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Top Shelf Lickers (Punk, IL) Stream Single “Generation Text”

Chicago punks Top Shelf Lickers take a swipe at the youth of today and the narcissism of social media culture on their latest single “Generation Text”. You can check it out below.

The previous release from Top Shelf Lickers was the 2016 EP, Heartbreak City.

Stuck Out Here (Indie Punk, Canada) Stream Entire Latest Album “Until We’re Each Someone Else”

Toronto indie punks Stuck Out Here have a new album out. It’s called Until We’re Each Someone Else and you can listen to it in its entirety below. The release of these 11 tracks of angst laden anthems has been made possible by the good folks at Get Party! Records.

The previous effort from Stuck Out Here was the 2014 EP, Getting Used to Feeling Like Shit.

BAT! (Psychobilly, CA) Stream Video for Cover of “Tainted Love”, Announce Tour Dates

Los Angeles-based crime-fighting supergroup BAT! have just unveiled a psychobilly-infused cover version of Gloria Jones’ “Tainted Love”. To accompany the release, the band have announced a handful of West Coast tour dates too. 

You can check out “Tainted Love”, as well as the tour dates below.

The previous music from BAT! was a collection of cover versions titled Bat Music for Bat People. 

Riverside Odds (Speed Punk, PA) Stream Video for “Above the Dirt” from Forthcoming Album “Get Into It”

Philly speed punk merchants Riverside Odds have a new album coming out this Friday. It’s called Get Into It and to get you lot in the mood, they’ve been good enough to release a single from it early.

The track chosen to tease the new material is called “Above the Dirt” and you can watch a video for it below.

Get Into It is the first new music from Riverside Odds since they signed to their new label, Altercation Records. You can pre-order it now here.

Stream Attention! A Wiretap Charity Compilation to benefit the ACLU

Wiretap Records has released a brand-new compilation to benefit the ACLU, which has been quite the busy organization of late. They plan to release four compilations per year during the Trump administration, and all proceeds from sales of the compilation, which is available here, will benefit the ACLU.

Featuring bands such as Decent Criminal, Weatherstate, Problem Daughter, The Architects, and more, the 20-song compilation is the perfect way to listen to some great music while helping a great cause.

You can stream the compilation below.

D16 (melodic punk) streaming video for “And Plato Said”

Hailing from Greece, melodic punk act D16 have released the second single from their upcoming album, which has yet to be named but will be released in October 2019. “And Plato Said” is the second single and video from the album, and it can be seen and heard below.

Toronto’s Bad Buzz (punk) streaming new EP, “Try Harder”

Bad Buzz, a group of punk rockers from Toronto, Canada are streaming their new EP, Try Harder, which is out today with a bonus fifth single that is only available on the EP.

The fun and energetic band have made the EP available on all the streaming services and for purchase – click here to buy it – or listen to the whole of Try Harder below.

March (Punk Rock, NL) streaming new single “Nothing Ever Really Dies”; Announce tour dates

Straight from the Netherlands, March are currently streaming “Nothing Ever Really Dies” off their upcoming and much-anticipated second album to be released on White Russian Records.

The band says of the single, “‘Nothing Ever Really Dies’ is another taste of what is yet to come from March”s second full length album. The new song maintains bands trademark punk ‘n roll sound and is packed with gut punching drums, guitars and vocals, combined with nihilist lyrics about ghosts of the past, present and future. A rock and roll lullaby that might haunt or comfort you in a world where everything ends but everything lingers.”

Check out the single and their tour dates, including festivals, below.

Album Review: Frank Iero and The Future Violents – “Barriers”

Ever since the end of My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero has not allowed himself, or his music, to be pigeonholed. This is evident with his latest project, Frank Iero and the Future Violents, which sounds nothing like previous offerings from the guitarist/singer, yet is equally good as the others have been. Barriers opens with a slower song, reminiscent of a 1950s ballad, which makes the punk that follows all the more interesting. (Not to say that opening track “A New Day’s Coming”  isn’t good – it is.)

The Future Violents lineup is  Iero, Evan Nestor (an alumni of all the Frank Iero solo projects), former Murder By Death bassist Matt Armstrong, multi-instrumentalist Kayleigh Goldsworthy from Dave Hause And The Mermaid and Thursday’s Tucker Rule on drums.

“Young and Doomed” feels like a slightly experimental punk anthem for anyone feeling the frustrations of life in the current times. The song crashes into “Fever Dream,” which almost has a Nirvana feel to it – something totally unexpected that works really well in the context of the album.  I think these two songs are my favorites on an album that I really like for its subdued charms and bursts of energy that keep the listener on their toes. “Moto-Pop” also stands out, as it is a song that would be equally at home on a late 70s punk album. The verses of “No Love” even sounds vaguely like The Cure – which is a surprising twist.

Barriers is, if nothing else, a diverse pastiche of different sounds and styles. It is a roller coaster of an album that takes listeners on an adventure through Frank’s brain and different aspects of music he appreciates and has been influenced by.

Frank Iero’s vocals are at times, like butter – this is especially apparent on “The Unfortunate,” and “Medicine Square Garden” – both at home in the middle of the album. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots from earlier bands and his ability to scream in the best possible ways.

The melodic and catchy chorus of “Police Police”, with almost spoken-word lyrics is another favorite and a song that is hard to characterize. “Hard to characterize” is probably the best way to describe this album, although there’s nothing wrong with that. It makes it more of an adventure, and is a great album when taken as individual songs as well as for listening to straight through.

The album closes with a jazzy ballad, almost a sexy siren song “Six Feet Under” and the sweeping and swooping “24k Lush”. Taken separately, the two songs couldn’t be less alike, but they work. That’s kind of the theme of the whole album – it just works, even if there is no real reason for it to do so. We’re dealing with ambitious professionals here. They knew exactly what they were doing when they put this album together.

Barriers is overall more tame than previous offerings from Frank Iero, especially when compared to his garage rock turn with Frank Iero and the Patience and the rawness of frnkiero and the cellabration. It doesn’t make this less of an album, not by any means, and it sounds nothing like what he did when he was in My Chemical Romance. At the same time, it is probably his solo album that will appeal most to fans of MCR.

4/4 stars

Riot Festival Announces Impressive Line Up for Fifteenth Year

Riot Fest, now in its fifteenth year of the festival, have announced an impressive line up. Blink-182, who cancelled their 2018 set due to health issues, return to headline this year. Also gracing the stage will be the likes of Glassjaw, Dashboard Confessional, Descendents, Avail, The Get Up Kids and Against Me!

Riot Fest happens at Chicago, IL’s Douglas Park on September 13-15 tickets are on sale. To see the full line up click below.

Ahead of his new album ‘Where The Valley Kissed The Sky’, out May 31, Virginia-based songwriter Mike Frazier has shared another single ‘Save Me’.

Ahead of his new album ‘Where The Valley Kissed The Sky’, Virginia-based songwriter Mike Frazier has shared another single ‘Save Me’. The new release will be out May 31st via Geneva Records.

This single showcases influences like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, and makes for a good listen. This new record was also engineered by Erik Romero (The Gaslight Anthem, The Front Bottoms, Beach Slang)

Mike Frazier last released the EP Elegy in 2017 via A-F Records. You can listen to ‘Save Me’ over at The Bluegrass Situation.



Album Review: Petrol Girls – “Cut and Stitch”

I have listened to Petrol Girls’ latest offering, Cut and Stitch on headphones and on my stereo, and let me say, this is an album that demands to be played, and played loudly. From the spoken word intro to the last note on the album, this is a true feminist manifesto that is perfect for the times and should not – cannot – be ignored.

Easily one of the most popular female-fronted bands around, Petrol Girls are at the forefront of the new feminist punk movement that feels like riot grrrl all over again. And considering what is going on the world over with women’s rights and equality, it makes sense that there would be another rise in feminist punk music. Our music has always been a voice for rebellion and warning, and this album speaks those truths fearlessly.

Petrol Girls are not afraid to experiment with different sounds and styles on this album, as evidenced by the switching between spoken word and the expected screaming-singing style. The short, acoustic duet, “Interlude” is perfectly named and a much-needed breather in the middle of the album.  Cut & Stitch is a daring album; one written by a band that had a unique vision for what they wanted to say. It feels like they didn’t care if it was commercially viable, nor what others thought. This is what they need to get out and share with the world.  This is evident in all the new directions this album takes us in – including a lot of songs that are more melodic than we have come to expect from Petrol Girls.

The sing-song “Monstrous” is probably my favorite song on the album, though it is hard to choose. “No Love For a Nation” stands out with its male lead vocals that really work – and it is a powerful, anti-nationalist song.  “Talk in Tongues”, with its male/female vocals reminds me of Huggy Bear – and really works. On this album, I find the band is often at their best when utilizing their female/male dual vocals.

All in all, Cut & Stitch is a great album. It is a different album that will not meet your expectations, nor will it disappoint. It will, many times, eclipse the band’s prior works.  More than anything, though, it is an important album that speaks to the times we live in, with unabashed honesty and exposes many brutal truths about what is going on around the world. This will make it one of those records for the ages, as much as the uniqueness of the music contained within Cut & Stitch.

4.5/5 stars

Mark Lind and the Unloved (Punk, Boston) release “An Anthem For The Damned” Single

Hailing from Boston, Mark Lind and the Unloved have released a new song, “An Anthem for the Damned”, which is available on their Bandcamp page as a name your price single. The song is a rock and roll homage to playing music and the price some of us pay for it, and features an impressive lineup including Jeff Morris from Bruisers, Andrew Moreyello from Art Thieves, and Jesse Von Kenmore from Diablogato.

Go straight to hell with the band and check out the single below.

Stubborn Hearts (Punk Emo) stream “TRIXIE”

Providence, RI’s Stubborn Hearts are streaming their new 5 song album TRIXIE. Its equal parts punk and emo and rounds out with a heartfelt acoustic number.

Check out the stream below.

Milo Aukerman hopes Descendents will record new music later this year

In a recent interview with Kerrang!, Descendents frontman Milo Aukerman confirmed that they are indeed writing new material for the band’s follow-up to 2016’s Hypercaffium Spazzinate. He’s quoted as saying:

“We’re currently writing. We tend to write a variety of stuff, which for me personally tends to range from love songs to hyper-fast songs about coffee, which we still do. So we continue to mine our background in early LA punk rock pretty heavily. I still like to write that kind of music because for me it’s the best way of getting my point across powerfully. But right now Stephen [Egerton, guitarist] and I have written about 21 songs, and we’re waiting for songs from Bill and Karl [Alvarez, bassist]. We’re kind of weird because everyone in the band writes, so we’re just waiting til everyone has finished up with their compliment of songs and then we’ll be putting another record out. I hope that we’ll start recording it later in the year.”

Exactly when the next Descendents record will be released is unknown at this point. Fans had to wait nine years for 1996’s Everything Sucks, eight years for 2004’s Cool to Be You and then twelve years for Hypercaffium Spazzinate, but over a month ago, Milo promised that it won’t be too long before the arrival of the next album.