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Darko post studio video, offer free download of new song “Seaward”

UK skate punk act Darko have released a studio video featuring a new song called “Seaward.”  Here’s what the band had to say:

Hey Guys! We are very pleased to announce we shall be recording a new EP in in May with Chris Coulter (Producer/Engineer). To give you guys a cheeky preview we recorded a studio session of one of the tracks SEAWARD, produced by Daly George of Drones and Shot by Sam Hopper of Trails. You can download the track for FREE on our Bandcamp page.

You can watch the video and download the song for free below.

Thee band’s 2012 EP “From Trust to Conformity,” was released through Lockjaw Records. Check out a DS review here.

Darko (skate punk) release music video for “Chewbacca Defense”

UK skatepunk act Darko have released a music video for their song “Chewbacca Defence” and you can scope it out below.

The song comes from the band’s 2012 EP “From Trust to Conformity,” which came out this fall on Lockjaw Records. Check out a DS review here.

Lockjaw Records offers free download of Christmas compilation

The folks at Lockjaw Records are relieving us of cheesy Christmas music with a free download of a 19 song compilation album featuring a bunch of straight up punk rock and melodic hardcore acts.  Its a great way to get you blood pumping again and discover a some new bands.  I know I did.

Stream and/or download it for free here.

Darko release tour video “Neo Was An Amateur”

Darko have released a tour music video for their song “Neo Was An Amateur.” Check it out over here.

The song comes from the band’s 2012 EP “From Trust to Conformity,” which came out this fall on Lockjaw Records. Check out a DS review here.

Album Review: Darko – “From Trust To Conformity” EP

Alright, let’s just get this out there for everyone: This band is composed of some SERIOUS rippers. The musical talent here is operating on a VERY high level. The guitarists are full-time shredding throughout all six of these tracks, and every other instrument paired keeps up without missing a beat.

“From Trust To Conformity” is the title of the new EP from Darko. The release is stacked with six tracks that all do a pretty good job of keeping the bands signature “high-octane” approach very much in tact. I couldn’t help but think the entire time I was listening to this EP: “These guys have got to kick some serious ass live.”

I really don’t have anything negative to say about any of these tracks from a production / arrangement standpoint. All of these songs instrumentally sound like they’re very well thought out and put together with surgical precision. Everyone’s playing in the pocket they should be, and everyone is helping the beat move along.

On paper, this should be my new favorite release, but it’s just not. Unfortunately one of the first things I thought when I listened to this album was “After I’m done with this, I’m going to put on some Wilhelm Scream.” I shouldn’t think that, right? I should be thinking “After I’m done with this, I’m going to listen to it again.” I suspect the vocal approach could be a bit of the reason behind this.

The vocals aren’t bad, not by any means, but they’re all too familiar. The singer has a few different gears he goes into here, some of those gears really remind me (almost too much) of some other bands. I know at this point gang vocals are just kind of commonplace with this style of music, but something about the execution of them feels a little bit like old hat. I think that’s to be said for a few of the dynamics offered vocally.

I normally do a track by track (ish) style of reviewing, but for this release I don’t think it’s really necessary. If you like the aggressive, fast paced technical style offered by this band, you WILL like this release. I think the only track that falls a bit short as a collection piece is the title track, the last song “From Trust To Conformity.” It sounds a bit like the band embraces some of their desire to want to mix it up style-wise, and it just doesn’t really translate into a strong showing to me. The repeating vocal at the end is a bit grading, I could have done without.

When I do these reviews, I normally delete the songs from the album I know I’ll never listen to again. Having said that: I’m going to keep these songs in my library, I just don’t think they’re going to be showing up in my “Top Hits” anytime soon. Darko is a band I’m eager to keep an eye on, and optimistic about listening to moving forward. For those of you who may be really die-hard about this genre-style, don’t think twice about grabbing this EP.


Music Video: Darko – “From Trust to Conformity”

In addition to streaming new songs and offering a free download of their self titled EP as we reported earlier, skate punk band Darko has also a stop-motion animated music video for their song “From Trust to Conformity.” The song will appear as the title track on the band’s upcoming EP.

You can watch the video for “From Trust to Conformity” right here.

Darko released their self titled EP in 2010. “From Trust to Conformity” comes out next month on Lockjaw Records.

New Song Stream: Darko’s “From Trust to Conformity”, plus free download of 2010 EP

If you’re a fan of skate punks Darko, or if you’re looking for a new band to get into, here’s your chance.  Darko is streaming some songs off their upcoming EP From Trust to Conformity, to be released next month on Lockjaw Records.  You can check out all those songs, as well as pre-order the new EP, by heading over to Darko’s bandcamp.

The band is also offering free downloads of their 2010 self-titled EP.  Click here for the 6-track download, and happy listening.

Free Compilation: “Summer Sesh” (melodic punk)

In order to promote the Summer Sesh show at The Matrix in Grimsby on the 18th Aug 2012 somebody has released a comp featuring 7 of the bands performing (The Fear, The Departed, Almeida, Fair Dos, Darko, No Contest and Laughing In The Face Of). Stream it here.

If you’re into melodic skate punk its worth a download.

Darko release new track “The Smarter That I Think I Am, The Dumber I Get” from upcoming EP

UK skate punks Darko have released a new track entitled “The Smarter That I Think I Am, The Dumber I Get.” The song will appear on the band’s forthcoming EP “From Trust To Conformity,” due out this September on Lockjaw Records. Check it out right here.

The band released their self-titled EP in mid-2010.

Darko sign to Lockjaw Records, announce “From Trust To Conformity” EP

Melodic punk act Darko from the U.K. have just signed with Lockjaw Records, and have also announced the September 7th release date of a new EP entitled “From Trust To Conformity”.  A preview of the album artwork can be found right here.

Darko last released the digital single “Never Coming Home/Chewbacca Defense” January 1st, 2011.

Album Review: Darko – “Never Coming Home/Chewbacca Defence”

Darko is a band I have listened to before on the site “Bandcamp.” I liked their earlier self titled release but found it a bit rough and unpolished. The newest release from Darko could not be much different, right? The “Never Coming Home/Chewbacca” 7 inch was released less than a year later. This is not the same Darko! The band has tightened up and blown this reviewer away with the maturity between the 2 releases. How Darko remains unsigned is as big a mystery as Atlantis or who farted in a crowded elevator. The 7 inch takes leaps ahead for the South East English band from Guildford. Probably the only reason Darko remains unsigned is because no one knows where Guildford is located. Any label that may read this should get out the atlas and quickly look the place up though, because Darko is well worth the effort.

The first song on the 7 inch is “Never Coming Home.” This song grabs you by the throat and pulls you in with hooks and riffs that cause you to become desperate for the next verse. I am not one for pigeon holeing bands, and Darko defies labels with this song. They are neither pop punk or hardcore punk. They are punk in its simplest form and most convenient terms. “Never Coming Home” is as much at home in the smoke filled beer drenched pubs as it is the concert halls. This is a song that will get the pits moving. The song delivers the energy of an atomic bomb.

“Chewbacca Defense,”  I can only guess, is named after the South Park episode. The song however is far from sophomoric. The song starts of with a guitar that is warming up to wail. The song builds into quick and furious rift that shows the chops on this band. Not too overpowering, the guitar takes center stage as the singer belts out a tune that will stick to your brain. The drums and bass, along with the guitar, build this song into one that will garner Darko a lot of attention. In my opinion this is the best track Darko has released.

Granted, this release is only 2 songs long so to call it the “best album of the year” would be a stretch, but it does show that their next full-length release has that potential.  If you’re curious, check out both tracks here.

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Darko release music video for new song “Never Coming Home”

Here’s some new punk rock for you straight from Guildford, UK.  Darko has just released a music video for their previously unreleased son “Never Coming Home” and you can check it out right here.

The band is also giving away their debut EP for free on their bandcamp page.