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Music Video: Startoday – “Everything Falls”

Italian melodic hardcore act Startoday have posted the music video for their song “Everything Falls.”

Check out the video right here.

The song appears on their latest album “Another Chance”, which was released on Wynona Records last March and is a follow-up to 2008′s “Illusion” EP.

Full Album Stream: Startoday – “Another Chance”

Italian melodic hardcore act Startoday are streaming their latest album “Another Chance” in its entirety.

You can listen to it right here.

“Another Chance” dropped on March 1st through Wynona Records and is a follow-up to 2008′s “Illusion” EP.

Whales’ Island debut official music video for “From The Start, Til The End”

whales' islandHaven’t had your Italian melodic-hardcore-indie-punk fix lately? Well, wait no longer. Palermo-based rockers Whales’ Island have debuted the official video for “From The Start, Til The End.” The track is the first single from their debut Indelirium Records album, “Not A Dream, But Never The End.”

Click here to check it out.

Album Review: Whales’ Island – “Not A Dream, But Never The End”

“Not A Dream, But Never The End” is the debut Indelirium Records release from Italian rockers Whales’ Island. The quintet, based in Palermo, Sicily, Whales’ Island dub themselves “a melodic band, a little bit hardcore, a little bit punk, a little bit indie rock,” and cite Set Your Goals and Polar Bear Club as influences. Upon first listen, their description is right on the money.

The album starts with the feedback-heavy intro of “We Are Alone,” which turns itself into a damn fine song, complete with some of the greater guitar hooks I’ve heard in a while from a young “punk” band. The chant of “we are…we are” sounds oddly nu-metal, and a tad out of place. Lead singer, Turixxx (yes, that’s his name), has a very distinct, gravely voice that reminds the listener (or at least reminds me) of a young, Italian Bruce Dickinson or Ian Astbury. At first, it was pretty cool, but it ended up grating on me after a while.

“I Can’t Walk Again” follows the opener, and leads into the Pulley-esque title track, “Whales.” Pretty solid hardcore inspired punk tune. “Sorry” is much in the same vein, though it features a hip-hop style outro that seems out of place. “Identity” begins with a solid bass groove (I’m a sucker for a bass intro), and features a sound bite of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech (a la Living Colour) for some reason.

“Time Flies” is perhaps the best tune musically on the album, and while a tad corny, the “time flies” line in the chorus seems to work. Sloppy outro, though. “Values” is another tune that is solid in its indie/hardcore style, though I think some of the lyrics got lost in translation (something about looking for “a breath of sound to explain what I feel”) amid the sloppy chorus. Album closer “Breathing…Running” is the requisite acoustic tune that young bands seem compelled to write, for whatever reason. Doesn’t fit the rest of the album, though the song is okay-crafted and thus the album doesn’t particularly suffer from its presence.

As stated above, a couple of the tunes get a little muddy at times, and Turixxx’s voice does become  a little irritating, though it almost left me wondering what the album would have sounded like if the tunes were sung in Italian rather than in English, as I couldn’t really make sense of the message the boys were trying to relay. “Not A Dream, But Never The End” does feature some of the cooler cover art I’ve seen in a while, and is a solid debut release that does a decent enough job of putting the band’s own spin on their highlighted hardcore, skate punk, indie rock influences.

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Album Review: One Trax Minds – “Spit, Debts and Tears”

One Trax Minds is a punk band from central Italy who play a style of punk rock that would fit well on the Hellcat Records roster. Their music at times reminds you of Rancid and at others is reminiscent of early Dropkick Murphys, but to say that they actually sound like either of those bands would be an incorrect statement. One Trax Minds are their own band and, at least on this EP (“Spit, Debts & Tears”), they know how to put together some really solid tunes.

The first three songs on this EP fall into the category of what I call street punk. The first one, “Take another”, has a little bit of a Clash feel to it. It’s similar to something that would be found on the Clash’s debut record. “The Number Two (In Love)” and “Bye Bye Enemy”, track 2 and 3, are the ones where the Rancid comparison comes into play. Vocally, the One Trax Minds singer actually sounds like a non-slurring version of Tim Armstrong (at least on these two songs) and the music in “Bye Bye Enemy” sounds like it was influenced by Rancid’s “And Out Comes The Wolves” album.

“Abruzzo Bull” (Abruzzo is a region in Italy) is where a possible comparison to Social Distortion would come into play. (They list Social Distortion as an influence). The song starts out with a cowpunk guitar sound and has a girl adding harmony before the songs speed up into a full on punk riot.

The last song, listed as a bonus track is called “Someone Before You”. This one features a guest appearance by Daniel O’Day, vocalist and main songwriter of the River City Rebels, and has a bit of a Celtic feel to it. In truth, the influence is probably from the Gypsy culture that is prevalent in parts of Italy but it sounds kinda Celtic to me.

These last two songs are my favorites on this release. I like it when a band mixes their sound up a bit from time to time, but I really enjoyed the album in its entirety – there isn’t a bad song in this bunch. If you are a fan of any of the other bands that I mentioned during this review, or a fan of no frills, straight up punk rock do yourself a favor and give these guys a listen, you might find something you like. You can check out the songs here before you buy them.

**The Album Reviews published on Dying Scene are written and submitted by fans of punk music, just like you. If you disagree with an album’s rating, feel free to voice your opinion and give it your own rating in the comments. If you’d like to submit your own review do it here.

Music Video: Startoday – “Imaginary World” off upcoming album “Another Chance”

Italian melodic hardcore act Startoday have posted the music video for their song “Imaginary World”.

Check out the video right here.

The song will appear on their upcoming album “Another Chance”, which will be released on Wynona Records in March and will be a follow-up to 2008’s “Illusion” EP.

Coffee Shower sign to Indelirium Records, release new album “Kicking a Medicine Ball”, streaming discography

Italian punk band Coffee Shower have recently signed to Indelirium Records and have released their sophomore full-length album “Kicking a Medicine Ball”.

You can stream the album in it’s entirety as well as the band’s back catalog here.

Italian melodic hardcore act Startoday releasing new album, streaming 2 new tracks

If you’re not familiar with them yet, Startoday is a melodic hardcore band from Italy that play straight ahead, aggressive punk rock in the vein of No Trigger and soon they will be releasing a brand new album.  It will be called “Another Chance” and you can stream two of the new tracks (“Imaginary World” and “From The Rubble and From The Dust”) on the band’s MySpace page.

The band released their last album, “Illusion,” on Indelirium Records in January, 2009.

Video: One Trax Minds “Take Another”

Live and direct from Italy, One Trax Minds have recently deubted their video for Take Another. Check it out right here and don’t worry about the language barrier – they sing in English.

The band’s new miniCD (maybe this is like an EP?) called Spits, Debts, and Tears will be out soon on Indelirium Records.

New Song: “Values” by Whales’ Island

All the way from Palermo, Italy, Whales’ Island have given us a new track. Head on over to the band’s MySpace page and listen to the song Values. We assume this track will appear on their upcoming album, which they began recording in mid April. According to their MySpace player the new record is called Not a Dream, But Never the End. Whatever the title of the record may be, the song is good so give it a play.

The band recently signed to Indelirium Records and the upcoming release is their debut full-length album.

Indelirium Records signs melodic hardcore act Whales’ Island

indelirium-recordsItaly’s Indelirium Records has signed Palermo melodic-hardcore act Whales’ Island.  The band likens themselves to bands like Strike Anywhere and Polar Bear Club so fans of those groups may want to give Whales’ Island a listen on their MySpace page.

The label has announced that the band will head into the studio April 15th to record their debut full-length album, which they plan to release later this year.