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Giants announce hiatus, offer free download of new songs

UK melodic hardcore band Giants have announced they will be going on hiatus. In a post on their Facebook page, they noted that “it’s become apparent that some of us can no longer commit to the band in the way that it needs to function like it has done for so long”.

The band’s “last show for the foreseeable future” will take place on December 14th at The Old Blue Last in London. More info can be found here.

As a parting gift, Giants have released two new songs. You can give the tracks a listen below, and download them for free on their bandcamp page.

X-State Ride announce breakup & final shows

Italian skate punks X-State Ride have sadly announced they will be calling it quits after 15 years.

The band posted a statement on their Facebook: “Hello dudes and dudettes, after more than 15 years of touring, making music, making awesome friends across Europe and beyond, we decided to put the word end to X-state ride. Things and priorities always change in everyone’s life so to preserve the spirit that we had when we started the band in the first place we are going to stop for good. We just wanted to say thank you to the people that always believed in us and constantly supported the riders through the years. We got 5 more last shows which are listed below so make sure to hit one to party on with us once again!

More information on their final shows can be found below.

Vanna announce farewell tour dates

Massachusetts natives and hardcore aficionados Vanna announced on May 2nd that they will be ceasing activities, as well as a farewell tour to see them off. You can find tour dates, locations, and a full tour poster below.

In regards to the breakup, the band issued this statement back on May 2nd: “Our band has always strived to take the negative in our lives and use it to fuel positive change. To foster good in a world that can be so bad. That and to cause the biggest ruckus with our fans while doing so. The relationship we share with you all and with our music has brought us to places we never dreamed of going; countries we never thought we’d step foot on, stages we only dreamed of playing. But the biggest impression left is the overwhelming sense of family that this scene has given us and let us be a part of. It’s helped us become the men we are today and, in a way, is partly responsible for different parts of our lives blossoming.

After touring for over 10 years, living our lives on the road and on the stage, it’s time for us to go chase those other dreams that may have waited on a shelf. We’ve started families, careers, and new lives, all the while spending our nights sweating in a club or a Warped Tour parking lot with you and those sides of us and our lives need attention as much as Vanna did.

Words can’t begin to express what you have all done for us. In keeping with always sharing ourselves with you, we now turn to you to share one last time with us. Let’s make this tour a celebration of every moment and memory as well as make a bunch of new ones with some amazing friends and bands.

Come sing your hearts out and inevitably cry your eyes out with us as we leave a little piece of Vanna on every stage. This isn’t goodbye forever — it’s just a ‘We’ll see you around.’ Our music will be here whenever you need it; we truly love you and we will miss you all. But remember, all good things must come to an end, but all good things can begin again.

—Viva Vanna”

letlive. announce breakup

letlive. have sadly announced they will be ceasing activities as a band, citing personal differences. The band explained:

In the summer of 2002 this thing we call “letlive.” began in a garage in a small suburb of Los Angeles with one goal in mind. Above all else, letlive. was meant to be an idea not an outfit. This idea took its roots in honesty, humility, and finding an ironic strength in vulnerability. This is how it all began and it must end in the same fashion.

We have been granted opportunities and experiences beyond anything we could have ever imagined and we are well aware that none of the aforementioned would be possible without you. Your support, investments, and genuine belief have been nothing short of inspiring which is what allowed us to create these works while enduring the unsettling ebb and flow of career musicianship. With this in mind we would like to take this time to exhibit said transparency and explain that over time a divergence in views and aims has developed within the camp- and, for the moment, the impact that has on letlive. as a group is that there will be no further activity for the foreseeable future. We want to thank every single person that we were privileged enough to make a connection with through this vessel. We will no longer write the soundtrack, but the most important element, the idea, will continue as long as you allow it to. You are and always will be letlive.

All ll.ove,
Jason Aalon Butler, Loniel Robinson, Ryan Johnson, & Jeffrey Sahyoun

Coliseum part ways; frontman Ryan Patterson announces new project, Fotocrime

Sad news for fans of Louisville-based hardcore band Coliseum, though many of their fans no doubt expected it. It seems the trio decided to part ways some time ago, but only decided to make it publicly official recently. Here’s former frontman Robert Patterson:

Near the end of 2015, Coliseum quietly decided to end our twelve year run and the band went on indefinite hiatus. Because it felt so personal, we chose to not publicly announce it at the time. Soon after, I began work on my next musical endeavor: Fotocrime…Your support of Coliseum throughout the years was so greatly appreciated and I look forward to many new adventures with Fotocrime. All my love. – R.

PS. Please be sure to support Kayhan and Carter in their current bands Yautja and Null, respectively.

For a taste of what Patterson (now going by the name Robert Pattern) has been up to, you can check out the new Fotocrime track, “Always Hell,” below. It’s from their upcoming debut 7-inch/digital EP of the same name, which is due out May 12th. Pre-orders are available here.

Fotocrime also announced a few upcoming shows, where they’ll appear in support of Russian Circles. Dates are below the video!

Yellowcard release “A Place We Set Afire” video off their final self-titled album

Yellowcard has released one last video after completing their goodbye-tour.

They played their last show in Anaheim, CA on March 25th. You can check out the video for “A Place We Set Afire” below.

The Other Stars announce last album, stream new song ‘Future Distant History’

Worcester, MA indie punks The Other Stars have announced the release date for their last album. ‘The Day We Met’ will be out on the 28th of April via Take This To Heart Records.

Accompanied by the news, the bands also premiered their brand new single ‘Future Distant History’ which you can stream here. The Other Stars issued the following statement on the break up via the band’s facebook page:

I’m sorry to say that we are no longer going to be a band. It was a really tough decision to make, but I think it’s what’s best for all of us. It stopped being fun or enjoyable, and when those are the reasons that you’re writing and playing music, it loses its purpose. It was a mutual agreement between everyone and there are no hard feelings and life will surely go on.

A large part of no longer being able to continue in the band, for me, is due to mental health issues that I’ve been struggling with for a long time, which I’ve dealt with in all the wrong ways. Recently I decided that I’d like to help others like me, so I’ve started a non-profit organization to help people struggling with mental health disorders called the Organization for the Pursuit of Happiness. I would really appreciate if everyone could follow the page and tell others about it. Also if anyone would like to help / get involved it would be welcome and appreciated.

Joe Urban and the label are being kind enough to donate 10% of the album sales to the organization.

The OC Supertones (ska) announce final show and 20th anniversary re-issue of “Supertones Strikes Back”

Orange County ska band The OC Supertones have announced that they will be calling it quits. In light of the announcement, the group released information on their final show, which will take place on June 3rd in San Clemente, CA. All ticket and pertinent information regarding this last show can be found here.

The band also announced that they will be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of fan-favourite album, Supertones Strike Back. 

The band last released their album For The Glory in 2013, it was their first album in 7 years.

Old Again stream final track “Safe Distance” before disbanding

Central Florida pop punk act Old Again are streaming their final song, titled “Safe Distance,” through their Bandcamp page. You can check it out below.

The band announced their disbandment, and played their final show on January 7 in their home state. In regards to the final show, the band had this to say: Thank you to anyone who has ever supported us in any way. You helped make these past few years very cool and we can’t thank you enough. Our lives are taking the 5 of us in different directions so we’ve decided to go out on a high note rather than drag this out any longer. This is a house show so space will be limited. This is it for us. See you there.

Cheap Girls break up, singer issues apology statement for past behavior

In surprise news, Lansing’s indie-rock outfit Cheap Girls have decided to call it quits. Singer Ian Graham posted the news on the band’s Facebook, complete with a confession of acting in “predatory ways” and “abus[ing] the artist/fan dynamic.”

Graham’s full statement can be read below.

Cheap Girls last released God’s Ex-Wife (a collection of rarities and b-sides) last year through Asian Man Records.

Somos announce hiatus

Boston’s Somos have announced their hiatus. The band released the full length “First Day Back” in February of this year.

You can read the full statement from the band below.

Little Heart Records owner, Bryan Puckett, passes away

On Sunday, September 25th Bryan Puckett, 35 years old, owner of Little Heart Records passed away. Louisville, Kentucky based multi-genre label boasting of past and current bands such as Knocked Loose, Uh Huh Baby Yeah, On My Honor, Audiostrobelight, Skyscraper Stereo, Everyone Leaves, Kill Matilda, Crewneck, Street Rat and many more. With Little Heart, Puckett offered an artist-friendly structure comprised of open-ended contracts yet sound financial backing. For 11 years He lead a label of over 30 North American bands and with hundreds of releases. Little heart was built on the forgotten mindset that trust, honesty and love only comes back ten fold.

The label being named after his abnormally small heart he was born with. Puckett suffered from numerous ailments such as diabetes, stage 5 kidney failure, high blood pressure, etc. None of which stopped him from catering to bands and making cross country trips to make sure each merch order was fulfilled. With his limited time he offered uncompared opportunity, unforgettable humor and unmatchable loyalty.

Friends and family of all ages are welcome to pay their respects at the Cure Lounge on Saturday, October 8th at 7 p.m. as they take a second to trace back their favorite memories.

Approaching the 11th anniversary friends, family and label staff ensure that the anniversary show will go on to honor the label’s legacy. Again at the Cure Lounge Saturday, November 19th. Past and present bands will gather as the family he single-handedly formed. A night of live performances, a bouncy house and fun for all ages.

Both events are free of charge as Puckett would not have it any other way. Donations will be accepted at both events for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Puckett’s life should be celebrated knowing that good-hearted people willing to give their all for other’s dreams only come once in a great while. He shall be remembered always.

Up For Nothing announce final three shows

Brooklyn punks Up For Nothing are ending their run as a band, but not before they play a couple of farewell shows.

The band recently announced that after playing FEST next month, they’ll have two more shows before putting an end to it all. Check out the dates/locations of the final shows below.

Up For Nothing released their last album, Swindled, early this year on It’s Alive Records. Check out our review of it right here.

G.L.O.S.S. breakup: “This band has become too large and unwieldy to feel sustainable or good anymore”

Feminist, trans-punk band G.L.O.S.S out of Washington State has been the talk of the town as of late, having recently turned down a $50,000 dollar record deal from Epitaph Records, though most notably for pumping out some great music. Though, their rapid rise into the spotlight has taken its toll on band members, physically and emotionally, inevitably leading the band’s demise.

G.L.O.S.S. has confirmed that they will still perform in October at Not Dead Yet Fest in Toronto and are planning a farewell show in the Northwest.

True to form, the band announced that any Bandcamp profits made after their breakup will be donated to the Interfaith Works Emergency Overnight Shelter in Olympia, WA.

For more details on the breakup, read the band’s full statement below.

NoMeansNo announce retirement

Canadian progressive punk legends NoMeansNo announced in a post on their Facebook page that they are retiring after more than 35 years together. Drummer John Wright explains:

“Greetings everybody, John here from NMN and with a heavy heart I must announce the retirement of No Means No. A hiatus became a long hiatus and a lingering hiatus has become a permanent one. Thirty-five years and countless miles, a couple thousand shows and many more beers, a bunch of tunes and sweaty hoards of great fans, I can’t say thanks enough to everyone. I will continue to post here on our page about the Robots and future projects if and when they happen. Hoping to have the debut Compressorhead album out by next march so you have not heard the last of things yet. So cheers everyone! Raise a glass….xo”

NoMeansNo’s final album, All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt, was released in 2006.