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Cheap Girls working on new full-length, releasing acoustic version of “My Roaring 20’s”

Via a lengthy update on their blog Michigan rockers, Cheap Girls, have announced that they are finally releasing the acoustic version of their album “My Roaring 20’s” on January 14th via Quote Unquote Records.  Regarding the acoustic album the band writes:

“We recorded this a couple years back and have been trying to figure out a decent time to get it out. It is exactly what it seems like – an acoustic version of our second record. Not simply a boring guitar/vocal record, but with plenty of additional fun things that we thought were a good idea throughout recording. I’m listening to it right now and I’ve gotta say that it certainly retains a fair amount of “charm.” The recording was done in early 2010, when we were doing a fair amount of shows around Small Brown Bike’s reunion and becoming good friends with them. Dan and Mike were actually the ones with the idea for doing this. We recorded it in Dan’s basement and Mike acted as producer/idea man. If I remember correctly the weird guitar on “Sunnyside” was done by him, along with some vocals. A real hodge-podge record. Maybe the hodgiest podgiest of any prior release.”

In addition, the band also stated the following relating to a new full-length:

“For the moment, we’re deep into work on songs for what will be our next record. It’s still in the early stages, but it’s coming along nicely and we’re enjoying ourselves as much as ever. It’s a bit premature to really go into too much detail, but we’ll be sure to let you know as things shape up.”

Cheap Girls released their last album “Giant Orange” in February of 2012.

Live Video: Bomb The Music Industry! full set in HD

We just stumbled upon this really awesome video of Bomb The Music Industry! playing a full set at Wilmington, NC on December 4th, 2012. The quality is fantastic and the video features a lot of funny banter from the band, as well as classic requests being performed.

You can check it out right here.

Jeff’s recent solo debut “I Look Like Shit” was released on October 23rd through Quote Unquote Records. It’s currently available to download for free on the Quote Unquote Records page right here. Bomb the Music Industry! released sixth (and maybe last) studio album, Vacation, also on Quote Unquote Records in July 2011.

Bomb The Music Industry! release cover of “Punk Rock Girl” (Dead Milkmen)

East Coast DIY collective Bomb The Music Industry! have released a cover of the song “Punk Rock Girl.” Stream or download it right here, courtesy of their own label Quote Unquote Records.

The band also just announced a string of eastern US tour dates. Check the full list out here.

And while you’re at it, check out these other cool covers of the same song by MxPx and Diesel Boy.

Album Review: Jeff Rosenstock – “I Look Like Shit”

Jeff Rosenstock’s lyrics have always resonated with me, and his experimental attitude towards music has always felt earnest and inspired. In my mind, the punk scene is lucky to call Rosenstock a native. On I Look Like Shit, Rosenstock further explores his own influences, but this time in the context of a solo album. While comparisons to Bomb the Music Industry! are inevitable, and frankly warranted, subtle changes in approach make this album an exciting and unique experience.

The trilling guitar lines, synthesizer melodies, and girl group back-up vocals that made Vacation sound like a beach punk masterpiece are still here, but this time around used to evoke the 50’s more than the 60’s. But more interesting is the raw tone that pervades I Look Like Shit, balancing it’s over-production and instrumental enthusiasm with Rosenstock’s strained, pop-punk inflected voice– which is in rare form, and used just as thoroughly as any instrument, going from falsettos to hardcore shouting and a wavering croon at a moments notice.

“Twinkles” kicks the album off, its opening reminiscent of the more piano driven segments off Scrambles. Lyrically, it establishes themes that run through the entire album, including loneliness, shame, and anxiety. “Twinkles” finds the narrator (who is most likely Rosenstock himself) paranoid and afraid of his peers, remembering when they were all equals (“Teenage Halloween…”) and contemplating why he was left behind, while his friends enter adulthood. It’s interesting how the lyrics maintain a sort of abstract approach to its meaning, favoring anecdotes over ham-fisted misery. “80’s Through the 50’s” might be my favorite song on the album, combining decades of sound into one beautiful track, while “Little Blue Pills” is an outright punk song, driven by fast, fuzzy guitar chords and Rosenstock’s own self loathing.

What amazes me the most about I Look Like Shit is that there is not a single bad track on the entire album– every song here is of high quality. Amidst all the original material are two covers as well, chosen wisely enough that they feel like a continuation of everything Rosenstock has been singing on his own tracks. “Dishes,” originally by Pulp, cements the theme of housework that runs through the album (see also: “The Trash The Trash The Trash”) and is played as light reggae. I Look Like Shit feels and sounds like a battle between past, present, and future; I can’t help but wonder if the domesticity of household chores feels something like giving up to Rosenstock, a representation of a normal life– one that he obviously envies but remains defiant too. The other cover, “I Don’t Wanna Die” by the Ging Nang Boyz, is sung in Japanese except for its chorus and manages to feel fun and universal despite the language barrier.

I Look Like Shit is musically adventurous, catchy as hell, and painfully introspective– to call it anything but a triumphant success would be underselling it. If this is what a post-Bomb the Music Industry! world looks like, I’m in.

Music Video: Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry!) – “Amen”

Bomb the Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock has just released a music video for his song “Amen”.

The song is featured on his first solo release I Look Like Shit which is available to download for free on the Quote Unquote Records page right here.

And you can check out the new video right here.

I Look Like Shit was released on October 23rd through Quote Unquote Records. Bomb the Music Industry! released sixth (and maybe last) studio album, Vacation, also on Quote Unquote Records in July 2011.

Free Album Download: Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb the Music Industry!) – “I Look Like Shit”

Although his main project is taking a break, Bomb the Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock is keeping as busy as ever. While Bomb the Music Industry! is gearing up to play their (possibly final) set at Fest this year, and with Rosenstock prepping to open up as a solo act on the upcoming Future of the Left / Andrew Jackson Jihad tour, it’s amazing that the man has any free time in his schedule at all.

And yet, now Rosenstock has released what is being touted as a solo album called I Look Like Shit. Compiled of unreleased Bomb the Music Industry! demos, as well as home demos for a separate project, I Look Like Shit is available to download for free on the Quote Unquote Records page right here.

Bomb the Music Industry! released sixth (and maybe last) studio album, Vacation, also on Quote Unquote Records in July 2011.

Bomb The Music Industry! stream their cover of “Ethiopians” (originally by The Mountain Goats)

Bomb The Music Industry! have begun streaming their cover version of “Ethiopians”, which was originally performed by the indie-folk group, The Mountain Goats.

This version of “Ethiopians” will be featured on “Tallahassee Turns Ten”, a compilation album celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Mountain Goats’ classic album “Tallahassee”. It will also feature Laura Stevenson, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and many others.

You can listen to Bomb The Music Industry!’s version of “Ethiopians” right here.

“Tallahassee Turns Ten” will be released on November 5th through Crooked Neighbor, and is now available for pre-order.

Bomb the Music Industry! last released 2011′s “Vacation” through Quote/Unquote records. They have recently finished what was possibly their last tour, but they will be playing at The Fest this year.

Free Album Download: Binary Heart (Bomb The Music Industry!) – “Splitsville”

Binary Heart, featuring Mike Costa of Bomb The Music Industry!, have put up their debut album “Splitsville” for a free download. You can snatch the record here.

Bomb the Music Industry! stream full set in Lansing, MI

If you already haven’t heard, Indie ska-punkers Bomb the Music Industry! are currently heading out on their supposedly final tour. On a recent stop in Lansing, MI, Lansing Music recorded the band’s full set which can be seen here.

Bomb the Music Industry! last released 2011′s “Vacation” through Quote/Unquote records. Check out their final tour dates here.

Video: Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – “Disappointment At Taco Bell” (from reunion show at The Warsaw)

DIY ska punk underground icons The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches recently rose from the grave to play a reunion show at The Warsaw in Brooklyn earlier this week. Click here to see a video of the band’s performance of “Disappointment At Taco Bell.”

The band broke up in 2006 after releasing “Three Cheers For Disappointment,” and frontman Jeff Rosenstock went on to form Bomb The Music Industry!

Interview: Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry!)

Dying Scene is incredibly stoked to be a part of the first Bomb The Music Industry Australian tour which kicks off next week and to celebrate we sent a pretty extensive set of questions off to front man, Jeff Rosenstock.  Bomb The Music Industry! is a name synonmous with DIY so it’s only fitting that their first Australian tour would be the same and with a band of the same DIY ilk in The Smith Street Band.  We delve into their DIY attitude, their live show, their work with important foundations like the Kristin Brookes Hope Centre and Jeff’s vinyl collection.   Jeff also tells us about playing unsanctioned shows at Warped tour and his new venture, Really Records.  Check out the full interview here.

Tour: Bomb The Music Industry! U.S tour dates

Bomb The Music Industry! announced a bunch of U.S tour dates last week on their Facebook page.

Band leader Jeff Rosenstock states:


The band’s last release was 2011’s “Vacation” on Quote Unquote Records and you can download it here for free.

Click here to check out all the tour dates.

Chewing On Tinfoil streaming “Fairytale of New York” (Pogues), giving away EP

Dublin punk act Chewing On Tinfoil are streaming their cover of The Pogues drunken Christmas lament “Fairytale Of New York.” You can stream it here or get it as part of a free download of their 2010 EP here.

Fat Wreck Chords veterans No Use For A Name also covered the song on their album “More Betterness.” Listen to that here.

Bomb the Music Industry! announce Brazil tour dates

DIY progressive-punkers Bomb the Music Industry! have announced that they’re heading to Brazil from November 29 to December 6th. You can check out the dates here.

The band’s last release was July’s “Vacation” via Quote Unquote Records and you can download it here for free.

Bomb The Music Industry! stream new song “Vocal Coach” off upcoming album “Vacation”

DIY progressive-punkers Bomb The Music Industry! are streaming a brand new song titled “Vocal Coach” and you can give it a listen right here.

The track will appear on the band’s upcoming album, “Vacation,” which is slated for digital release on July 26th via band leader Jeff Rosenstock’s own label Quote Unquote Records this July.