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Hot Water Music announce pay-what-you-can Stageit show

Hot Water Music, as you’re most likely aware, are getting ready to embark on a short run of East Coast US tour dates this month. While in New York on December 14th, the band have announced plans to play a half-hour, ‘pay-what-you-can’ concert that’ll be available for live streaming on Stageit. Click here to check out details and secure your spot.

Hot Water Music’s latest studio album, “Exister,” was released last year via Rise Records.

What’s in a Name? – 10 Great Punk Band Name Origin Stories

Do you ever wonder how bands come up with their names? What does MxPx stand for? What the hell is a Mustard Plug? What was the inspiration behind the moniker Hot Water Music? Below are 10 interesting stories behind some of the more bizarre, intriguing or just plain random band names from our beloved punk scene.

Hot Water Music announce Northeastern holiday shows

Gainesville, Florida punk rockers Hot Water Music have just announced a short string of holiday shows taking place in the Northeast, featuring support from Torche and O Brother. Check the dates out here.

Hot Water Music released their last studio album Exister in May 2012 on Rise Records.

Hot Water Music to release special IPA in September

Hot Water Music will release a special IPA (India Pale Ale)  in September via HDM Brewing Company. The Hop Water Music IPA will contain 6.8% alcohol.

You can check out a teaser for the ale here.

Update: It appears the band is not involved with this and that is just inspired by them.

Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) talks Exister, first break-up, uncertain future

Chuck Ragan of venerable punk act Hot Water Music recently sat down with Exclaim! for a video interview, in which he talks about the band’s latest album, Exister, the band’s first break-up, and their uncertain future.

You can see it by clicking here.

Hot Water Music released Exister in May 2012 on Rise Records.

Social Distortion add some more dates to their upcoming U.S. tour

O.C. punk legends Social Distortion have added several more dates to their upcoming U.S. tour schedule, which is set to take place in June and will feature support from Cheap Time, Dave Hause and Hot Water Music (on the June 22nd show). The now-updated schedule can be found here.

Social Distortion is currently working on a new record, which will be the follow-up to their 2011 Epitaph debut Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes.

Social Distortion to embark on mini-U.S. tour in June

O.C. punk legends Social Distortion will be playing a series of mid-west and east coast shows in June, with Cheap Time, Dave Hause and Hot Water Music (on the last date) supporting them. In the middle of the mini-tour, the band will play NXNE @ Dundas Square in Toronto, part of North By Northeast Music And Film Festival & Conference. The rest of the dates can be found here.

Social Distortion is currently working on a new record, which will be the follow-up to their 2011 Epitaph debut Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes. We recently covered their 1983 iconic debut album Mommy’s Little Monster in our Sacred Cow Saturday column, which you can check out here.

Album Review: Hot Water Music- “Live in Chicago”

Not too long ago I saw Hot Water Music live for the first time in my life. It was as thrilling and cathartic as the band’s fans would have us believe, but with it came that sense of concrete awareness that it not only happened, but it happened to me. I walked away from the event with a sense of weighty knowingness, assured of the fact that I had just collected a new and treasured memory.

Maybe I like Live in Chicago so much because it reminds me of that sweaty night, but screaming along to “Remedy” with beardos in the pit isn’t necessarily a prerequisite to appreciation. The truth is, Hot Water Music is an amazing live band with a great catalog and Live in Chicago captures them at their best, playing their best.

It took me a long time to make peace with the concept of a live album. I admittedly held a certain dislike for the form. The live album, to me, has always been a poorly recorded consolation prize of songs you already knew. For a lot of bands it’s way of putting out a place-holder release before new music is pressed, like a contrived attempt at maintaining a fluid and consistent discography. Recently though, my mind has been changed. Being a grown-up that goes to shows I’ve since discovered the magic of live performance, but besides that there is a more obvious rallying point. The age old Hot Water Music fan will love Live in Chicago as it’s an accessible reminder of their favorite bands performance prowess. But what about the new fan, or even the punk who doesn’t know he’s a fan yet? What the live album has to offer is a starting point. Jumping into a band with such an established discography can be intimidating, and I’ve been there myself many times. Live in Chicago offers songs cherry-picked across Hot Water Music’s career, with all of their changes in sounds and progression through the years as a moot point– all of it falling into the cohesion of the here and now. Live in Chicago is a greatest hits album in a way, but it’s one that validates it’s own existence. It’s not a cash grab. For some, it’s a record of a memory, for other it’s an introduction.

The recording was taken on February 1st and 2nd, 2008 in Chicago. These dates were in the midst of Hot Water Music’s reunion, and being five years old obviously lack tracks from Exister. The majority of the songs played are from their middle period, with A Flight and a Crash being the most represented, followed by No Division and Caution. Although they do cover a chunk of older material, with a good showing from Forever and Counting, I was a bit disappointed to see a measly two songs from my personal favorite, Fuel for the Hate Game. In all fairness though, I painstakingly researched the setlist and cross-referenced them with their album of origin and only felt (very mildly)  jilted after I saw the numbers. Listening to Live in Chicago in the moment, I only felt the enthusiastic curiosity of an adventurer, hearing each song as if I had never heard it before.

The DVD included in Live in Chicago is also a real treat. It features a live video recording, with excellent sound quality of the second night Hot Water Music played in Chicago. The video offers the listener a couple of songs not included on the live album, adding a little more incentive to sit down and watch. What I found most compelling was actually watching Hot Water Music perform. You get a sense of their technicality and precision listening to them, but actually seeing them play, fret notes, and sing gives a whole other perspective. I found myself walking away with a new sense of respect for Hot Water Music, admiring the complexity of their musical division of labor and just how necessary every member is to their sound.

I’m a Hot Water Music fan, and accordingly I love this release. And for someone like me, who doesn’t go to shows too often, this is a nice reminder of the energy music can create. Live in Chicago is an excellent addition to any fan’s collection and a great starting point for the unconverted, but more so, it’s an incredibly enjoyable collection of songs played with the emotion and intensity every punk expects from his or her music.

Listen: Hot Water Music live in Brooklyn, NY

When Hot Water Music played a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY, last month, was there to do some recording. They posted the four tracks — “Drag My Body,” “The Traps,” “Paper Thin,” and “Manual” to Soundcloud. Check them out here.

Hot Water Music released Exister, their first studio album in eight years, in May 2012 on Rise Records.

Video: Hot Water Music – “Remedy” (Live in Pittsburgh)

Click here to see a high-quality video of Hot Water Music video playing their song “Remedy” on a tour stop in Pittsburgh.

The track comes from the band’s 2002 Epitaph release “Caution.” They most recently released “Exister” in 2012 via Rise Records. Check out a DS review for that here.

WROS Fest 2013 Lineup announced: Hot Water Music, Strung Out, Pulley and more

Some pretty awesome show news if you live in South America. The WROS Fest has just announced the dates and first lineup. The fest will take place in October in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Bands featured include Hot Water Music, Strung Out, Pulley, Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, MxPx, Less Than Jake, Belvedere and The Flatliners.

The entire lineup, dates and any information one will need can be found on the festival website here.

Live Video: Hot Water Music – “Paper Thin”

Hot Water Music have released a live video from the recently released Live in Chicago album/DVD.  The video is of the band performing “Paper Thin”, which originally appeared on 2001’s A Flight and a Crash.

You can watch it right here.

Hot Water Music released Exister, their first studio album in eight years, in May 2012 on Rise Records.

Hot Water Music release “Trusty Chords” live video

Gainesville, Florida punk rockers Hot Water Music have released a live performance video of their song “Trusty Chords,” which you will find on their recent “Live in Chicago” album. Check it out here.

The new live album and DVD dropped on January 15 via No Idea Records.

Hot Water Music release “Live In Chicago” album (full album stream)

Seemingly out of nowhere Hot Water Music released their “Live In Chicago” today, January 15, 2013 on No Idea Records. This raw, unpolished collection of live songs was recorded over a period of two nights at the monumental The Metro in Chicago, IL on February 1st and February 2nd in 2008.

The 2CD+DVD combo includes 30 Hot Water Music classics, spanned over 90 minutes and an 80-minute DVD featuring 24 songs from the second night (some not included on the audio CDs). In addition, the audio recordings will be available on limited edition color vinyl and include a digital download card. Six colors of vinyl are being pressed and will be limited to 550 per run. The logo color on the cover will match the vinyl – blue, red, yellow, green, purple, white.

You can stream “Live In Chicago” in its entirety along with the never before seen video of “Remedy” taken from the live DVD, which can be seen here.

Hot Water Music released their last studio album Exister in May 2012 on Rise Records.

Full Concert: Hot Water Music – Live @ FZW, Dortmund, Germany

Gainesville, Florida punk rockers Hot Water Music recently performed an hour-long set at Germany. Luckily, the entire show was captured in beautiful HD quality.

You can check out the entire concert right here.

Hot Water Music released Exister in May 2012 on Rise Records.