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Bracket to release rarities albums leading up to new full-length album

Forestville, CA’s pop punk legends, Bracket, have announced that they will release a series of digital only releases leading up to the release of their upcoming full-length album. Here’s what they had to say:

Let us clear this up – I think it’s getting confusing. We have four digital-only releases of OLD/UNRELEASED/RARE things planned for this year. The first was “Like You Know”, the unreleased album from 1996. The next three will be various demos, unreleased, and rare songs from the beginning of Bracket all the way up to present day. Volume 1 will be available VERY SOON on our bandcamp page. All of these releases are to help fund the release (CD and digital) of OUR BRAND NEW ALBUM of BRAND NEW SONGS when completed, which we are feverishly trying to do (feverishly for bracket = once a week recording sessions). On top of that, to add to the confusion, we just began work on a shrouded-in-mystery project which is neither the “new album” we’ve been working on, nor anything to do with the digital releases. We will resume work on that when the album is done. All of this equals lots of stuff from us this year and next and the next, and a bunch of confused Bracket fans. If you got to the end of this, did it help? THANK YOU ALL. You know, the band? Just kidding, but I’m sure they’re nice.

The first rarities album entitled “Raw Cuts Volume 1” will be released later this month and you can view the cover art here. The band digitally released their long lost album “Like You Know” earlier this year. Bracket’s last release was the severely underrated “Requiem” on Takeover Records in 2005.

Bracket to release long-lost album “Like You Know”

Forestville, CA’s pop punk legends, Bracket, have announced a presale for a digital copy of their unreleased 1996 album Like You Know.  The album was recorded 17 years ago for Caroline Records.  Other than a small number of promo copies, the album was never released for the public.  Seven of the songs went to an equally rare split with a band called Humble Beginnings while the other five made it to Fat Wreck Chords.  The album is being released digitally by the band itself to help them fund the continuation of the recording of their new album.  This is the first time the album has ever been available to the general public.  You can preorder the album, which is officially released January 7th, here.

Bracket’s last release was the severely underrated “Requiem” on Takeover Records in 2005.

Random Cover Song: Bracket cover Superdrag’s “Keep It Close To Me”

Cover songs are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. We here at Dying Scene love hearing punk bands do their own take on other band’s songs. Sometimes they pull off amazing interpretations of old classics, sometimes they’re not much more than humble tributes to a fellow artist, and other times they’re just downright laughable renditions of otherwise great songs. Good or bad. Intriguing or mundane. We’ll let you be the judge.

Today’s cover is Long-running California punk band Bracket covering Sugerdrag’s song “Keep It Close To Me.” The original version on Superdrag’s 2000 release “In the Valley of Dying Stars,” while the cover appears on on the Double D Records compilation, “A Tribute To Superdrag”.

You can check out both versions here.

Bracket post another studio snippet

Long-running California punk band Bracket are in the studio recording new material for the first time in a long time.

You check out another new song snippet here.

Bracket’s last album was 2005′s “Requiem.”

Bracket post studio snippet update

Long-running California punk band Bracket are in the studio recording new material for the first time in a long time.

If you’re curious as to what the new material sounds like, click here to watch an update video that features a snippet of a new, as-yet-untitled track. Sounds a little “Crosby-Stills-Nash-and-Youngy” if you ask this guy.

Bracket’s last album was 2005’s “Requiem.”

Bracket recording new album

Back in July long running punk act Bracket gave a lengthy update about starting to work on a new album and then things got pretty quiet.  Well, it looks like they’ve made good on their word because things are in full swing now, as the band is posting daily status updates on the recording process from their twitter and tumblr.

If you’re too lazy to visit their sites each day, don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted on major milestones.

Bracket latest album was 2005′s “Requiem.”

Bracket working on new album

One of my favorite pop-punk bands, Bracket are currently working on a new album. Here’s what they had to say,

We’ve stopped and started the process of this newest album a few times, thanks to various “distractions” like having wives, babies, and day jobs. And since Requiem, we refuse to pay anyone else to record/produce our album, so having time and space to do it ourselves has been a challenge. The studio that we built, where we recorded Requiem had to be torn down a few years ago due to zoning violations and we’re still depressed about that. But in the last few months we have finally dusted off the recording equipment and set it up in Marty’s living room (of all places). We’re lucky Marty’s wife is so nice and doesn’t mind us turning their living room into a “studio.” It’s kind of funny because this big mixing board, set of speakers, computer, and racks of effects processors are within inches of his couch and tv, and the kitchen is only a few steps away. So far we’ve done more eating than recording, but things are looking better for the few Bracket fans that remain patiently waiting.

Anyway…We’re getting much closer to actually recording. Everything is set up and there a bunch of songs that are pretty ready to go that we’re really excited about. The recording process, because of our “lives” that we try to have on the side, will take a while for sure. Our drummer still lives in Denver (and we’re in Northern California), so we’ll record everything we can and then fly him out at some point to record drums. Pretty much the same process as when we did Requiem. As for the sound of this “record” (that has yet to be recorded) we plan on going as crazy as we did on Requiem, but even more so. The songs are still heavy and loud, but we plan on doing lots of fun vocal stuff and weird studio things. So…it will take a while, but we want to make sure it’s something that will make us just as (or more) proud as Requiem. We have no record label and no one to hopefully impress, other than people who still care about our music. Our facebook page will be updated as we move along in the recording process.

Bracket latest album was 2005’s “Requiem.”