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Street Dogs announce West Coast tour dates with Old Man Markley and Devil’s Brigade

Boston punk rockers Street Dogs have announced dates for “The Crooked Drunken Sons” tour which is a quick run of 5 shows that starts in Sacramento, California on March 14th.  They’ll be supported by Old Man Markley and Devil’s Brigade, which sounds like an awesome show to me.  Check out the details here.

The Street Dogs last released “Street Dogs”, their fifth album overall and second for Hellcat Records, on August 31st,2010.

DS Staff Picks – Best Albums of 2011 (Liza)

What up, kids. Liza here. I can’t believe it’s time to write another one of these lists. Time flies. When I wrote last year’s best of, I had been on the Dying Scene staff for about 30 seconds (or maybe about a week), but now I’m older, absolutely no wiser, and pleased to present my favorite albums of 2011. Check it out here.

Happy New Year, punks.

Fat Mike and Old Man Markley to perform at Occupy LA this weekend

Fat Mike must not be able to get enough of the Occupy movement. After he and NOFX bandmate Eric Melvin played at Occupy San Francisco last week, now he will play at Occupy LA. This time he’ll be joined by Johnny from Old Man Markley.

The pair will play on Sunday at 3 pm, so if you’re in the area be sure to head over and check it out. Watch a video from the San Francisco appearance here. You can also see Anti-Flag play at Occupy Wall Street here.

Suburban Home Records release Denver/Boulder Sept/Oct Mixtape Vol 8

Subruban Home Records has just released their 8th mixtape, available to stream for FREE here. The label has included tracks from 17 Denver/Boulder local acts including Old Man Markley, Gwyneth & Monko, The Deadvolts, and more. Check out all the musicians and their songs here.

The release of this compilation coincides with the announcement of tour dates over the next month in this region. If you happen to live, or will be visitng, the Centennial State, head here to check out the complete list of tour dates from all these Colorado rockers.

Old Man Markley streaming new song off “Party Shack” EP

Fat Wreck Chords bluegrass-punks Old Man Markley posted their new track, “Party Shack,” to Sound Cloud. It’s off the upcoming EP of the same name that dropped today. Check it out here. The seven-inch single’s B-side is a cover of One Man Army‘s “The Holidays.”

OMM is hitting the road with Anti-Flag and NOFX for a fall tour. The dates for that are over here. Their next full-length should be out early in 2012.

Old Man Markley peform stripped down versions of “Do Me Like You Do” and “Guts ‘n Teeth”

Fat Wreck Chords bluegrass-punks Old Man Markley returned to Vegas this past weekend to celebrate the 30th birthday of their namesake and washboard player Ryan Markley. While there, the band once again teamed up with Punks in Vegas for two new acoustic videos.

The stripped down version of “Do Me Like You Do” and “Guts n’ Teeth,” (both off their album “Guts n’ Teeth”) can be seen here.

The band will be releasing a new 7-inch entitled “Party Shack” on September 20th.

Old Man Markley announce new 7-inch “Party Shack”

Fat Wreck Chords bluegrass-punks Old Man Markley have announced that they will be releasing a new 7-inch entitled “Party Shack” on September 20th. It will feature the title track as well as a cover of One Man Army‘s song “The Holidays.”

You can check out the cover art here.

Old Man Markley released their debut full-length, “Guts ‘N Teeth”on January 18th, 2011.

NOFX, Anti-Flag, Old Man Markley announce North East tour

US punk fans living in the North East get ready.  This October NOFX, Anti-Flag and Old Man Markley are swinging by for a tour.  If that is not enough for you, The Bouncing Souls will also be stopping by for two shows.

Be sure to check out all the dates right here.

Show Review: Old Man Markley at Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY, June 12, 2011

If there’s one thing you can say about Old Man Markley‘s live shows, it’s that you will definitely have a good time. With their upbeat mix of bluegrass and punk, the crowd turns into a giant dance party, even if they’re in a not-so-giant space.

Their show at Union Hall in Brooklyn on Sunday was no different. The venue is fairly small, with the performance space in a humid basement below the main bar. The stage is tiny enough that the seven members of the band in attendance were crowded and would occasionally bump into each other. But it doesn’t matter.

After opening act Nightmare River Band finished their set of upbeat folk-rock, Old Man Markley came out and powered through a full set of their signature upbeat bluegrass-folk-punk (Bluepunk? Punkgrass? Does this need a name?). As expected, the audience erupted into a dance-a-thon. It was somewhere between a mosh pit and a hoe down, which sounds incredibly bizarre until you experience it for yourself.

In addition to mastering their spot-on harmonies and high-powered violin and banjo solos, the band seems like they’re having a blast when they play, trading jokes (and drinks…and sweat towels) with each other. And that just rubs off on the crowd. This is a band that hooked me with a show, when I first saw them during Punk Rock Bowling, and seeing them again proved to me that their concerts are not to be missed. Sure, their recorded material is great, but live is truly how they shine. They played a lot of their album, “Guts N Teeth,” plus a couple of bluegrass standards (I’ll have to take the band’s word that they were standards; I know basically nothing about bluegrass). It doesn’t matter if you’ve listened to “Guts N Teeth” front to back a million times or if you’ve never heard a single song before, they’ll get you moving.

If you’re in Canada, you’re in luck, because the group is playing a short tour in the great white north with label-mates NOFX and Teenage Bottlerocket. Remaining dates are here. If you’re anywhere near where they are playing, I highly recommend you go check them out.

Video: Old Man Markley do stripped down version of “Song Songs”

Punks in Vegas has posted the latest video in their “Stripped Down Sessions” series. The video finds singer/guitarist John Carey and fiddler Katie Weed of Fat Wreck Chords bluegrass-punks Old Man Markley performing a stripped-down version of “Song Songs” on their tour bus right outside the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas.

You can see the video here.

Old Man Markley released their debut full-length, “Guts ‘N Teeth”on January 18th, 2011.

Live Videos: Dropkick Murphys and Old Man Markley at Punk Rock Bowling

Looks like we’re not the only ones still recovering from a long weekend of beer, live punk and debauchery, because it’s kind of a slow news morning. To tide you over, here are a couple live videos of questionable quality from Punk Rock Bowling. The first is from the Dropkick Murphys set on Saturday, the second is from Old Man Markley‘s set at one of the after-hours club shows on Sunday night.

Watch them here.

Old Man Markley and “The Execution of Joey Balls”

Barn burnin’ folk-punkers Old Man Markley are here to rescue you from boring, mature, professional bands!  If you’re craving a little amusement, check out “The Execution of Joey Balls”.

Showcasing what a touring band will do for entertainment, the video involves sword fights, airsoft guns, bare male side-ass, and even some genuine footage of the band taken from their “For Better, For Worse” music video.  Fair warning:  If you do not like Jackass style entertainment, you may not like this.

If you’re up for it, check out ““The Execution of Joey Balls“.  Also check out “For Better, For Worse” the Fat Wreck Chords debut of Old Man Markley that was released on January 18th, 2011.

NOFX, Teenage Bottlerocket, Old Man Markley announce Canadian tour dates

Alright, you Canadians, get pumped.  NOFX has announced the “Great White No(fx)rth Tour,” which will see the band head up North this summer for a slew of Canadian dates over the summer.  They’ll be bringing along Teenage Bottlerocket and Old Man Markley too.  Hey oh!

Check out the dates and locations here.

Interview: Old Man Markley talk origins and how they ended up on Fat Wreck Chords

On Episode #101 “Loud Fast and Shitty” talk with the darlings of bluegrass/punk, Old Man Markley. The 8 piece band from California recently had their debut record chart at #8 on Billboard’s Bluegrass Charts. The radio show caught up with them on their Orlando, Florida tour stop with NOFX, Bouncing Souls and Cobra Skulls…

Among the topics discussed was the band’s origins, which started early with punk rock. Singer John Carey and upright/washtub bassist Joey “Balls” Garibaldi moonlight in the seminal punk rock institution, Youth Brigade. Washboard player Ryan Markley and Mandolin player Alex Zablotsky played together in the Los Angeles based band, Angel City Outcasts. Mix those musicians and their influences together with the traditional banjo pickin’ of John Rosen and the down home fiddle playing from Katie Weed, and you have the makings of Old Man Markley. Annie DeTemple, who already had a musical background and is now married to John Carey, learned to play the Autoharp specifically for Old Man Markley. Her father, Michael DeTemple was part of the legendary Flying Burrito Brothers.

An encounter with Fat Mike (NOFX/Fat WreckChords) on the road with Youth Brigade led to the interest in signing Old Man Markley to Fat. Before that, three of the members of Old Man Markley supported themselves by working at Michael DeTemple’s custom guitar shop. John Carey, who is a luthier by trade even helped design and build Joey Garibaldi’s trademark washtub upright bass. Alex Zablotsky, who does all of the OMM artwork, worked for the animation company that does The Simpsons and Family Guy. Katie Weed, who recently graduated from film school, now does all of the official YouTube tour videos of Old Man Markley.

Download/Listen/Subscribe to to hear the complete interviews from Singer/Guitarist John Carey and Banjo player John Rosen on Episode #101.

Also included in the podcast are two tracks from Old Man Markley (“Running Weight” and “Letterman”) as well as bonus tracks of other OMM member’s previous bands Angel City Outcasts and Blue Collar Special.

Album Review: Old Man Markley – “Guts N’ Teeth”

I have a confession to make. I love the fiddle. Special note here, I especially like it when it’s played by a nice looking lady like Katie Weed.

Confession number 2: I dig the banjo. I know this puts a mark on my hard core punk card, but I really don’t care. The fact that John Rosen makes it scream for mercy just makes it better.

I first caught Old Man Markley at Punk Rock Bowling 12 in 2010. I was blown away by their stage presence and musicianship. Since then I have been waiting patiently for their first release. When I found out that Fat Mike had signed them, I thought “Perfect!” My patience paid off with the release of “Guts N’ Teeth.”

Old Man Markley bills themselves as “Punk Bluegrass.” Some songs on the record are more Bluegrass than punk, but with lyrics like “My winter coat was red (like the color of her dress)/Now I held her one last time (then I laid her down to rest)/Well, I gave her every chance (she should have realized)/That’s why they had me locked away (that’s why she had to die)” I can see Ricky Skaggs getting his own noose ready. I read somewhere that Old Man Markley was the American Flogging Molly. I would have to agree. Flogging Molly’s music has it’s roots in Irish folk music. Old Man Markley pushes the same crack, but based on the American tradition of Bluegrass.

Guts N’ Teeth is a very good record and a fantastic freshman release. The production quality is everything you have come to expect from Fat. The most impressive aspect of this record is the arrangements. When you can make eight musicians, four vocalists and who knows how many actual instruments come out sounding that good… you have done a very good thing.

The first track on the record “For Better For Worse” is a perfect opener. Fast and melodic, it lets you know right of the bat what to expect.

Other standout tracks include “Running Weight” a song about transporting illegal substances. This song brings back some fond memories of The Reverend Horton Heat. I love the melody and the harmonica rolling through the background is a genius touch.

The title track, “Guts N’ Teeth,” is one of my favorites on the record. The vocal harmonies work perfectly. One question; Is that Fat Mike I smell in the studio? Ghost producer maybe?

“Song Songs” is a great song. Outlining the types of songs we all listen to while landing in its own category of “Songs about songs.” It is thoughtful in its accounting of songs while also being thought provoking as you recall songs that fit exactly to the lyrics. “Songs that you know every word to, so you can sing along” – yep, this one too.

I have a personal play list called “Looking for Blues in All the Wrong Places.” Songs like “Artificial Red” by Mad Season and Jet Boy’s “Hometown Blues” fill the list. The Old Man Markley song “Lowdown Blues” will fit right in.

Overall this is a great record. I have listened to it back to back several times. A must have. If you have the chance to catch these guys live don’t miss it. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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