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Interview: DS catches up with Joey Briggs (The Briggs)

If you don’t know who Joey Briggs is, turn in your punk rock card right now. Not only is he the lead vocalist and guitarist for The Briggs, he’s also one of the coolest, most down-to-earth individuals you will ever meet. I met up with Joey before his performance at the Slide Bar in Fullerton last week and we caught up about him becoming a “punk rock dad”, stolen tour vans, Jay-Z/Alicia Keys/Randy Newman, and lastly Joey Briggs and The Briggs.

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Watch a video of The Briggs performing “This Is L.A.” at the LA Kings playoffs game

the-briggs1We wrote on Monday that The Briggs were going to play their song This Is L.A. during games 3 and 4 of the Kings playoffs series against the Vancouver Canucks. Click here to watch the video of their performance taken after game 3, a game which the Kings won. Game 4 takes place tonight!

Their song This is L.A. has been played before and during Kings games all season – it’s off The Briggs‘ 2008 LP Come All You Madmen, which was released on SideOneDummy Records.

The Briggs performing at LA Kings home playoff games

the-briggsPunk rock and hockey go together like peanut butter and jelly – fast, aggressive, and not for the faint of heart. If you’re heading to the LA Kings home playoff games against the Vancouver Canucks, you’re in for a treat, because The Briggs will be performing before the home games tonight and on April 21. Their song This is LA has been played before and during Kings games all season – it’s off The Briggs‘ 2008 LP Come All You Madmen, which was released on SideOneDummy Records.

And if anyone can get a circle pit going in the stands, I’ll buy you any one album you want. Post a video of it in the comments.

The Briggs post music video for “This is LA”

the-briggs1Los Angeles punk rockers The Briggs have posted the music video for their song This is LA. The video features the band members doing random things throughout LA.

We’re not telling you which beach it is but our very own Johnny X’s home beach makes a “cameo” appearance. So sit back, relax and click here to watch the music video and LA in all her glory.

The Briggs released their last album, Come All You Madmen, in 2008 on SideOneDummy Records.

The Briggs begin work on new album

the-briggsIn a recent blog post to fans, Joey Briggs mentions that The Briggs have begun writing for a new record.

It has come time for the Briggs to make a new record and so as we speak Jason and myself have begun the writing process for our next album. I’m really looking forward to getting back in a heavy guitar, screaming vocals mode at the same time as doing my pansy acoustic songs:) It keeps me balanced.

The Briggs released their last album, Come All You Madmen, in 2008 on SideOneDummy.

New Song: “Silent Night” by The Briggs

the-briggsTo celebrate the season, The Briggs have posted a new holiday song on their MySpace page. Silent Night (Not So Silent) is the band’s newest studio track to be released and available to stream. The Briggs have stated that they are currently working on new material for a new album set to be released in the Spring 2010. Download and listen to the new song here.

The Briggs’ latest album, Come All You Madmen, was released in 2008 on Side One Dummy Records.

The Briggs working on new music, touring in Spring

the-briggsThe Briggs announced that they are currently writing songs for a brand new album while they continue to search for a new drummer (Chris Arredondo had to leave the band due to wrist surgery).  They also announced that they will be recording a Christmas song soon and are planning a West Coast tour this spring.  Got all that?  Good.

The band’s last album, Come All You Madmen, was released in 2008 on Side One Dummy Records.

Video: The Briggs – random tour moments and then some

sideone111Take a look at these self-described “mostly short and pointless” videos posted by The Briggsof their US Canada tour. In the first video, you get to see Joey Briggs and Alex Patterson playing acoustic guitars to the song, Dirty Old Town made popular by The Dubliners and The Pogues. Then, watch some video of the band getting tattooed and lost in the middle of nowhere. In the last video, Joey introduces the world to his new baby Moxie as he describes why the band has been taking a short break…not so pointless. Watch them here.  

The band’s last album, Come All You Madmen, was released in 2008 on Side One Dummy Records.

Video: The Briggs perform “This Is LA” with half the crowd joining them on stage

sideone111The Briggs played the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA. for the LA Kings (NHL team in LA) official tailgate party.  When performing the song This Is LA things got a little crazy when the crowd started getting on stage! Check out the madness here.

This Is LA appears on the band’s most recent album Come All You Madmen, released in June of ’08 on SideOneDummy Records.

The Briggs van stolen

the-briggsThis is sort of interesting.  Turns out The Briggs had their van stolen while on tour only to have it recovered by police after a high speed chase.  Here’s the story from the band themselves:

WELCOME TO CANADA! So we drive into Canada today, stop for a bite to eat, only to find our van and trailer gone! Some piece of S*&# stole our van and luckily thanks to some good samaritans who saw them do it. Called the cops, they caught up with him and they ended up in a high speed chase messing up our van and trailer pretty good along the way. He fled on foot and unfortunately got away!

The Briggs are currently working their way through North America on their “Come All You Mad Men Tour”.  You can check out the tour dates on the Dying Scenes Shows page.

The Briggs tour video

sideone6You can check out a video tour diary from the “Come All You Madmen” Tour, which features The Briggs and Left Alone.  For a montage of tour vans, backstage antics, mosh pits and fireworks to the soundtrack of  The Briggs’ “Charge Into The Sun” go here.

The Briggs released their last album “Come All You Madmen” last summer on Side One Dummy Records.