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Local Resident Failure finish recording upcoming album “A Breath Of Stale Air”

Newcastle punk band Local Resident Failure, have finished recording their new album “A Breath Of Stale Air.” Here’s what they had to say:

after starting to record it nearly 2 years ago, our album is finally mixed, mastered and ready to go. Stay tuned for some release details over the next week!

You can check out our interview with the band from last year here.

Kye Smith (Local Resident Failure) posts drum cover of Lagwagon’s “Rifle”

Kye Smith, otherwise known for his drumming in Newcastle punk band Local Resident Failure, has posted a drum cover of Lagwagon song “Rifle” online.  You can watch the video here.  He has also posted some other drum covers including Strung Out’s “Velvet Alley” and you can watch them all for a lesson in drumming from his Something About Drums channel.  The guy is insanely talented.

Local Resident Failure have a new album titled “A Breath Of Stale Air,” penciled in for a mid-2012 release. Stay tuned to DS for more on the new album.

DS Photo Gallery: Spoonfest 2011 @ The Step Inn, Brisbane, Australia (21/05/2011)

Winter chills didn’t stop 12 bands and hundreds of punters converging on Spoonfest to enjoy a mixed line-up of a little punk, a little hardcore and some balls to the wall rock.  Luca Brasi really stepped up to the plate, Local Resident Failure reminded Brisbane of just how awesome they are and shoe bongs were rife.  Without future adieu welcome to the first ever Dying Scene photo gallery provided by the extremely talented Stephen Goodwin  of Spoonfest 2011.  To view the gallery click here.

[DS Note] Mad props go to Anamari Goicoechea from AMG Entertainment, Chris Hunter from Give The Kids What They Want plus Denis Hogan and Ben Trotter from Your Daughters Records for organising and executing a great night.  Double thanks go to Stephen Goodwin for lending his talent and providing amazing photos of the evening.  Finally, a triple thanks goes to everyone who walked through the door, had a beer and made it such an awesome night for punk-mothertrucking-rock.  THANKS!

Photo credit:  Stephen Goodwin

Dying Scene Presents: Spoonfest 2011 interview recap

Spoonfest is only of hours away but over the past two weeks we’ve talked to a stack of the bands on the line-up and reckon that we’ve gotten to know them pretty well.  So before we put on our black Cons and drinking pants and head to the show lets relive the magic that was our Spoonfest 2011 interview series.

Every band we’re amazing and came to the party, streaming a track off their most recent release; Friends With The Enemy even gave us their whole EP, “New World Disorder,” for streaming.  Check out the full list of interviews here.

DS Exclusive Interview: Local Resident Failure, stream “Human Rights…and Wrongs”

Local Resident Failure have been perfecting their own brand of melodic/skate punk, full of attitude and energy in Australia for the past four years now and things continue to pick up for the foursome.  The band will be making an appearance at Spoonfest this Saturday May 21 and is also reportedly making progress on their debut record which is scheduled for release later this year.

I recently had a chance to ask their front man, Dal,  a few questions and get their take on everything from Spoonfest, 90’s punk, their new record and to playing in Australia in general.  We are also streaming “Human Rights…and Wrongs” from their 2010 EP/album teaser,”Crack Is The New Black.”  Be sure to check out the full interview plus song stream here and catch their set at Spoonfest this Saturday.  BOOM!

There is only two days left till Spoonfest Brisbane punk-rockers.  Be there!  DS will be.  You should buy us a beer.  Kidding!  But definitely pick up a ticket first here.

Dying Scene Presents: Spoonfest 2011 (Brisbane, Australia)

Here at Dying Scene we’re all about getting out and supporting the local music scene which means we are totally stoked to announce that we’re in cahoots with AMG Entertainment and Your Daughters Records to bring Spoonfest 2011 to life.  Well they did all the hard work, we’re just along for the ride which is totally punk if you ask us!  The cream of Brisbane and Australia’s punk rock crop will converge on the Step Inn in Brisbane, Australia, on the 21st of May 2011 for one night of outrageously good music, abhorrent behaviour and best of all, pub priced beers.  Check out a full size poster here.

Now in its 3rd year, Spoonfest has, and continues to, feature some of the countries most talented punk rock musicians.  The line-up for 2011 includes:

The Quickening

Local Resident Failure (NSW)


Army Of Champions

Friends With The Enemy (GC)

Luca Brasi (TAS)

Dementia 13

The Blasted Heath


The Flangapanis


That’s a pretty sweet deal right right there!  In our eternal punk rock quest we’ll be bringing you all the updates on the show, interviews with the bands plus some other punk delights.  We know a lot of you won’t be able to get to the show but fear not!  We’ve got your back with full coverage of the event including event reviews and hell, we’re even going to throw in a photo gallery  of the night to peak your jealousy.

Stay tuned to DS for all your Spoonfest needs.

Live Video: Local Resident Failure play cover of NOFX’s “Don’t Call Me White”

Newcastle skate punks, Local Resident Failure, have posted a video of their cover of Nofx’s song “Don’t Call Me White” and you can check it out here.

The band is expected to release their debut album in early 2011.  Stay tuned!

If you haven’t already got them, the band have an EP and a live album available for free download on their MySpace Page.

Local Resident Failure post video for “Human Rights…And Wrongs”

Newcastle skate punks, Local Resident Failure, have posted their new video for “Human Rights…And Wrongs”.  You can watch it here.  The song is take from the 2010 EP, “Crack Is The New Black”.

The band is expected to release their debut album in early 2011.  Stay tuned!

If you haven’t already got them, the band have an EP and a live album available for free download on their MySpace Page.

Album Review: Local Resident Failure – “Crack Is The New Black”

**The Album Reviews published on Dying Scene are written and submitted by regular users of the site. These users are not professional music critics nor are they paid for what they write. If you disagree with an album’s rating, feel free to voice your opinion and give it your own rating in the comments. If you’d like to submit your own review do it here.

This release from Local Resident Failure caught my attention with its provocative title Crack Is The New Black, and its inference to a similarly titled record, Stack Is The New Black, by a band called Short Stack.  (For those with no knowledge of the musical abomination that is Short Stack, here’s the skinny. The teen pop-sensation is the concoction of an unrelenting marketing machine.  The result is sub-par pop songs which are shockingly popular amongst easily influenced teenage girls.  It has since been settled that the amount of hairspray the trio uses to maintain their shit-pop-indie-hairdo chic doubles the size of the hole in the ozone layer with each of their gigs).

Enough of the bad, back to the good stuff.  Local Resident Failure wears the influences of ‘90s skater punk bands on their sleeves.  The four gents from Newcastle got together in 2007 thanks to their collective appreciation of these punk bands.  Crack Is The New Black is the third EP (excluding a live release) from the gents and is the precursor to an album for which recording is expected to begin during October 2010.

Opener, Human Rights…And Wrongs, is the longest track and one of the band’s most convoluted pieces to date.  The lyrical intent of the song is clearly evident in the title.  At no point does it directly attack a particular social or political issue, it simply makes evident that there are problems within society that need to be addressed. It’s logically constructed with perfectly positioned vocal cannons, guitar breakdowns and even packs in a short yet effective drum solo.

Track number two is a cover of the 1988 hit by John Farnham, Two Strong Hearts. Farnham is a ‘80s cheesy Australian pop heart-throb and that is all you need to know about that.  The LRF profanity-laced, comedic version of this love ballad forces the tempo, adds the LRF skate punk flavor and may be the closest the band will ever get to a genuine love song.  Unlike Farnham, it probably won’t score them any ladies but you’ve got to give them a ten for effort.

The final song poses the question, What’s the Alternative to the Alternative? It specifically attacks the commercialization and subsequent barstardization of ‘alternative’ music by corporate mainstream media.  It even manages to suck up to Australia’s largest alternative radio station.  It’s the slowest track on the release but still packs the punch and energy of previous songs.  While in its construction, it is consciously filled with every punk cliché known to man, in their placements, it is well executed and avoids being corny.

With only three tracks, the EP clocks in at just over eight minutes, which (per track) makes it one of their longest releases.  Surprisingly, it is also their first release that doesn’t explicitly mention beer.  Crack Is The New Black is technically more refined and well constructed while still maintaining the blithe nature and complete smart arse attitude that made their previous efforts appealing.

In true DIY fashion, Crack Is The New Black, was self-released in April and is available for purchase now on iTunes.  The band has their previous EPs, including a live EP, available for free download on their MySpace page.  If the album is only half as hilarious as the sampler, it’ll be well worth the wait.