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The Old Firm Casuals announce California tour dates w/ Stomper 98 & Control

Rancid guitarist/vocalist Lars Frederiksen’s side project The Old Firm Casuals will be playing some shows in California this March with support from Stomper 98 and Control.

Details on when and where they’ll be playing can be found below.

The Old Firm Casuals last released a double LP entitled “For The Love It All” on April 27th, 2013 through Oi! The Boat Records.

Duffy’s Cut (Philly Oi!/Soul) sign to Oi! The Boat Records, debut video for “L.O.S.E.”

For the uninitiated (which included me until about four minutes ago), Duffy’s Cut are a Philadelphia-based four-piece whose sound is described as “British invasion and Motown with broken glass and baseball bats.” The band have announced that they’ve signed to Oi! The Boat Records and are planning their debut, self-titled release. Click here for pre-order options. “Duffy’s Cut” is slated for digital/CD/vinyl release on 1/1/14.

But that’s not all. The band recently debuted a video for the track “L.O.S.E.” The track is set to appear on the upcoming release, and you can check the video out below.

Die Trying! (Oi!) stream debut EP

Miami Oi! band Die Trying! are currently streaming their debut EP, which is available for pre-order on Oi! The Boat Records. You can check it out here.

Kyle Bawinkel (Flatfoot 56) forms oi band, Brick Assassin, announce debut 7-inch

Bassist / Vocalist Kyle Bawinkel of Flatfoot 56 has formed a new oi band called Brick Assassin. The band will release their debut 7-inch single “Chicago Brick Crew” later this month on Oi! The Boat Records.

You can check out the promo video for the 7-inch here.

Pre-orders are available right here.

The Gestalts release new song “Made To Pay”

Indiana street punk act The Gestalts have just released a new track “Made To Pay” off the band’s “Bloodshot Eyes” EP. Check it out here.

The “Bloodshot Eyes” EP was released today via Randale Records.

Album Review: The Old Firm Casuals – “For The Love Of It All…”

From Casey Watson’s first ominous chords striking the arrival of ‘We Want The Lion’s Share’ ringing out like thunder signalling the approach of a perfect storm, feeding into the tommy gun patter of Paul Rivas’ drumming, shooting Lars Frederiksen’s rip snarling vocals in their gritty, gravel chewing mouth, this is a collection of songs that is born and bred in the eyes of guys your mom would rather you refrain from spending time with. Hang out with that kid who goes to church with his mom and spends all his time playing World of Warcraft instead. Orcs and beasts in fantastical worldscapes are far less threatening than heavily tattooed skinhead football hooligans (that’s European football folks, not American).

But you won’t have it. For as Lars himself has pointed out in a great many past interviews, you don’t choose punk, punk chooses you. And so, with your Dad banging on the door (if your Dad’s still around) yelling for you to turn that crap down, you crank the jungle thumping intro to ‘A Gang Like Us,’ take comfort in the anthemic outcast lyrics delivered with the stained asphalt sincerity of a guy who knows what he’s talking about, and you find purpose in it.

It isn’t a new sound this Old Firm Casuals group is spitting, but it may be new to you. You who stumbled upon the group in your quest for backstory to that funky ‘Time Bomb’ song the radio plays every once in a while. You love that song, even though it’s been around a while, love its catchy, bouncy rhythm, snotty vocals and boundless energy and as ‘For The Love of it All’ makes its way through its playlist a lyric from the song ‘Skinhead’ suddenly jumps out at you: “He likes the reggae, likes the soul, likes the street punk rock and roll.”

It’s an affirmation and an induction.

And while you don’t follow politics or give a lick about them, but the song ‘Red, White N’ Blue’ makes your blood boil and makes you want to fight for your right for better treatment.

The dark, brutal world depicted in aggressive detail in songs like ‘Violence In Our Minds,’ ‘Death Dealers’ and ‘D.M.D.P. (which stands for Doc Marten Dental Plan)’ among others,  is a world away from what you know, a world away from the Tim Burton-esque suburban American bubble you call home, but it speaks to you, you get it. And while you would never knowingly break a law above a jay-walk, ‘Born Criminal’ feels like your new personal battle cry, with its gang vocals busting your stereo at the seams and inviting you into the fold. The song ‘For The Love It All’ your new national anthem, with its heartfelt mid-tempo adage of “I can’t say I would’ve chosen this life, although this life has chosen me” the perfect end sentiment to a record that collectively holds the perfect first sentiments to the rest of your life.

You go to your Dad’s closet and try and find a pair of suspenders but none of them are skinny enough, you look for a workshirt with a tight checkered pattern but all you find are stripes. You try on his steel toes but they look like clown shoes. But no matter, as the lyrics of ‘Army of One’ speak of many things but chief among them that being an individual capable of making his own choices is a far more admirable path to follow than feeling the need to suit up in a uniform for fear of exclusion should you hit up the punk rock show in Levi’s and a poncho.

Yes, these are the records that can change lives. I’ve no doubt this collection of Oi!/street punk gems will, somewhere out there, show a kid (or adult) what he’s been missing and turn him onto a whole world of musical rebellion and identity, from Last Resort to Cock Sparrer to The Clash to Little Richard. I envy them.

4/5 Stars

Victory announce pre-order for new EP “Twin Cities”

Hot on the heels of their break-out debut ep “Laced Up”, Victory have delivered another EP. They’ve pressed just 300 copies. All hand numbered!

You can pre-order your copy tonight from Punk/Oi! label Oi! The Boat Records by clicking here.

Their first record “Laced Up” was released earlier this year and sold out in 1.5 hours.

The Old Firm Casuals announce double LP “For The Love Of It All”

On April 27th The Old Firm Casuals, Lars Frederickson’s oi! project, will be releasing a double LP titled “For The Love It” through Oi! The Boat Records.  All their singles, save their debut EP, were pulled from the collection that are presented here between the covers of the gatefold LP.

You can check out the ordering options here.

The Old Firm Casuals have announced dates for a European tour, set for May 2013. Check out the dates here.

Album Premiere: Cold Feelings (street punk) – “American Industry”

Good morning, punk fans.  Today we’re going to help you wake up with a serious dose of good old fashion street punk.  It comes to you in the form of a full album premiere from Sacramento’s Cold Feelings and their debut release “American Industry”.  Give it a listen right here.

“American Industry” is due out February 22nd on Oi! The Boat Records (pre-orders begin February 8th).

Oi! The Boat Records signs Victory

Punk/Oi! label Oi! The Boat Records has signed Victory, a Minneapolis Oi! act. You can stream their song “Laced Up”, which will be the title track of their upcoming debut release, right here.

The Old Firm Casuals announce European tour for May 2013

The Old Firm Casuals, Lars Frederickson’s oi! project, have announced the dates for a European tour, set for May 2013. Check out the dates here!

The Old Firm Casuals released a 7″ titled “Army Of One” last December on Oi! The Boat Records. Check out Dying Scene’s review here.


Hooligan (Dublin street punk) announce new 7-inch, “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs”

Hooligan, everyone’s favorite three-piece Dublin street punk band, have announced plans to release a brand new seven-inch.

Entitled “No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs,” the album is due for release around Christmas via Oi! the Boat Records. Click here for pre-order options (including green vinyl).

Wanna sneak peek at what the new release sounds like? Click here to check out the promo trailer.

The Old Firm Casuals “Oi! Ain’t Dead ” split with Razorblade, The Corps, and Booze & Glory

The Old Firm Casuals, the side project of Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen, will be releasing a streetpunk/ oi! split with Razorblade, The Corps, and Booze & Glory titled “Oi! Ain’t Dead”. You can check out a full tracklisting here.

“Oi Ain’t Dead” is due out November 1st, and can be pre-ordered here.

Peter and the Test Tube Babies / Pennycocks split release dates announced

The pre-order and release dates for the upcoming Peter and the Test Tube Babies (UK)/ Pennycocks (Barcelona, Spain) split 7″ on Oi! the Boat Records has been announced. You can pre-order the album on March 13. Official release date is April 13.  The Test Tubes will also be on tour in the US in just a couple weeks. You can stream a track from each band on Oi! Boat Records website here.

Peter And The Test Tube Babies formed in Peacehaven, England in 1978 and made early appearances in Sounds, John Peel’s BBC Radio1 show,  and the Vaultage 78 compilation. Pennycocks formed in 2009 out of Barcelona,Spain and are currently working on a full length to be released this year.

Whiskey Rebels releasing “These Inside Jokes Are Killing Me” (rare and unreleased songs)

Sacramento street-punks Whiskey Rebels are filling-in the gaps of their 10 year career with a 17 track LP titled “These Inside Jokes Are Killing Me” coming out soon on Oi! The Boar Records.  The material will include 11 previously unreleased tracks from the S/T album’s demo sessions, a late night studio session in Philly, and the band’s final recorded original track, “Get Lost” as well as a few tracks that only appeared on comps and hard-to-find 7″s.

The vinyl will include 3 previously unreleased covers, not available on the digital release and a fold out 2 sided poster – skull on one side and detailed notes about every track on the other.

Pre-sales start tomorrow but you can check out the track listing here.