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Paper + Plastic Records sign Junior Battles, releasing debut full-length, stream new song

I’m stoked! Gainesville, Florida’s Paper + Plastick Records signed Toronto punk act Junior Battles.

They will be releasing their debut full-length album “Idle Ages” on June 28th and you can stream the song, “Seventeen” off the album here.

Here’s the official statement which is way too long for our lazy asses to read, but maybe you will:

“I started to like JUNIOR BATTLES because of the 90s melodic, pop-punk influence,” admits Paper + Plastick founder Vinnie Fiorello, “but if that was the hook that got me on board to start with, then the new songs have me becoming a true fan of the band. The 90’s pop-punk blasts are still there, but on the new record the band adds in musical twists and turns, sudden stops and starts, and melody mixed with gruff vocals. The band mixes layers of influence under a nice candy coating of pop punk nostalgia without ever being a throwback.”

Fueled by the call and response vocal duo of guitarist Aaron Zorgel and Sam Sutherland, Idle Ages is chock full of shout along verses and choruses that helped the band accrue loyal fans since forming in 2008. Recorded with Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, O Pioneers, The Snips) at his Drive Studios in Ontario, Canada, Idle Ages has been the better part of a year in the making. Idle Ages was expected to be finished by Christmas of 2010, the band’s insatiable urge to tour lead them out on the road twice while trying to wrap the record. Zorgel comments on the delay by stating “We figure, who knows how many chances we’re going to have to make a full-length record? We wanted to take our time with everything, and make sure we were going to love it 10 years later. And that meant not settling for anything, ever.”

Not settling allowed the band to explore a bit on this full-length, as opposed to their previous 7-inches and EPs. “We’ve always felt like a full-length is a great chance to make some weird choices you couldn’t on a 7″ or with an EP,” interjects Sutherland. “It’s a chance to do something a little more grandiose, and we wanted to reach out to some friends and get them to add to this monstrosity we were trying to make. It helps keep things varied, so you’re not just listening to me and Aaron drone on about our lives for half an hour.” Enlisting a diverse group of friends, Idle Ages features guest appearances from ex-Hold Steady member Franz Nicolay (piano, organ, banjo), Bomb The Music Industry’s Matt Keegan (trombone), and hardcore vocals from fellow Canuck Damian Abraham of F*cked Up.

Touching on topics nearly every 20-something fan who grew up on a healthy diet of punk rock can relate to, Idle Ages is a reflection on one’s life and how your past ideals have influenced your present state of mind, and how that will affect the course of your life. “[Aaron and I are] both a few years out of school, and had reached a point in our mid-20s where we felt kind of lost. It’s not a record about nostalgia, but there’s a lot of looking back at the way you felt when you were 15, 16, and how that affects you now that you’re 25 and you’ve kind of turned into an adult without realizing it,” says Sutherland. Album opener “Seventeen” not only sets the lyrical tone for the entire album (“We only answer to ourselves/we always stayed true to the ideals we held/ when we were sober and seventeen/ so you wake up every morning and you compromise/ it’s easy to forget the places where you tried to draw the line”), but musically, with the band’s catchy brand of pop-punk shining through, filled with sing-along choruses and hooks galore.

As Sutherland sums it up, “We ended up using a lot of ages as signposts along the way. I felt a really specific way about the way I thought the world should work when I was 17. And this record is about trying to figure out if you were right.”

Check out the cover art here. Be sure to grab their self-titled EP here.

Free comp download from Pastepunk featuring unreleased and rare tracks

In celebration of Pastepunk’s 12th Anniversary, they have teamed up once again with Beartrap PR to present a 17 song free MP3 compilation. The offering includes a number of previously unreleased songs, rare material, demo recordings for upcoming releases and several exclusive songs recorded just for the compilation. The download includes artwork and a document featuring information about each song and band.

Download it here.

Music Video: Junior Battles – “Basements”

Toronto punk band Junior Battles have premiered the music video for the title track off their latest release, “Basements,” and you can check it out right here.

The EP was originally released last Spring.


Junior Battles interviewed by Chris Cresswell (Flatliners), free EP download

Toronto punk band Junior Battles are streaming and offering a free download of their new self-titled EP right here.  On the same page you can read an interview with the band done by Chris of The Flatliners where you can find out what the worst show the band ever played was, the longest they’ve ever worn one article of clothing, and a few other essential facts about the band.

The EP was originally released last Spring.

Kiss of Death has released Junior Battles/ O Pioneers! free download of new 7″ split

Kiss of Death Records has released a free download of the new Junior Battles/ O Pioneers! 7″ split.  The album is available by clicking here.

Both bands released a new song on the split, That’s My Blood, which can also be heard on O Pioneers MySpace page and Passing Out, on Junior Battles’ MySpace.