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Free Download: Red City Radio/Mixtapes/Captain We’re Sinking Tour Compilation

This album will cost you precisely one tweet.

We mentioned last week that Red City Radio are hitting the road with Mixtapes and Captain, We’re Sinking. Now Paper + Plastick has released a free tour compilation from the three groups. Head on over to the label’s site, where you have to either tweet or post to Facebook and then — bam — free music.

The tour is throughout May and June. Get the dates here.

Paper + Plastick release new tour compilation for FREE download

Last week we reported on the announcement of the Red City Radio’s upcoming tour. Today, Paper + Plastick Records has just released a new compilation CD featuring Red City Radio, who will be joining up with Mixtapes, and later Captain, We’re Sinking in a tour at the end of this month. In honor of this tour, Paper + Plastick will be releasing this compilation for FREE download. Check it out here.

For a complete listing of dates for this upcoming tour, head here.

Red City Radio announce US tour with Mixtapes and Captain We’re Sinking

Red City Radio has announced touring plans for the United States this May and June.

The first leg will feature support from Mixtapes, with Captain, We’re Sinking taking over the rest of the dates.

You can find all the details right here.

Live Video: Captain, We’re Sinking post video of entire set at Stay Sweet Fest

Pennsylvania punk rockers Captain, We’re Sinking have just posted a video from their show last weekend in Richmond, Virginia. The band was playing the Stay Sweet Festival and have uploaded their entire set. Check it out right here.

Captain, We’re Sinking’s last album, With Joe Riley, was released in January on Evil Weevil Records.

Band Spotlight: Captain, We’re Sinking

There’s something to be said for punk rock these days and the dudes in Captain, We’re Sinking are saying it pretty loudly. Though their first full length, Animals Are Out, went by pretty unnoticed the band quickly garnered the attention of people who wanted a little bit more “emotion” in their punk rock with the release of their triumphant 7‘inch, It’s A Trap! And I say that in the best of ways. Captain, We’re Sinking are pretty much the bastard children of early Against Me! and Latterman but with an ear for catchy melodies and an unparalleled double vocal attack. Their intelligently written, introspective lyrics paired with their throaty and loud vocal delivery makes them one of the most interesting and honest sounding bands in the punk rock scene today. The band recently released another 7‘inch With Joe Riley as well as as a split with Timeshares (Both of which are at par if not better than It’s A Trap!) and are hard at work on their upcoming full-length which is due out later this year. You can check out their noise right here.

Album Review: Captain, We’re Sinking – “With Joey Riley”

Every now and then you’ll hear a band that just wow’s you from the second you start listening. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it just hits the sweet spot over and over again. For me, one of those rare encounters has been with Captain, We’re Sinking. Since I got myself their second EP It’s A Trap! I was instantly hooked on their vicious, hook riddled and witty brand of emotionally charged punk. I was pretty bummed when once again the band fell out of sight until earlier today when I wrote up a story on their new EP With Joe Riley and a split with Timeshares. Because I haven’t heard Timeshares side of the split and also because I believe the EP is (if only slightly) better, I shall restrict this review to the latter only.

The EP starts off with possibly one of the best songs the band’s ever penned, “The Ballad Of Ichabod Crane”. It’s everything Captain, We’re Sinking is good at. Incredibly tight hooky musicianship, bouncy and energetic tempos and of course, the best double vocal attack this side of Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends. The EP follows up with the slightly more vicious “Manners Are Their Own Reward, Gentleman”, which sees Captain We’re Sinking really ripping their vocal chords to shreds over atypical and quirky guitar and bass work.

Though these guys definitely pack more in just pure balls than they do in technique, it’s hard to deny that they’re extremely capable musicians and that instrumentally they run a very tight ship. Consequently, the way the two vocalist work the vocal melodies over the music becomes critical and Captain, We’re Sinking never misses a step. The album closes with one of the slowest songs the band has written so far and possibly the standout of the EP, “Foster Brothers”, which is one of the most shit-kicking tear jerkers I’ve heard in a long time. Simple, pop infused, but effective and honest.

Lyrically, the band continues their trend of witty, semi-poetic and awfully personal lyrics. They’re not neccessarily difficult, and that’s one of the awesome things about these guys, it’s just very intelligent writing. No need for lofty metaphors or the prominent use of everyone’s favourite ‘F’ Word, it’s just top-notch lyrical ability. The opening lines from “Foster Brothers” should be enough of an indication of what sort of lyrics you will find on this EP:

I got up early today to clean my insides off the floor/I saw your face in the billboard abs above the 84. And since I’m broken and I’m lost I’ve nailed myself onto a cross? Won’t you help me down?/ Because all my foster brothers have given up on me”.

Not landmark poetry by any means, but a lyrical style that takes a certain amount of talent, specially when you make it sound as catchy as these dudes manage.

And that’s the thing with this EP, it definitely feels cleaner and tighter than It’s A Trap!. If they had any doubts about the band they were trying to be before it’s pretty clear they have long since cleared them up before writing up this EP. I would go as far as to say that this is their most accessible set of songs too, but that doesn’t take away from what they have created. This is as honest as underground music gets, and with this release under their belts it’s still a wonder to me that a larger label hasn’t yet picked them up. The only fault this EP has is that it’s just too fucking short.  I have nothing but high hopes for their full-length.

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Captain, We’re Sinking offering free download of 5 new songs, working on new full-length

Well, this is definitely a good way to start the day. Captain, We’re Sinking are giving their new EP “With Joe Riley” as well as their songs from a recent split with Timeshares for free download. Hey oh!

The split was released in October through Kiss Of Death Records, while “With Joe Riley”” was released this month on Evil Weevil Records.  You can snag the tracks right here.

The band has also begun writing for their sophomore full length due out later this year.  In the meantime, they’ll be heading out on the road in February with Orlando’s Nightlights and playing Stay Sweet Fest in April.

New Band: Sheep (members of The Menzingers, Tigers Jaw, Captain We’re Sinking)

In an interview with PropertyOfZack, Tigers Jaw’s Dennis Mischko mentioned that he, Greg Barnett from The Menzingers, Bobby Barnett from Captain, We’re Sinking, and Pat from Tigers Jaw have formed a new band called Sheep.  No other info was given other than “It’s going to be pretty good, pretty grungy.”

We’ll keep you posted.

Captain We’re Sinking planning new releases, streaming new tracks

Scranton’s Captain, We’re Sinking are streaming 2 new songs from a split with Timeshares and 3 new songs from an upcoming 7-inch on Evil Weevil Records right here.

If there’s more info on these releases I sure as hell don’t know where to find it!

New Song: “The Ballad of Ichabod Crane” from Captain, We’re Sinking

Scranton’s Captain, We’re Sinking is streaming a brand new song on their bandcamp page.  It’s titled “The Ballad of Ichabod Crane” and we have no freakin’ clue if it’s going to show up on a future release.

Timeshares releasing split with Captain We’re Sinking, streaming new song

Oneonta, NY’s Timeshares have just posted a brand new song on their MySpace called Woke Up In Grappler School. The song will be available through Kiss Of Death Records this fall on an upcoming split 7″ with Scranton, PA’s Captain We’re Sinking.

Timeshares features members of the recently disbanded group The Knockdown and they will be leaving on a short tour in just a couple of days. Check out the tour dates here.

Captain, We’re Sinking post song “Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge”

lock-and-key-collectiveCaptain, We’re Sinking! has posted the song “Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge” to their MySpace page. The song is from their EP, “It’s a Trap,” which you can download for free here. So what this means is that you can now hear all the songs on their EP without having to take the huge risk of dowloading it for free.

Captain, We’re Sinking! are giving away their “It’s A Trap” EP for free

lock-and-key-collectiveScranton, Pennsylvania is home to more than just the greatest paper company known to man.  It’s also home to a little punk band we like to call Captain, We’re Sinking! (mostly, because that’s their actual name).  Anyway, the band decided that with all the piracy going on out there on the internet, they may as well just let you download their music for free.

The tunes are from an EP titled “It’s A Trap” and you can download them here.  Are they any good, you ask?  How the hell should we know?  They’re asking us to download files from a link that says “It’s A Trap”.  I DON’T THINK SO!