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Nothington/Downtown Struts streaming 7″ split

San Fransisco punks Nothington are streaming their split 7-inch with Chicago’s Downtown Struts through Asian Man Records. Check it out right here.

The split is due out August 6th.

New Music: Nothington cover Off With Their Heads’ “Idiot”

San Francisco punks Nothington are streaming their cover of the Off With Their Heads track “Idiot.” Check it out here.

This particular version of the song appears on Nothington’s recent split with Paper Arms, which is now available for download exclusively at the link above. It was previously only available in Germany.

Nothington announce plans to release split 7-inch w/ Downtown Struts

San Fransisco punks Nothington have announced plans to release a split 7-inch with Chicago’s Downtown Struts through Asian Man Records. Label owner Mike Park had the following to say about the split’s tracklisting:

“Both bands recorded two songs each, but the Struts could only fit one song on their side of the wax, so the 2nd song will be on the download code. Blah blah blah. We’ll fill you in with more details as it gets closer to happening.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the release surface. For now, you can stream a song that may be appearing on Nothington’s side of the record right here.

New Song: Nothington – “Save This” off split with Paper Arms

San Francisco punks Nothington are streaming a new song called “Save This.”

You can check it out here.

The song appears on their split 7-inch with Paper Arms which was released on April 26, 2013.

Video: Nothington frontman Jay performs “Going Home” acoustically

While San Francisco punks Nothington were in Cologne, Germany, on their European tour earlier this year, their frontman Jay appeared on Cardinal Sessions to play the band’s song “Going Home” acoustically.

You can check the video out right here.

Nothington’s last album, “Borrowed Time,” was released in September 2011 via Red Scare Industries. According to recent reports, they currently have plans to release a release a split 7-inch with a currently unannounced band.

Video: Interview with Nothington, features new song from upcoming 7″ split

San Fransisco punk rockers Nothington were recently interviewed by Iconographic. The interview also features a new track from an upcoming 7″ split. You can check it out here.

Nothington’s last album, “Borrowed Time,” was released in September 2011 via Red Scare Industries.

Nothington announce European tour

San Fransisco punk rockers Nothington will embark on a European tour starting in April. They’ll be back stateside in time to play Punk Rock Bowling on  May 24. Check out the dates here.

Nothington’s last album, “Borrowed Time,” was released in September 2011 via Red Scare Industries. They announced last month that they’re working on new material.

Nothington begin working on new material

San Fransisco punk rockers Nothington have announced via their official Twitter page that they are working on some new material. In addition to a new 7-inch that they recently finished mixing, the band posted today that they are “Tracking bass and guitars for new demos tomorrow!“. We’ll keep you posted on both releases as more details are announced.

Nothington’s last album, “Borrowed Time,” was released in September 2011 via Red Scare Industries.

Pre-Fest 11 shows announced

The Fest 11 in Gainesville has now announced all pre-Fest shows, and you can check out the announcement flyers right here.

Among the bands on playing pre-Fest shows are Cobra Skulls, Nothington, Static Radio NJ, Mean Jeans, and even Green Day performing a full “Dookie” set”.  The Fest 11 takes place October 26th through 28th. Pre-Fest shows will be October 24th and on October 25th.

Tour: Nothington announce US/European tour w/ Teenage Bottlerocket, Masked Intruder, The Ataris & more

It was previously announced that Nothington would be heading out on a North American tour with Teenage Bottlerocket, and Masked Intruder. Today, the band has announced additional tour dates they will be playing in the US and Europe, including some with The Ataris.

You can check out a full list of dates and locations here.

Nothington last released “Borrowed Time” on September 13th, 2011 via Red Scare Industries.

Video: Nothington – “This Time Last Year” on ukelele

San Francisco punk rockers Nothington are currently out on tour in Europe, and along the way someone convinced front man Jay to play “This Time Last Year” from the band’s 2007 album “All In” on the ukelele.  Click here to check out the video.

Nothington most recently released the album “Borrowed Time” September 13th, 2011 on Red Scare Industries.

Teenage Bottlerocket and Nothington to tour U.S. w/ Masked Intruder

In a recent Tweet from prison, Midwest rising pop punk stars Masked Intruder announced that they will be heading out on tour this summer to support their Red Scare labelmates Nothington and Fat Wreck Chords veterans Teenage Bottlerocket:

@maskedintruder1 GOIN ON TOUR WITH @teenbottlerock AND @nothington THIS SUMMER! WE’RE EVEN GOIN TO CANADA! SACRE BLUE!

No dates have been announced yet, but check back and we’ll keep you posted, as always.

Tour: Nothington announce European tour

San Francisco punk act Nothington have announced they will be hitting the road on a extensive European tour later this year.

You can check out the current list of dates and locations for the tour here. The band says more dates are to come so we’ll keep you posted if any more are announced.

The band’s new album “Borrowed Time” was released in September on Red Scare Industries.

Album Review: Nothington – “Borrowed Time”

If you aren’t familiar with California’s Nothington (formed from the ashes of one of the later incarnations of Tsunami Bomb) play a bare-bones, no-frills street style of punk rock. “Borrowed Time,” their debut Red Scare release probably does the best job of capturing the true essence of their sound. The Les Pauls are heavily distorted, the rhythm section is tight, the lyrics focus heavily on the trials and tribulations of life: (“broken down…head in my hands/I fell apart” as they sing in “Far I Go,”) and primary vocalist Jay Northington’s gravelly voice sounds like a man with a lot of beer-and-cigarettes-infused miles on his tires, lending a certain amount of authenticity to the message. Musically, think Strung Out’s uptempo, high-energy street punk, subtract the metal guitar solos, and add Social Distortion’s knack for melodic, three-chord hooks, and you’ve about got the sound down pat.

Album-opener “Captive Audience” is one of the album’s highlights, establishing the tempo pretty quickly. The guitars are heavy and distorted, the bass is pretty heavy and melodic, following more than your average all-eighth-notes, all-the-time bass line that dominates a lot of the punk scene. The chant-along chorus is pretty solid. “Where I Can’t Be Found” follows, and is another high point, with a chorus that is sure to inspire sweaty, high-energy mosh-pit singalongs. “The Escapist,” which features guitarist Chris Matulich’s less-gravelly-but-still-raw turn on lead vocals, is another particularly infectious song; nothing special, and nothing that is going to reinvent the wheel, but a damn fine punk rock tale of coming to terms with the fact that you’ve got a track record of screwing up and running away from your problems. Like GI Joe told us, knowing is half the battle…

Don’t take this next paragraph the wrong way; “Borrowed Time” is a solid album from start to finish. That said, it does tend to get a little formulaic at times. Granted Nothington have developed on a pretty solid, successful formula, but at times it leaves the listener wondering if they, perhaps, hit the repeat button and just heard the same track a couple of times in a row. Given that the majority of the listening audience now just loads everything onto an MP3 player and presses “shuffle,” however, I guess that isn’t as big a deal as it used to be.

3.5/5 stars

Haven’t gotten your full Nothington jones satisfied yet? Click here to read our DS Exclusive interview with guitarist/singer Chris Matulich, conducted by the inimitable Brittles Rixon.

DS Exclusive Interview: Chris Matulich (Nothington) talks setbacks, steps forward and the Nothington sound

I could probably think of a million reasons NOT to dedicate your life to being in a touring band.  On the flip-side, the world (and punk scene) is very lucky to have the people who forgo the normal day-to-day to live life on the road, producing music which in return, give us something we may never provide ourselves.  Music to hold on to.  Nothington fit into this small group perfectly and have recently released their third full length, “Borrowed Time.”  This is their first release on Red Scare and is undoubtedly their best work to date.

We spoke to Chris Matulich, guitarist and vocalist, about the setbacks that the band encounters, their continued evolution with “Borrowed Time,” staying grounded while being disconnected and how important it is for a band of their stature to be on a credible label.  Read the full interview here.