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Bigwig releasing “Covers” EP, streaming cover of “Sliver” by Nirvana

According to a recent blog post by Bigwig lead singer, Tom Petta, the New Jersey punk act will be releasing a Covers EP that will contain every cover song Bigwig has ever recorded.  There’s no official release date yet but you can stream the band’s cover of “Sliver” by Nirvana on their MySpace page.

Bigwig’s last release, Reclamation, came out in 2006 on Fearless Records.

Why did they choose the name Bigwig?

Ever wonder where some bands come up with their band names?  Well, we do, and we’re sick of sitting around scratching our heads about it.  We’re hitting the streets (aka. “Internet”) to find the origins behind some of the more bizarre, intriguing or just plain random band names in the scene.  Every Wednesday we’ll be pulling the curtain back on a different band and this week it’s New Jersey’s melodic punk mainstays Bigwig.

If you’ve listened to the band’s 1997 Fearless Records release, Un-Merry Melodies, you may remember that there is a sound clip mentioning a character called “Bigwig” preceding the track Best Of Me.  It turns out that the clip is from the 1978 movie, Watership Down, which was based on the novel written by Richard Adams. The book is somewhat of a social commentary that touches on several themes such as leadership, government, nature, trickery and humanity and in it the character Bigwig is a strong, intelligent and fearless rabbit leader. The cartoon was a childhood favorite of the band’s singer Tom Petta. It introduced him to politics at a young age and left so much of an impression that he decided to name his band after the character.

Give the song, Best Of Me, a listen to hear the aforementioned clip from Watership Down.

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Bigwig post cover of the Jawbreaker classic “Ashtray Monument”

New Jersey punks Bigwig have posted their cover of Jawbreaker’s classic song, Ashtray Monument.

Bigwig recorded this semi-unreleased track a while back for a compilation currently out of print. It will be re-mastered and released on an upcoming B-sides compilation on vinyl and available for digital download later in the year (no set plans). It is definitely worth listening to. Check it out on the band’s MySpace page.

Bigwig’s last release, Reclamation, came out in 2006 on Fearless Records.

Bigwig streaming semi-unreleased track “Waiting” (in 6/8)

Jersey punks Bigwig recently announced that they were returning from hiatus to work on new music and possibly begin touring again.  Perhaps to whet our appetites the band has added a “semi-unreleased” track to their MySpace page titled Waiting in 6/8.  The song was originally recorded as part of the Invitation To Tragedy sessions and released under the incorrect name “6 Over 8” on a label sampler comp.  It’s a good song and worth checking out for any Bigwig fans.

Bigwig’s last release, Reclamation, came out in 2006 on Fearless Records.

Bigwig awakens from slumber, planning new music and tour

Damn, when’s the last time you heard anything from Jersey hardcore punkers Bigwig (aside from today’s Music For Cancer compilation)?  According to their singer, Tom, the band has been MIA for so long because he was having to attend to some health issues and asserts that any rumors about Bigwig disbanding are untrue.  Says Tom of his absence:

It was hell not being able to do the one thing I truly love, playing and touring with my friends.  During the time off from touring, I was able to spend much needed time with my family and friends. I’m so grateful for their support! Thanks  to all of you who wrote letters of support, encouragement and inspiration, it means the world!

Although the band has undergone some lineup changes for various reasons, the frontman promises us, the fans, some tour dates and new releases this year.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many details on which to elaborate, but the mere fact that Bigwig is back in action is newsworthy enough, no?

Bigwig’s last release, Reclamation, came out an eon ago (2006) on Fearless Records.  Stay tuned to DyingScene as we will certainly be keeping close watch on what the band has cooking.

“Music 4 Cancer” compilation to feature NOFX, Bigwig, Face To Face, Teen Idols, etc

Wow, there’s an awesome comp in the works.  It’s called Music 4 Cancer: The Cause and it’s going to feature a bunch of great punk artists.  So far the confirmed bands are NOFX, Face To Face, Teen Idols, Bigwig, Frank Turner, Good Riddance, Joey Cape, Pour Habit and… just check out the full list here.  They’re still looking for contributing artists and a label, and I can’t tell you which songs each artist is contributing, but I can tell you at least one artist (Bigwig) will be contributing a brand new song.  Hey oh!

Music 4 Cancer is a non-profit organization. All the profits of the sell of the Comp Albums will be given to The Canadian Cancer Society.