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Break Anchor to release split 7-inch with Unsinkable Molly Brown

Underground Communique will a release a new split 7-inch between Break Anchor and Unsinkable Molly Brown entitled “Great Lakes, Great Mistakes” by late June/early July.

You can check out the cover art and track for the split here.

This will be the second release for Break Anchor and the first 7″ for USMB. Break Anchor released “Black Hearts & Blackouts” on March 20th via Paper + Plastick Records.

Too Many Voices (featuring members of Kill Your Idols, Texas Is The Reason, more) to release debut 7-inch

Too Many Voices, the New York hardcore supergroup featuring members of Kill Your Idols, Texas Is The Reason, Jets To Brazil and a ton of other bands is set to release their debut 7-inch this summer.

Recorded as a four-song demo last summer, the material will now see the light of day in physical form, thanks to the folks at Underground Communique Records and LifeLine Records. No official word on a release date, but we’ll keep you posted.

Have a listen to the demo in streaming digital form right here.

Shot Baker post demo of new song “New Years Eve 2002”

Chicago punkers, Shot Baker, have posted a demo of a new song called “New Years Eve 2002.”

You can listen to it here.

The song will appear on their upcoming album. The band released their latest album, “Take Control,” in 2008 on Underground Communique Records. In other Shot Baker news, they’ll be headlining the Underground Communique Records Anniversary party on March 31 at Township (formerly Pancho’s) in Chicago along with Vacation Bible School, Infected and Eastland Disaster.

Underground Communique sign the Heat Tape

Chicago based Underground Communique Records announced today the signing of rock outfit the Heat Tape. For their label debut, they will be releasing a four song eponymous EP. Expect it “sometime in early February”, and check out the cover art and track listing here! About the signing, the label says this:

Fronted by Brett Hunter from the Copyrights/Dear Landlord, the band continues their lo-fi and primitive-stomp sound that was the benchmark set on the debut. The songs have an effortless air to them and are stacked with infectious hooks that start with a casual, uncontrollable foot tapping along to the beat, quickly progressing to humming the tunes at any idle moment in the day and then into full on “obsesso mode.” These four songs are the perfect EP, there’s an ebb and flow to them and demand repeat listening. We couldn’t be more excited to be releasing this amazing EP!

The Heat Tape’s last release was “Raccoon Valley Recordings” from Red Scare Industries.

The 3rd Wave SKA Preservation Society releasing classic ska albums on vinyl

The 3rd Wave SKA Preservation Society is cooking up some old-school Ska on the platter. This is a joint project between Connecticut based Asbestos Records & Chicago based Underground Communique Records. The two label owners, Matt Flood and Justin Schwier, have a love of ska music and vinyl and want to spread it around. Here is a statement from the Society:

“A few years ago it dawned on us that there was a ton of great records we loved as teenagers, that were long out of print on CD, never made it to iTunes, and were never available on vinyl. We slowly started contacting our old friends in these bands, asking for their blessing to reissue them, knowing full well that releasing a dead genre on a dead format was a horrible business model, but these albums are just too good, and too important to their fans to be left to obscurity. A few years ago we started our little project separately, before joining forces to bring these records back from the brink of obscurity and began reissuing classic 90’s & 00’s albums…”

The lineup being reissued are from the bands The Pietasters, Pilfers, Edna’s Goldfish, and Suburban Legends. You can check out more information on this project and the albums being released in April at their Kickstarter page. Long live Ska!

Album Review: Vacation Bible School – “Ruined The Scene”

Sometimes it is hard to get creative in finding words to describe pop-punk release after pop-punk release. There is really only so much that you can say about ninety-second, fast-paced, three-chord songs, even if you love the genre as so many of us do. Plus, punk fans can be a finicky bunch, at times deriding bands for maturing and straying from their pop-punk roots, while at other times deriding bands for continuing to put out the same album over and over (and over) again. Generally speaking, there has to be something in particular to make a release standout, whether it be expert guitar work, higher-than-normal production value, a particularly nimble-fingered bass player, etc.

What does it for me with Vacation Bible School is the lyric/vocal combination. I’ve long been a fan of lyricists who are self-deprecating, unafraid to raise a middle finger to themselves just as quickly as they raise it to other people or to society in general. And it takes a decent vocalist to do that without sounding condescending or overly self-serving (or overly whiny and snot-nosed). On their debut full-length, “Ruined  The Scene” (released on Underground Communique Records), Vacation Bible School combine high energy, chunkier-than-average (Gimme Gimme-sytle) pop punk melodies with the sort of ‘fuck you, fuck me, fuck society’ ethos that spawned the genre thirty-plus years ago.

Album-opener “Douchebag” is perhaps the best example of all of the above, kicking off with vocalist Johnny Vacation snarling that “you can fuck right off, you can shut your mouth, you can get the fuck out, you can leave right now.” Or “The Worst Of The Best” with its “nothing but the worst for you, nothing but the worst will do” chant-along outro (that could stand to feature more in the way of chanting, but that’s nit-picking). Perhaps the album’s best song, or at least my favorite, is “You + Me = Shit,” which has evokes images of the study hall notebook scribblings of a pimple-faced high schooler but, when Johnny Vacation sings “The world has gone to shit and so have we,” he comes off quite sincere. Also, this track features the album’s best guitar solo, always an added bonus in a world where guitar solos have long been going the way of the major label contract.

Pop punk is always going to sound like pop punk, but VBS do a pretty admirable job of changing the tempos, time signatures and length of the songs that they don’t sound formulaic, meaning that “Ruined The Scene” is a very easy album to listen too without getting bored, even when playing it on repeat a few times through for purposes of doing a review.


Album Review: Outsiders – “CDEP”

New Zealand’s Outsiders have been a band for a few years now, though like many Westerners, I was introduced to their work very recently. Their first EP (“CDEP”) is a combination of songs written and recorded in 2008 and 2009, and was only recently unleashed on the tired, weary, unwashed masses in the States by the good folks at Underground Communique Records.

“CDEP” consists of six studio tracks and a live recording of the album’s fourth track, “Bonships and Friendfires.” To those unfamiliar with the Outsiders’ sound, they play the sort of gritty street punk that the likes of the Screw 32, Street Dogs and early Dropkick Muprhys have made their own. In fact, I hear an Kiwi Mike McColgan in one of the band’s lead vocalists, particularly on the EP’s opening track, “The Beginning Of The End.” Also the album’s strongest track, “The Beginning OF The End” is a great reflection of everything that is right about Outsiders: inspired, street-wise vocals, gritty guitars that move from the forefront to the background at different points throughout, a solid, no-frills rhythm section that keeps the tempo moving quickly and in the right direction.

“Walk Away” follows, and is a bit more uptempo but otherwise cut from the same cloth that begins with a perfect comment on what it means to be an alienated, isolated kid today:  “There’s people all around me but I’m feeling so alone.” While the song is about walking away, it’s also a pretty solid rallying cry, sure to inspire legions of circle-pit enthusiasts on more than one continent. “Crazy Jenkem Party” is a little slower in the tempo department (more of an alt-rock song), and sounds not unlike Samiam or Jackson United (though I’m not even remotely sure what a Jenkem party is). The studio version “Bonships and Friendfires” is the pop-punkiest song of the group, and has a solid group-chant, off-tempo chorus. The live version that closes the album is more bass heavy, and sounds darker and grittier than the album version (though that could just be a reflection of the low-end heavy DIY recording of the bootleg). “Sleeper” is a solid, EpiFat sounding skate punk track, with the chunkiest guitars of the bunch through the verses, though they sound a little brighter in the bridge. “Finding Reason” was recorded the year after the remainder of the of the album’s studio tracks, and may reveal a progression in the band’s sound (I haven’t heard their more recent material). It sounds a little more post-hardcore than the rest of the album’s tracks. It isn’t quite as catchy or aggressive, but it is a strong track nonetheless in spite of is brevity.

I frankly know very little about the New Zealand punk scene, but if Outsiders a good barometer of what the island nation is producing, I’d say it’s pretty much thriving. Outsiders are currently touring the US (and have a newer EP out via Anchorless Records), so look them up.

Cutman streams “Universal Laws” in full

Underground Communique Records signee Cutman have premiered a full stream of their album, “Universal Laws.” You can check it out here.

Expect “Universal Laws” on November 1st.

Cutman announce cover art and track listing for upcoming album “Universal Laws”

Underground Communique Records have posted the cover art and track listing for “Universal Laws”, the forthcoming debut full length from Gainesville, Florida’s Cutman. Check them out here and head over to check out the song “Bad Party”, the lead off track from the album here.

The band will celebrate it’s release at this years FEST (in Gainesville) (they’re playing Friday night at 8:50pm at the Laboratory – a new venue located behind the Taco Bell on University Ave.

Additionally, the band is planning a tour in support of the album as well, more details on that to come on that.

“Universal Laws” is slated to be released on 11/1/2011, and the record release show will be at the Fest X (10/28-10/30).

Cutman stream new song “Bad Party” off the upcoming album “Universal Laws”

Underground Communique Records has posted a new Cutman song from the upcoming “Universal Laws.” It’s called “Bad Party” and you can give it a listen here.

“Universal Laws” is slated to be released on 11/1/2011, and the record release show will be at the Fest X (10/28-10/30).

Band Spotlight: Vacation Bible School

Finding new pop-punk bands is not hard.  Finding ones that can write good songs and play them well is a bit more challenging.  If you’ve been on the hunt for new bands lately, Vacation Bible School is a gritty pop-punk band that I recommend adding to your radar.  You can check them out by streaming their brand new full-length right here.

Vacation Bible School stream entire upcoming album “Ruined The Scene”

Streaming a new album from Illinois punk rock group Vacation Bible School is a great way to start your Saturday morning (don’t worry, it’s still “morning” if you just got out of bed).  The group is releasing their newest album “Ruined The Scene” on Underground Communique and the label has been kind enough to stream the entire thing right here.

The latest full length from Vacation Bible School is 13 awesome songs about hating the world, everyone in it, especially ex-girlfriends (and wishing them to die), and let’s not forget welcoming the apocalypse…so if you’ve ever had one of THOSE days where everything is going wrong and you hate life and everyone you come in contact with…well, they have written the soundtrack to that mentality in the funnest and catchiest way – you’ll seriously have these songs stuck in your head for weeks!

Interview with John Polydoros of Vacation Bible School

Sounds like Chicago punk rockers Vacation Bible School might be getting up and coming to your town soon, but no promises.  Head on over here to read a cool interview with lead singer John Polydoros.

In addition to giving a history of the band, of which I was sadly unaware, Polydoros mentions that the band “recently discovered that people in other places like our band, and now that the shock of that has worn off, we’re gonna get off our asses and try to hit the road to play for some of these people”.

Vacation Bible School most recently released a limited CD pressing of the album “Ruined The Scene” last summer through Underground Communique records.

Olehole working on new 7 inch “Guacamole”

With most upcoming bands there are the standard hardships, such as no money, and no jobs, etc. Olehole is no exception to that tradition. They’ve been wanting to drop their new 7″ entitled “Guacamole” for quite some time now, but due to no time and especially no money they’ve had to keep pushing the release back further and further. But now they are “going to get this in gear soon and hope to have it out by late July.” So before you know it you will be able to enjoy the sweet “crushing” sounds of the new 7″ soon enough.

You can check one of the tunes out here, on last years free Fest sampler.

The band released their last LP from a couple of years ago on Underground Communique Records called “HoleMole.”

Cutman signs to Underground Comminique for release of new album

The Gainesville, FL post-hardcore band Cutman has joined-up with Underground Communiqué Records for their ‘as-yet-untitled’ debut LP that will be released this October, at the Fest. The band has previously released two 7″s “Big Deal” and “No Trick Pony” with Team Science and Kiss of Death (respectively) & last appeared on the “#1 Reason to Move to Gainesville” Compilation on No Idea Records and the “Live from the Atlantic, Vol III” LP Compilation on Sound Study Recordings.

They will enter Black Bear Studios in Gainesville this summer to wrap up the recording and begin planning the release of the album at the Fest 10 in October 2011.

You can stream a few of the band’s tracks on their MySpace page to check out their sound.