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The Painted Dogs stream new EP “Vibrator”

Detroit garage and pop tinged punk act The Painted Dogs have recently released their latest EP Vibrator.

You can give it a listen below.  If you like what you hear, the band is offering the whole thing as a pay what you want download.

Vibrator was released on June 30th, 2016.

Dogs On Acid announce West Coast tour dates

Philadelphia indie rock act Dogs On Acid have announced a new set of West Coast tour dates they’ll see them starting in California and gradually making their way up to Vancouver. Over the course of the tour, they’ll also be accompanied by Winter Break, The Exquisites, and Super Unison. Check out the dates below.

Street Dogs get their own Holiday

Boston punk act Street Dogs recently announced that the City of Boston has recognized their years of representing their city by creating Street Dogs Day.  Mayor Martin J. Walsh made the official proclamation for December 18th.  You can see the band’s post about the new holiday here.

Street Dogs last released a 10-inch split with Noi!se in April 2014 through Pirates Press Records.


Street punks The Dogs release new music video for “Ain’t Going Nowhere”

Veteran punk band The Dogs have just released a brand new music video for “Ain’t Going Nowhere” which you can check out below.

The Detroit three-piece are releasing the music video from their upcoming 4 song EP on Smelvis Records. 

Smelvis Records sign Detroit street punk act The Dogs, to release new 7-inch “Ain’t Going Nowhere”

Smelvis Records (the folks who brought us the badass Rancid tribute album earlier this year) have just announced the signing of The Dogs, a street punk rock and roll band from the motor city. These guys apparently got their start in the late 60’s and shared the stage with legendary bands like The MC5, Stooges, KiSS, AC/DC, Van Halen and the Ramones.

On January 29th The Dogs will release a new 7-inch titled “Ain’t Going Nowhere” through Smelvis which will be limited to 200 pcs on white vinyl. Check out the track list below.



Live Video: Darkbuster perform “Stand & Deliver” with Mike McColgan (Street Dogs)

In honor of today being Veteran’s Day, I thought this would be the perfect time to share one of the highlights of my show-going year. Back in August, Lenny Lashley and a retooled Darkbuster lineup performed a handful of sold out shows in Boston/Cambridge, and in the process, performed a particularly rousing rendition of the classic Darkbuster ode to the United States Armed Forces, “Stand And Deliver.” They were joined for the occasion by Lashley’s fellow Street Dog, the inimitable Mike McColgan (himself, obviously, a veteran of the United States Army). Check out the video below (which I didn’t shoot — Mike Janeiro did — though I did take the picture above), and we hope you all had a happy Veteran’s Day.

Darkbuster released the seven-years-in-the-making album “No Revolution” back in August on Pirates Press Records.

DS Photo Gallery: Hi-Fi Rock Fest at Queen Mary’s Park (pt. 4 of 4) – Street Dogs, Dead Kennedys

The crowd at Queen Mary’s had began to fill up in anticipation of Naked Raygun‘s stellar performance, and was starting to look like a proper music festival once the Boston veterans Street Dogs took to the stage. The band literally comes with an entourage, and their fan base reaches far and wide into a diverse collection of genres and generations. Perhaps it was to beat traffic, perhaps it was for other reasons, but after Street Dogs, the somewhat-still-full crowd began to thin a little for Dead Kennedys, fronted by vocalist Ron ‘Skip’ Greer.

You’ve heard it before, and I’ll say it again, but Street Dogs are one of those bands that I have to manage shooting and dancing. I love being able to photograph some of my favorite bands, however sometimes I wish could quit the gear and thrash like I once did (which I ultimately did for the last part of “Fighter” and beyond). The band performed favorites like “Tobe’s Got a Drinkin’ Problem”, “Punk Rock and Roll”, “Back To The World”, “In Defense of Dorchester”, and so many more. The guys even played one of my favorite Darkbuster songs “Skinhead”, which was incredible. Beer was spilling and fists were flying as Mike called out for a circle pit and fans obliged with all their might.

Dead Kennedys were headliners for the Hi-Fi Rock Fest, and fans had bore the sun and heat, the $2 bottles of water, and all the fried food you could ever want all for this moment. With East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride (aka Geoffrey Lyall) still driving the strings, and D.H. Peligro still on percussion, the band sounded quite like the Dead Kennedys we all know and love. It’s just weird when there’s a divorce, ya know? I understand Leftover Crack decided to drop off this bill due to conflicts with playing with a ‘Dead Kennedys’ sans Biafra, but in all honesty, they missed out. The crowd hadn’t used up all their energy dancing to the Boston greats and were still begging for more, however after 11 hours of shooting and just as many bands, I retired to the white couches to enjoy the rest of set which lasted just over an hour. You can have a look at a video of the entire set here.

Have a look at photos from Street Dogs’ and Dead Kennedys’ sets below.

Big thanks to head honcho Dave Buck, and fellow promoters Darron Hemann and Derik O’Brien, and everyone else who made the day a great success and lots of fun!

Win free tickets to Hi-Fi Rockfest (Dead Kennedies, Street Dogs, Naked Raygun, etc)

In Long Beach, CA on Saturday, September 26th punk-hardcore legends the Dead Kennedys will headline Hi-Fi Rockfest supported by, Street Dogs, Naked Raygun, The Sonics, Richie RamoneLuicidal, Dirty Filthy Mugs Year Of The Dragon, Downtown Brown and The Two Tens.

If you want a pair of free tickets just fill out the form below and we just might hook you up!

Dogs On Acid announce U.K. tour

Philadelphia indie rock act Dogs On Acid have announced U.K. tour dates.

You can check out the tour dates below.

Their self-titled LP album came out August 28th through Jade Tree Records.

DS Exclusive: Mike McColgan on new Street Dogs, Wreck The Halls…and teases reunion with his former band?

Street Dogs – photo by Paul Caufield

Normally when we conduct an interview here at Dying Scene, we take this introductory space to give a bit of a primer on what’s to follow; to boil everything from the discussion down its essential forms and give the reader a concentrated taste of what’s to come. If we’re feeling especially froggy, sometimes we’ll flesh it out into more of a feature-style story; other times we’ll give you just a tease. Consider this the latter, in part because there are some people that are so thoughtful and compelling to talk to that you really want to make sure that you digest every word. While our scene contains its fair share of such personalities, there are a scant few that are more thoughtful and compelling than Mike McColgan.

Whether its been in his role as frontman of working class Boston punk band Street Dogs or in his role as a founding member in Celtic punk stalwarts Dropkick Murphys, McColgan has been a visible, vocal member of the Boston and at-large punk communities for the better part of the last twenty years (more on that later). While his current band may not be on the road quite as often as it used to be for myriad reasons, the present lineup (from left to right above: McColgan, longtime bassist Johnny Rioux, Pete Sosa on drums, Matt Pruitt and Lenny Lashley on guitar) is arguably as tight and powerful as its ever been.

The band are getting set to play the Hi Fi Rock Fest in Long Beach, California, next month, followed by the triumphant hometown return of their annual “Wreck The Halls” shows. The format for “Wreck The Halls” will be a little different this year, as the band will take over the Brighton Music Hall in Boston for three consecutive nights, with each night’s set including one of their first three albums in their entirety. That task is made especially daunting because not only have the newer members not played or practiced a handful of those songs, Rioux and McColgan themselves have a handful of songs from their seminal triumverate of albums that they’ve never played either.

We were privileged to catch up with McColgan for a discussion that started out as focusing on all things Street Dogs (Hi Fi Rock Fest, “Wreck The Halls,” new material in the works for early next year). McColgan is always quick with a complimentary word, whether it be about his bandmates, his hometown, or different bands that he’s shared the stage with and been influenced by. While it might come across as hyperbole from other individuals, the always thoughtful McColgan is his trademark gruff Boston accent and measured tone evokes nothing but honesty, leading to an interesting discussion on McColgan’s own legacy and the importance of celebrating benchmark moments in his own lengthy career, including what will be the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Dropkick Murphys next year. Any special events planned? To quite always thoughtful McColgan himself, “all will be revealed in time.” Check out our Q&A below.


Dogs On Acid streaming upcoming self-titled album

Philadelphia indie rock act Dogs On Acid (ft. members of Snowing and Algernon Cadwallader) are streaming their new self-titled album in full.

You can check it out here.

The album is due out August 28th through Jade Tree Records.

Street Dogs announce hometown “Wreck The Halls” shows

Great news for Boston-area Street Dogs fans!

After a year-long absence, the band announced the return of their “Wreck The Halls” shows! The three-show run will take place from December 19-21 at Brighton Music Hall in Allston. As an added incentive (as though you needed one), the band will be playing their first three album in their entirety over the three nights; night one features 2003’s Savin Hill, followed by 2005’s Back To The World on night two and 2006’s Fading American Dream on night three. Support acts will be revealed soon, though it’s been announced that CJ Ramone will join on at least one night. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes fund.

Tickets to all three shows will be available Friday; get yours here. Meanwhile, check out the flier for the shows below!

DS Photo Gallery: Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Street Dogs and The Interrupters (Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT)

Even for a veteran show-goer who has a tendency to spend 1200 words babbling on about what others could accomplish in 120, I still get those moments where a show seemingly defies words. That’s an incredibly joyful experience, however it makes the job of “capturing it all in a show review” incredibly difficult. And so, it’s with that in mind that I’ll try to encapsulate last Saturday night.

Shortly after being announced as one of the opening acts when Foo Fighters take over Boston’s historic Fenway Park for a couple shows this coming weekend, ska-core pioneers the Mighty Mighty Bosstones announced their own quick run of eastern US warm-up dates. A quick look at any of the Bosstones’ Hometown Throwdown lineups over the years shows the care that they take in putting together a solid lineup, and this little run would prove no different, as joining the “plaid boys of Boston” on this run would be fellow Boston punks Street Dogs, as well as SoCal ska upstarts The Interrupters. The only hometown date being at Fenway Park (and that it didn’t include either opening band) meant that a lot of Boston-area natives would be making a trek out of state. Where better than New Haven on a mid-summer Saturday night, right?

All jest aside, Toad’s Place in New Haven has a well-earned reputation as being a legendary club, no mere stopover on a NYC-to-Boston tour run. Toad’s has played host to more than its fair share of epic shows over the years, holding its own amidst the ivy-covered grey brick towers of neighboring Yale University and the ever-increasing gentrification that such an establishment invites.

The Interrupters kicked the evening off promptly at 7:30. Playing the first East Coast show in their relatively brief history, Aimee “Interrupter” Allen and the flying Bivona brothers (Kevin on guitar, Jesse on drums, Justin on bass) bulldozed through a high-energy, half-hour set that featured mainly songs from their self-titled debut (released August 2014 on Hellcat Records). Based on the album alone, The Interrupters have quickly become one of my favorite “up-and-coming” bands in recent memory, although it’s a bit of a misnomer to refer to them as “up-and-coming” given that Aimee and the Bivonas have been scene veterans for a decade anyway. Still, The Interrupters is a project that could (and should) grow legs and spark a little life into the all-but-dormant ska punk community.

Street Dogs followed and…well…if you’ve read Dying Scene at all over the last 4.5 years, you’re no doubt aware of my affinity for the Boston street punks. On a personal note, I think it’s a damn shame that the band’s current lineup that finds stalwarts Mike McColgan (vocals) and Johnny Rioux (bass) joined by Matt Pruitt and Lenny Lashley on guitar and Pete Sosa behind the kit didn’t get together for a lengthy run sooner. On myriad levels, it’s fair to refer to the Street Dogs as veterans, both of the scene and otherwise. Yet through the way the five-some blistered through show-opening tracks “In Defense of Dorchester” and “Savin Hill,” alongside old staples like “Tobe’s Got A Drinking Problem,” you’d never know that the total count of shows this crew has played together is still well below a hundred. Maybe it’s experience, maybe it’s wisdom, maybe it’s something else entirely, but at least on this night, the band fired tightly and finely (and correctly) tuned.

After a relatively brief (given the amount of moving parts) change-over in sets, the Bosstones took the stage, immediately ripping into “I Want My City Back,” from their underrated 2002 album A Jackknife To A Swan. Much like the Street Dogs, the Bosstones don’t get out nearly as much as they used to, making it all the more special when they do ramble out on the road. The core of the band (frontman Dicky Barrett, bass fiddleman Joe Gittleman, Tim Burton on tenor sax and Ben Carr as…Bosstone) has been together over 30 years, Joe Sirois (drums) and Kevin Lenear (alto sax) first joined up more than two decades ago, and even relative “new guys” Chris Rhodes (trombone) and Lawrence Katz (guitar) have logged more than a decade in the band at this point, so one can imagine that it doesn’t take much for the cobwebs to shake themselves off and the muscle memory to take over. (John Goetchius has been with them on keys since 2008 as well, putting even the newest of the new guys at seven years of service time.)

Still, saying that they rely on muscle memory might imply a certain amount of “phoning it in,” and it stands to reason that nobody that’s ever seen a Bosstones show at any point could accuse the band of phoning anything in. The 23-song set (by my count) on this particular night drew from all points of the band’s catalog, and they were joined by Kevin Bivona of The Interrupters for a cover of The Clash’s classic, “Rudie Can’t Fail.” Nineteen years after this writer’s first Bosstones show, it is quite humbling to see a band that continues to work as hard as they do on stage, approaching their craft with seemingly the same earnestness and appreciation for their fans and their own music as they did decades ago.

Head below for our admittedly rather lengthy photo gallery!

Punk Rock Bowling: Night One – GBH (Country Club) and Street Dogs, 7 Seconds (Country Saloon)

Night one of Punk Rock Bowling presented the first set of challenging decisions. The club show lineups seem to be getting better year after year, sometimes rivaling the actual festival lineup. After strategizing with the DyingScene crew, I B-lined it to the LV Country Saloon to check out the remainder of the FU’s’ set, Street Dogs, and 7 Seconds. Street Dogs played one of the better sets I have seen in awhile, and I was stoked – Punk Rock Bowling had officially began.

No time to reflect though, for as soon as I got my 7 Seconds shots, I ran over to the Fremont Country Club to catch the legendary GBH. Infa-Riot and Abrasive Wheels had opened up for the Brits, but since I had seen them two days before in San Francisco, I opted to see the Boston boys instead.

Other bands forced to miss that night included Manic Hispanic, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Anti-Social, The Applicators, and Evacuate. Always a cost-benefit analysis, and there would be many more tough decisions to come over the weekend.

Have a look at the show shots from night one’s club shows below.

New punk festival Hi-Fi Rockfest: Dead Kennedys, Naked Raygun, Leftover Crack, Street Dogs& more

Hi-Fi Music Productions has announced the line-up of their 1st annual Hi-Fi Rockfest which will take place at Rainbow Lagoon Park in Long Beach, CA on Saturday, September 26th, 2015. Punk/American Hardcore legends the Dead Kennedys will headline the festival, along with festival favorites: Naked Raygun, Street Dogs, Leftover Crack, Richie Ramone, Luicidal, True Rivals, Dirty Filthy Mugs and Downtown Brown.

Tickets are only $30 and can be purchased here.

Note: There are a small number of VIP passes available offering full access to the Hi-Fi VIP area featuring a private bar, shaded area with tables and chairs near the stage, private air-conditioned restrooms and unlimited “Baller” status.  Those tickets are only $55 and will go fast so I advise you grab a pair asap.

Hi-Fi Rockfest is an all ages, all day celebration of great music, gourmet food, flowing booze and punk themed distractions. Rainbow Lagoon Park borders the Pacific Ocean, which will serve as a backdrop to all of the festivities. The festival is being produced by D.O’B Sound Studios owner and veteran drummer/producer, Derik O’Brien, DC-Jam Records owner Darron Hemann, and Dying Scene head honcho Dave Buck. Pooling their collective experience and imagination, Derek, Darron and Dave are throwing a party to celebrate the end of summer featuring 9 ripping bands that will satisfy loud music fans of all generations.

The festival will mark the first of many years to come. For further information, please visit the festivals website.