back in 2007 on Red Scare Industries.

With the progress on the new album, Boss’ Daughter have made their first demo/EP, Good Buy, available for free/name your price download. Pick it up right here, and throw some cash their way if you can.

Boss’ Daughter release studio video for recording of debut full-length

Reno punks Boss’ Daughter are just wrapping up recording on their first-ever full-length album. If you want to see what it’s like to be stuck in a studio with a group of drunken punks, watch the video below.

The band are recording with Joe Johnston at Pus Cavern in Sacramento. Johnston also recorded Cobra Skulls‘ first full-length, Sitting Army, which came out back in 2007 on Red Scare Industries.

There’s no release date set yet for Boss’ Daughter’s debut full-length, but we’ll be sure to let you know when we have more details. In the meantime, check out their first EP, Good Buy, right here.

Boss’ Daughter (punk) streaming EP, music video

Newly-formed Reno punk band Boss’ Daughter haven’t been together long, but apparently long enough to record a 4-song EP and make a music video.

You can stream Good Buy below, and watch the video for “Drunken Smiles” right below that. Both were released last week (October 5th) via Cocksmoker Chunk Records.

Boss’ Daughter features members of Vampirates, Beercan!, Sucka Punch, and Blorgalakt.