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Video: The Ghost Inside discuss the meaning of “Engine 45” off new album “Get What You Give”

Los Angeles hardcore act, The Ghost Inside, have posted a video where they discuss the meaning of their song, “Engine 45,” which appears on their brand new album, “Get What You Give.”

You can check the video out and learn some knowledge here.

The band’s third full-length album, “Get What You Give,” came out June 19th via Epitaph Records.

The Ghost Inside posts music video for “Outlive”

Los Angeles hardcore act The Ghost Inside have posted the music video for their song “Outlive.”

You can watch it here.

“Get What You Give” was be the third full length from the band and it came out June 19th on Epitaph Records.



Album Review: The Ghost Inside – “Get What You Give”

Confession: I am not now nor have I ever been a huge fan of hardcore. Yes, I own a few hardcore records – Strife, Ignite, Earth Crisis, and Sick of It All, but I never Sharpie’d Xs on my hands and attempted to start my invisible lawn mower (try pulling out the choke a little!)

When I was asked to review this record my first (incorrect) impression was that it was going to be more of the screamo/metalcore bullshit that passes for “hardcore” these days. I was pleased to be proven completely wrong.

The Ghost Inside comes out of their corner swinging, with chunky syncopated down-tuned guitars and fancy kick drum work driving the opening track “This is What I Know About Sacrifice”. My impression of this record by the first chorus was (honestly) “fuck ya!”.

The first hint of any kind of vocal melody isn’t until on the chorus of the third track, but it isn’t so singy as to be what Brian Posehn would call “the gay part”. “Engine 45” is the most radio-friendly track on the album and a welcome respite from the otherwise full-speed-ahead hardcore record. But before the melody gets to be too much, the album segues into “Slipping Away”, a double-time ripper with a cool spacey guitar part over a sludgy bridge.

“The Great Unknown” finally gave me what I had been waiting for all along – the epic hardcore breakdown. I knew it had to be coming, and when it finally dropped I sincerely wished that there was change on the floor for me to pick up. Alas, there wasn’t, so I had to settle for bobbing my head and making a toughguy face instead.

The production leaves absolutely nothing to be wanted – it’s well-produced without sounding too slick like many of the “hardcore” bands on that label with the bulldog logo (not naming names here). None of the energy was smoothed out with autotune or gridding, and the little production touches like the click-click-boom shotgun sound in the opening track didn’t cause any eye rolls, as they could have with a less-tastefully made record. Even the use of 808s throughout (normally an inexcusable cheat on a hardcore record) add to the energy without sounding overly contrived.

There are no musical slouches in this band – the singer brings the pain, and the guitars and bass are locked in butthole-tight with the kick, but the outstanding performance is by Andrew Tkaczyk on the drum kit. The fills are all rock-solid and Keith Moon interesting. I don’t think he played the same one twice on this whole record, and it really makes the difference in making me want to listen again and again.

“Get What You Give” is easily as good as any of my (admittedly limited) collection of nineties hardcore records, and a welcome addition to the rotation. Good on The Ghost Inside for proving that modern hardcore isn’t about neon guitar strings and eyeliner, and thank you Epitaph for putting out an excellent record that’s not by Frank Turner.

4.5 of 5 stars.

The Ghost Inside stream upcoming album “Get What you Give”

The Ghost Inside are streaming their entire upcoming album “Get What You Give” right here.

“Get What You Give” will be the third full length from the Los Angeles hardcore act and it is due out June 19th on Epitaph Records.

Music Video: The Ghost Inside – “Engine 45” from upcoming album “Get What You Give”

Last week we brought you a stream of “Engine 45” from the upcoming The Ghost Inside album “Get What You Give”…and now we’re giving you the music video.  Check it out right here.

“Get What You Give” will be the third full length from Los Angeles hardcore act The Ghost Inside, and is due out June 19th on Epitaph Records.

The Ghost Inside stream new song “Engine 45” from upcoming album “Get What You Give”

Los Angeles hardcore act The Ghost Inside are currently streaming the song “Engine 45” off their upcoming full length album “Get What You Give”.  Check it out here.

Catch the band live all summer long on the Warped Tour.  Click here for dates.

“Get What You Give” will be the third full length release from The Ghost Inside, and it is due out June 19th on Epitaph Records.

The Ghost Inside details new album “Get What You Give”, streams new song “Outlive”

LA hardcore/metalcore outfit The Ghost Inside will release their exceptional third album, “Get What You Give” on June 19th via Epitaph Records. Check out the album’s trailer which features new music from “Get What You Give” here.

The Ghost Inside are also currently streaming a new hardcore anthem from the album titled “Outlive” right here.

“Our new album is musically, lyrically and vocally our best album to date,” says frontman Jonathan Vigil. “After spending two years on the road following the release of our last album (Returners), we’ve developed a true sound for our band. We really pushed ourselves to the limits to create something we can honestly be proud of and to prove that in life, you’re always going to Get What You Give.”

Fans can catch their live performance on tour all summer long on the Van’s Warped Tour.  Dates and locations here.

The Ghost Inside title upcoming album

In a recent facebook post LA metalcore band The Ghost Inside announced the title of their upcoming album due out later this year on Epitaph Records.  It is… wait for it…

“Get What You Give.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details surface.

7 more bands added to Warped Tour (Senses Fail, The Ghost Inside, After The Burial…)

Warped Tour, which kicks off on June 16th in Salt Lake City, is now up to 31 bands announced to date with the following 2012 lineup additions today – The Ghost Inside, Senses Fail, Echo Movement, After The Burial, Mighty Mongo, Dead Sara and It Boys.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on all lineup changes/additions for Warped Tour 2012, and for now, you can check out a list of dates and locations for Warped Tour 2012 right here.

Epitaph signs The Ghost Inside; US tour about to kick off

LA melodic hardcore band The Ghost Inside has just signed to Epitaph Records, and is getting ready to embark on an extensive month-long tour around the US. The band has gained a large following with their releases, “Fury And The Fallen Ones” and “Returners”, and their popularity will no doubt grow with this recent signing to Epitaph.

Here’s what singer Jonathan Vigil had to say about joining the Epitaph family.

“Signing to Epitaph is a dream come true for me. The label is home to some of my all time favorite bands. Epitaph continues to be successful while maintaining the integrity of an independent label. I really look forward to the future of The Ghost Inside and Epitaph. There’s honestly no other place I’d want to call home.”

To check out The Ghost Inside’s entire tour schedule, head here.

Music Video: Hundredth – “Desolate”

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, hardcore outfit Hundredth have premiered the music video for their song “Desolate.” The song features guest vocals from The Ghost Inside‘s Jonathan Vigil (though he’s not in the video). Do yourself a favor and check it out here.

The song appearson the band’s album “Let Go,”  released September 27th via Mediaskare Records.

As I Lay Dying announce “Decade of Destruction” U.S. tour dates

San Diego metalheads As I Lay Dying have announced a string of tour dates with Of Mice and Men, The Ghost Inside, iwrestledabearonce and Sylosis.  The tour, which will support As I Lay Dying’s new record, “Decas,” will run across the US from November 30 to December 16.

You can find the dates for the “Decade of Destruction” tour here.

“Decas” is scheduled for release on Metal Blade Records November 8. It will contain 3 new tracks, 4 cover songs, and 5 remixes of previously released songs.

Dates announced for Allstars Tour, featuring Blessthefall, Alesana, many more

Pretty big screamo/metal tour announcement for your Hump Day. The official lineup and tour date schedule for what is being billed as The Allstars Tour were announced today. The official tour lineup is: Alesana, blessthefall, In This Moment, The Ghost Inside, Motionless In White, Sleeping With Sirens, For All Those Sleeping, Memphis May Fire, Emmure, iwrestledabearonce, For Today, Born of Osiris, After The Burial, Chelsea Grin, and last but not least, Attila. That’s a whole lot of rocking for one venue!

The Allstars Tour kicks off in Houston in late July (bring a sweater) and runs through late August when it wraps up in “western Canada.” The dates are all confirmed, but a few venues are still up in the air. Click here for the full itinerary.

Show Review: Parkway Drive-Kansas City, Missouri, February 18, 2011

On a gorgeously cool February evening, Abigail and I set our course to Kansas City’s Beaumont Club in Westport. My bones are still aching cretins. Parkway Drive definitely showed up with their A game for this show. With thundering sounds laid down by The Warriors, The Ghost Inside, and Set Your Goals, they precursed what was to be a spectacular display of spine-shaking sounds from the mighty Parkway Drive.

Click here to read more.

Music video: The Ghost Inside – “Unspoken”

Los Angeles hardcore act The Ghost Inside have released the first music video from their upcoming album Returners. Click here to watch the video for Unspoken.

The album is due out June 8 on Mediaskare Records. The band is currently on tour so check out their Dying Scene shows page for dates and locations.